Morning After 3-17-17

Friday, March 17th


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And hand it. I'm quitting sound good yeah. It's probably didn't hey. They were three people struggling to get to the end of the week as an MD didn't. And yeah. Played he had different alarm. And different you're we have. Yeah yeah. Did you opt. Because he's not alone. Come Darwinian rotation or. I'm so what is our plan during a a piece or today it can't be tonight okay but we're aid drinkers we work from a different time analytical absent. OK if you think he can last I can't exactly. If that's so like for us so but it's okay because people will be celebrating all day. Yes that's a gain is like people Larry lining up with that there's places downtown where yeah. So Obama I think we should. If the question that we know or were gone when do we wanna go OK so we you know you said let's go to 12:30 PM well I'll have that kind of early but I know things will be very popular because it's. You know Saint Patrick's Day right broad authorities and so and it there and Ayers. Their own these chlorine in the higher praise for sure but I think today will be just like you know their fourth of July or we're gonna rate which is wag like to go out and saint patty's day rep for sure so look everybody's in good evening drinking with her to go as early as rumba like let's go that too. And we got it to you and mineral pride beads three. Logo till like five. Easy I would say let's meet at five also Dorman like that bright in the immediate five and then lead. You know Bianca intimately eight. It's an embarrassing India. Are deliberately everywhere and rent I can't react tackling is right fresher at the people that listen now know the struggle betray their out there at this rate it's all the A holes that wake up at seven the I don't know what goes through right not a huge difference when you wake up three verses and it. 03 verses five people still don't understand it like I'll try to explain to people. Because like what I have like Evan mean your. Lenny over whatever like. I can definitely Surma had such Bob and yeah like at 9 AM July and I tried to reiterate the next day you know I get a good three and. And so the people don't know until they do it right you know I mean like they needed schedule right now artist ray nannies giving you we're looking as you said his mean my aunts and they wouldn't understand you Bobby. Yeah our girl I'm just seem like normal people like kind of like. I'm sure they cheered Yunnan is certainly and well Lenny you step until like were howling like TE and see that drugs at the so far can't make it past Ryan I'm weird it it it it so yeah I don't know what I was getting the look for into it if I and anyway so from a case so. Five seems so late I know so okay. OK as a line whatever of the okay there's nothing. I have to do my life's dream. That's it for joining right so you're right we shoot it right you rather be drunk. And in that that they can find my street nope not gonna ever know because I'm interviewing is a guy and if I have to still get through interviews a cable would evolve his return we can he gets you mean. While that's tempting area and with his name who is seen army is just like an Internet stars got like I had 300000 dollars on this program. Yes that beef and. You do like how many you have arousal wrong. Nineteen thousands sentence a little I was so excited about remember refresh this guy beat 300 exactly but he's gonna carry it live on his. It's program that's cool then hopefully get a couple like that way. But we've gone on too long so again are we going up and do OK yes it would just be drowned feared black screen of Ford trying to stir. I got a dig out an academic and we can do after. We can wait until after my history is totally that we can you very much yelling at me like five port. That's Qaeda. Expect an. App at a this accident and it went against every day scientific Kathy today still didn't as I can't let him 75. Win now. I did a teenager was lacking your air arkansas' state part. About eight diamonds. Well yes so it's it's actually called and diamonds state park. Okay today's diamonds that can be found apparently in this state park Americans like robbed or yeah her so fourteen year old boy way. Addict I minute crater of diamond state park. Seventh largest diamonds found since it was established in 19727. Point port forward to hearing it. Luntz raw assay does he keep their yes OK that girl doesn't provide an estimate of the diamonds value of the boy says he named his super means diamond because it is pretty cool looking NB. Now we're suing you for seven million dollars for using Superman the boy plays to keep his souvenir. We'll see how long that lasts what's the value. Do think they didn't say okay ray but again it's a dime a systemic here and I'm Breyer writes it and have some value owner of for sure I and if it's and it's like. Rock formal group gets us to be cut everything I know exactly as we cat okay cool dry for gap that you're gonna get a big time that's the kind of like time that. You know goes museum has some bright like give finance that there was diamond park here in Colorado I would have my kids there every weekend. If you've got exactly go out and wander a model if you're on the three hours dig all you want her way into into. I did I did is get arrested for biting your husband during sex was she of anybody knows it's gonna leave a mark exactly right perfect mark. Exactly she knew exactly had a bite to add to get the most pain I've. So this lady for eight years old Saturday was Jennifer's cedar has Boehner from Ohio that they were vacationing down in Key West. Ella she hasn't heard drinking by the bowl alliances Sunday afternoon Easter on the long reign in the mean they keep Beckett though the program. So they went out to the room to have some drunken sex in a few minutes later. Somebody who works at the hotel heard screaming. Like bad screen. So they cut their animation they were okay and hasn't picked up from Otis and that he was crying and a they made the executive disease that does not if he's got accounts. So it got there it turns out while they were there and get it on his member they were drunken driver crash and Jennifer started biting him in as he put it not a fun way. She latched onto his forearm Whitman ago while. That DARPA has issued Adriatic because she that he was just using her for sex. Uh oh okay it has got there she said speaking at that she went to Q and and she yelled the entire wage to at least greet the willow. In the ad is aboard the whipping me is it was CD yet and that is that might I add their very beautiful way. Right very street remic hadn't. And finally at that golf is think about is everybody a pet goldfish survived for twenty minutes out of water after it was mobbed by cash. One time it's yes twenty minutes everybody had any of buzz out loud as any thoughts relative to our gas. Elect goldfish named Nemo. There is after is survived for twenty minutes of the fish was snatched from a garden time. A bigger size called OK okay snatched from a garden pond dumped on the doorstep of nearby house are ready there's that and then of the plot out your day. The people of fat Tony now believed he was dad threw me into an issue backs took it to a nearby bad stuff up today. There they pull that the little paddles plant right it. That it smelled like there's stick it she can't think that. I was angry right mean hit any tartar sauce around and be delicious. They vet and the fish suffered damage to his fins and scales but it X ray. Jody and no broken bones and things that is. House so. Yeah I hate the thought we'd like to note that we had to dig X rays if you're not particularly 2.4 hours at work this procedure. That's an event realized how we got I think he's still alive. Put him in some water knowing certain injuries expected to make a full recovery picks have tripled the they gain brand image right and not having read the good to spare oxygen Breyer asked him. Keep giving the glass thrown to the trunk dead fish is never bad break you up doesn't mean now he swims upside down now there. There. Kathy I was just checking to see if Avery had any memory loss ever since taking me tennis ball to the domed. Act at at this GOK she's still learning in school of the. Leads that. Everybody we play tennis isn't whether it's been nice Emanuel wannabe English or it doesn't sit right in my husband. Well as a state champion for tennis didn't get that merely that body's totally okay that anger toads and ordered her out yet mr. vision has like super sexy thing bright re hearing in so and so he is I can't live a dissent that has improved greatly ideas and sectors of the street does like curls with the at least totally right you have good legs go back compartment and re exactly so he got Avery at tennis racquet. Since she has her on the and who little bag. Do these little balls early and how has bounds aka so then we went out it was just to get used to it a we didn't have time because she plays at the same level mommy please router doesn't refine their aim is good and then. We forget greed ego and it is time for mr. Fisher my husband to. He wanted to get some of his via state champions serves them right exactly who runs just hit it to you and that involves that go and really hard over you're absolutely you're trying to go as hard as Yasushi by the net. Over on the high. And only gotten involved in that includes a nobody's picking up the bonds right because prior to that we replaying and you go and finally pick up Bob Wright so I painted her but Giuliani in the stroller. And all the sudden I hear the serve. And then I hear it hit her head and and I hear it delayed reaction and scholar and a bloody massacre. Right under dome he went ray he got to read the damn well they I kid you always hear committed like me to blind can brownouts can't. He orange Ortiz oranges aren't that no other reason damn right that wasn't does that span is we don't know how she learned that. Why Janet. Celebrity trash and that is exactly that happened. Katy Perry might it might be to get that Condit sooner than that's cool yes and Patrick Stewart. And I wish I had done this before I interviewed him. He. Lives. Engaged that's next. Entertainment news rumors and ask them if celebrity trash. Some women K. I. Straight actress Marion and put some clarity and recently welcomed the doubters or why do we care and she was that was that was accused of being the break camp of in Enid Jolie and Brad. OK that was the actress yes the actors that she's akin to that not true and it was determined and then she announced the pregnancy. Right but I watched that'll mean yes and I'm like through this is definitely mean. Mr. and mrs. Smith kind of movie Andre and they'd definitely like we're kids and and have all kinds of sex. So are out there from Angelina Jolie MI even give him he's our you lose and I. I got to him right rate. I haven't crossed her mind it had to Britain she's not the mine and rash she does not and her baby Whitner has been who looks the baby looks just like Brad Pitt and hit it and it looks like Shiloh. That video is not with the bright blue eyes existed I got to have the analytics. A nanny Angelina Jolie little or shared around. Henry cab on Superman is joining Mission Impossible six. Okay that's cool Tom Cruise. Get his hands on another guy who wants a Butte co star wins re and then like yeah you know that was a thing right like. The speech as actors is that he wanted to be his wife nobody also chooses guys that are like set. I remember interview vampire is a well I guess I bet paid in options column is yet there was that yes well then why did he too is being reins to be in Michigan pots and you can see the good the outtakes of that where you color of his neck now in this Karuna that's crazy. Is that permanent that the secret chipping your BMI term. He gave Tom Cruise as an. I rally in the fall for it a bit like okay this tip in Google it pros ask your world. Jeremy Renner also be back for the in positives and vase those eggs in her Mecca Ferguson is bigger. Yes Saudi I live is going to do something they haven't done before. They're gonna aired live across the United States and Melissa McCarthy will return to hosted in May OK so it'll all be listening time yes it yes it until now viewers in the mountain and Pacific time zones as. We savage showed not as it aired live from New York banana tape delay right. NBC announced SNL brackets lies simultaneously across the US for its final four shows of the season. Which is making people wonder what do you all have in store. Pray they you don't wanna worry about it tape delayed not airing wow that's crazy so I'm really curious as to what they got. Well I think that the plus they have new stuff on lots of Nam. Kellyanne Conley know the other guy Spicer bright John spice and irate that's exactly it yeah McCarthy who appeared in the White House spokesman on Spicer a multiple apps breath a little bit late to host may thirteenth I thought we get Jimmy Fallon. As one of the house of these are shows cool so he's gonna come with them right now enough as Chris pine I don't know I don't know. Argues it man arrested blind B he's sexy is an hour he's already he's he's starts are we start anchor. Melissa and he's gonna be an and doubt when he's one women women Wear for an Melissa McCarthy and the Iraq will be there for a kid that's are all people that will. Putt totally pushed the album that's and let them do whatever they're India. Very soon to be able to make. That Condit to her home in Los Angeles Superior Court Judge sided with their an illegal batter battle against the men's. She initially that she is going to be able to by the former convent. From the arch diocese of LA for fourteen point five hour five nuns living in the property detected Katie would be and suitable donor. The local always. Every girls just go to a artsy lesbian area. And it come out. But the judge wrote the men's didn't have a thirty sell the property they have to validate consummate the week. Failed to. Ballot leak consummate the transaction. The other Knoblauch right they're not allowed to do that why should that what they should be written in there as part of a project that. It and they serve to court with rulers and their hands Brady hit people on the knuckles. Hockey EDS to do is wait for the Vatican to approve it and she's and. Our or they win gamble and Emma are on none out now not only answer right there and they're like we that we not creating barely got the bad the Pope was hoping to meet your writing and at at and Selena Gomez opening about opening up about her rehab singer's self esteem was shot. And and it was all because to reserve really lonely place for me she says I get a boyfriend already set. So yeah well I know assisted therapy five days a week five days a week. And she can't wait for people to not know who she is yeah it's like that's dimmed the bottles worst. Is from a nightmare that you wouldn't know who she is you regard as she raised nightmare perfect eight Swiss worst nightmare well Gomez is praying for it but she's gonna have to praise for awhile because she's the most followed celebrity on is to grant well and she looks amazing on the cover of like if things are now are no immediate vote vote yes and she does that and me she's such a Kia. Says she said it is since she became the most bumpers that is degree she freaked out it was two it was so consuming to me. It's what I woke up to it went to sleep whipped in today's today she lives in some sort of ran out. And she does have an app that are found she does he know the password she has seventeen phone numbers in her. Inner found is there's only so anyway people have her vote number yet and only two of them are famous ex pats I was billion. Ha she loves Taylor Swift so let her hit her and the weekend and we Brad obviously got write them an identity of right. She doesn't said that people wanted her to be authentic. So bad and when it finally happened it was like your release I think people who beat tell police. It yesterday did credit and debit and wait for an attorney team right there like to art and do at least an artsy committee could shoot at at not pulling Camelot race is that the Atlanta. She checked into rehab October of last year to focus on a metal out there wasn't any kind of any ad for dinner residency was depressed she was anxious who's having panic Dax. That's why she had to cancel 34 dates on her revival world tour rep issued get near the stage and she never panic attack and could mean go out loud I know crazy. But she's figured your own stuff that Nash she has a new manned. I think things are looking for Hugh exit door of season there's. And finally here we go to register it lacks marijuana. That's so cool his arthritis a little core. The register its says that he's 76 years aren't going to roll a sadly it it. I would I don't 300. And and generally speaking. He had as a tip well that peanut brittle and he smokes I love him. If he's sick and he had. Pretty in Bowman who's covered cherries is seeking involvement is yet issues with arthritis really bad he discovered Canada's oil spray. Entails Fauria at the top goals I have my mother in Los swears by met a group she's got terrible means and I give her those on the bombs yet. And entities she goes right you mean. Yes no you you guys the bonds the house and great so Patrick Stewart says he. I wish you designers I was examined by a doctor I was examined by Doctor Who heard me I was are circumcised yeah I thought Taiwan's ever is that they write that. Anyway exhibit I know I try to keep my group grew up. And my Al towards. So I don't know if I'm sorry and the doctor gave me and notes give me legal permission to purges from registered outlet racked which I was advised to my house. Which I was advised Michael I believe that the women spray have significantly reduce the stiffness and pain in my knees aren't covered don't Mike came to. Acer instead I can make fist. Which was not the case before I begin the treatments have morals that he will handle the series are at the right argue finally punch my wife during a fight to know I mean the wall and he said I have no negative side effects it's so much better than anything I've ever taken that or that school and it's totally cool. That's so nice and it's like. We are hoping download this welcome sight to compete in the piano is right inning needing me yeah practicable ruler of its means that the men flour and joys in life where you'd. My guys like I. I pay depends who's in space and I really want to display. For easy Patrick whereas I will chip I feel like professor acts. This has been celebrity attraction better hope there's photos of implies this if this. I stuff. Some you know I was one of the person. Persons that were like you know when you first on the 3-D printer yes. And then they talked about a food trigger then and then I was like Obama got rarity figured out how that would go. Okay so like this I think two ago I would again you get it to the printer or buy this brand or whatever. And then maybe they'd do you just like. A sweet one like it can anything OK and then so what you do is you'd get. The download. From the candy company like here's a new candy see and get oh guys to than you'd downloaded and then the next thing you know it's printing the candy. And so the and you eat so that you can take that step further into the future. What if you have a Micah you know all purpose. Food printer there than you would be able to watch a commercial about then knew something chicken nugget did blow up a block for download now to that helps her. And a princess your food there you know in her to give you fat as heavier. Yeah over in get fatter Saturn brighter than. That's not an up and sending similar something similar to what you tag that has finally happened OK guru said ball cheese three deep printed cheese do you leave bouncy and delicious so you have to have a three priority of yeah three children are so it's like you're saying download. Brown let my kids who need to read out. Right here and that did race I actually don't understand because of of three critter I sat incredible one I've watched him build rightly so far I like don't get it. So far they can get like you know create cool lomb ranchers and liked to have. You know late next day and they I mean read it in the hands of ours are like me really little he ends for kids out there have assured Haitians that's for the home news but the big ones like can make you know like. Half a plane or I don't know it's easy ever ran OK so. She has become the focus of experiments with food in the treaty trainers price because that bella vita is sold on the shelf where not refrigerated so you know it's not she's. So something like that right for work right again the projects involve squeezing a gel paste your semi liquid material like it seasonally slow them. And through it now results and shape it into a solid at a vault objects ranked in a recent study researchers made cheese with a 380 trainer. And then they tested the texture the resilience in the melts ability when compared to regular presses g.s or they melted the brass says she's at a 167 degrees for twelve minutes. Then paraded through treaty print are two different speeds using them like to push it through the syringe right they compared it. The day when two and change stresses she's okay right teased it was three printed was found to be 45% to 49% softer. In the end treated process geez it was a rape there would be enterprises. 380 grated cheese has also those darker in color a little bit spongy year. More but when you melted it they say he couldn't tell the difference OK so I don't like about vetoing amounted ran that's delicious writer I'm sure the samples were to his mother jays three stooges say they don't believe. That the cheeses tasted any different from each other either that'll be their next. Sperry rarity for sure as we just need to make this so like you know you have the the ability to go off. Norma go get a twinkie. Yeah just make her cause she eat. Out my god can you imagine gas. And we're all gonna be so fat that some effort Teradata while it's out with the crew it raided it in a bad. The bad mayor yeah editing suite eight me you did they just created in the lab. Humid wait. Meets its with animal cells that didn't come from animals. Why are people that are vegetarians that don't wanna eat meat because of how the animals are killed kill him now it's like what good does grow and meet their growing meet with animal cells in lab equipment that's gonna taste weird to say it tasted it take relied. All of these recap of the great meet its. 07. According to. All right it's Patrick's day. OK happy saint patty's game. And we're all going to Boston drink and need something Irish yes that is supposed to do Imus people wanted to largest the average not cells that are made from potato cheese. And then they've got some sort of corned beef on my thing commended thoughts and sour cream score to vomit hate it hate it. But that doesn't sound very I know you don't like any of it that the budget could have a staff Burke rock love to stuff your partner Kathy. Yeah there's going to be a lot of good picket lines today is speaking of the corned beef you know Mary. You're good at the Koran to beat this guy is acorn and car and beef corned beef. Corn and. Core movies ranked I'd like to cart your BJE a. It's different me she passed and meets it's your game Catholic you're in my entry now he kissed their land tenure ballad like there is allowed late in my that it's like a Trier. It it and guys impound a bounce sheets in them and how does that happen hat is about Tibetan acquire some its land it exactly it's called the fur you have on it. I love your trash or trial yet it gets wet covers up often called at the end that it. I wish and there's some corned beef and cleavage amid higher. The here gave cat's leg you know that it's let me give VE Nina Friday's today's Friday it's houses say that he's been all that must well you know did that it. Jack tapper. Sue only two of the 179. Diocese. I have I have given a corned beef a hard nose so more or less Dicey easier saying today killing nature corned beef. Others say it's OK yes it BS hasn't the diocese in America are giving us special. Dispensation. To allow Catholics permission to chat at a record heat up today without violating land. It's just go to Catholic dot com and print it and so the people at the bar. There's only two like chase said of the 179 diocese given the corned beef and knowing guess where they ire. New York rate here in Denver for a long one here in Denver and one in Lincoln Nebraska other schools are GRE everybody you can't have corned beef in Denver today you can you can not so all my old Denver's and the only two pilots must not 179. In the nation seeing. Or beef stick to what we say no meat on Friday so that means if you're really super Catholic today he could only have like. Battered appearance case I grading chip up fishing chant UV five I guess yes. Well and safety more than habits are planning to celebrate today. And here's the fourth things that we do that are actually Irish accent and a cup. That everybody got the pitching their hitting irons great. And I do all of the not game number one you're gonna go and pinch people that didn't Wear green today that's just a way to get away with it he'd write it that you know I'd like. I got molested and school I'm prisoners or hurt you tickled brighter like her yeah I don't always mean hard paints I can't imagine what Turk on the door to Gregg coaches hasta dance at. I hopefully he didn't Wear green and brain meeting with agree that that's a. Another thing that people do I'd say patty's day that is really I Richie during green beer. I just so the river of green and Ireland they just guiding green like there about it. Yeah but I mean it green beer is probably an American thing. Yes yes it is right most cars in Ireland answer green beer. He wanted to be up and dig you get a jury in answer Irish whiskey today I hear that green beer games and asked if I answer it ready and add it to green guy members after. Also you needed three Irish car bomb today how we haven't tires are about Lindsay and and then capped his they're driving Irish car bomb way to correct it's a bad. You've ever going bikes a lie after the freer ride yes you're right isolated at the camera is happening. Tonight threes and the united everybody argue have to do is pay for a keep their seats and he'll pay you back as right 35 dollars in ways that aid. And never far of the things that people do today that really iris. You Wear green left her contact pats. Right close you can buy at parties in did you think you entered is an Irish folk learn that like we don't Wear plastic packets at. Accords words were read point me at all yes that's a little weird if not so NC. Worry Kathy it's not the time. Is more like can't murders card and car or fake and yes or apartments. At easy daddies don't forget that's Mike's a lawyer allow firm. Cats. I'm going to stop. Or are we supposed to keeper kept him because I'm more of a refrigerator catch a guy. But the catch it in the cupboard Mary Wong. Saying yeah this is Grammy and it the ultimate ivory should really keep your groceries a given that makes sense only because. When he came to catch with the Virginia square on a play knighted dipping your present COLT ketchup. Would that I know but it's still going to be like make it right term art. And hey here's thing here's the thing once you open the cats at its getting on for so I don't yet so that only parents but apparently and if you store the cats at room temperature you'll damage the quality high acid content means the appearance and in texture will begin to Erie if you don't put him back in our case so it went does elements for a red or blue minus and I get our average the Rand think OK okay but some restaurants you like grew. Roof rookie QB route to chat about out all the time to right right which a lot of people do I know their houses were the catch of the rat out her okay. So once even opened it put it in free agency wants last anger. What about your eggs leery. Kathy one party is an aunt and next act at comment like I think that you're supposed to. Keep the mop outside on the calendar end but we Americans from the fridge. The risk posts for him in the fridge OK and here's the thing don't use the egg rack inside the door. As it gets old drew his you want to put them in the actual main body of the fridge that constant changes in temperature of the Gerke Arnold and dramatically and as is with the eggs are okay and needs to go back quicker -- did know that yeah Brad I didn't know this a bridge should be stored at room temperature which is what I do win open is very on the counter right but. Put it in a plastic baggy TDs after opening the Brad you've got to move into a freezer wrapped her plastic freezer bag or foil or something. Never store bread in the fridge and make it goes stale quicker write again and so but it comes in the bag no would you got to put into another bag or if you really want it to last OK and what about your bananas. Bananas god is Jimmie stay outside. Right for sure you would definitely Lebanon in the Frist is it to be dark in there and they would get dark I don't know. Big game and it like it. To read up on our coverage but here's what I didn't now. But it is bright and quickly in the lead up again pass which causes other fruit display also don't put your bananas in the next year I'll next year lines to orange it was do that of it and ruin the other I think I do that seed that don't do that again you gotta keep your banana separate. You know they sell these bags that are like Katrina. And bears is was put different vessels and Jimenez is a classic way longer okay is green bags that you get when you just by the Prodi's learn though these are blunt piece of buying that right and so they look the other clear and then use this was me different last way longer. I need my free the west front here at at at tomatoes most of us put tomatoes in the salad during the fridge I know. He Malia and on the counter right if they start to become south he moved to the fridge but. He want him to have the best case scenario is he to firm that our mountain group fridge but innuendo is another one and Esteban a red line. After you cook with it or you know these leaders are red line I always is put back in the cupboard is was from the fringe for us for at different. All the although people that drinker whine don't put him. Oh yeah I guess if you open yeah right right it but even after an opening announcer of Akron tomatoes absent medium pace writer apple rumors began stuff too. Worked okay. It it. You could outlining his concern when I have yet again society's best even if I'm tired job if I buy a jar of. Also put some lock in it if they lose your biracial the white party you what part they're what are you arrogant ones of the white. I have no idea men and Obama is like bring it to the Irish. Guy that he is Italian can be all of the above yeah and he makes yes and crank it up if he is. Top bomb chocolate adding she never refrigerate your tackling I loved your perjury my Jack aids so good when it's hard angle Bret I have bomb. Three. Of the. Cadbury the karma filled in my freezer you do really have to left tear in his freezer conveyed via. Shot at taking down the device not. I definitely Guillen Denny does help oil reserves odors from the fridge and moisture in the fridge. Cast so it can ruin your tightly and next thing if it's sitting next to that salmon just great you're gonna it's observing had a thorough and amp amp amp. And if Peta but it's ice that's so just last scripted three years but it backing your cupboard it's not as those who infringe no that yes. And peanut butter last of the three months to ruining your covered now right yeah and if you give the wrong kind it's been develops is discussing oil on the top. It's disgusting Pratt. This and I didn't now apples and grapes. Apples and grapes. She's you put them in the for knows there's only image how well our Arab immigrants in the bridge apples are on the K a lot of put him put. People today apples and grapes into a fruit ball. But leave them both in the fridge end it don't watch them before putting him in the fridge mine the excess water speeds up the fruits decomposition. OK so dry engine program for I guess I just urge you watch him when he poem out right hagee you know rhetoric. But isn't then it's Vista dosage is that it is an instant winners slightly dry dry cool dry place. And and garlic can be left daddy your fridge for two weeks ultra. CNET Leon knew though that mark I would GM's normally pick goes against them in the fridge was you know in which my granma. She always had the Jelena GM is back in the covered by now on know grammar and leave it right. Jack agreed to act. Well now you know. I like snow. Today governor watched the every day's show on fox 31 happy today. Chris Brent Kay today's is the airing of Beauty and the Beast starring little Avery yes and at peace. And oh my god I just side there is it teaser on my FaceBook page cat Vijay does Venus get an Avery movement though Q it is bad. All. Oh about television Burnett and bells Burnett not every princes has to be belonged exactly. I am I loved mole on issues do a lot of good athlete beautiful right but you really can't beat the classic Beauty and the Beast. March 7 two. His tail. Comfortable life. Restoring the. President Troy has some gas dollars. Oh trimming the. Eating home. That's. Oh wait fans that. East don't look good stroke average. Urban parking problems sanctions vote. Or Russia. Wow I didn't so good. I came to Britain did it it opens today arrived at. Most loaded trash guys connects with the cab he finances they gain castle sewer and Demi in Nevada five years sobered. Wrote a message to herself I needed during act. Entertainment news rumors and some cash and that's what. I want. It's new and more life is supposed to hit streaming services tomorrow. At first it was bad to be apple music exclusive but apparently isn't the case it is is anything official on the road are. But if you're waiting for Canada says it will be available on streaming services that they time. As it will be an apple and music spotted by suggested the same thing when it tweeted betrayal of the avenue yesterday. Coming soon. Allow so by the into the weekend we. I'll have heard streaks now and that's kind of cool. Some owners that Jennifer Lopez track is on there. I'll write the when that they gather together where there have been known to be together together like the first part of our radio career we pretended to be a couple. Now we re just assumed we were right there like they eat a lot together. Peavy still see that I had at. A penny in theaters this weekend there's trainspotting to. Tom that's what you did on that couch that are easier dear layer look at these trains running all over a couch like well that's your cap now. Do you integrator. Returns as Marc Rich Boy written. Spread them that first whose preserving a well from what I remember I mean. Sort of like. Heroin and raise semi that sound that's and also he heroin movies they're not dead they never ending bunker and actually mirror and less now actually include and what it is a couple of guitar. The right in my laughing if he's going to be. And Beauty and the Beast and another heroin moving down here and I'm up in the air and sleep because ultimately it. It lives up to every expectation I had a bit and it exceeded in some ways yet my wish everybody would go see is so we could talk about how that the Al Emma Watson. Isn't really all that OK and she was she not know she was the perfect bell. But she wasn't. Oh. Like the hotel could be like. This she's nothing like the rest of us than nothing like the rest of us does the and it's like however look at early BMO she's just like the regular wrapped. Glen try to sound an airing younger than I interview they should inject your lips count kinda general. I'll go here or Oregon in your plastic surgery whatever when you look at the cartoon bells like wall she is beautiful rest of you lips and Eckerd rank per share so they need to look harder. Yeah well I analyzed in spine when Avery used a better velvety her gay. It act act act act the way you can see Avery today it uranium on fox thirty going to get your bow right looping. Tiger makes. First she says yes I'm going to be here I'm going to be taking over those duties for America's Got Talent and now she's adding on day. And I'm coming back is the host of America's Next Top Model prices are because those people are hired blew it. Well I was a batter was she jealous of seeing somebody else in front of the camera. Well yes I mean I mean a bit they may be just didn't like gas it would be hard to watch your show be done by somebody else. He says that's what do I she took a break friend may she's just step back to be the show's executive producer. Read or are served as the host Tyra Banks showed up a lot through that race season. And Tyra Banks said that it's. Well. I'm overwhelmed and humbled by the intensity of America's next I'm not a fan base whose deep affection for the show led me to have a change of heart. You actually I'm bringing back westerns. Come to rule it. Necessities after giving yes ma I realize that remaining behind camera wasn't enough. Because America's Next Top Model is woven into my DN and well it's true because you know when she references stuff. With the models you know she's a model and so when Reid ores to onion model your accent up non past successful actor is. The outing who had charter right right and and you claim to fame is that you dated Robert Horry was that he. You if you can you know. You're part of his doubtful because he got super sad after she did down London and he turned disarming. It just like we did this morning not having that seriously. A. Lenient had tons and can we get that the only thing RK I didn't order the emphasized that there was one present in the room. Demi sized dots for Hurst out. Yeah he's no end can't air. I guess every rep Liz comes with Todd. Just get this image separate OK so here's your little tots that came with Justin and rich the end and you had to order in the case. Was that grand exit or 80 god too late that's 200 now you can varied in. Cain Celine show as that opening up about rehab visitors interestingly shot. She freaked out after she became the most followed person on mr. Graham she couldn't handle it can be keep my thoughts to meet separately. So her to have panic attack where she went. Adrian after she left the stage asking them feel had to take it brings in go to rehab and focus on her mental house. It wasn't a bad he's taking a little bit CI a bed or it's it was hard for her to perform for adults because she was so used to performing for kids. She always says she's in her audience her up and saddening Selena Gomez says. I have kids smoking and drinking at my show is people in their twenties and thirties looking in my eyes and I don't know what to say it's not like I could say what I used to say. Every that let's take products that your beautiful I think it says it's definitely worked that we like. There's there's a bunch of adult in the through front rows that are like our ticker closed down it was really hard earned an adjusted that variety at. She's eighteen race she looks for anything you yen ahead. And that weird at night in the little Livan Dolly to hit it. Then you have got down the other Selena Gomez racing is the butch Selena Gomez just these dirty. Finally we are Selena Gomez. She's bisexual. Viewed upon yes yeah she's five years so there and she's celebrating and still wearing Skechers keeping it that you had an excuse and you drop. Tom support a minute. Yes she's fighters over that's crazy. Yeah irate she said Demi Nevada said recently it's so I'm so grateful as being quite the journey ups and downs. So many times outlander relapse but sat on my hands and big guide to relieve the obsession. Alas so it's been tougher and in lack I'd love Demeter so weak injury can try to correct that I was getting. I'm Bartlett. Like sobriety definitely some people need yeah Ehrenreich. But like if you're able to handle it before it gets to the twelve steps then maybe you can get through life and still. Have some champagne once and awhile exactly had a beer but like if you go to action to fit then you're one of those people that are like. You're stronger for not having it. Mean when she went to extremely thin program at the height of her fame is a Disney Channel star in 2010 members she freaked out ensues on the the Jonas tour right because Selena Gomez continued to say it's stays small and yeah it was easy and you're at. At one of her lowest points Demi Lovato was on her knees in front of all three Jonas Brothers now knows because she that would. Heavily depended on cocaine to get through the day lull. Forcing or take the drug everywhere she way including on the airplane while OK so that's pretty crazy I mean. You're also as a usable considerably movie through the ninth seed is doing it every right where he became or fuel she said something I've never talked about before with my drug use I can hide it to where I would sneak it drags I couldn't go with that thirty minutes to an hour. Osu is one of those with that cocaine yeah that's bad like you know it's a once any blue moon thing is what it's supposed to be right now did or if at all but. I mean with the new laws of medical cocaine. I think that we have a shot. And making recreational cocaine and at reality and Wesson miss that yeah yeah that we voted that in fit yet it was well everybody is still okay. Uptick in Nevada went on to say it's. I would smut on the airplane and basically it just wait for him ready for his bus to go to sleep yet and no input it sit she would do it rate they air sometimes you didn't sneak into the back for a wow. Which is well or pencil and I'll sleep early. It. Ending your high right and cook gave him first class of the budget be blissfully came on the gay flight attendant nabbed. And finally Brian Reynolds would rather drink of piping hot ball of liquid creepy what. It's then what. Live with his children die. That's a layer is. I agree with them. Any event to fly with the kids I'm totally like pleased lowered volley and now meantime we're like that still yet. Passengers were like we see you give them the kids like opens lower yet. Ryan Reynolds is on Good Morning America yesterday talking about parenting when the topic of taking the kids on the plane came up he said. I've always had empathy for parents. Podcast and you know because you and I can't refer to it for sure we have empathy for parents I feel so bad for the people that take their kids with them on the plane I know I would rather like I have more empathy for crying baby that can't control how he feels on the plane and then some kid kicking my seat okayed that that I mean is out of can brag about the parent does not paying attention exactly. Then Ryan Reynolds said. You can see the parents' wedding need to see a nervous because their kids are yelling and everybody's mad at him. I'm the same way I'd rather drink it piping hot bottle of liquid rabies again on a plane with my two shots and. Well and here's a thing. When you see somebody coming back with their kids and there's open seats around you you're just like oh my god please no please sit by me right and then spurt for the only people they can take the heat off for mom with Kate Hudson. Is the 400 pound guy coming back you're like. I'd rather sit next to the king Monday it'll get the RS that. I like snow. Hey this week and you gotta go as Sarah girl cat feet at the outlet stores in castle rock. Yes it's princess weakens over and a rapid up width. Tomorrow night three of 5 PM at the outlets it's free face gaining is gonna be princess of prince unity party it'll be fine. Ahmad might go off I might go there as. Yes Don no homer go as the gay do you have found a file at. She did ask I think that test. It was too much in the movie I know he was lawyers even really realize that that was gain more more than anything in my and that's a whole lot yet greatly when he gets certain voice rarely like to have a lot. Russia and I'm always assumed Olaf was game and I'm coming up next hour. Had you ever worked for a company that with a super cheap yen or a boss that was like super cheap and so far already on the FaceBook post to be said. She works for cheap bus that was he would lock the heater air conditioner controller with a paddle. Annie wouldn't turn on the hot water we have to wash our hands and reduces local water and he refused to pay for direct deposit for our projects lie. Again it's cheap it happens at tee and I hit a sub that's coming up next hour. Morning show. How we're going to get to cheap boxes momentarily. But first we have to talk about. Hangover cures hangovers. Is because that tells me that you are going to be drinking today are yes and I included not CN including as absolutely so. First thing violence you is it's all about the cow's stomach can lemon no deal it now about the drinking okay if you AVG wreaking don't drive everybody yet mr. Mike Hsu play cabaret program he's my favorite irishman Ian so Mike Hsu buoyant the lawyer he does this program money comes out of his own pocket the only rules are you get a B average winning line. You have to choose it taxi cab ride it's at 35 dollar Max one way right to your house it doesn't go to another bar they racked you for that right for short right autorads 33 dollars out of town and then walk the rest of the way. And they you've paid the taxi cab driver he'll reimbursing you send your receipt with copy of your photo ID to McSorley readers and he doesn't have to do that you know does this just to be cool name and he is how hula so many lives he saved and exactly that's what he does because he lost a life and us coming in manly diet to a director while that's right so very close and now let's get to the drink and well if he does that for a bunch of strangers who knows what it will kind of birthday present if you know I'm Brian I know through Cindy I'm getting in on there you're out its total to bottle at you know and again. All right so forth things you can do to prevent a hangover in four things you shouldn't do what you have lined up caiso to prevent it what are YouTube prevents it. Have to say that he's the you've made to prevent did you got to drink gauge reader coconut water in between your drinking. Okay that's going to be written penal law break right because you can't get dehydrated that would actually positive hangover OK got dehydrated so the latter Gator reader even better than having wider. Because they have the electric lights at them right but you're gonna be in a barn burned like I can't think you're Gatorade in their highest soda water Ray Rice and that's kind of discrete these loop get. Because a lot of bars don't have that I don't know what I do is I dude tequila wider tequila latter's Q1 but that's not coconut water or more is still rates still water keeping me right now Mueller collect it. Hey he is so. The other thing you should do. Why you're drinking to prevent hang overtakes some vitamins. Okay now brom have my way supplies and on to stake out. Pop a multi vitamin before you go drinking not cat hangovers are just about the dehydration inflammation in the private production of free radicals in your body. Make you feel like crap put in an antioxidant. Or at pomegranate juice or something in the free drink brag a Flintstones dumbing everybody usually goes to eat before they go drink and right have a burger not a salad. Of something heavier yes. They eat so. And then the fourth thing you should do if you want to avoid a hangover. Stick to clear liquor. Bad advice on saint patty's day that rusty is around right Greg Davis and reading this and Guinness Reagan like has creaking but Tianjin have fewer taxes and impurities and Derek with skis like been dark things like whiskey and round but I'm sorry today is whiskey focus on what's happening over what you. Don't take Tylenol a okay. As CDC NSC gets an immense and that. He's free to. And and out collar vote process in the liver I don't make your liver work overtime out there don't take SE diminished and maybe add bill. I exactly. Don't drink or use our. Aren't she uses just like taking Tylenol on the acidity of the citrus. Makes your body have to work harder loud and make it be you make you feel worse ran a lot of and you have a head a new union organizers and the fourth thing you shouldn't do if you already have the hangover don't go in drink more alcohol are at the hair of the dog the billion. You know what I really sat there is some time in college I was like let's keep drinking right at at at. Though it'll make the alcohol in Abdullah. Your senses it's only temporary released you're gonna for a minute and don't listen to cap it. That was the worst whenever. I drink a lot more if Jared tell campaign made it. And it. So. Or ever worked for a super cheap boss and you know like all of sudden you're. I have to buy your opinions or stuff like that and kind of become a Sox. It gets old like I I had a company where the literally made essar reuse sticking ants. So you would have to cross out whatever you wrote on the keynote at upper right of the new note and then put a date by the new note. So he knew that was no currently is the most current now while argued rip the sticky note in half and they had it right on one side ripped in half so and then you'd have the other side direct. Wow that's insane Hummer rice is unfazed but yes I worked for a spot. And they would buy their products from Wal-Mart and harmony of the bottles want to come as per the face masks were and the owners said just use the lotion they won't know the difference. Since that's not only were there for three but that's suing for the mud mask employees. Phil is Lugar Berman fade that's ridiculous. Array that's ridiculous. Cocaine Phil says yep I was nineteen. I was managing to sandwich locations for this company. Eight dollars and 35 cents an hour. He's killing in general that's cheap Brady boosted sales by 60% a couple months hired a few good people and the store running smooth. A sixty to seventy hours a week they would pay any overtime because it was talking differently so in other words they eventually like you know. Sonim like maybe Manny. I don't know what it acne and it they came over time because it was clocked in at a different location even though was in the same. Blinking owners same payroll at sort of the words he were to two to restore so they wouldn't came over time even those were. Guys rafter I I ask he raised its seat yeah I strays and they got around to in the finally gaining nine dollars and now now ronning blinking loop on out yet rank. Okay isn't on the tech sign says I words for our. I want say where but it's a place for everyone loves to get their copy okay and beaten and central perk yet. Then so cheap they had the heat and air conditioning on a system logs say you only have the ability to change it tempered down. By two degrees in the winter it would be freezing especially for 8:30 AM when you're opening. And they wouldn't change a guy and that's sucks yes this Sutherland says I'm a guy we worked for G bass company profiting millions but they've taken away. Christmas parties employee appreciation week and bonuses what bonus meanwhile the CEO flies around in private jet. While that's always the case always the case heard Tim says momma got yes. I had an Xbox that was so cheap that you have to show him your pin wasn't working before he'd give you another. Hacked. Up. I think you'd have to prove it on a piece of paper that they write weekly that's really our. Wow this is is on the volunteer we had a new director canning said. She wouldn't bias water while we're on the job FYI. A case of small bottles of water was a dollar 44 while. Our modern says the manager of the store where she word never order supplies so when they're out of bags at the cash or stand they have these trash bags on my. Which are probably more expensive to. In the bag. That people are buying their stuff in putting image threats mag that bargains doors sounds like a dollar store and then yeah. All right do you work for a cheap company GM a cheap Abbas. Other struggles real Brad says I'm FaceBook I worked for apartment complex and they make his reasons toilet seats and just spray paint him to live now. Yeah. I'm a. I'm Greg is on you move and you think I'm getting in mutual re yes you lead. You kids need that's pretty give and give meaning to Lindsay. Weston says why were they lock up the paper towels on the window cleaner we have to go ask if we want paper towel. It usually takes a deer so even to half by the time we get it. Oh come on now airing. Mean and bomb meg he's driving it inches as I work for the government our supply of post it notes than limited let up. Nagging right at the independent as shields said. We also create and edit. And and eat up at 7204891075. The 'cause that that's your situation. I got Kathy this guy wants to remain anonymous because he still works where they're cheap now came contact at. Are you there. Yeah yeah you know Larry deadly game in hand and outward what word you work you have to see where you work how cheap are than. And there are so to weed out about a Obama paper. In mild hand and you know it would that this job requires right so another words you can't do you jog your paper for the copy machine. Yeah I came into my job raptors. Had to type my own sim card to get in the black. Shot I'll come out a credibly clergymen I mean. I needed. You need a better job after. I was so did do they actually say they're gonna pay you back or do you just let you keep buying it. Lawyer said he would. You know one time I came in and we went to the bank is it any regret to the bank. The way who. Yeah I know. Work ground chart paper. We're writing it out at a big check this out cavity Lucinda says. Where she worked actually had meetings about toilet paper usage and how not to use too much toilet paper why to an actual meat and. How you roll that out exam room. This is okay as one host. Politics.