Morning Replay 12-11-17

Monday, December 11th


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Affordable won't wait until the maybe on the UK has 107 and I wanted to replay. 88. Inch. Downstairs what does. It's. May all. We December so ready Chris I'll read poetry businessman to help out. I did it came to keeping going on with this every nighttime works to jump on the radio. And I get different kind of cruises sound right and I'm going to be classic hip hop joints right than usual. I don't look at them the truth ultimately don't and I yeah. You know I don't a couple of see I think I think they're classic hip hop is more friendly because there while yeah. There it is yeah couple cuts throughout the entire neighborhoods totally engaged and Chris grow Christmas. I want gigs a cruise is let him on the grim debt through Christmas if you odds are you kidding me. Some of the Sauna like this if your mood. Pretty. Mean you know ruined that. Good man I feel Amanda is a good day right now Haywood got the W yesterday. Broncos back on the wing mystery why in a row finally I you know led to things the Broncos could have. Loss on purpose. Again at the top five pick could you tell these guys. I. For pride yeah you could tell they they listened doesn't matter we don't care about the big we want to win money is guy's jobs on the line to rush out to the Broncos in Broncos country. For playing for pride yes and I isn't it it's gone. FaceBook and social media to let him props are we through poor condition played like dead last you're good weeks ago and now we we just blew the fees paid him blah blah blah you know well why can we. Work on what we have now and try to get better at socked it's not this call it what it is but why can we work on getting better. And because we didn't mathematically we're still in the playoffs what do quick sale widget because I should well before he says the drills I look while one old guys that you're yelling at a FaceBook through the slot. All we know and I'm frenzy. That's fellas are so it's going to. Now you know I don't know I'm on the right Amanda to listen we are still mathematically in play out whenever we can quit when we couldn't technically you don't I don't think you will need to be. Eating disordered way we can do it and I'm so I'm not following let's go to Sue Bird. I and you tickets were like his Lewis six looks yesterday almost six dollar dollar and almost went well. I did almost go to dole some thirty bucks battering gray your big play those like a pre season game that got my hot dogs cost more than the tickets pro Julianne Moore on the concession. I take it out speaking of concessions we have something great for you quickly lose most likely still in the next hour ten minutes. And we and WW Ichiro is sunlight shown spurs doing. I don't my standby. It's fun to play and most likely put beyond you can't let us senate I'm doing. The wind is seeing eye. On the line 7204891005. Most like me. Strange how would you change. Like to I would change. Looks like an administrator Tony your child know they know. Come on he got some nice new writing and nobody in that. FaceBook goth like isn't Zimbabwe James I didn't body is most likely to take the strain Antonio Jones. I'm your date tonight and it sounds so nice. That's probably why the big carbon and other. But I don't dirty my heart they took off psyche is one of them five whose most likely to pick up the strange what your name I don't know what's your guess Tony. Her mom and you don't meet. How nice guy. They must have on the nicer guy you party that has got hold yeah. You run rose Larry I guess on isn't fun what's your name for me. Join the bigger the stranger and I only know about so I broke the run after I hung up on you. My guess it was a five which came to break the plane is most likely to take a stranger poll. There is no neither does not now Hollywood there's a way sorry for her mom I guess it was a bump your name. Then we must like this particular strain of ready to hear Jones telling me. I just did a nice guy it's. A food drive in Florida though I've. Sorry your wrong I'm sorry. Yeah I think they usually go bike isn't isn't my what's your name Rick who's most like get a kick of the stranger Tony or it's shown to not think about it. I'm gonna say they don't need. Wow all on the nice guy but I'm really not that nice note your. They slid off I just doesn't publish your name that many. This may lose why did pick up a stranger to think about this now Tony porch homes. He's not really reserved for. I am usually on the quick story yesterday I would that the Salvation Army donating. Get sick in these gentlemen out. Ask me hey can I unique phenomenon like the shirt and nearly a glove on his more stuff around because I got to go get the other piece in my house you wanna. You don't you wanted to go at you now let's show her. There's only semi Mike Straka was a driver to mildly goes yeah I really don't work they're good. A majority of the bench and does because now you know. It didn't work yeah. It's. Hey you're you got I think it's the WW each other because we can't 1005 dot com okay. Okay okay okay let's face it you're. Yeah her. Moral of the story don't pick up a stranger or don't pick someone you think works it plays a I don't. Good that's the thing is Lucy would you Roy Jones you know Chris BI dream doesn't begin with a new type but don't know let's tell you about and then. You can rarely say he's five K yeah well seven hi I'm. Maybe visions 20s17. According to Forbes. On the list. Some people that you may not think about yet of course the pin is on that a number four man to mail also Drake 94 mil NA. Boo then number one. 130 mail beyond there was 105 wins Somalian OG rob isn't built into guns and rows that 84 pound male and a Metallica. As 66 and you know these revenues they still give them money you know seven years old they still touring and there's still packing stadiums why they're making them money aid new FaceBook feature please use this. FaceBook expands the Pope feature would new get out greetings such as though hugged the wings got high five and the wave in the old slave full. Hope you know what was this when Ellis trying to map on the back in the day. Not on there and I needed that I don't lose in the first got the face but give me to the game they didn't have both Baghdad both polish and diligent told you know Tony I don't quote me. Let them. Today Krispy Kreme does it again and I said they're gonna bring your new donors no they're not they're gonna give you a new bear how old are you on bear the gonna make really yes slow. The donor will bring you as we touch of the Russian imperial style known for existing flavors of coffee chocolate and roast in mount that's going to be in Tampa and the prize is gonna start at 25 dollar starting next month lay down for them wait a minute Krispy Kreme is giving a liquor license not yet. Yeah they're gonna start brewing batches of beer wow. So they've been it's gonna want to be made out of dozen glazed donuts while the other is out. Filled with cream filled doughnuts okay I'm in when they knew hey maple bacon beer. That's my bedroom that's my name unknown name that. Downpour yeah that is because. They don't have brawl that night. So I don't stories on cable also found unconscious and Tony season Jones on JS awesome five saves you back later in the week holiday party went down last nine Jones and I didn't make it. Hey man. Understand I feel like we did a lot of bonding already like bright as a company and I would think that retreat welcome back on. So with everybody told the staff really enough I like her party was an out of the party in the south we had a morning show Chris is party yeah. It was really like going to be really our only day off we would have really didn't you came in yesterday for work right and sold to have a day off yeah. I just knew they like a couple of hours to relax chill try to enjoy the bronco game in relating to watching him I was on the roof. Fixing my Christmas lights and you're putting up the garage Dallas clean out the garage you know so we didn't get it wouldn't time to chill so a couple hours means a lot. Oh yeah for sure. So here's the thing if you're lucky enough to have a company party because some companies don't write some companies doing some companies go all out and some companies. Was a coupon to the get like two cars away here sixty inch. He news. Wow they're doing a bottle up the butt off the ball animal got new quit me let me add doubt that I definitely showed up last night and they're. Because what you write but there are usually the rug company that pays damn food prices they get out. You're only party alert you guys get Jesse loosen up. Lou of course because some people then you're not just about a work in your beer you've been robot. But now there's also the final months of Jones and iron to tell you tell us how to act as far as the alcohol. And you know the mistakes that you could make right so. You don't wanna skip the party unless you absolutely have to. Oh well damn well where to make that mistake we blew that sorry does apple and got caught up but I know we're not we get anything out of mid. This is if you do go to the party he should stick around at least thirty minutes before. Before you take off you know so favorite Daschle face right to remain throughout the look for the right people before you do the homer since then there I think he had. She should say Bob listen he would do is give out some that's a team. Number two don't want an empty stomach we should there's plenty of food to soak up the alcohol so you don't need to drunk. You are gonna empty stomach because sometimes like. The food is not good at all so I wanna kind of like have a like a bill because some people that are real cheap golf they're gonna have food there right on the groveling back to good and then the food you'd like to flew right. And then you leave hungry right we had that Christmas party I mean that's and Ameristar. We are not Ameristar we went we went to dinner or our company think all of the other holdout united need every guy I think yeah yeah those Mormon. The other hotel the other hotel out the Ameristar. Don't avoid work topics but don't focus on working either so you can talk a little bit about we're tight cost of talks about other employees. Where are going to be smooth about it to run of course you gotta wait and managers of real littered she would imagine was mind around. Yeah you gotta be gotta be real careful but that's missing in his name got me very careful knowing that I was names on the Bob Edwards you've people make fun sometimes you wish you well. All right I'm on you know Anemia or if you absolutely for sure I can I had your pants are under way and the battle are good yeah. They load the he had no class a and shouldn't go eat. It is that you walk around like a fool why would you do that you know. And pop up. REM we'll learn you know they don't tell you to walk around you you're definitely in the back what we got an all time you're talking to muscle time with a murdering her nose to. Defense and its other religions you were party isn't a good time to take a stance on. You like say Merry Christmas instead they're happy holidays I probably screw that up every day. I would say Merry Christmas or did you do your ideas we're not politically direct yet or not sorry some type. Hello guys I apologize in advance if I see you think America's just don't be offended don't be offended happy holiday line up our kids. Number five don't dazzle massively with a coworker. List your boss knows and again they're. A little while you go wow that's obvious while your miles knows that it together we got but he won't tell your husband and their life either so your. Stays in the workplace so why a lot of people biggest holiday parties generally party but it's a great place to finally make a move on someone it's not some people. They guys finally I got some liquor my sister and she's flirting with me and Kate she's finally talking to me it's me I heard this is the time. I write I'm not only a foot keel now and it's especially if you're right there trick. Why I'll throw right yeah. I quickly I don't be the last one to leave especially if you agree to even if you're not the drug is you'll look like the bigger party gave you last left. We have those people pro they all night and then I true it's not feel like they're actually work for TS 1005. We have those people more so that is good if you were sold birth. Roger to sober person and everyone else is fading it's just so you could this keep a diary in key notes and you always have something in your back pocket for later times in the future so they ever won a fraud on new yes you have. Absolutely doing crazy stuff he's got blackmail are a lot of Maher employ he has still got good. They'll a hard blow by you guys your own fault then those. Ills will come out soon I promise you okay. And it's also coincides with the last one. I've never go to a third venue because you know if you're sober and people are hitting the bar afterwards go forward when the second bars risky by that point your gasoline drunk. And you don't need. You might not be a you know. The official party anymore here on your own your own narrow gap is like and that's where John is recording your entourage did all the good stuff free. I'll tell you all my back pocket for a rainy day so it's all of our employees you're lucky we weren't there last night and I don't drink giant sliced a record. And a lot of people. It's all rumors and all speculative it's all legends so you should they just not all of it part of that. We got the facts are right. Oh my god that's IU down through Christmas party as we get Christmas. I if you ever in any of the pricing causes images you're far not one of them found where the experts on everything OK that's your business. Go to the next Jones we're play Christmas or not wholehearted Shaughnessy if you know what's up with Christmas as far as up. Topics for Christmas OK okay I was on I was 1075. I am ready wrote yeah Amazon like they're already doing right there with that religion Christmas or not so it's a two game show. Good show music broke cook and I think it was indeed assuming that I would be good luck. Listeners can play online right. And you can fix if you if you think the answers are wrong six mayoral three yet. Gaines called Christmas turn off. And we're doing Christmas movies Christmas are not so I'm getting give you a Christmas movie. Can you tell me if it's Christmas or not. Are amazing okay migrate the scope diehard would Christmas or knock knock and actually it's Christmas really wrong yet. Home alone Christmas or not Christmas gasping meaning being a mom gremlins Christmas or not Smith not. We talked about non third Christmas thing I'm. Oh but it's not it's not a Christmas movie. Frozen. Christmas or not. Christmas. Note not Christmas. They just don't want the Gator you only got to ride so far broke apart due to ratify the agreement and one in the loan that is pretty yeah put up a little business. Frozen twos already out you can watch him for a couple minor. It's like forty minutes are is killing me yeah. I'll wait to get out there you go see Coco yet figured out is that the movie starts in seven big doesn't start until 715 ejected out. You can't do like to win the movie. That's what they're saying it about a little tactic we're not moving. My question number when you lieutenant on the nightmare before Christmas Christmas or not Christmas Christmas yeah. Is named Jack Edward scissor hands Christmas turn off knock knock Christmas good job. So far you've got four right. The national drama that went for animation was wrong when disaster in Jewish shaking your head you thought OK. Batman returns Christmas or not. What Mel Mann returns now not. Yeah F five action in these kids they're not anything you know if I'm you know give me mixed signals over night. Isn't necessary and got the look on the price is right like what. Yeah dollar and then it goes through with my guess is she's the reason you're five for nine yeah. I'm ready yeah last one eyes wide shut to. Christmas or not you know what that is on the same amount and then Nicole Kidman movies and elegant fashion no. Pretend. I don't know what Aston was doing as far as guys know it was an advantage going though it and then I'll let up. I'm gonna go Jessica she's kind of Smart okay so you're gonna miss my enemy you know she's got good Collins go right now. They are better stuff I've been a listener so Preston is if you're five for Tim masters by three for ten. But I did you keep track you're out there for Trent Richardson and the silicon deepen us. Right well he he's getting degrees. Hi Tony season Jones I guess on some five city back later in the week. Holidays right around the corner and obviously Jones warned you about it with cuffed and season beginning early in the fall right now that it's colder. Got tough up got to get one of the main reasons you can't focus for Christmas is going to get did you wanna get that good give a man you know I'm glad I never know and then you make of all holidays and ask you to get Jack after after the holidays break up after the holidays if he's that car. I don't know media content I get a gold saying some cakes you know the new jordans and new joint into the new York and new iPhone right. So when you're in a relationship with the new dilate he's okay. The gift he gives you during the holiday season can give you some insight on how we feels about you when you are a lot of the so they'd been in relationships. So this. Right here when we tell you is going to determine where you're with your relationship so pleased. That's the take your pen out and write this down right down. Very important I don't know if you've seen anybody right now by York. Well lets you know if your boyfriend gives you a gift card with a low denomination. I mean he considers you that that's about it. It's though wouldn't you like it because you toy dog cart yeah. But there was like that Leggett 200 dollar gift cards I think 200 pretty good yeah yeah -- get anything I think anything over a hundred good. Right guys yeah I think that it's good a hundred bucks our bucks so clearly winning doesn't advice on this so yeah OK yeah hey it unless she's broken. Then it's more meaningful. If you're in the relationship for many and maybe. Right and a number of everybody don't know lashing she helps us with the with the show case you know and like old fashioned graft actions Obama's out and she's she's good she's actually give us some good talking to women yeah we don't know women honored percent of women married other merit from downtown I think I know my wife but. It changes daily you never know you never yeah it is if let's I don't know number two. A gift card with a high denomination means he wants you feel spoiled for whatever reason to gain favor with do you. He's still noticed to impress you trust the fate Roy wants to impress you how he wants you to Faber has made it. Not personal. Gain. It's not not to give this is you're the one for me. Or you're the person I love unless your difficult to shop for the gift cards latest can be really don't know me that way you give me your heart I just do what you want right. It's easier I have this easy game what was cool we would you want him to our better. Nor can gift card and she got what she wants her to US CE dad I maybe we're not sensitive I don't know. Number three something sexy like toys are closing. Jake this means he utterly wants every interviewed sees you as his present. And wants to indulge in you so like they put assassinations or something like that. Yeah laughter. Nothing OK coach you know grow women I had always. I understand Barack I would have been burned her girl and how much he's put these aren't bad they did I tell you made you love the Tories secret. But will they feel offended if you do you know thirty mile and again every lady wants from neutral and hasn't given at this hour of the day I'll let you announced. We don't know what is stupid. OK then that he did love you like Debra did listen on the list is great he may be serious about you or not but in any case. He's entranced by her sexuality. So he's trying to get some pressure on her foreign experienced like a weekend getaway are spot day this man really cares about you deeply. Spotted yourself as an extremely thoughtful gift. Same as the manicure pedicure we can't get well that I want time you win here winning Duval tiger winning Obama Girl facial outcome of your own good freedom I want more review I wanna make you happy gives an experience around Britain the the religious sect come from someone thinks highly of you. As someone who cares that's sort of spot this for the spot they saw or we can get away that's why they're weak OK so. A number five. Something homemade this is Swedish if you can get. From someone who addresses. That they want US and look more then. A fool with the more than a full round for owners' side piece so they make they make some good morning. Quite like ours and I didn't I don't know what that. And teach. So someone like some let me cookie dozens I'm making some goodies that a good gift let me see Romano something domains. Let this thing what follow dinner. Yes I hope he's a good good guess cookies or get a good dinner females yeah. There it is going to be if you may if you make it could keep what. I got one of them that. There's no man and a pocket and put in the amount. You know made scraps but you don't loosen up a Duckett in the oven. Yeah you have not had a pretty deep the other you know who may appear loser guy he's a milk. Warmer out. Morrow can cookies random yes he's a horrible gift giver it he left until the last minute and he doesn't know. No you didn't even care about not enough thought I still I mean I must be everybody that I sit close shop like Christmas Eve. Who knows me sometimes random Gary Medicare for you know you're there for. Trust me I got you something right that's all that matters hey you got somebody kitrey thousands here and as the guest fees Joseph would present. Yeah nobody ever present at some dame is better then nothing. Of course the nothing and also on the list. I can make you dinner case closed. Faith. They would do we know we'll go left the restaurant. We will. Let Tony be celebrates Christmas that I know. Chinese restaurant. Every year though would you like the Christmas story yeah that's also been doing for seven years straight no go to Chinese restaurant and now we don't have the duck but we have. If I'm Joni is a great thing you should try it. Unless one jewelry the guy wants impression and I mean he's invested. Somewhat in TU NE definitely wants are all eyes. Bob fly your toy for K for my jewelry I am I want you to look at out. I also depends on where you're out in your relationship okay because jewelry is no we're gonna next level of David makes you custom. Jewelry jewelry with your name on your name on fourteen care what that means that means it's real it's a real issue about the ring. The rings it's really Rihanna but some people are ready for the ring that's ready to the necklace the kitchen carrying certain that I am. And it opened the box you'd think. And asked me and we'll need your necklace. Merry Christmas I still love you but I'm not ready. I don't you really need the rest easy case it was a fight back up fellas I gave me the keys. Charles and I gave me the keys Ashton didn't agree with the lot of them yeah so what you know don't don't don't take our word for it yeah we don't have women figured out we're not we're not saying we have noticed that's what is trying to get rid of the fact is is pretty pretty progression to progression. I enough of that for you in trouble spots that before in my mouth. I don't let the three instruments it's done thousands a year girl or boy out. Tony say it sounds like you're some some five citizen back later this week breaking news right now police respond to an explosion at a Manhattan bus terminal. Our details are just coming in. Allowed posters start Pacific isthmus and buy dot com you can actually go to our FaceBook page. Right now our FaceBook dot com my kids' homes and five slash FaceBook dot com so we'll let you know as details come in. On that note we're talking about being bullied boy. Who cries over abuse its school so decide Tennessee middle schooler has put a face on bullying and it's resonating far and rising as king Jones. Any was sobbing and his mom who's shooting this video on a cell phone he was describing how his classmates and abuse them by pouring milk on him and a lot of other things. Real brave real brave for him to do that and the score to go on camera right after you know that instant. If you have heard I heard Arsenio it's going viral right now has Lou a portion of the check out here. Why do you say boy wonder why should play on them when one is I'm. They both. And I know I domain name. What I say taking. I'm not know each day common handling. I have no friends. But nobody admitted there. And yeah I'm gonna you. Okay this issue. Where there are kids okay. No I okay. Okay good. Saying yeah. Okay nickname big. On day. Well on the. I do my name but you. No. At this heartbreaking especially if you get to see the video which. This refiner canceled so far as FaceBook page if it does schools our heart you know string in your heart is very emotionally them with the audio. Is that this touching right everybody when you put all together and see. That's why it's going why are right now and this is discussion that we need to talk about right. And it's it you know it's been going on in let's let's let's call it what it is let's not sugar coat this this has been going on we talked about it a few months back. Ends its continuing to happen in just a couple weeks ago here on our own backyard a shot he gave this was a fifth grader at sunrise elementary. And sheer passion for basketball wanted to grow up and B and WNBA star. And then their parents and something James and her life had little girl. Turned into this girl who got tour first fist fight ever it was recorded. And that she and they're taking your own life after suspected bullying an area. How did do with a little bit with social media bowling. To write a post and turn things around and on so musically. I'm social apps and stuff like that so. Sometimes it's not may not be of physical. Rulings such as the then move gentlemen Dow was down Mayo got thrown on them and stuff like that from lunch they could be strictly. From social media so there's many times a bullet right now and this poor little girl she actually. Took her life. Jack hey I mean this is what's happening people lurking off that and afraid underlying message I look at kids my little dude. And you know I got freaked out because he was crying this past week didn't wanna go to school. And you think. He's he's really attached to was not known doesn't wanna go because he. Sometimes think why are you afraid eagle school something's happening at school right and then there's the problem it's got to stop. It's got to stop because of this is affecting kids annually. Oh Jesus are your your we're raising our kids and they're not tough enough while I don't know if you are being ganged up on or ever been made fun of by group of people when they continue to do the tee on a daily basis. And just because they don't like you or because you're different or because you may have a disability rights I mean it it's getting old already and it all starts. Right in your home yeah us those thoughts with us as the parents. To teach these kind of tactics not a thing that go out and then they they'd they'd try to keep your kid try to emulate you so they CN home. They're gonna take it to school. So you have to start. Right at the home base. They start teaching our kids to do better it's not cool and I think more kids at school need to stand up for that. Did you say you know that's not funny that's not cool. Absolutely I just knew I mean I was the one high school. When people would make. Fun of kids with disabilities always the first to punk kids you know canals. Kinda the cool kid right I was the first to pump them kids bat right I don't you don't want your book with that market with that kid I'll always be friendly and those. The you know the kid kids with disabilities and also befriended kids they got picked on because. I mean I'm Muslims and I felt like I got it done I didn't care you know what I mean and I didn't. I want to identify anybody but I was friends with those with those individuals who were going through that stuff because for me was like oh. Understand how you feel you deserved that you need a friend right now. And you never know when you do that you can save somebody's life but right now we have a big issue so. Here's the thing you might be going through it you might know someone is going through it to your kid might be the bullying and don't know how to handle it. Give us a call right now seven to zero for now one awesome fight continues to be a growing problem. In the schools. I'm social media and even as adults adults get bullies are right. Tell us about it. And give us a solution what you think we should do paint and Jones on kids 1005 ruling continues to be growing problem are you dealing with this issue tell us about it what are your solutions. And let's take a national story out and let's go local. Rush on today's fifth grader to couple weeks ago took her own life. After suspected bullying it's it's a big deal ten years old 72049175. Hi what's your name. Manic and they're using your last here current oil. They were gonna get a look at downtown then click the dictionary oh I worm. Back to school or am I thought I was coming home he would fit in Britain and his behavior or effect change. Because we're we're losing blacking out its principal in the future. And my son I have been very well let me pick it up did you know you hear that 60 he couldn't bear in kindergarten. Through the third grade. And last year I don't who had a week commit suicide and her mother come. Look like sixteen years before then poke a little unique is is different than there. I went public school poker tour book it appears that the child. I'm that I got my clinic and school bully factor here while I say yeah I went old folks who have principles I spoke to. You know at the board of directors. And Annika there I'm fairly sure. I never taking my and I at this point because they're like no other option but kept hitting that well I kept getting pulled back frequently. So I had to cut you Russell out. Do you think this solution is that was just a part of the solution is to have the schools a little bit more accountable for dispatch actions were not you know correcting the problem. When people were definitely or no wind effect pickup here because I don't know but not old old life. Why they're you know. We're luckily enough they'll be OK but at what point you activate you know they're calling it protected within them because there's no. I'm okay and hit the cooling parents that don't do anything or support themselves don't relent in. But I mean you know he can check out we all know somehow they both know Pacman can make sure that you're kind of education and say if there. Thank you so much for the call we appreciate this are mature for your issues and you know prayers your family thank you so much. I'm just loosened up which are named Jordan we Jesse Jordan. So like the bully and being well like sorry get bullied all play computer school that you played well little cute stuff. I weigh my dad healthy outlook you don't embarking live the paper you know the future nobody would ever do anything about Iraq is now. And then uttered out of our. And and defend my. And that's that's the only way to good pretty darn word I'm so bad yourself. You know it's kind of crazy bro is the fact that you know people say that a lot of times we hear that you know my dad said the same thing in church on his parents told him the same thing but the the problem is is that you still get in trouble for fighting in you know you still get in trouble for violence in your part of the blame because you defended yourself and I mean although it may be disorder which short term solution to tell the bullies I'm not taking your crap. It's still a form of violence and that's what people are you know we're we're looking for a nonviolent solution I hear you broke people don't understand that it resorts to that. Could very loud and it will be no way from on our way through you know. You don't teach a particular opponent will be yet again he won't go particular let it get you know. Right here euros or does count the first tally nominee right beginnings are again doing the right thing hey thanks for the call road where copy it really quick my daughter's teacher. So I'm I'm going to take it defensive teacher because when you have thirty kids in your classroom. It's hard to men's Q I think all parents definitely more responsibility schools right now in this image right now. In the next when we come back for a third the next semester split each school should have a community town hall meeting right. And tackle this situation. Asap so yeah I know I understand that really our strategic math 3030 kids but. He's still have an administration that's ripe for a great vice principle agreed and all these people that should be 02 you know. Dictate that we're talking zero tolerance policy yes it's got to be zero tolerance 720 for now 1005. Bullying continues to be a growing problem. Are you dealing with this issue and we're sure you are. Please Alison tells. They say is Jones on TS chromosome five sets you back later in the week bullying continues to be a growing problem are you dealing with this issue. Tells about a seven to 0491075. And you would we take we're taking a national story. And now we're gonna localize it because a roar ten year old took her own life. After suspected willingness Chauncey Davis was a fifth grader sunrise elementary school in Aurora. Had a passion for basketball I want to grow up and she was having some issues and now she's gone her future's gone right 7204 and I want some fun I what you name. But he SA Europe. I don't think I'm thinking I everything in my a book should be out of well a lot of positive that the Republican could be here and alienate. What a war. He would be good way to make it ended up being like you want sexual harassment being that they had boilerplate and pick up the clothing into the I. Yeah yeah. Even I think a pretty good conservative people of it and let it go like they win it you know they think it might be anything like that they didn't really go look at school. I don't know and that's what I said after the last call it looks like I'm defending the school system in the sense that it's hard to manage thirty kids into your classroom but the administration. Needs to be more pro act. Active in these types of situation because you know we're taking on an individual races so not everybody's getting. What they're supposed to add the zero tolerance policy. Yeah I think people will clearly and Paramount are only allowed to do on the iPad I'd like I mean could look. When I wouldn't know what I found there were only able with them and they hit them up and I have been able to do. And I'll look at and say you know deeper in terms live comfortably and Lynn. We could out you could tell our kids dual gas diet the extremely good thumb out of school and then. That's a tough lesson that they need to really learn thank you so much for the call girl oh no not only that you can expel kids but. There's got to be need for consequences when kids are killing themselves. I can't 1005 which are name. I'm Gabriel. And then you can go I don't there he is golf balls in middle school did you know what I did is UniCredit come up to it. Bennett as well much more on their army is limited you know unpleasant clerk. Then after not that it's global lose client that I respect after the. That is definitely old school you know tactic but we're definitely looking forward you know numb minded solutions now in these days and I know honor and understand when you come from the old school was like you get picked on you know make you better go back don't write. There Pedro doesn't do that makes you look like about it then you get it done more. We've addressed that as well I may have but are there any other solutions I definitely. You're talking about community town hall meetings in the principals and teachers who are involved obviously you know Jo said this from the beginning if there's a huge parent parental it's our responsibility. When it comes to. Teaching your kids that it's not right to be bullied. There's no right tibia bone the other defense up. Thank you miss free should I isn't a sandwich and my came in better singer and my son and daughter go to the cougars school district. In Fort Collins. And husband did it then about backing they keep in mind state now. And they've gotten. Work. And he's gotten older. This year they actually are going after sexual orientation and he's got some disabilities learning disabilities can. His. Hit that it. That he injured. I. I'm not saying okay. And that crowd. The kid or what he's doing and trying to get teacher and their solution to that problem what you put my son. In the corner of the classroom I waited I hope. To make it fit so he likes he's the distraction and the others aren't so well and you know you know I think the problem is becoming too is some of these kids. Especially in the middle and high school parts of school are becoming. As far as the boys are concerned that teachers are afraid these kids are afraid. It did discipline these kids because now they're being attacked as well and I think this is becoming a bigger problem where now. The law needs to get involved may be some arrests need to be made and being you know the exploitation of what's really happening and then behind closed doors. Need to be put out there so people as a group as all of this. In the city need to say. No this is wrong you if you can't do this there are huge consequences on the way if you do yeah. That's frustrating subject for a lot of people out there because they don't know what people don't know how I. I'm of the situation because like we said trying to defend himself but then you get in trouble for defending yourself so it's I thought tuition gets harder and we're sorry that your gone through it you know that's why we're having this discussion hopefully we can come up. With some solutions as a community and you don't. Lead to a better future for all of us who thank you for the call. Thank you don't know we can talk about this for hours or yeah it. It is this subject and you know obviously it's not gonna go away in death many easy paid attention to young young kids are dying and they don't need to be dying. Yeah we don't need this happened at the same time. I'm not knocking anybody for trying to come up with their own solution even defending yourself because you're. Here's the thing we're it's kinda like you're stuck in a catch 22 yeah if you doing gang if you don't. And wouldn't you know we don't even know what type of household. These kids are coming from I did like a solution as film or on FaceBook a Rosa message says find them find the parents. I can't find a pair. Look at ticket right. Well to begin in the pockets that's gonna check that make you do something different right for sure how raster data showed on kiss gruesome Fontana have been less than ten minutes gonna go head simply chunk yeah. I'm not afraid. Are you smarter than DJ show. Hard we're gonna Christmas tree version as well okay so our way to a 7204 and I wanna some bucks qualify. Everything you think you're sort of surviving Christmas party. Yeah. It's. If you recall frontrunner now meanwhile liberals did. Amber's right now we're lacking is losing by reason why only goes so. It's. Really good of we Jones yeah I know is classic Christmas. Tickets online also qualify you went twenty finalists in the whole Lotta lottery yeah. Some are questions that need as a camps are not Jones got a bounce in the studio alarm out TJ going to attempt to keep track prior real heated question number one. Christmas tree tribute edition OK and we have the record for the most Christmas trees chopped down into minutes is 27. A follow up question number dude sure Fossett takes an average of two years to grow Christmas tree that's 67 Fiat are. Are true question number three sure false. According to the American Christmas tree association. State Christmas trees are now over four times popular than the real Christmas trees through. I your sources the questions are Democrats who owns a lot of game I love her. Mud DJ it's Monday morning I'm really good. Arizona's undefeated row you never lost our. I already shows Christmas tree trivia this in question number one sure -- the record for the most trees chopped down in two minutes is 27. False and actually it's true American woman set the record on a German TV show in 2008. You're pretty big deal I mean chick. Last Friday. Gradually reduce your calls it takes an average of two years she grew Christmas tree that's 6070 giant false correct yeah. Hanging take anywhere from Florida fifteen years but he averages seven years yeah I don't take forever to grow this week. Question number three sure falls according to the American Christmas tree association fake Christmas trees are now four times popular in the ruins true. That is true. OK. Yeah according to a yearly survey 76 and households won't put up a tree this year but only 19% of them will be real and. And the winner and as. Yeah. They stand Wyoming and the limit you download their man says the the brother we'll still make you win today I our men are created. I mean I think it's it's going down. Friday and possibly qualify you. 21 finalist in the Colorado lottery are grown older I've already know never know what station move through and all I'm Joni sick. Did Jones on kiss 1005 season be back either Wednesday or Thursday Joseph says there is I think Wednesday but if the plane lands at nine or ten she's not come and I think I think she'll be here about the she's come come into work OK I think she's gonna come the worker briefly because we I know have a meeting and today I'm OK so she we'll come get their money back on the hey come on Matt argued the money to make I didn't want I want to be a work but I can come to the meeting on the ethical it's been. Speaking of getting the money you get your money. And get to kiss on some five dot com did you kiss classic Christmas tickets all yeah. Bone thugs N harmony going to be in the bill and I. Everything means he's going to be there so my get your money's worth everyone's won't be there and just real busy is gonna be there because he does not travel very far he's are here depth becomes every weekend got created and sponsored. Really I parting with the mid so Morocco but. Is there was so road barefoot went back. How do you think that's the true story did als within Al Gore about his do play a critical back in the day that the has gone midwest cowboy so there you go and I we got to go home is that no busy so I went as a baby boomers should not busy because busy right several other big if you endeavor you look and see everyone had to be Bowen as a feature on their album out one time busy will drop reverse for a cheeseburger just FYI. Remind your strategy will make it happen hey do you know what I forgot to the address this morning was that the mile mile high toy drive us right. Page you know we raised Tom how much that we raise dude so Jones and I guess it goes to the united way. Yes and we saw the big giveaway to other kids the family so it was. 3900. Toys was amazing 311 families 11100 kids. I loop this into a number 11100 kids and we're just getting started it just gives us a jig is up our goal. Was it helps three to 400. I kiss yes and our goal is now more than twenty families and we did 300. There was families and 11100. Kids and that the process was gray because it was a big party for these kids guys and now we say we is not. Just us forward this is what is the face here by saying it's due to the community is the one that's bringing all these gays and all these toys for children to have a brighter Christmas so. We won't say we were really seeming new you guys out there dude did it set up to the home run Ashley I. I had to go pick up my shoes you know the win 96 Jordan elevens. And take out all four pairs that I got something notorious comment but this girl Ashley said oh my god oh my god I forgot to give you the toys. So she gave me huge box of toys. Yes and I mentioned those later today and drop those off that way because they're signatures and staggering families. And so many shots in my in my little do they actually Bob you forgot to take these. To that thing. They're about two boxes and out of their own pocket spend some money while they say I don't than say they're their allowance may be ready for tour that's at all they got allowances and they use that money to give and I think we teach kids that it's it's an amazing thing in. Jenna took a business owner at the mall. Right. David did you look for my Jewelers. Tighter cap boxing from tighter cap must know this and old boxing gloves they were hot item Don quickly they're gone for when I went dead there was only one left any left big brown about two boxes. A brand new boxing gloves I think it was forty pairs and one knew what I was boxing gloves headgear everything the rapist there was a box you have. Package that was a starter kit so Vieira who you know trying to get into boxing he he set it up for your game hey we've got clout but a better. Cross also such a junior from notorious they donated bags everybody who donated. So it was really a community event and they sent to everybody on an individual basis Jessica Landon and her mom appreciate you guys. I there's only supply and demand a mile high united way Ollie of course for toning down because you know we can do that without you they were the foundation and the roots to make it happen to the community so. I would look forward to the end make it bigger and better so. But that being said we can't wait for a next Christmas we Callaway I generally to the fifteenth they're on vacation. And beyond UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. You can live weekdays six to may or on demand anytime you can KS 1075. Zach Kahn.