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Monday, December 11th


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Portal won't wait until he Giuliani who GPS 107. I want the replay. Eight cities and she knows. He says isn't shown in the morning kiss on some 5 good morning happy Thursday mount a sitting old yeah result of what we Jewish guy going on there and Marty told you. Are you the most open prison. All right I'm ready ma'am I'm sure he got notices. It's not like all. Another Jackson songs. Mariah Carey. Is Mariah Carey when she. And what I'm exactly was she wasn't interests around shares. Let's give them everything's all good I want to first sale once they've prayers are for all peoples. In Southern California. Fighting the fires out there. My my cousins firefighter outdated and doing his thing and I know you could really say he's because. You've been a part that never seen anything like fire like guarantee like that do bashing young limited San Diego you've been a part of like a kind of fire my dad and I have family actually where the fires out so. Pretty big deal yes so a big part of California right there were eight and there's nothing but trees. And a lot of open land so definitely inspires that's everybody who's out there I saw a video of a guy driving down the highway with the fires on the side of the road I don't even going that direction. Like the whole side of the mound is lit up. And with the winds blowing the Santa Ana winds are crazy. It's blowing like little pieces of fire on two other cars and on other parts of Ryland who's honest like. Didn't. Big east ten seasons. Kind of looks like a lava. There is unlocked actual like right over them Allen says everything's so prayers up Stephanie we know say a prayer definitely when you can't just send your thoughts and I found that to make phone Padraig. Make sure everybody's safe. Let's find out some crazy man founding faith and now. The wind is seeing. Jurassic it's not close fight between 500 dollars. Slightly. And to be okay. Christmas guest on the a lot of course entertainment as well who is most likely. Concert seven to zero point 91075. It's kind of play and most likely put beyond you can't let us senate I'm doing. The main disease. I'll fight to win 2500 dollars from the Colorado lottery I was an ambassador Daniel who's most likely do fleeing contest only sees its own. If they don't eat you come out. You must see this do all the time. Social media brother. For example genome. At least Ford Baghdad's traffic wise he just got back gradually soon. You also qualify 12500. Dollars for the Colorado lottery pick your. I've memory is facing a jeweler broke. They're former Ferrari did do the fleet contest a couple years ago I sevens and seven number you know you did finish. I truly identified the closest I can identify two of pregnant tummy Frey embedded. How is it a lot I didn't know back in the days like we know people eat right now duel for the grand he was doing afford Polaroid on the wall yeah. I was trying to make there at all. I don't even as the thing is still receive it you hear the big day. Al late yesterday outplay you I met. Her game. We'll keep your girls say he's fine okay yeah well those seven. Her married same lovers I yesterday in Cali because now they can indulge in pizza and things could do rules of crude. The Los Angeles City Council voted to rise through the recreational marijuana club. Let's face enhanced sales beginning at the top of the year now. That means there's Colorado going to be good destination place anymore not anymore and now than say it is and it's already projected that LA is going to be the biggest scene in the nation because I was. Surpassed New York yeah I can I can definitely that is in the nation just don't be number one billion. Actually is I'll be ready tallied a lemon taxes they're definitely not gonna play around at all gonna hi Colin and I can frissora. In a recent interview diaries gives as any put a ring on his ex wife's fingers so he could be able to have his daughter near him but one that the flat out of the country to spend quality time with Perry he didn't marry her because he was happily married he married her for good. And marry her or him being here ladies and gentlemen. My diaries is really taking to take lately apple. Police say it the biggest als have all less this year I was a confusing story can. And extend the lives he basically just limited the green card fraud becomes unfunny. Iowa every time he talks every time he talks. It's all bad I mean I did see him with foot and lady in and out of that one to be the mayor he was in the back of. So I just told I had. You're lending for small. I don't know I can't even talk by anyone until I got the Maggie the suspects who allegedly burglarized two of tells homes were robbed Thanksgiving weekend while he was touring and nearly everything that was taken including for an answer. Electronics and other property. Neighbors and they found movers taking things out of our Kelly tells them loading them into deep shock what about the old school BHS's. And that's got to rather they find the sex that is. And they did say pie in the past who the way the hideaway. Gas inventories hit angles and they opened the door for the girls. Screaming in the eyes and I just keep moving. Keep moving around our colleagues why do you need to go over it does seventeen but even like a secretary Malcolm. How about a little less than ten minutes in commerce city middle school teacher tells his students. Some thing that makes them never wanna come back to school. And Jones I guess 1005 so middle school teacher and commerce committee he. Told the students and he wanted to kill children. Do you believe that city way affecting what could they get killed and children. My guy right so Colorado middle school teacher was placed on administrative leave after he allegedly told students. But he wants to kill and this is if I don't know he necessarily says it. But there was a photo taken in his eighth grade classroom that shows a note on a projector that red. Silent reading. I want to kill children but I'm loving Christian man who'd never would hurt a flea so please sit down and read. We really didn't say it but it was on the project was like hey just days reading day celebrating. Keep your mouth shut. I'll make excuses are basically that's what he was trying to say act. But by you Joker went wrong yeah all the way around left turn I actually killed children and I'm loving Christian man who never would hurt to lose. Isn't that news. I felt like confession that you're given cheers Chris. Mean yes I don't miss on the net you wanna do especially of my cue the middle school whom they can't Roman told me hey that was on the screen matching your said that they want to kill children. That's the idea this other principles actually investigating the incident and the teachers banned from the school premises during the course of the investigation now if you're the principal. Well you. Or was I have to take amount I have to room was a pencils name recall if that is a I know knows what's the first thing hours of political. Enrico Fermi collaborate all the political legacy and image did you unseemly inappropriate OK how things he needs. Yeah and that that's not OK and no it's not I mean that's OK and I am I he definitely have to get suspended. Let me ask you another question how much how would you Phyllis pair but. Yeah I took I briefly told you guys that I am I wouldn't be standing for I would definitely show all but the school. And me mischief for recall. That's a teacher this your first look at the visible right on these MTV songs we have had been the incident could have all been have a conversation and and and then there have to be dialogue you know and mr. Jones we don't Wimbledon win a little amount OK let Elizabeth isn't too and then we will get back do you. Now the shrill bell. I believe some parents are actually and support. And they're coming out and supporting this teacher that is direct to have blue parents spoke out and supported teacher one parent called him the most supportive teacher. As for any of the kids after school like she says he's the greatest teacher Manuel. Actually got a couple of those so yeah people fighting form and let's call it what it is he probably was trying to be funny. And worried it's time any day and age where you can't do that anymore. It just can't you just can not even that it even if I understand that some parents obviously knew who he was then you know they have that kind of respect to relationship with them for the parents who don't know. And they come back home in May hear the kids say something like that to them I would immediately be like oh that's kind of to me like a red flag already. And I would have to take precaution I don't. A question. So let's say everything goes by they suspend them he goes back to back teaching at this in middle school. Would you want your son or daughter in that class anymore no back. No no but now. I don't know what can I. She is now he's joking. He. Exactly these are looking at the same time he got a look for a sign you right begin right but it's something he snaps the one day boom then why all we ask them you know we gave them a pass. It's a half men and then now look at as a value that now he's he's suing the school we can't hear you right if you're you're you're putting kids in jeopardy yet. Other people's lives you can't make jokes like that and think that an amendment Kahan hot in the next you know what you don't pan down to teaching reform goes class. Yesterday and looking in his death to see what he got them desk throughout you wanna live that kind of life legal background check with the. I won't say exactly they're better off just suspending him and you. Yeah you money wanna. Let's cut all ties and smells nice party that was just from film scores firemen. Chancellor until I really different district to be honest with you I mean I hate to be that person that's out there like you are you gotta cut a man. You know I don't know buy it once they see someone lose their job Bobby I don't wanna be that person you know does that. Have always outweighs the good he can be teacher of the year you need some stupid like that it's not right yet. Is Iraq I just know that I can have my son or daughter. And his class. So many more mister so and so's classes wrap no they're not yet you're teaching your kids have hobbies who fill a different way as well lol whoa. You can say that the people in public you can do this the company can joke about him kill you I don't got killing you right now. And she can't can't because people would have it he might well you just might. I'm moving up while he's we know how are refills and I know the public probably in an uproar as well because is that. Happened to you in your school. You might do the same thing unless you really know this person that well then you're gonna find farm are right where it's not a matter Christmas party coming up next and how you can win some major cat. Ask one person's gonna rockaway where I live I. Paying Sony says Jones I kissed on some five happy Wednesday Thursday right. Yeah we can see guys one day away from the kiss on some fire Marshal Christmas party we're excited weren't you Ophelia is the way it's going down so it's a Suffolk house aides and his yourself prepared. And this is going to be a real show ladies and gentlemen I'm like give the fake show you when that's like dead the price is right everybody was happy to go to last night and. And no. Longer are Boswell we were out I think toy drive yesterday in her and her friends of pop is they are hearing you go out like really. Don't try to manage your house but can do you like the eighth behind his right right on the make my life okay we're doing the showcase showdown. This for real though I may win. I don't know what they want but they definitely they definitely made some my friend makes Agassi so. Well I did I did make the real price is right in front. There is good there no one out and trivia in these crazy. Happy well my town I think I waited for this moment my whole. Hello. Think oh did play completely. Now I mean we could get all that stuff but don't elect for carnal more so than that I did the same thing I think out of the doubt that. Big I've never liked the rail they let them they canal then they go in lens when money I don't know why that's Armando. Wrote when real money at our show tomorrow that 500 dollars cash this is not going to happen do you know. So that was Maine back. You lost boys are you on again. These come back Eric or mine and that's just in the will now I would love is in the will look at that. They have the will yesterday. There hello sir you feed will match that all along play. You can ask you to be able people dressed up as the wheel for Halloween I got pictures of it. I totally out of Philly is tomorrow night dig TK is awesome father died dock on the only 1075. And you can win 500 dollars cash everything watched the door we're gonna need you in drawing take a while okay 1245. We're going to draw a ticket if it's your taking it. You get 500 bucks cash I'm posted a picture on FaceBook it's real money guys at five million dollars. Take money real money real my airplane prices my money from last night real money nice. Manama inland real mining and I think is you gotta get to take is now portends any flack as tomorrow. Mourning those tens and if I tickets will cut off okay they'll increase price goes up to the dark. Yeah 500 bucks in games like he's not. So these are really think we really encourage you to get tens any fights. Dollar tickets today yeah and use that and when no money and then you have extra Christmas cash. Always right do whatever he probably did a great little guide to figure out. Coming up did not listen to MS word talk about the best companies to work for not right now but coming up in the near future days and Jones on kiss 1005 a couple of years ago we had dumped one of our own on air personalities let go during the holidays. That case it could happen to us. Once you go on vacation. You try to come back or they'll let you know before you go on vacation yeah. Then we'll do like dead the fourth quarter. Yeah spend all the money and holidays this guy doesn't hereof and reminds you pencil and reminds you of the fifteenth is coming close back to Porter react. Where we can ask for more little overly complex if you tell us a stack of paper out I don't know how does it just amazes me okay. If you want to get your resume keep it fresh someone you listen the best companies to work for 2087. Days okay so this is for everybody else is on the bubble specific. If you qualify for any of these jobs OK so large companies' ultimate software mirror then. Now we need their saint Jude children's research yes today worldwide technology he's a great companies who works for. Spot. Kentucky he can lululemon. Dad we ask what does that clothing I think a closing jetBlue. Bumped me in on that LA has ten employees Rangel. Yeah no bullets used middle of the big ones. How can game they go wall you start. We wanna do when they checked LS US economic ties here's a check right good this is based in Cali. Actually I must make and the bay silicone valley Matheson worked for FaceBook and Google. And the bulk of these then it reminds Obama that house to get and temp agency. I hasn't got into it temp agency so they hired these Temps right. And then they foot because you've been working with them for some monsters like. You know what people keep BO OK all these college students like applying to them and they're not getting men but I can tell you the way to go Tim Eads and now. Nowadays so your sister still working at those places Suez for PayPal now OK okay that's a big you know yeah. OK okay again. Also silicon knights out you have to have does she have a college we know this ad kind of experience so she was really like yes. I think she could be making double the pace she had her. If she actually hurt her degree yeah impossible to. How about day in and out burger. I would never see that on the number of them and our eye on the list really you start out Fries and make like fifty bucks an hour trio setting off on fry used to burger you go to twenty bucks now and then management. Managing me my make the big bucks. Let me get on my level come on now well you know you'll start matters. I've done fast food joint to make it started about 4550000 years. I don't know but you got to cover everybody shift it's also the hassle of Boston Consulting you've never heard of them Bain and company. I don't know. Our FaceBook number one number AM and you don't FaceBook I'm telling you that view if you're in college you're trying to get into some of these really big techies spots temp agency. Dad doing temp agency and that's the way to go and small companies car shielded CB insights life church whose church in California for 80 well yeah. Are still the I've heard them yet if you're geek in you by Mason cash right at the church chorus yeah hacking begin to get paid. So they'll have a nice car government. Nice gold saying hey my. Certainly is a row and caddie there's say yes. Our loans a murder then no no zoom video communications. No television partners though it's one awesome flat. Well I weightlessness and so I. Forrest Sawyer are well there you go beyond the bubble these are places you wanna consider and of course takes it is nice temp agency and never done that. Don't say it shows I guess on some five so it's no secret most of us native coloradans. Didn't like the fact a lot of people were moving because of traffic. Because of the. The headaches of just on the congestion in and now we're in the hell out there. Well as basically. Hey and I am very expensive. Read our population growth raise cooling and while current residents may celebrate those who are leaving. In increasing numbers say they were driven away by. Rising housing prices jobs that don't pay enough and of course traffic jam just tell he oust traffic looks like. LA and loan. All yeah and then lost not just how the ball six or seven lanes and the lives pact broke. I was half common language now we have war started if Iverson and I'm spending we were alive that's what he excellence for. Afghan authorities didn't expansion torrents horrible yeah. I'm a better putter going and Gary Condit owe you a new level before you get to 84 thin you're coming down like you collect from under forty for the whatever it at a certain committee for the that's horrible I seventy. East or west and certainly I seventy the mess they made really need to spend on my seventy they shut down the pioneer. You know the fight over there Arafat I seven once I determine your card no number oh thanks guys going up or shut down upon as I think that I think anything got to prove no one on this so they gonna expand their area. Even then losing but not no disrespect to residents book from a I seventy smashes them when we need five or six months it takes for ever takes an hour did you do that area by 25. The mouse trap door that I had a lying and put another way you can go. That America. No I have found the detonator you can use your room now admitting he got a. It's traffic sign men like scoop Barry. Now rush hour is seven hours five hours long that's quite the meat safe and I think I'd say we live more. Closer to the DGC we had to be improved filmed on Monday and until you get on an hour to meet our NAFTA you don't that's because traffic condition way laughter. No they just funny how. You know with your your northside secret to reflect new. 825. Sort of that is unless I am either. And our side is you live I semi ridiculous yeah. The truth about five minutes from downtown camera twenty million is from here to DTC. Points to thirty minutes from Boldak talking quickly there's good news though the state in 2016 saw its first drop in a decade. Okay. And a number of people writing from states while those leaning Colorado at a record high resulting in the lowest net migration. 30000 total new residents in seven years which means. Less people are coming more people are leaving OK so there might be a blue in though. Breathe easier type Phil and I and they feature yet. You know say he's been reporting that today and this T day you know the loud sounds this is gonna gave them their marital realizes and America. That's going to be a great relief Fon yes I know we are. Well go there's definitely a lot of Cali people here in Colorado that's what I do now and a lot of people that become illegal everybody is trying to open up they shop now the like I'm back home back home guy going going back there. I just no way in they don't wait in fact that happens hopefully that'll change a lot of people from Cali specifically moved me. Here Brodeur I had tons of friends here just for that we did I designed to take your greater love an ass is back. Rand fans how all every half to rally around this guy is chargers hit. Try to figure out more Colorado are moving out as population growth. Brings a traffic headaches and higher home prices will you be one of them in 2018. Or because of this great news about Kelly you know we'd do. And you can go get it now you can open the ground this misery does it Marlins need inclined to stand like I was going to do remember to breathe the air right. It sounds like kids listen for a program and blessed morning more Colorado are moving out of as a population growth. And bringing traffic headaches our home prices. Are you anyone limited the only team are you staying because of the great news that's going to Alley before. Well actually says something it's good she's gonna be moving to Las Vegas she says that she's not a native she's been here for fourteen years pushy doubting it. Going down we've done both retirees and the Israelis are going to move to Vegas okay. Okay. Tom Roberta says she's lived in demo for years then two years ago she moved back. To Pueblo believe it or not you know sold his seat and move at a stage has moved. They're about three hours away downfall though she's loving it down there believe they're not Pueblo is growing too nice houses are being built really yeah. While talking about how something. I think live on the air show the north side seat removed the Pueblo. That's because I can't tell. OK hello out where everybody's attitude there sorry nine point 075 I would you name AM this meant when he as a hero. I don't know that the best way to try I moved here. And he knows. And I am I don't let I don't know it. Let me hear cold like the falcon I know it's so bad team in minutes and don't look so predicted T how many different kinds of people he is. You're beautiful like that mountain family doesn't smoke amount that they Josh saying I'm that is not me. Six. Once again this utensils and five all day long we will love you OK AMBER Alert every day. It's. You think you've got her own aren't there and I just listened Bob would you name a great hiring would you say. I am I thought I am and then leaving Britain are what are people could hear why I don't think I'm going probably to order in there's AM 08 yet that that's out. I really didn't. I did see a lot of people are from Colorado are specifically human organ and vice Versa people from Morgan moving to Colorado where. You may think I'm here they want but I'm I saw this happen. Down and yeah they're quick they usually come room. I'm thinking elect thank you Susan Bob what's your name I lingering there what do you guys say listen I. I'm why weren't in the anime industry and it has been flooded and I am working in and I hope all these people that are out that they. Like people are in color I don't need to move the say that I'm sorry if there. Yeah I've true very true but it yet and industry totally flooded and that's pathetic thing you for the call appreciate you yeah yeah I'm a big baby you. Dear she says she said the industry that Canada's industries close and assuming. Is this is not here the Jersey alliance and the men's or is absolutely. At 5 o'clock when you know owning art and night spotlight and that's kind of dispensary like that. Like the ones downtown from Iraq packed and ready pac iso Hussein is the idea and I tried they went a couple weeks ago I was like yeah I can't wait there's launched. I know when I was not working in an hour ago does little coffee shop like at 7 in the morning people we lined up for special to get into business ventures. Gotta start the day off I and I know I can't resist nor am I know about that because I'm selling burritos right in the front of the door human embryo after you do you think. Yeah now. Hey next time. Why can't you see that you want some and somebody will call up and hope you love that's our chair al-Qaeda and I don't know why aren't you never have to weigh in my guess I guarantee you right now. FICC he's needs something somebody from the dispensers so call you. He's the model up on its way you might get a gift bag yeah well that's where levels they have made some drizzle could get up my bags I gotta say I have a laugh. Israel for not one of them five more coloradans are moving. As the population growth brings traffic headaches and of course higher pump a higher prices are you may be one of those people leading forty thank you guys stay in new. And Jones on kids' homes and five more coloradans are moving out best population growth brings traffic headaches higher home prices and more will you be one of them or are you gonna stick it out in 2018720. 491 assume found out what your name. I'm I'm not say John yeah I would earlier in Cleveland. And actually learn what they only then I didn't know that they'll roll or a third and are more you're gonna go from old cape astronomical. Right he did I wanna move back out of my way to Minneapolis Buffett like. Thousand dollars local and long and well frankly made it clear from 42000 dollars. Yeah you can move being like one of the suburbs like Pepper Pike or shake up quite well with flowers moved out here when they've metal the most Pelé in and out ran out of all misfit kids but here goes when when the condominium yes they thought well we accommodate to those who have that he usually you pay Michael 40500. Well even the projects and I are expensive equipment and their I think now. We've actually been real mad are great thanks rob I just 1005 what's your name. My kindergarten and one and raid in Denver Colorado on not this thing out and other people need it at the body here. Maybe he's talented big advantage that everything that they're make him a reap what they read it to do it like landlord she became frequent critic. And I am dying. I'm I'm I'm the only bit white cat that benefited you from California. Say they waited so locked. Not only do and a now tell man based stuck at all we're happy to Wear. It you can approach the QB and it Colorado where you can hear it will work. Near their loved ever knew I can't quite. Not you know we'd play in the outbreak it's like that but I did make ethnic yeah. No milk thank you are well they did but I doubt I guess on what's your name. I'm calling me just say you're. Earned. People love it come clean up out of print video grab we are you being here I'm here pioneered beyond Internet can then and I've never lived for Murray made a lot of money entry level. And I felt like hey you know when every you know I'm mart and bite you all may want might as well I would you wanna blame for not you know late. Very girl Marge Marge I think I even thought there like he would like I am. I agree you honor Cassandra that's why I want utilities like you have more time how much did. Okay you come from Kansas who like going to Hollywood or something in column I'll let your Hollywood. I think camp used and then the third time in like I hear anything back pain and and people find that. Bradley did back me and the like I would never trade that play any of their down from my lawyer because. I'm never made much money here like I have an earlier level they completely made more than like my friend that I'm living and then. For you and good for you think usually golf. Thank you Elizabeth what's your name I would just sit around. I did have a clear and I understand right along the Colorado went on from California. And I mean a lot of hotels are saying about. Traffic and all that but in all reality California's mortar which epic more worse than an hour here. Another reality another way I look at it. I thought to myself I'm HIV isn't as bad a Calumet it's bad here since I mean obviously Cali I'm from Italians well Sarmiento a bad traffic looks like but I was also here like way before I got to this point and something. You know as we get from an ANC now over the breeze to go anywhere in the city within like 1520 minutes and valuing our that's a huge you know huge transition he's still an hour. Also out here right. We're just because of the week I mean acting on it a little better lives. More mail or get money. Think no listen that's why don't Obama death row and I got a lot of friends from Kelly cute but I here's Kelly is how I missed a lot of what yeah I. It won't work yeah or part of it is a liberal you know they're saying summarize thank you again I feel if you feel like you know callies dude is to go pull back there. About it so much. James group fault tolerant and we do this to you that you're totally right this one pollster. Pro bowler quote that the my take I think there's only Cali yeah. New Orleans. Crazy right now. Good good the Mercedes yeah men 20 yeah. Did yeah. So more question he has for. Prisons and 5 morning show tickets are on the line we're giving away 500 dollars that night and we'll see you qualify you went 2500 dollars from the Colorado lottery game agro 500000 Sony's money should. Phased out this studio right arrow. Keeping track and got it. Venus question number one sure follows you ready and bananas from the grocery store have seeds and no question over to ensure false. FaceBook addiction disorder is a mental disorder identified by psychologists. No question number three sure Boston banging your head against the wall burns a 150 calories and hours. It is the end okay and your questions your poison the quest is there that hey I'm addressing the game I'm okay loans. Maine and wedding bands we can't remember everything don't dominate once ran there. I can't all right don't let me beat see now okay. Now I Cheerios lays who has never watch your false bananas from the grocery store have seeds through. It's also just and modern domesticated banana as tiny infertile blacks banks. Weird machines used to be there hybrids now why you always laughs owns landlords are there. We know bananas they. They hear and I needed a laugh every time I did something wrong person ever to serve Paulson FaceBook addiction disorder is it mental disorder identified by psychologists and women face true. It is true yeah yeah that he they wrote about they're working in April 2012 issue. Of the psychological reports that question a hundred sure false banging your head against the wall burns a 150 calories an hour. It is he LA and my gamble here really think it's true big sure. Well I and I know that because my practice I. Okay just like brushing your teeth bruise in calories per hour Dow Jones while we're gonna had this that's like today. You guys are Smart Izzy at each other yeah. It's. Great news for you because you are going to write cancel them about once a Christmas party that's away. Hey that's me you know let me read you guys you don't do it every lap I had I think oh my. Yeah no doubt where you and are you might win 500 all forgiven that OK at 1245 so get there early. Winds 100 dollars and the Colorado lottery game wild girl. I. It's did you did you and yeah. The one I think why. Don't say. Jones I guess 1005 our mile high toy drive continues today Amadou and all this week until tomorrow we can donate toys. The mile high handed way children's holiday parties go on and on Saturday gizmos and by the outcome for the website source contemporary and beat. Starting at 11 o'clock the roar in law yes. A raw talent thinner or whatever so there are more causing him. We're in a mile this it's not hard to find its her right mind finish line and into the glorious. So come check us out today get some toys chemical put my money down on those new adorns that are coming out become us Saturday so I gotta go and when that in the box. And no big. Yet it sort of worry how I am not. And a pillow I. You're right teenage kid and I already but. About 240 dollars a game I love a pair starred in you don't hang once from that I stored again unborn payless summer each insurance. These written what and how tough message that I guess you would patrolling some Olympic athletes are doing I can do our people you do it. Believe that's okay Jordan's goal and all I'm still only plaza door and moving are moving on. We'll be given whenever he's doing actually you know. Either from eleven. I can't believe how do all they don't all know volatile as they think go to the majorities in the know on the Palin's son. Dornin for the longhorns were really a sound like right now who you sound cheap. Our afternoon but hey listen. Listen I can sell you can't spend 240 already have Buckley to forty on it you could buy one pair of nice shots on finally there's no I may not. You'd have to blossom that school and he is the throwing X double L two sevenths the two for twenty right now I got two thirds of the how they'll actually I'll open up like three to 400 found these this year kept so in the past has only been like twenty families. And now we're just trying to you know increase every single year and I think we end up giving them all the way on Saturday it's you and so yes they do for the families to be able to see you know the kids' faces so. Because of what a great cause and less boos. Of the different this year is Jose Marino out but more found is that in the past so it we want to bring anything from Bob infants all the way to teens and it is there's never enough. You just when you think your photo boxes there's always more that you can bring and we understand that your busy throughout the day. So if you can't make it during the time that where there. We're gonna be there till 9 PM because we know he got to get your Christmas shopping done anyway so why get your town center pick up that extra gift doctor dropping out. And they should listen we're looking for newer toys on the new. Depth and nor should they Jordan's. I'm sure you didn't tell you in the shortened eleven. Go Brad how guys. And beyond UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. You can live weekdays six to may or on demand any time you could KS 1075. Zach Kahn.