Morning After 2-17-17

Friday, February 17th

In Kathie J Stupidnews a couple busted for peeping in bedrooms with a drone.

In CT&B Cristiano Ronaldo goes shirtless to model his underwear line.

I would be rich if it was not for my addiction to ______? #KS1075


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Can't do. Are you a very Evan Williams in for Kathy GA at Kathy. You know a lot of people been wondering what the deal is with Kathy. And her dad passed. And so at first we were talking about because you know that's up to her for orange wants us to say something now. And so is his hard it's been difficult time but. Is doing pretty good actually considering and her dad it was a great guy having great sense of humor. And so yeah we're adjusting and cat is so. We'll let you know she's doing actually supposed to back on Tuesday that were off Monday to. Aren't you glad it's President's Day. I'm disdain. Up real quick ebb and even new movies that are coming up yet we formed. A cure for wellness government isn't that. That's who cares. Amassing its rated. IQ I am a ray and the the trailer for that at the guy from mom horrible bosses aunts and always sunny in Philadelphia. But here's the thing I thought the trailer for the great ball. Like I can't tell what those creatures are 'cause it was like it looks like. Alligators I don't know I couldn't tell when they. Aliens because there was one in a box and you don't know what it's like anything in their all the poring over the wall and apparently this is why they built the wall of China I hit it and how it is but everything down and roughly. And rating is still they had CGI when they built below China exactly and then Matt Damon it's kind of a weird movie for him because he's usually like. Above the action fray but again. You know he too wants to being action. Movies. So I don't know it looks like I outcome or wait to hear the buzz on that arm in arm but there is a movie that's coming out. That looks super did Arab decent trailer for it. It's the live action Beauty and the Beast you don't know if I'd seen enough and of course I think. Well we got an exclusive trailer from the movie company and nobody has this one yet. March of two. Come to life. Restoring the. President Troy has some gas dollars. Hope tournament. Eating home. That's. Oh wait fans of the he missed its. Course. Urban parking problems actions report. Or true. Russia. That's when you really good look at it got it. I tell me. That's it and it went again. Any scientific happy today still good news I can't let him 75. I it's clear he'll bring ebony Williams and for captain will be back Tuesday. Upper right so this guy he's a fifty year old guy. In Toronto and he's trying to make in necklace for his girlfriend out of bullets. And had an. Let's look at that put every girl wants at that day cash and asks that. Solves that he's got the bully in a vice in his garage and I trying to pull it apart. That and it exploded and shot delay. Yeah this. It. It right silver bullet and some of the fragments. Ended up in his thigh. And he had to have surgery to remove them and no worse he finished the necklace is that they got a shot every. It is like nursery it's delete rows now he hit one of those teams that roses. Stupid criminals. A couple utes are busted for using a drone to spy on people in the bathrooms. Right at thirty for those who year old woman named she says trichet that tree Tunisia any. Murray to shut me up at her boyfriend. They were in they're backyard there detest their drone in the big got busted. Burr having hover over several people's bathrooms and so that answered falling apart in December within the guys by the drug outside of his bathroom window. And decided to chase it down he grabbed it when it landed in a church parking lot of all places. And abducting SD card from a and then the track people down and there was a bunch of footage of people in their bathrooms like Diddy pulpit. Am I he stock at an outside naked in the that's frightening I and out of nobody looks like obviously the new peeping Tom is you know very advanced not have her. Right it's supposed to be foggy classic it. It opened fire moving. Custom agents catch two women. Smuggled thirteen pounds of course blinked into the US and guessing yes go ahead buy us hair. No to letting them do well there and it normally you know leave AS UN human and that's our. Reckons it's a healthy like Bernanke and I had them at an angle at it and sometimes. Sometimes Evan is simply tells. It didn't wreck the man it's what he lies. No it was thirteen pounds of course genitalia. Would. Or I don't know customs and Border Patrol officers. In Washington Dulles airport we're going through routine inspection few weeks ago when they exit emergency case. That two women had brought to them. From a flight from Mongolia they hit the jackpot the jackpot was thirteen pounds of course and it area. We're looking into it was for medical purposes. Yeah sharing a weirdo you know. They'd just sell sex to us here in America. He thinks he can gay mayor may have not been true but they still aren't allowed to bring it into the country. It right how scary for the prison at a opening K. Right in front passed out that I wore a little listen to this takes the ball. Well literally lit up like. Entertainment news rumors and asked them it's celebrity trash. Some women okay. I. Some are you agree here we got Evan Williams filling in for Kathy who will be back on Monday. The first lowered to share and yet. Is that there's some new photos of Cristiano Ronaldo yet in his underwear and so that should be the very first lead story I've posted the pictures on our FaceBook page. How about that after an extra cash and mass. On. All right so Justin Bieber this was February 8 but we're just about now. He was supposed to be at a deposition because somebody suing they said he that they wrote that hook for sorry or they they to their music. Lovable robot I don't know Justin Bieber doesn't write music shows up and they tell what the thing. I'm so but no he's been Sudanese let me this deposition. And even made it convenient for him by having it. Where he was an addict so they flew out to LA these guys. And it's nice of them so like a few hours before he was supposed to show up he's like oh he can't come he said. So there I. OK if he's sick. But then they noticed a related that he posted that same. Days earlier that he was like out partying and drinking and Sybase that he called and drop it as friends policies I heeded he he got. I read on out. So whoever's watching Justin isn't watching him closer job yet. But I mean I give regular people calling you gotta do the same thing do you get beat Colin secure work in the post and his knee at the movies right yeah did tackle lately right got to go ghost on social media and our. Post a picture of your Kleenex right re order. To get this this is really good news this past I don't know about you but. Instincts finally get there Hollywood walk out of Charlotte on. I your daily to god has a long term got a big man. Well here goes. Oh. OK so here's the deal. You are either Backstreet Boys are insane and I feel that like you know that stills what's dividing the country of course and from Backstreet Boys people all voted for Tron hit it. And they think people who were. With her daughter. Our is hope oh yeah they're coming out it's a twentieth anniversary for their Christmas album yeah that was just. Made everybody feel old Ryan thumb so they're coming out in their star on the hot haute rock fame and they're brought all reunite and their re releasing the cause dissolving them in final and cyanide and if right vinyl like the pants these two where. Com it is. All dressed terrible days nobody want that war to. Oh my god action Clinton and they are just so stupid I remember AJ from that she was wearing capture. I am having closely as well what it might have this yeah it is that lady. Ari is there any way I look for that to be happening. If you're into our eyes so Elena generous is getting sued you know. You know how like. When she's on her show she put of those little funny ads that people find in the clip in this editor. While there was this one thing it was spelled TI TI. OK so it was a lady in earnings TT TT peers. So that of course elephant looking at it she's all oh it's TT peers. You know she's like me TT. You know so she's kind of giving way renting a bad word whatever so I eventually every thought it was funny except for a TT gears. So she's getting a lawyer she's tried to sue Ellen. For making fun ever you know her name. And so the lawyer or he threw it out between lawyers like that was funny basically it. Sensitive to get on TV and rocket center at Hilton go to your mama's TT TT keep it from. But yeah I the the judge says hey you know people pronounce things different mean it was just a playoff of the pronunciation to talented doing wrong so. Yours suit is dismissed. And trying to get money from her. All right so we know that I think earlier this week we talked about which had a little bit of the distract that the weekend have on Bieber I. And do you have that running yet this is the one that where everybody's assuming he's talking about Selena and him beaver and he wants. Earn some homers and then paying attention pending. I mean she seamless emirates team and that team. And in some. It's an active decision there unified whoever but I mean it's really relevant right now. Her eyes so yeah so if it wasn't enough her you know him diddley beat this and Bieber behind the scenes arm has tracked. I apparently a lot of people are assuming Selena Gomez is a new track with Ky go eating mean. Is doing the same thing. So I mean as sham right here. I'm right Iraq anymore ever I bought back right so I mean forever you know that they split any song she releases there is like a run that's about Bieber basically but I'm pretty sure that went about a very get a lovely country at a. L'Oreal very Evan Williams is in for Kathy Jane be back on Tuesday Arafat's are gonna Kathy your dad passed and you know we just trying to keeper and Arafat's. But Tom ebony Williams you've been here for how or seven months seven months now and cash back half the anti Democrat whoever it only love Evan. And then solely on we you're not like they're actually hang out probably more than me Kathie Lee. Because captains are busier than those kids those comments a lot of baggage and all of that can Italy hello kids back to Africa watch whenever they need. Especially now you know yeah but the guys want people to get to know Evan Williams you've you started he came from Alaska yeah drama class and moved it from Texas. A Casey came from the state with the most STV's hit hit Alaska. I tend to what was that like being up there because I mean when I think of Alaska I think of salmon mousse and serving. Yes irrational but a opening last and actually. Race in and it's my neighbors city of who past couple years like I used to hearing about 89 department is today over hilly and it's sold ever since so many different as people that love about them moving air. Is because they bring food rice spoke like I'm so tired of Al students. At a hockey game again I can't have been the bear. The year I'm pretty sure that gain came in here UT game you know and and obviously him. Until it got so I don't Cathy loves the Obama seed Angela Islam I'm on my way he had that. You have to look like I'm gas like I think my keys if if any guy's got a putter face it might be game. Apple is willing to forgive for the crimes so we moved from Alaska than you would too. Alex as of Alaska Seattle Alaska attacks that's OK and then. Are nice yes so like you know what I think that you had said when you've got here your light of lessons that you can be really cool crew. Because sometimes when you're radio and you go from place to place via you know is due to pick your crew has kind of fallen with them but we're so excited to have you on our true. He's so nice and yeah onion pretty new to me on the block action Ali thanks. It yeah comes over brings a black friends and black they watch. Plans. And then we watch what else with the majestic here rights not. Probably polygamy is a great I saw that I got you want seamless sadness Amazon's entry. Okay that's such a great show Obama. Obama got and I'm on season seven like episode four saw him. Right almost caught up to real time via. But so it's so hard to talk about things because you don't wanna give Woodson think that exceeded her rack I public. Need. Yet because we're talking about some how somebody on that show you how they. Maintain their sex toys Diana in the dishwasher was at the top to. And yet that's John Q sex character and I'm sorry I meant that that just shows so did. It's the kind of show like is totally breaking bad in the sense that. You just couldn't wait my moment on what it's just it's more more outrageous that I am now glad it didn't watch it pass him in July 6 season. Well and now what I walking around town and I see total white trash tomorrow. Boom that's them yep I'm all that's Chambliss Gallagher. Gallagher. Down here you see them all over economic and we're told and Gallagher area that we. And well we're glad that you're here and we though as army chief Phil welcome. And so I guess tonight we should describe it to okay all right yeah. We'll let you know were going to be. I. Yeah. Right Evan Williams in for Kathy Jacobs you'll be back on a Tuesday. But Evan. It seemed that doesn't pull up assists 53% of Americans haven't seen any of the nine best pictures. That will be a frost. Me which I thought that I'd certainly like 75 was it like because I'm a sometimes you. Lucked out there's a couple in the mainstream films that you nominated act but then there's always those are ones that nobody sees or that we need Torre films. But like I hidden figures anything that yes it and did you like that. Did okay. I is that the only if that's about the astronaut only so yeah crystal insolvent without me with his parents I don't see that there Mika bird. And Edward or do we go are you are with Ozzy again let me have you seen it yes OK well obviously your blacks he has had asked are we out. What does the game and I have to CA yeah. I column La La land did you pursue that line it's. It's. Like if you're into that I guess you'd prior really like. I'm not that. I'm just in the thing with all of that like prison for a team. With Kathy and everyday he's definitely. Loved it. And so I. I guess I'm just not the right game he hit it so you really have gotten into it but like I liked playing. I'm back yeah there are depressed like foresee exactly. Exactly its target where. But and though La La land as did but it was. It's cut at the prom would actually go into or musical. For mean. That like though it's in school there's all testing going on at the beginning of nineteen yet then in the middle of an animal. Somebody killed. I'm so I don't know I mean it musicals are NASA racing bit. I'm assuming that's gonna win everything. Problem did you see fences I did see ads. Again a black movie and edited and tax our ridge. Now all but you know. Tom I saw. The arrival I saw that yet aren't losing that I've got to slow six year old long all those really Obama reveals a slow slow and then they got that have finally got better than those over yet. Couldn't get it exactly blending these and I don't know okay that's because it's about you not do you put it up up up. Well regardless I still like to have an Oscar party hump so those are always fun and easy lie is on the a move money. No it is move my hell or high water Manchester-By-The-Sea. And lions yes I'm in line and who's in that. Mart. Marshall what is his name much ala Ali something like that. Either really handsome talk with a man I can I saw it was about. Feels about the bottom. Like the little candy basically by existed in the instead of abandoned house because moms like crack and instantly that you like it's eighty cracked at the so they kind of raise it Hammond Janelle money Newton yes pat them raise the skid you kind of an in house that he ends up turning into. And as a and the like dealing drugs that summit that these gay. Are okay and that this sounds like it ripped off shameless. OK it's the I and an encampment so it's definitely not one that's going to be anybody's radar and. If you blasts and a. It's sometimes you just want him to wait till they come to HBO or something error in the new watch them on demand has yet that'll be La La land for a lot of people. But. Regardless I'll probably have an Oscar party he has won two mover of course on the apparently over yet athletic because the good thing about Oscar parties we have an Oscar pool where everybody kicks in dough. And then you just guess at what movies you think people are gonna like yeah and then whoever wins the balloons all the money. And I mean I'm in don't worry they'll be liquor there have any. I quite so yeah. Are you very with Evan Williams in for Kathy decaf to be back Tuesday. Thoughts and prayers go out to her. Arquette Jiang. I'm all right so here's this is I segments that evident that we call that America and and you though. We know that you're not that Americans who work at six times a week and you don't eat at fast food places not not allot I had typically the other day a cable of the unite here. Your cool them Fries on. And that's got sick and via the yet posted on what's your favorite sauce from chick filet and some it was like why are you promoting them. You know they have a history of anti gay or give anti anti gay. Causes or whatever and so I say that. You know if I eat there my money goes toward the closeted gay employee he actually will eventually come out yet but right now he's in the Albert Doug you know I've I've actually done their reports said. And Pete he's worked there and they're like. I'm in November is going toward them. I'm lucky charms and cinemas toast crunch you know those are related stereo half while now they're making him into opening a flavors. Get cinnamon toast crunch a male OK the incident oatmeal or lucky charms of melons are about yeah I know pull it but it's not. Eventually that have to ruin the healthy oatmeal. But this so far it's only Canada. So eventually you know if they get fat profit will price today probably bump peeps Orioles are coming out peak but. The way people play threat are not at peace prison McAfee is she's just to to put him in the microwave and melts and then you're like yet. They're just progressed. But yet to come and those like neon colors because that's the color you want in your system. But yeah Oreo as you know they always have those different flavors of cookies. So I'm they've done it before but this is they're Pete flavored there about it shows since you know I guess springs are on the corner. They'll be pink this year. You know under yellow before and the you know they've made like some really weird flavors of Oreo is like like. Watermelon in strawberry. And this this is right gap. Some of them work some don't need. Where at your house ripe old house Redknapp says closed within me because those Oreo fins you have to really get ready and then you feel like there's a little like in ten of them and you gave me like why. Look up those are bomb. Our eyes to give this a McDonald's you know they have their. Well they have a new thing it's called the chocolate shamrock shakes a can so it's chocolate shake on the bottom. And then it's the milk shake on top so like half and half yeah. So they actually went out of their way and they that was some like rocket scientists. And they designed to straw. That is it looks like a little bandy sharpen its like it's almost like. The other thing a little saxophone. So that way you when you put in your shake you're not getting just one flavor. So while you drink your sham chocolate shamrock shake you'll get the mint. And the chocolate at the same time I just sucked into the same stroke why don't they just mixing valid ticket. I don't know because they wanted to spend millions of dollars on the straw like. Think that's the Obama and a man and down as it. Because it's free with the chocolate shamrock shake. Hit. And I'm definitely going to like. You know you I know you're not be fast food persona. So when they were doing this marketing for the new big Mac I have Nina McDonald's like ten years and let no offense we don't I mean I mean their breakfast over again as recently. But not any of their sandwiches I figure from the commit that sin and Bloomberg changed or we need to author Nobel whenever. So then their marketing on the new big Mac Gaza Amalia. I'm just gonna try it yet I've poor people on Twitter I'm gonna try it out it was. Our time. But they do have a meaning big Mac so we'll give you that so you don't feel so guilty okay. In the new order to run twenty miles on the right now stilwell any. Can't do. So. Right am I got some random things free ebony and Williams in for Kathy. But so get this there's a couple things. Whom this is kind of gross at least one out of five people never in their adult toys that's disgusting let me they don't amount. I don't know I just these are the stats I've been given an extra like I'm not a big like you know toy person like only to have a like old Star Wars ones. And you can do some things that are thinner no I'm kidding and again. Foresees strong which is like chipper smelled it took home memories I don't or not. The CA they're just saying that like a bunch of people just don't kind of like wash them in that I guess how would you grameen are the destruction of food. You. Asked them sink in that tough on right there ego thing rather opt out which if I ask lane and. That this last as a way out. But don't worry about that I'd like sometimes like people like loopy yoshi's Kong and look at doesn't make it to dog deploy. Yet it's a Thong OK it did not delay. Anyway if you were gross there's like a certain they say 36% of men 90% of women have never sort. Are right so here's the good thing this is to make your day hopefully in a year no one of these guys and maybe you. They say 5% of men have had sex the vacuum. 888 yen and if it. I hope that was a land back they just. Like a Black & Decker at Mike that room are saying here's the last thing this is actually really did I think this is an amazing idea. Okay there's a news shot that ladies can order at a bar. And it's called Angel shots and so if you're lady your bar. And you're on a date with somebody that you don't know that it's not click team or they were who they said they were. There is a way to now conveyed this to different bartenders and I hopefully this'll go like you know with every bar and every would be doing this. So you order this is starting Florida. And you order shot and he said I'd like an Angel shot and that's just if the guys we're seeing you out and he's not who said he was so that they know. If you ordered Angel shot that they need to walk you to your car yeah so and then if you order. On the field it says if you feel unsafe just ordered the Angel shot in the short worst like this from. They alert the bartender to a score if you vehicle. Or an orderly in the shop on ice and the bartender will call and Guber lift for you and minutes were each of the car. Or if you order. A few days going really bad you order Angel shot with line and the barked her nose to. Hopefully. Like that their rain I really like atlas like of course. Mainly by government that guy is right on the and it's like you're feeling weird about it I think it's brilliant that's out of that it and I got friends and I we actually builds of the dates together like LB and the others at a bar they had better have somebody there with meat like lots. Want my background is that the so the creepy guys I mean that optical there's check in the sun and watch an assault and I Ian. That Angel shot for everybody. Now yeah now that's really Smart. Until now that every now and you know I got guys like she's like an into shock sure. He's gonna run out hopefully they get run out. Entertainment news. Rumors and gosh yeah she and I just went yeah that's what. I want eggs out. There you'll have very ebony Williams in for Kathy. Was once engaged to Lenny Kravitz and that's a fragile any Kravis is that even right he's like you've heard me about any right he had never ages. Wilson now she's gonna be working with his daughter Zoe in a movie. So that's kind of weird how that I'll get about it but I don't know where I was apparently was the 2003 that had to be. After Tom Cruise cause harm when she was ninety prices and I wanna see what it's like to think it's straight man. Well and for whatever you know that another that had Nicole and Tom. Kind of what broke off fell apart I think because she wasn't really into that religion yet it's on right and so now you see all the documentaries. And specials on Scientology's Selig no wonder she ran exactly it's a miracle she stayed in there as long as she did. That's kind of weird. Gave good news everybody instincts giving back to get her. It. Yet because it's a twentieth anniversary for the Christmas album. Oh well he. And so I everybody's super thrilled except for just. I what I that I reckon the other guys like black somebody golf. So yeah they're getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame they're re release their Christmas album out which government really remember bump in their Christmas music. And I'll let ever better at her share of the premium and bright red the re releasing their causes albums on vinyl and so they're all gonna get back together. And I think that it'll just be crazy to see if they release anything new or some sort of like a released track but I you know. It's weird because Justin has been referring to them a little bit lately. When before when he first came out he was like don't talk about them. Yeah it actually plays is another unit or her error when you have an illness and even like new additions to make money was meant. Speaking of boy band ish guys Justin Bieber I was supposed to be in court. Because somebody said that he ripped off the song starring. So the the people organ in his view for the case. Flew from Nashville to Los Angeles to meet with him. And then I guess he'd show and then as people were like oh he's OK so they're like oh that sucks you know we can all of that here. Well then. Not long after that he posted some stuff. On insert Graham of imparting his ass off. On the day that he was was to meet them and he just got back on its right exactly it would so yeah he posted that and there are like he's not sick he's drought. So I wonder how that'll affect the case may be doesn't pissed off about that. Speaking of judges Ellen DeGeneres we just want a court case against a real litter. Who they're making his TT peers. And somebody sent in the funny picture of her ad so Allen had fun with active alum like. Likes TT Zia. It's a look knee. But so they were just playing on the name you know until this woman like I'm suing Ellen you've destroyed my business. So the judge was like no that's not a case you know it probably major business right exactly beauty. So that was pretty boring some get this. You know we know that the weekend had done a distraction. Supposedly. To Justin Bieber. And it kind of sounds pretty point erratic Justin yet and he wants. Some homers in me I think Japan into. Mean she Siemens emirates team and that team. And in some more. Wow. You know for as much as we like this I mean I kind of liked the thought of Justin Selena yeah Bieber and Selena Gomez. But you know we also thought. Timberlake and spears were going to be rain so we know what it's like to think that that's the way it's gonna pan out of I kind of like her with a weekend I went out. With so weak and on things like it. I'm so anyways she's got a track that's coming out that's out right now it's called being mean. It's with Ky go and everybody's assuming she too is dissing doesn't Bieber have. Hers is a glass of addiction and more of I've moved on exactly. Like LA at last they immense right. But so for ever more any song that those two released and in that we've got to dis on beaver away it's how old is she going to be Bartlett for four years some like that. Although she looks five years younger on ER ST you're an amenity if she's eternally doll face off. And finally. Mark looks like little Wayne Lieberman will be going out to New Orleans to celebrates. Cash Money Records. And so there's all these events planned but they've carefully planned every event so that they don't run into a job. So it'll literally be like one building over from each other. Barreling couple blocks away errors in incident several instances does can be like almost crossing paths with a trying to figure out. So they're running new tennis and there's no trash talking or whatever. So I don't get it because again they're on the scene team. And it almost feels like. They hate each other sometimes but then like when they talked publicly. Though at Leesburg man praises low lane at least he just won't release his album well in I've been saying that because I'm only saying rather that. Rather. Yeah. I say it. There you are very ebony Williams in for Kathy. Mom Kathy will be back on Tuesday. On does one thing Catherine I really admire about you opening is your commitment he's staying fit out. This is one of those people that is always liked what he were six times a week yes yes and like you do. You coming on sort it was league game or whatever and so like you know there. Has been times believer in or I worked out but you have encouraged me to wanna work out. As you know alliance yet but he each had a good example for everybody at the station but I think you're definitely the fittest. And I have a box as a Muslim advocates and I don't. Think you can have the Somalis because I work out retaliatory acts so here's the thing. I know that you and people like you they Wear this thing called the fit. And that tells you what you've done this many steps and today. Your goals was a 101000 step today. It also alerts you when you're being sedentary here. You're not moving on reminds right no but Kathleen I endorse a similar product. It's kind of like that it did but it snuck. It's Larry Kathy for the fat bits but that is a watch like device that you wearing your wrist it monitors your hunger pains remind you if you're moving too much it will alert you when your pizza arrived. In fact cast your pizza is here and like that fit fit that that they can and larger sizes for those of us a bigger risk that we will also notify you when fatty food is near. There is a Taco Bell and three feet shine placing your order it can also monitor a sign. Your ranch dressing levels are low and Gmail also happen sugars that that that does not feature watch but instead has a life as we count down to you'd die of heart debt clock you have three years two days and 47 hours to live in Cannes in eight different countries that did. Get back on the couch available at Wal-Mart. Hey odds. If you don't know how to ski area you you know always wondered Lerner you're new to the state. You can learn how to ski with two games with them by morning show at Loveland it's the scheme right school so listen next week two when your free lift tickets. And rentals and lunch and caffeine they're going to be up there. And ebony thinks it's so funny Cassini and ski just wanna see him ever looking to see me do anything physical yeah. I usually aegs Eddie House lead choking smoke apparently laughing and possibly announce that the fees Keegan pilot every one is an action are at Whitney unseen it's Ali aperture. I got the whole like one jumpsuit thing. Look at jumpsuit with a belt. Yeah yeah yeah and eat those were kind of pushing down hill pork. Are so here's the deal fill in the blank Evan Williams course in for Kathy. Fill in the blank I swear I'd be rich to work from my addiction to blank. So anatomy and I guess yeah I think I've on the plate again I swear I'd be rich if it were my for my addiction to blank workout clothes. Oh really so that's raised among. Well then any other technical my clock. Out. And only if but and that perhaps not read com we did this on social media later this summer I there Gary you're very paid. Ho hum and people are like basically a Beers shooters and a lot of women are seeing. Makeup 00. She is at the expense. I don't think guys have been realized how expensive it is because. You see commercials for all the time that you really think about that's something that. That's like store brand now but right you go it's all that something like bachelor Matt you're spending hundreds like it's Iowa what tournament when my niece my girlfriends that view. And my confidence and that's he's girlfriend and she's make up artist but when she goes shopping she jobs like almost a thousand dollars staying. So what's relegate to a Mac lipstick. We're go for. Doesn't like 24 bucks a low apps like that yeah. And so that their last a year. Yeah are so it can be anything you know like some people have their addiction to doctor pepper or to buck that is an okay. So some people are like we'd sort of uber copy a lot of people spend mad money on coffee. I am right so hit us up 7204891075. Texas 69803. I swear I'd be rich or my for my addiction to blank Lenny what source OC Jordan's video game. Yet those aren't cheap either those are both super spent what's yours. God I would say. I wanna see herb but I gets its great discount might actually do. It and I am and how. How much did drop of O'Keefe well yeah. I guy got blessed because I give us some celebrities. Like you'll hear them get like. Oh you get a free car for this ice cream place and you can have a limited ice can mean a comparison to the black art for reaction or whatever. So when I got a black card for a dispensary and I was like blow wide god. But if I was gonna go broke you know on springs up it's definitely video games. And I would just say like eating out because I'm the guy that's at all all get to check it it. It I'd be like travel and rigging I wasn't Baghdad yet. There you look very Eddie Williams in for Kathy. On Tuesday but right now we're asking everybody. I swear I'd be rich. If you're from my addiction to blank. And you know there's a lot of different addictions people have summer clothing summer drugs of some guy dissect cocaine and heading back. Saudi Rio. Some people say weeds some people say beer Melissa says victorious seeker it. Donald says Wal-Mart uses it costs and higher dollars everytime I walk and are there. Like as you go on what one of those and I need that imagery. Right some people west says. But coffee and target. But he gets into aren't in a I would definitely say that. Like you know if you have. You know a case for good alcoholic top shop that can definitely cost yet. At you replace the bottles are gonna yeah yeah you're like oh damn mind lust for for drone. Some Omar says Amazon Amazon purchases which that's so easy to just click rash of your Amazon prime. Oh man somebody that women. Gaff that got a lot of people said kids still well yeah kids are very expensive in round eleven. 720489175. Who's this April. April I swear I'd be rich if it weren't for my addiction to blank. Make up. Right and there. They all go together or shared pretty make a bomb in your underwear than you have drinks and then take all that up. Also like Tom I know I as far as us guys go we can easily grab like gay. Six pack of underwear or like a three pack in it doesn't cost like and that much art is under lady undergarments a lot. Are the ones by an iron and means nearly twelve or fifteen dollars hair and only permanent pig and a few and it's kind. Ebony shaking your head no that means ebony buys Sears underwear. Speaker you get them like I effort one means at its lands. I'm. It. I'm BI here if you go to Victoria secrets in your guy you can ask to see he tried on pile. And then you can just like by those like it is very contrite Don brown and well then I was wrong thing civic call. But I hope somebody. Kept Keener look like at KH. AMP HK. Kim patent and in whatever she wears Armani at Costco. Her. Thanks. L'Oreal Barry Evan Williams in for Kathy. But right now we're asking everybody to hear this up at 7204891. Of some five. 69803. Are on FaceBook. I'd be rich if you or for my addiction to blink. Now are hard FaceBook page. A Fina Martinez says. My cable bill yes I know arrow and it's it's kind of like that thing you don't wanna be without it Denny's you get the billion like. My god be rides. It right because you like me and I and release it in the bungled everything. Is not bungled everything. Yeah cables definitely way up there from somebody else has to pull away. And that can be addictive and it's always crowded in there and it's always a great meal when you go to to pull away. But then some people argue for the Q Joba and they have the case open venues to fat as your arguing for that. Could you let you go we're like yeah we got case over the Hewlett's polio like yeah we're a little more conscious than that you know. After that when they could they really do try to have a of ingredients. A 7204 in I want somebody who's this. Medicine you'd be ritual or for your addiction to watch. Opposed to see you know you gotta be careful with those because. Tony V he who drink a bunch of Red Bulls all the time. And like his eyebrow fell out. Like I swear to god when I eyebrows fell out completely. And so you'd look at him and right away you know something was up you could really see it you're like ha. And then he had such enough little bit of hair there that we take calf fees mascara. And paint him on the eyebrow so you wouldn't normally hit so he'd feel like I every day he got confidential for my eyebrow on. Ho hum but then he laid out energy drinks in his eyebrow came back so I don't know if you with specifically. The Red Bull. You know be careful. Or maybe. A big hit it right because they you know they have those commercials that. Like an energy drinks are for everybody some people lost their eyebrows at the accurately write a bit. They certainly call our Paribas. Guess or a 75 resist. Our you'd be rich or for your addiction to walk. Target. Seeing a lot of people say target the lower class of people say Wal-Mart off I'm not kidding kid that never but target is one of those places where. You go in if you're going to get something and then you buy tennis things because arming and that's cool. You know exactly though the matter what it is a lot on every idol and they aren't. Yeah like you by the time he didn't they weren't anybody that need it why. You know what's funny is I do go down every tile ivory I'll let I'm at a target. Bomb and it's because I'm baked. Like if I go with my husband who doesn't smoke he's like hurry up what are we getting here I'm like I'm just roaming about having the best I mean the world. Right I say that if you're gonna stop soared to a dispensary then target you won't be held for four hours thanks to the golf. How about I guess it was some five resists it. James are what what would fit his descendants are B Richard over for my addiction to blank. Shopping. A lot of shoppers out man man he shot hit it it it. Where do you shop Bert where he shot. Are all over one of the greatest obstacle current bills. Yeah AF for sure I think that like I've hinted accused of having like a shopping addiction because like. It increases like you just have to spend money every time you go to work but it does kind of give you a buzz when you buy something new. You know I mean we work hard or exactly and then you're like and you keep your bank council an ally reward myself too much. Right on metal key shop and he dropped picks the ball all right yeah I by ebony are there any comments on the text line 69803. Well my guess in a lot of comments a lot of you are addicted to just spending money in general and Amazon or Amazon Amazon prime. We have a lot of you'll like Darren says fishing which I know. That like that that if you don't do it all the time you know realize that it can be expensive hole yes but like almost every hobby has been designed to be expensing investments to be out about the fishing gear and the waiters and some might and a great eking Lugo broken like a hobby lobby by right. I think flowers I. I'm a doll houses and miniatures. OK you know Latin I am I just started making like trying to get some staffers at Kathy jays daughter's doll house I hop and it's not cheap like you actually go there and like. That almost cost as much as a real catch oh yeah. Now it's and hence the kind of like a little community and it will really intense about it we're sure like you have to look like they'll put nice wood floors and it. It's not cheap. L'Oreal very ebony Williams in for Kathy. I'm her dad did pass and you know we just love her and her sending her prayers. Are we did this topic I swear I'd be rich if you order for my addiction to blank. Or getting all kinds in Justine. Answers ever ending. From this a lot of listening eating out. I Gabby says yeah I need to start making my lunch of I did I'd be rolling in it. You know because you find out you command. Because every time you go out especially if you know. You mean grab a soda are if you're going after RS try it adds up Alia Tom would you go on the text. Well a lot of great things. Who hair Wii bundle and suits. Lots of fellow detector in because they're saying at Allison addicted this excellent I have some a damn kids Fiat (%expletive) (%expletive) happened at Florida eight kids and I got gambling am black cock. Right now that's fun. Jose on FaceBook says women in general Ali because it's not cheap to be single when your or your turn find that person. You guys impress announcements that I exactly not last a. But Ellison on pets mart because at a Kansas have dogs knew exactly could then and they're expensive they're so worried king and a. 7204891075. Who's this. Jasmine a you'd be rich if your for your addiction to watch. And to consummate skill expensive music can get expensive yeah I area. Ringer and try to outlook. Get it. Right airlines hotels drugs. The pacifiers or glow sticks. At a yeah and it's so weird when you love music so much and then you run into somebody who doesn't love music you like your weird. A. Thanks for the call. By. Guess what some five who's this new all new Juan that's a cool name. You would be rich you bee ritual more for your addiction to watch it. Yes he like that the rye and narrow is coming out and new ones that I know that lake avenue by. Actual high hills BM has not achieved in the home. And added it's an app that clear in my closet when you're at it did you do you have any of the issues with the red bottoms. All of those are really expensive of those I'd buy him a hole and I kind of let. I didn't are those loop the time now can you take those two Punjab he needs to probably. He probably hit it well it's ours must see issues like athletic where do you also get into the high hills. I got all of them and worker hillside in yeah. I can count on it at that. You know what I'm pat. Barrett as far as the ladies' shoe trend goes you know hugs became just the standard for a lot of girls. And they can just draw on whatever so I was like oh my god we're so close for guys being able to Wear those and then where. You could get it off and then Tom Brady endorsed him and no guy Lara. Yeah it's kind of weird to see him rocket doesn't that add right thanks for the call. I'm provide our it will continue to leave this what you're addicted to a so we don't feel bad about also being broken. And what's trending it's time line celebrity. And. Yeah. Larry look very having Williams entered Kathy who will be back on Tuesday. Are is so. I guess Chris Brown. Had a residents seem Vegas yes it's. Rare it was and prayers as I pronounced that casino he had DR AI a past BS strays. Or is it drain giants dropped either way had ever been down effect but yeah he got to fight with them. And he they canceled his basically his residency but now they've patched things up. And he'll be back. And you know it's like one of the residents is where you're not their like as long as Celine Dion or Britney Spears. But people still know where they can buy tickets for you and yeah hang out so I guess they passed and that from you be able to see him there through one to now. Are we went back and forth on the McCain in being. I'm Nick Cannon who supposedly like walked out on America's Got Talent and then they said that they fired him and he said he quick as he wanted to keep your Brill. And then there are gonna hire Ryan Seacrest and they say they they want him back and he's like why guess and gone back it and now he's not. The latest Terry says that he didn't wanna be on TV and he says it's all yours Seacrest. So I mean who relentlessly teasing CS Wright or nick can and can't we just find somebody new I'm sure there's more than two guys out there they picked it. I'm but nick does needed job because you know is weird hat addiction and is needed right oh he does yeah. He's not with the girl is one of babies those like one of the models or something like that an or that excuse me for a long term paper along and are there and they're not a couple. Couple estimate well if anybody can afford have brand means exactly. You know we heard a single from the weekend. That everybody was pretty sure he was just in on Justin Bieber and if you listen close it pretty much sounds like you know I got two girl. And he wants. Earn some homers in me I think Japan into. Mean she semen and my. Revenues I'll. Yeah I'm sorry I like them as a couple of them yet on his way sexier than Bieber. Bieber attempt sexy. Our note to a lot of girls. He sexing. Need to you know count well I think about this you know like he really had those young girls Malia and yet came up with him and now they're older. And I think that there is becomes the time were a girl. Get embarrassed of her younger crashes are musical interest so I think that's why some girls like eventually group was like. I can't thinks that that's still a bit and I'm still. A problem. It's a grill we'll definitely be it be within Ryder die out but so it's not just the weekend that do distract. They're saying Selena Gomez is latest single. Is kind of a little slap to Justin. Like some of the music like backing you gamblers but that sounds like. I in Atlanta and can't bear like. Country act like you wish you would do some hooks for some rappers and lean a little that way. But I don't know either way that wasn't too hard that this I'm Justin Bieber but whoever. Are so here's the deal. In sync is going to. Reid released their Christmas album. On final day and apparently this is news. A couple of but. They're gonna all be together. To receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the president carried half I don't they have. Like media their heyday. And I remember seeing that has the star Ritalin and that the deaths. It's but you know the other guys are all about it they're like we have an appearance basically right there on that treadmill Jolie sat 1000. And just and to relate lied. Scales and it lacks the action it exactly. He's all alone madame tussaud's. The purchase of liberty tradition does. All right so the last hour we had died on this topic it. I'd be rich to work for my addiction to blink. And we have one of the text ebony wanted to read. Omega is okay if sent all of my New Orleans stuff like riding him I'd gras parade I've kind of Bucs saints season tickets. All thousand dollars courtly family chance 1000 dollars and more armor again he apparently somebody's Boller and right. Make a mental note of who that person's image or are you right. You have a green that's when you go through their photos you have a family and then you see gay pride logo on your he's getting. Got a retain your game. It doesn't happen when neutral people but I'm all right detectives have a lot of humor to be very happy about this some people have been waiting for this for a really long time. Scientists have finally discovered the gene. That stops over eating. And it makes you crave exercise well I know right. Right so it's like for people that don't have like the best will power are like the healthy habits Evan Williams as. It's Danish scientists they found a gene that controls. What the brains as signals that it sends to the intestines. So it'll help break the cycle of over eating and under exercising. It triggers feelings of fullness as well as the need to. Sleep after you eat so I guess we eat really crappy food these wanna go to bed at Q yes and this stops that. Now and so it also gives you internal appetite suppressing but it gives you. The need and want to get up in being physical and just gain but at least that's what I guess it's the Danish scientist so let's hope it doesn't make hearing turns out. A.