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Friday, September 14th


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Okay. No I Kathy Nguyen now. Day is done. Home. October Chris Simon and today is national beer drinking day yeah. There's some new moon that's just how Wednesday pretty much grade I man. Yeah I've been a lot of coaches publicist John yeah Ariel who owns a dog beer and a funeral. I have a neighbor as it is from Germany yes TV when they're still unable to the other side exists out there nick solely as a dead German accident down this very much so yeah. You know their right is gonna own man he's going to moustache man and he always like I try to stop this isn't how. I want to play an old yeah. I'm seeing a guy of Indian national standards and yes. I think I you are getting your German actually did do not. Not usually are bad now ending though I don't know houses they would react to him I owe them a do these days even nice man. He talks just like that's good. I'll give Osama accents or just that's how they don't think yeah I regularly given the boxer asking again she's got a big German and. I bet com I went to Germany and I loved it it was an awesome and I went during October for allegedly. Kinda nice down he had. So mama at today whether it's October fest not it is national beer drinking day your favorite beer once again Larry is. Rather it's a good German beer it's called karma. Kim Mexican German. I don't really like the big thick bloggers all those. One of those Beers is awesome when you're gonna end December yeah he's got like more alcohol. Limit the stick spears yeah array can total one beer can tell you live. This kid did you think theories ever since I don't know some bet. Channel radio station in Boston. Red. I drink a bunch a logger on because of the Rockies into the Red Sox yes and I'm there now has there ever any doubt we're veering came immediately. It comes after the fifth none of I'm just saying now that one below you chug down time and they maybe you churn real went back here. Do single image can Alex moment yeah did you come Halloween candy termites make a quick. Well we'll let. I'm just asking do you have that I'm. Refinery holes I don't think that the national beer drinking day job yeah I have some Muslim is a Denver is a great place to be we have a lot of different grabbed. Lose tons jazz right here in my president I caddies as did the news coming up floors in less than twenty minutes on this and. Big pay as well. 175 morning show. The minister gets busted for burglarizing another jerks. Oh million. It's a minister Illinois 39 year old David. He is the minister as their new home communities your game. About 1 AM on Monday. He drove the church to me and to another jury in Canton emerged during the first church and then the misery and pain and he broke again. Caps were driving by anyone in the morning and they saw this innocent there. Or I'm good at handling a meeting mid this seminar things manually and or I'm the life of the slash cite legal order. Writer yeah Kobe's side teachers in and bragging I don't know things. Am sure and so they went into the marginalized to investigate what Vivian was doing in the middle of the bracket and I'm sure. And invade and David I'm trying to use and so is Dick cracking into the churches saying wow. I live in Los. I'm telling you a little excited Brittany returns or criminal damage to Crabtree and there's a very very deal and leave church that was robbed now. Pastors like I told you this. I was at a decent. And there's very well lord's got sketching cars these bad Darren yeah he posted video of themselves dealing in advance. Kids. Is that. We'll already very good dude named Brian and Brian is a man and he's not very soon. I'm only kidding so Lindsey even at 2 o'clock in the morning and Saturday and good game needs. He lives on my story this OK Andre going and going because Al Majid the next morning but they didn't have a sense back to. And Sosa when her. So we've probably hates Brian Cooley did then Brian snap jab again it's Brian posted video of himself that getting image even stealing it and another video driving into. So they know it can and they just laid back monitored his jab jab I. And it is free and impose another video to show raising now as he's ever heard around there that night when he proceeds from an iron. Cubs went there and it was really easy to find and minarets delegates geotag downtown area. My feeling that. Amy dumb and Vietnam. And finally got grabbed the pizza delivery guy image soils in south. A good pizza would you mess out. Hillary easy that I assume I'm sitting here a guy named Brad whose thirty. And close again on a Domino's delivery guy in Florida last month's daring demanded on the gas. Well prince Kennedy Canadian because they always say are delivery drivers don't carry cash I no more than twenty dollars multi. Haven't you didn't think yeah I gave them all began she had her. Which is ten dollars a day and then Britain ran away yeah. He me is why didn't drive him home and when they got there the talks are outside the if it's so it was really easy even just sitting very dominant guy you report who plan. Silenced and down so he was big clump of friends because. Well not because he realized he says I took to get the Eddie is the bathroom really really really bad. Movie if they didn't go inside of course and when I got there I don't know some bread proved himself free care in retirement is the answer. All are all off. Genuinely. Kenny main is why do I do my. I was out Zoe he's clean himself but couldn't lose or even think he would examine the first like big drive me Montel gave bathroom right. Because eventually tracked him down later that day it's changing table. Penney's CNN Larry his big cat named roll of toilet paper in his wife's purse that prints money given every year. That keeps the grounds Weston. I'm here. Oh my gosh we have well. Police there is linked. I'm more on the story is that Honda jazz he's faced renewed our busy days basic background. Last Larry gentlemen Debbie this is okay as well as everybody wanted to. And at 7:5 morning show again. Yeah. They indicate has plus every morning show. That's why sentence. Now things things. I think it's all eyes. We really don't really know. I doubt many flies maybe it's one of his list where it's like that didn't really apply and OK we'll find now it's let's go for the ugly. They just be honest yes OK the gross things and every woman has secretly done and everyone. I hate everyone except our mothers being absolutely. Jim justice that doctor mascara until you're surrounded by little black cresting remnants. You I mean that's weird every time. Aggies at the end of the day your eyes feel heavy from the mass scaring you can't really get to wash it off with like it's so instead you just find yourself. We kinda like Noah just like grabbing flashes and peeling the Arab massed near our hotel bottles black flex in everywhere I know that's unseemly. I'm horrified. At the thought of you stand your county or the car there. I don't know you know I guess my hand goes on main. Okay answer I don't know. Goes away yeah I like I've seen yet in some of the Atlanta and you cheeks were like. You know I give this a big CNN then changed. If a big chunk of it fell on your off white couch now and then all of a sudden spilled something there's a big black stand that yeah there's not one I happened I know the order of. Ambrose his you know man scary is the one item has been the most that if emails and won't make gotten around. Yeah yeah so messed Gary's back clearly gross experience every woman is secretly does not use the beauty product that's been missing a live for years. And has all kinds of bits of fluff and temples our lives and whatnot in his chair yeah. Then that. Sure because like you make him seem becomes then a right we have lots of stuff in there are things that we by years ago he doesn't make up expired yes and it. Uranium has made into doing that. On the list soon using it it is estimated that has expired years ago how long is the last. You know make it I mean it's made of all this crap you technically he's. It barely run. Buddies die in front of the time I see. Atlanta wherever I definitely kitchen area and Jason I think undermine her killer Jim I say oh my god did you think adamant that there was enough. That's my ninety's maybe not a yeah. I turned out it's so sad like what is easy is on middleware that purple eye shadow. Oscar for prince's funeral OK and again you're bragging. Secretly gross things every you know woman has done marveled at the gunk on the core strip. OK I give them now. And he's okay thing. You're like what was how wide and ideas come. And I nose and it if you really look Denny if you are one of those mini computer cameras they can zoom in yeah I mean it looks like a Dr. Seuss plan. And yes the budget trees right as the avatar yeah. There's little blue people that live there he had been the giant and now you kill them ready to kick you out there for us. I asked no I think image it is viewers strips her. And do you learn I think is. I've seen in the stores. Where they sell you can do that think she other parts your face so we'll make sense like I now have yes sir he's made one giant when you burn your thinking man's rib told Dow. Another billion dollar idea depth makes. Didn't pull the eyebrows off. Am I getting mud mask which was a ClaimID and I. Not that great clay sigma is like strength and depth is really matters on my mom and sister and brother Roscoe and everybody gets slumber time. I nice right sewers what's his face is what we've done nobody gives me my mom got an extended. I don't IC hijacking feel tunnels yet you are doing and yet in the business ladies gross things you've done. Wore the same old graying bra for over eight weeks without causing it and has been getting very very true it's also why yet. You eat yet he had been right there AR IRA that I used to DF does seem like rob and now it's like the color from bright strategy machine I bring them. Hey Larry yeah we've seen Vannatter got there and Manning and luck I did some inner like. Rob them of big Lacey pretty well I don't know for sure I'm the one that SpinRite work then you and abuse where I'm one of the toughest girls around all day. Can't eat it eat it I'll be honest. My husband sometimes I'll take it off oh million and he'll find in. Oh yeah did you know he's let's be honest like one of my cubs covers his home. Kissing every good show and I let everything on the bad. Look my bride. Cabrera. And how are you doing you live what I did see that the. Yes I'm very dad yeah yeah yeah these are so similar in the yeah. Well clearly your browser and do you. Let us then I mirrored ricin gnome nothing else to a bit there's there's more this not your wants Al. Learn them anymore. I'm really ashamed that you're peonies are bright grin on your device that. Now down. Here until I don't watch mind. When I was seven I. Corning's net. Indicate yes 1079. The best sound in this. Either hey you get paid on their. The victim of that neighborhood initiative tumbled Lithuania. About buzz of the days away from match. Into the next week yeah seal like we just got screwed aliens or if you get paid every two weeks and let's just say you are. You're at the end of those two weeks like you did pay Friday right here and Wednesday and point your life. Crap right primary victories and yesterday's slide that's truly hit them so fairy tale world virtually phobos okay cool how they gonna happen so we wants you we with. There's already a lot of jokes coming through at 6983. The typical I'm so broke that I can't pay attention that we came through. I'm so broke. I'm welcome mat just says. Well. But we want real life examples to tell us. Why you so broke right Erica hill we'll what did you have to eat so I cleared it. Or I can Airways were bills to your two bras trying here's one I'm so broke I just consider tapping on my husband. OK you are analysts he would illustrate that he's thinking you know Albion. The last example here and so broke eye exams branded quit paying me. Two dollars and 68 cents a to get my space account at a negative to avoid the extended overdrafts league best broke. Dallas existence estimation not pay 3545 dollars an overdraft debt that's Brooke knows best friend yeah after L big thanks to three dollars I mean give me three how. France and I'm teasing you check right there. I'm so broke back to crash my car so did insurance money to catch up on my car payment. I don't like god. God it was his his somebody else you know I mean you're right having the insurance have to pay them married getting you to re wearing your wall or something. And where do you stand with. In your area a broken his son and I'm so drunk. Not bad not daddy I'm so broke him really need to and she's I've had in the past three years were the ones leery of the very botany. I'd like chick stuff rumor you get out I mean spring game. You re great you know nothing knows no agenda there great sort of pure hello we forgot we lit candles for the room. We know we have it was time for the X ray yet and go yeah OK the Arafat and very download broke the Palin's own next week if that's hard right it's not until like to use clear and Brian Hearst is when they started first never sees any suggestions and I can't wait in line. Yeah. Like clueless so this is there again. There's really only get part time job and art museum right. I is another one that is a classic and it looks really I'm so broke. That when I looked at the run and Fries at the grocery store I had insect might want to make sure I had enough. A lot of the great drama around it. We're already broke you broke 7204891075. Real live examples to tell us though why you so broke. FaceBook dot com slash Larry Campbell and Cathy or on Twitter at AS AM so the guys up there. Big KM one. A 7:5 morning show and indicate has plus seven. And morning show. My mom why are made for grandma on Mother's Day it's mom. Neither one has a clue. The Amazon cheap basket or. They know they just not seen anything good. That's bad yet you know your broke lose sight. I'm out toilet paper I amusing when these napkins yeah. I was bad point lend money maybe you'd take like day jellies friends you know the team confidence faster. And spending eat better. Handles the appeal to voters that tradition may you dread that he can't. And I told the story to some of the many up and comers here at the station right Levys have been like. They like looked at me and all that's almost like do you understand now when I was first started in radio and I was working in there your promotions and doing overnight and everything. We had his big promotion and used to go out on the streets it was Friday night live we used to giveaways food drink sold back then North Carolina there Reynolds boulder angles that you lived in North Carolina big dead chicken sandwich I -- you tell this story yes no so what I would do on Friday night's. It is when it was done and all the Sam just weren't gone. I would literally take a live chicken sandwich is home where. Scrape off the mayonnaise and the chicken sandwich then the bread and put the chicken breast in the freezer. So I had that was my protein I eat so I had like five or six chicken restaurant more than we've that was my second ballot does that promotion. He gives him some law that's good every every Friday or early summer how dare you take the mayonnaise off. In any doubt. As I breathe and I think not 70 point 91005 why is this. I'm so broad base hit but hey mom repeated it out and upbeat and non. Resist the crowd it's. Chris Brown the dollar dollar royalty yes that's right. I'm association. Or working all. Even when we went Dugard. Could predict yeah that they need they don't like the baby eagerly even better moon while. Now get a job crises like seeing price is right behind you it. Not a government have the boot ban there. Thank you divvy it data is it. X 777. B a month I think. When the passion and watching EST yeah. Many. Mark up filming out group where anarchy through. Thought man I take care thank you do by. Loosen my hi who's this. The brutality bill I'm hopeful that when I get up and light rail. It would of the guards get out and I again on and I have to get up so I've been stated it was good. Your house clean he had. We've been an extremely. You're out on the neck problem when that the dark complexion color. That's right he's laying on the top yeah. But he had a breeze daycare are you do by 1500 this. I'd put BS I don't cover up that we are getting ready it's making America great and that evening and vomiting and I'm wearing them out previewing our audio I think our house and the fight for more than doubled on both of Batman though we are indicative of that point and borrowing from our Southern Europe but. Oh yeah that's crazy. Yeah not fun at all recommending a product that one yeah Giuliani you can yeah it is early Sunday if you didn't count on you'll do the ten commandments. I mean it went way over what again beaten so yeah how much do you think you seven you don't have in the that you made. A record number 300 dollars cool oh yeah. Well Bob hey I'm sick I'm dollars but fight. That's yeah okay. I think equipment to pick out different I think to call this morning big target blank did you bite my eyes. The only kid learns a lesson like you help John yes sir that I see thank you anyway. No mommy daddy gets double put the money back in there you're saying you know here you hope you don't so yeah SEX 969803. I'm so broke that way and no we run on a dog food my dogs and I started fighting over the cereals. IPhone clone. A lot that's that's when you ran at a dog food there's horror and I'm sure you I don't have any food that dean. My living anybody's wrap Goran it is not only dream like you're having total treats for dinner yes we're right here. Imagine I can move mountains and as I've crimson amount to make good to see if it looked like using them again right yeah. And I and then there's this week six and I mean they don't great I'm so broke. I found twenty dollars on the ground and it seems my weekend plans. I'm good thank you season. Even years now wondering Obama hey there is laid out. When I was seven I lining shadow. I think snow I'm so I Daryn back down. I only had 8 PMI's warning. And they never. Hello yes 704891075. Losers have been. Burn back. Let me I'd do I got out of my model are blue. Those bad good loses the gasoline acts like mouthwash you. Those germs inside now that's awful now I had she's seen you do it I doubt about it now yeah it's harmless I don't know I. I drove it right at this match if I can make prior. Outlook. And then you have to put to back in the garage or what do you write your your car and then it stinks all day yes the batsmen not. I don't fight back there. I'm thanks beef. The guy. That's he's excited 69803. I'm so broken need to go to the strip club to pick penny a few dancers. Off all. Given a clear and I'm looking here. Get busted you'll. Yeah the bounce is there will be big crowd gathered here are resolved and I don't think this semis when you see it like raining and somebody it's like there's so much money they just leaned down real man. You extra move or we could you ask your. Major Bay Area. I'm so broke I have to use dish soap and shampoo. There is a while you're here has no Greece and I am I jealous we get yeah hagee if you think how. I'm so broke had to do stay with my boyfriend I was gonna break up whereas I realize I had money. And together for three years now bringing it up that they say I have never seen them it's not kittens. Thoughts and prayers that this person and I. They're synthesizers and a great driving to California for my cousins graduation tomorrow. Which fifteen months in my counts don't get paid until Friday morning going to be sweating around midnight we know dare say it. Who is those drives of the spilled the highest point in the mountains. And then because right soon race there Friday yeah yeah what you gotta go back up there you go until you. Joining California my god this guy now you may do you do you tire is wearing white dress shirt tie up. Ride a bicycle MA is gonna help you wreck my act here's another one that I have so much student loan debt. I'm applying for Ph.D. programs exist so that you get the firmness. Yeah I know be done again that Andre Agassi in the career studio and variety trading having get a job and. I'm gonzo no early porn neurosurgery is ready for any bait yeah. This one big problem in the dark. I'm so broke that I have to charge my meat as bananas that the self service cashier's station had a groceries. So they Digg it tag you're going to lose the banana tag underneath and they won't yeah and they'd be doing like bandits and that's bad that's a good. Win so they must you restroom all right it's. Yeah I alerts and MRI tomorrow the main reusing. I mean clearly feminine products. Oh sent out a year ago. I'm so broke and I have to go to war this morning even though I ran out of tampons. And he says bringing toilet paper mind you I stand all day. Wearing jeans. Here are two G didn't Centre left. Train harder and struggled Israel with Sara Rea I hope you're wearing like MB Eagle Lake hoop skirt to break the minimum wage straight male. A lot of this goes have been there. Do you sometimes he'll be somewhere in the married then you don't notice anything now umbrella and you have a whole data goes down on lower like on January this involve Lou -- ago I didn't shy. Go well and then didn't know solved by any means for you. Anyways they trust you and me. Council's closed your house yeah Jumbo it really. There are so pure innocent. A 2000 dollar everybody that's what you're running windows. It's running and the fifth if they're. I don't see where you've been shot no that's not good team. A lady revealed that. I think about it I. 175 morning show you. Seven I warnings.