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Wednesday, November 29th


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Affordable won't wait until he may be on the UK has 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows. Aids only season. This town looks good morning. I would love that record I wasn't supposed to play it. Okay no seriously okay we're running over on time last night I. I mean don't play they just let them her name is clay and playing in a no seriously don't know I was supposed to live this hour guys drop in blood not money here so. Good drive to right well good morning yeah. Hello. Tony season Jones Jones until tomorrow. Will be back. And sport sudden hey. The only difference can bring labor happy hump day or night forget and then yes. Over the weekend I'm excited you and we got some stuff to give away as always gonna DD a follow Yarwood Disney thing. Yeah and our heads of the season and do our kids' homes and five Christmas party was on December AD needs to get to kiss on some five dot com. It's kind of play and most likely we beyond you can't look seventh I'm doing. The industry. Oh I Jones disaster its means save these whose most likely to cheat on a test Wu. You're forming pretty. Good idea about. Sign up some crazy about telling me safe and sound. In this the. Nice to get swallowed your hearts and into zero point 91005 allergy and Tony who's most likely its chest Tony foresees. No its that's dirty brown I don't trust any job. He's seen her yeah. And I broke my guess it's about what's your name did. Who is most likely she got a chance Grozny are season. I'm route though it is duties as you're darn right. The animals' future of drag. Family four bags of Disney on ice volume are you just scored a magnet deletions and by the way she's she's our driver's license that I handwriting I gave. Yeah Jim Brown or some buzz kill an illicit video is losing would you hear our voices out custody have come to a head for one celeb couple we tell you more and yeah. He's done now. So I'm hair or anything else. Yeah well at seven hi. Look like they're not an ex fiance are putting a different from the sides of their eight year old son David zinger because they've recent temporary custody agreement. According CNB David is the primary carrier meaning David junior will be hit with him majority of the time. And so more formal custody agreement as work outs on the holidays must have been good one for Jennifer does she also jobs order of protection on him as well. Well David seniors are lawyers so he probably knows how to work around on that stuff anyway exactly I. I don't seek custody and they says that he and the kid though because obviously she's traveling with the boys U nine UK and I think their regular ones to come. Yeah osu got a lot going on start feeling your age John. Don't think he is these are fanatic doesn't let a big sign of four on Monday in to be announced at the infamous Jersey crew will be reuniting for a new reality series set to premiere and 2018. Now after the success of the previous six seasons on the network the creator basically said it's time to bring them all back. And it's called the Jersey Shore family vacation to be honest I don't know really if I'm pumped for this or not because most of them are parents now and the way elders of the drama and drug my eighth might not be led the same anymore elitist you show dog they're on bed by 830. Sammy sweetheart is not coming back easing off her running I think we might not know predominantly Johnny I'm. Why did you dugout like I'm wasting my day law banning I thought. Art and Ronnie are no longer obviously together as she says she's not trying to come back in running the new release of casino owner rekindle that Enron he's coming back. Right running your paper though meatballs GOP it is totally out of NATO air LNR rapper BOB is now questioning if slavery ever happen in the United States. On Israel earlier this month he doesn't have video with a caption they say slavery lasted 400 years America's only 250 years old. He also recently tweeted that the earth is not a place to state of mind. So we're all in somebody's they don't mind. And I have I tell you members of Hillary cited openly campaign to raise money they can prove that the earth is flat out just as in our minds is so I was say 6000 dollars. Okay. Think about who may make strides right there he'll be let's use that money is this some of the college pro Obama and drug scene they back inside sinker is now don't say. It shows on kiss 1075 so obviously breaking news it's all over social media week is related now allow word. As did you choose actually been fired by NBC amid sexual misconduct allegations. Yeah. I am I was shocked I. I'm shocked I'm literally sun wing when you told me it is going out there and believe you alibi or not no way. But I do remember back in the day there were some allegations about him way he back in the day serious food on my. Us. Wow what a doom is like it's one mil a year and yeah for sure I know I know. LA now Matt. Billboard skilled man and I hit a button is not the myself on its iron on my cat regard among DJ back you going back to back to Matt Lauer. I mean they said they fired him in this is that the miscue Cindy tell here this kind of crazy. So we're finding out is that he was terminated because. One complaint there were no official complaints in the past but NBC is saying. That this they don't believe that this is the first time it's happened so that backs up what you're saying are what you. Hurt yes I'm telling back in the day there're there are allegations about him. The and that just triggered me like rightly told me that the oh my gosh I told remember way way back they were saying that about him again a couple of weeks ago. We really talked about this but I sob story that I like and I don't know lose there was a story about an anonymous person Hollywood who said. More big names were going to come how cool cars sexual misconduct goes extra man yeah. Is not well you know Donnie is she Donny took to Twitter and of course I sort of fingers on. Says wow that was just fired from NBC for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace but when the but Wimbledon top executives and NBC and Comcast be fired for putting now so much fake news. Wow. Wow. Really why. Donnie really why I case are offended by that because you need to focus on the sexual mess and go unused he never focuses do you worry about it. Our focus is I'll I like guy. Can't you struck today. Yeah you gotta be sympathetic to what's happening any cynicism to like. Matt Lauer was just fired you know this is obviously as you know the names and whatever and we have to do something about this. Went to be sensitive to this issue you know something like that. Our guys who's not making pretty mad he's crazy he's a nut. Not to mention you know we got easy with North Korea and what we can I'll be getting yourself ready yet this cannot be meaningless anyway. But the thing that I'm bugging out on his because this guy who's been here for twenty years right or was there for a long time. And they terminated him. He's eaten you look at people that are trusted in the industry this guy was trusted right thank you said. Yeah yeah we are what you want watch Jimmy gives you that news and they they do these not only did they do the news but they give you these heart warming stories. They will they go on to the community. Or across the nation and they do things they need Lotta people read and he's one of those dudes we're just like. He's cool he's a cool dude he's trusted name when I turn on the TV. I just trusted face. I know they got he's gonna be real with me and look how that's how it's how it's coming around not suspended both fired. No games yeah I'll stop gap like no I don't even know there was an investigation this is basically. That there was enough information. To let him go okay now we're also this this this kind of history because there was talk a couple weeks ago also that he was gonna lead anywhere after his contract was fun. This makes good luck wet from swimming really air but now makes me think about what you say. Which was heard allegations were building that oddly enough in the past and I heard about stuck in the past about him so. They can't believe it you know I mean I never thought it would be him. And I got one this is whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty this girl does not want to believe that acting that is going down. Yeah a lot of people are definitely in surprise over it and it. But it does go to show how the world is moving now there's no games for it right. You're not getting all you know obviously there whether the trial for him or any of that so they went straight straight to firing them and if you could pretty fired you afford that the they have reason to believe this something's going on in her an investigation did you think things that I am proof why maybe they got him on the cameras and abandoned somewhere. Hurry to go to that extreme of firing him and had to have been something like. It's a really put icing on the cake gas so to answer the girls comment on that proven guilty I think the company. Is putting yourself at risk if they didn't fire because he can come back and Suzanne if it wasn't true right do so only that's kind of pretty crazy guy Sony say it shows I guess it was a five tells me back tomorrow and don't predicament is seven feet DBS seventeen songs in a row Lou good morning happy hump day amount I think it's so. We're talking about social media and how can help you lose weight belt did you know that oh is that right yeah. Explain this isn't sitting on the couch all day. Looking at your FaceBook page helps you lose weight. No no no actually it's. Researchers found that people are more likely to realize success with personal goals. When they make a public commitment. And attaining its sales you can make an announcement dad did say that if people like you know a moment's thought my little weight loss journey. You know there goes my ten pounds or whenever I'm posting on FaceBook and I Susie checking game. 21 of those restaurants its chick filet or you post anything. That's the calorie Libby could I say ensuing time right you know wait I still ain't right happened with that so you can't go to him always chicken to jam and then. Going into 101000 calorie salad or tap the nature of how they how they all salad dressing is pretty much a lot of growth that's room. So it is this was what it says so when people post their weight loss goals on social media they're more likely to reach them compared to. Two when people are achieved their goals to themselves now here's the problem that I have OK everybody on social media and now a days makes a public announcement like they know that the car press conference. And we didn't do me right starting now I mean that news right so. Simeon life and yet to make it public announcer number one that you're gonna lose weight. You hear all about yourself. If you do make a public announcement about oh I'm leaving FaceBook commuter do you might count we're all about just so so for me I don't think it works out we researchers are called bull crap I call BS. I don't not I'm actually kind of probe this whole like you know posting about your weight loss journey on social media and accountability in its free accountability of so good is that anybody having a personal cinema not having a personal trainers and that age you know listen I know you're serious about that what happen to mention make you think about it. And the like OK okay. You know I may again if you don't wanna doing you don't have to post it but definitely it's like free accountability bush I was little and how much I you're also selling your cellphone for fashion and yeah some friends and be like you know we really need that. Right I mean some did it really doesn't have all the time Kelly and I tell you what I'll eat half a bit in the old left right when he does not only word I actually you're right. Our goal a little bit harder image and China doesn't do all the time so it doesn't work for me it doesn't work for me. You back again in the new year I can make an announcement because I'm proud of house that I am. Straight up and I know for accountability you don't know nobody there have been no announcements no press conferences and rallying on the newest. Most food damage right right that's thick by speaking the social media and here to determine grosjean. So now yeah me neither we're gonna last nominee gives you different now. Doesn't like them but they're you know not with the saudis say it shows a kiss awesome five jumping back tomorrow so there's a new term on social media it's called broaching. What are princess. It's a day sounds dirty it does sound dirty and it it is is it being sermons emerged online. It actually refers to a new partner hiding the fact that they're sleeping with other people early on in the relationship no warmth underwrote some time. You could be wrote he's me you Rhode strength they wrote some. So it is so this these are the finest five cents dvd mean well roach is well okay Ahram. So they get nervous every time you go near their phone boom you're seeing Roche and kind of thing that's something I yeah. They responded with may be wind that you try to nail down plants. Like you'll see go let's go do this Cisco knew that I wanna you know let's go somewhere published Q yeah yeah I though maybe if you possibly being Roche to. Love they don't want to hang out with you on the weekends. So are you getting the weekdays eight your brow. How weak on Tuesday night Wednesday night on the right is in the house Netflix and she'll Thursday night girl right overeat Fiat. For. They don't want to have to talk about being serious. Yeah they avoid that your dean roach kind and then five you find yourself always accusing them of sleep figure out how to. So you're making the accusations. Probably true as simply in no way to at putting it rather seeing Roche well I think you would roaches riots since the scum of the earth Warner. Being jet aka. Karachi and that I wrote I want I actually great time I guess on your thirty years in the CIA here wrote she that's our worst. New term on FaceBook game we don't call me but he knows anyone please call your rotation or it is. Coming up the list of three is the teenager girl the board since out 'cause city or come to a head for one celeb couple gonna play more about it. He saw first. You know maybe there's nothing about it. Only under KS when I was seven I. I don't like Jennifer Hudson and her ex fiance are putting their differences aside for their eight year old son David junior who had they resent temporary custody agreement. So important CNB David of the primary carrier leaning David junior will be with him majority of the time until formal custody agreement is worked out. It has also been adamant that he's been the primary caregiver for his son since he was born due to Jennifer's heavy work schedule. The holidays must have been good for Jennifer as well because she also jobs or order of protection on him as well so everything that they were doing night obviously it was a little bit of drama but now they reconcile their OK I think how. I guess if there are lots of work out at this point that you got to remember avoid the lawyers tell you try sending lawyers we. I don't doubt you welcome breath. I don't know they're that Jerry got something on my meg going rides are these are fanatics got something to be cited for our Monday in TV announced that the infamous Jersey crew will be reuniting for a new reality series set to premiere and Tony eighteen. After the success then their previous six seasons on the network it looks like the television producers of the size and bring back the original cast from Jersey Shore. And it's going to be called the Jersey Shore family vacation and I. I caught myself watching at the end of day it was old episode and I found I just I stop I'm I'm wasting my time. Love then I'm gonna waste my time again don't do we know I'm so low I'm low key here for the as a good and bad things about it one and that because of the fact that I love all of them. Still the bad thing about it though is that they're older now so what am I gonna see your kids or stuff that's my point we're gonna watch people who we watched him last night when their party and drunk dad they're dramas now I'm gonna watch with kids party and didn't drop any balls in DC ally. These people get a fat person for Atlanta rapper BOB is now questioning its slavery ever happened in the United States. Remember earlier there's plenty both the video with the caps in basically every lasted 400 years America's only 250 years old have you ever even seen as truly sick. He also he also recently tweeted that the earth is not a please it's a state of mind as of December the rappers are they go Bundy campaign. To raise money so he can prove that the earth was flat Hamachi is a part of me. No I don't do not what I care. On this town because nobody believes and I got my two dollars that's about it I mean that's about yeah. Philippine brought to you name like insects incurs no don't say. It shows like is when Muslim fighter like that in the music now Kurt hey second I got the heck yeah. Jolie back tomorrow and you would talk about pretty much social media all day a lot of things going on each information from there if you knew you make your special announcement don't lose. They certainly did humans and all her threat on the quick so John leaving unpaid appendectomy you might get help. I you have two hours to get my number didn't you on the GM's Susan never coming back. And then three hours later I'm leaving our promise yeah. Anyway so. I don't mean cause FaceBook anymore say personal attention book removed the word victim to it right we train wreck we can't take our eyes off. And of course sometimes we get ourselves in hot water. A lot of people and I just faced the white also Sunni counts you're Muriel. Right yes Obama got snapped Jack you got it's a gray area around Twitter through. I'm so have you ever done so they got in trouble on social media where someone's like you know that's enough I can deal with you or you're gonna face jail. No I never had been unfaithful to jail before I heard about it though and Twitter so Twitter. Do you Twitter here I don't have that yet happy and he kicked off Twitter yeah you going to jail. So why is Fred usually still aren't Puno beauty actually double Modano and not enough people reporting a mass yes and that's our morning everybody report prompted. Now and that people OK so. Have you ever block someone on social media and all the time yeah. They're definitely move ahead on nights in my block unblock seeing my blocked no you're not right now I know some blocked I've never done them for. Yeah okay you never blogs that whenever. I swear to god. Hey I don't get why aren't I heard people talk that big zoo whatever they want you want to landmark coworkers what are you talking about a block. Really I didn't want him you know. You know I did you see how he knew exactly lout shot and I think I swear to god I love him I didn't we think he's not a toll as army name awful enough. I don't know how well I read it I didn't like I did your blog entry you know exactly what I really. And I blocked one. Person they were glad I'm here I'm blocked one person so okay so tell me what happens because I don't know what happens when you block to block them they can't see your stuff anymore it's it's gone. Okay outs they can't see they can do anything you can see their stuff right right. Okay now there are reasons you block people right obviously if I black dad dude it was for talking stuff. Right well OK right now. Top issue eight or unlock your social media food. About showing your self breast feeding the baggage blocked. Oh well another block them and are doing now you look so don't do. I'm Sam's doing stuff out there in my gums I'd love I love for good reason I hate when like you're talking about I'm now. The simplest thing about like I don't know you you'll make a determination kind of post right and then you'll see a promoter hits you in the comments come to my party. What this flyer guy like not. And nothing to do is what you're talking about you're constantly getting tagged him. You know who. And low light stuff that's something that I definitely am gonna blocking PC I'm. Is up I knew that I I just untie myself I should start blocking those people right because you. I guess they're using me actually do a lot of that during football season soon could I just don't like. Still at it I don't see or later comments on my got you know on good and so you black fever for like two hours after reader yeah right can't sign and a lot of massage and I. What about the somebody posts and play good taste you're like them bloody cut and their senior like does that gross you out now allow us now. Now I thought let goes at least ER picture they're guessing now. OK I mean I wouldn't I wouldn't be okay with it supplied OK I will let Alan go. One time randomly there in the art but I definitely blocked her after the promoting. And you know the political reasons and during football season actually won't you you'll block. You won't unfriendly not deathly block I block okay. I'll never I'm friends here. They won't know they're looking for you if they check if Roy is hey here's some friend Tim. I mean it's the same thing and we're. Why would you keep him around though there's been pasts. Yeah I mean like if I guess it's easier to just block someone by 720491075. What's something that will engage you blocked on social media for me why don't you just under friend them I've only done one person I don't ongoing friend that guy right now stop I'm doing it. Guarding love them so it doesn't matter. She's a friend him already yeah. It took me only saint John's on kiss 1005 with something new each reluctant social media by the way the dude I supposedly black he's no longer my friend so. The Phillies usually say talk stuff too. OK you just Mecca as you can be on the team outright I 17004891. Of them file hi would you name and a Kurt Busch SA Europe. He'd like to win. Like if they're posting something on a radio station in trying to win the ace combat at any time. Earl any chances. And can you give blocked well I'm 45 men is you can't comment anymore. That's that's the actual social media side blocking you right yeah yeah that's Sox are right they just so much actually come. I kiss was about what's your name I think Monique what is assembly delegates you blogs or social media. Well Amy get clockwise we got a car wreck hitting OK okay we'll go around telling. Everybody else does the media that he had a brain tumor beyond anybody. You don't get a brain tumor from a car I think he has. I sent a letter Willis and that's not funny but it really bad and match him but this. Any funny she's calling out for lying right. Right that's why I'm an. Okay thank you can't really appreciate you thank you thank you a little bit I guess the vote your name. Crippled the wrong car. What's the reason why you get blocked would be Eric hey LA is an example Libya and tastes and CEO. Make people go Obama phenomenon and then they've played it. You know end. All right thank you so much basically go I just 1005 which are named Larry Courtney Courtney PSA. I'm I didn't. Think that it. Anyway we can't social media had an eye on your feet that you and people are going off on each other. On your kid know what did you block them over that. Yeah share photos back then everything in lots. Yeah you're getting on the notification. Every time they comment on you're being inactive or by. Using your platform to give their point across what I did not thank you so. I appreciate that you know that it and by the way. When I turn off my notifications I don't need any notification so I don't know if I tell my knots yeah I don't know if you tagging me. I don't know feared handing me I don't know if so you you know you only the post that some fund raiser I don't know marianas I don't see it then you know what too bad I'm sorry it. I don't see it here let me ask you this will you block somebody when you post something and then they post and in the doesn't agree with you. Com you know no I won't on the sling is we have a friend who does that SA they don't agree they blocked some work with that yeah I mean percent. I want no move oh wait I'll tell ya here's David Jones I guess 1005 what's something the future blocked on social media besides a new picture or. Semi nude pictures can offend somebody and get your report and removed 7204 and I wanna some five hi what's your name. You know we as a girl. I don't black people and think good but I think am I not impede it like they've been inappropriately shared yeah I know that if I get a big issue period. You know I I got all the time on snacks that I was constantly getting eggplant pictures out of my name I like promoting this isn't there and play today. Literally I know for a live like every game I would get a new and plant picture and images are it would irritate me who could that weirdo boot scrapers. And I hit a lot of these future foreign hill that's who he didn't play well. Mean I'm glad to get this need out of me sausage stopped a stopped now. Thank you so my job very big right by Jason Newsom finally as they would you then what do you as a hero. Eight so I got blocked ignoring them and I think it'll pick it. Knew the only guy block do you like on every also act oh wow he was definitely time having the baby in look like him. I went out for 8 o'clock every week. He anger is GU. Thanks go AIG isn't Zimbabwe James Amanda mentally and say. My baby daddy why. You've got main issue that Garrett now how do you know she was jealous either embodied therein plagued me. I don't think there may get tired fired me and I went out and should tolerate it. And I'm. Happy don't they are now you have to look at her mom's more he made it difficult and data. Or hey we're both play guitar line they're very big. Larry. She's insecure. Yeah wow it's to messy battle thanks for the call girl. And I so some of these reasons they're heading your eight grey and some reasons I guess he just. I need you never see hear from them again. How goes man I Tony missile Antonin fizzle at Tony on the radio it's me Tony G at Tony he if you ever blocked me just a friendly I. Actually in my I don't easier so imagine girls ladies and start playing ball on its own way more fun on and the mother and so in my you're a plan. My pictures please no no please. No one is seared. Non shaven balls sorry. He's taking everything so far Tony. That's the goal there who wouldn't have seen the myself as a good year round and I don't want to see him. Hi I. Maybe it. Is. How. And here you as a safe room. There are certain object of the game is to answer more questions correctly these she does OK okay. Hit some 5 morning show tickets on the line for our party on December 8 save you about in the studio RF yeah. Ron you are will be ready for a third question number one sure follows the 2018 Grammy nominations are here Sanjay easy leads with ten nominations. All through question number two tour false the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn. Well question number three sure false crocodiles are cable on the process called a negligible. Sent a sense in the right conditions they technically have no limits the last many who live forever. Proof I hear force and the questions are Democrats say he's OK Omar. My blonde who. Winless in nine. Really random IRA that's so we doing here drove really random let me put on my thinking cap got. Jose is question number one shortfalls the 2018 Grammy nominations are here NGC leads with ten nominations that's also a guy you're correct. Yeah nominations. Question number two true or false the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn false note it's true. He sort of got my. Well here don't believe they uniforms were real well into the nighttime are all that I am I so it's been going down since the fourteenth century unicorn Scotland yeah. Wow questionable three shortfalls crocodiles are cable on the process called a negligible. Sent a sense in the right conditions they technically have no limits the last many who live forever cool they look like it's true. A ton of other factors to consider playing for disease and predators but they can actually live forever and now they never breakdown in the same way that humans do some of the women find that no did you say okay. Pizza but man for. Now they're still making you aware though are mourners on Christmas party is going down an easy thing you're gonna be their congratulations oh sure there's your arms. Relive Florida hanging out you grow our radio stations and you're not as events I'm miserable everything. Don't like kids with some fun tomorrow morning do all over again Disney on ice tickets all yard at 620 and we're gonna play a who's most likely to jump to be back. And well most likely it's gonna be when when my sink clear. I don't know. Do you lately and know how clearly on that note. Also you're playing we go ahead of with these yes we got our morning show Christmas party which is going down December 8 apples theory is you need to get to kiss was empire that now or you can win for free. When you as a petite girl are you are so be in the building so put on some nice where ladies and club where compress them can be pretty. I already single. Angle the whole idea is to cheer Brad enough because we're not doing very well as a flip. He need all I didn't feel any all of this I think he singled to so you have to look at their cynical mind through this can either look up at. Also New Year's Eve on the right to meet those close Malone Yung dug Leung a lot more every day I guess on some five dot com. Pentagon UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play a you can live weekdays six to may or on demand any time you could KS 1075. Zach Kahn.