Morning After 2-16-17

Thursday, February 16th

In Kathie J Stupidnews a man's pet squirrel goes nuts on a burglar

In CT&B is the Weekend dissing Justin Bieber?

Have you ever had a new person get a promotion on your job before you did?#KS1075


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Yeah. I stop it. But so are you a very Kathy just out and salon next week. Tony supposed to be here but we believe there was and I stop somewhere. And hadn't. We have not heard from Tony B and that we don't know the feet of him. Maybe still account and use our total he's as locked. Man and he had let me. You hit like three I stops on the way here I brow. He's got a free trip that he has three iced up and one iasis stop it could cut your Middle Eastern time you ask. Yeah it's tough being me I am I mistaken for a lot of people that whether the opening of social media issues like Obama got just like I step February and I just PS they're supposed to be on an Alameda federal Peoria and I you know the that's. Did he was gone down on Peoria and summoned roar racquet so everyone thought that was and I stopped right now there's actually hold up an armed person there is that go down but it. Everybody's pulling out of the area and those guys OJ. And so the thing is get a I was just have a dubious but I think that's gonna happen all the time now is with trump coming movement forward on his like. Keep the bad numbers out all right it's out there are so right and then it's like they're kind of walking ability to Latino people that was from our people write and say. Should cry about it. I'd be viewed the vote in. Maybe. Well I don't even though that while your relatives should devoted righty. You know it's of the Latino vote didn't show up knighted and wreck wreck so and for me it's like so to counter. I'm just gonna Wear Trout mask so I don't people don't know if it's at VOK no Google and its asking electrical and our security. Pushed China's. At his opponent in the pitched well good luck getting home with four more I'd stop I was hoping you'd give me Iraq and yet neutron. That's it and it went again. Day cyber Cathy today it's still good news I can't let him 75. It's Larry and Tony V cast you will be back hopefully next week's employed right so she's Indian film stuff lover and with. Our eyes and his DO. This guy and he is a car sex fetish and he was busted aft distilling four cars. Case. On the guy he's from Michigan which is appropriate that workers use to me. He's got to finish relaxed pleasure ring himself in cars because of the bumping motion in the engine sounds. Uh oh okay now instead he has got arrested for stealing for cars from a dealership. And so like who knows what happens cars. Down to repay the picture of that happening right there in them like they're gonna have to like the black life and find out where it's at right because the pay the tailpipe. You that's not that realistic right for the gas bread double that's gonna Burke who. Yeah utilities the castle I hate us. So Liddy. If he's with the mid nice leather interior yeah I don't know right now cupholder. A cookbook and it put me I guess they aren't a short shift to stand up but I think I'm relaxed though the secret cult like god just replace it. This is a new car it's. Like you know the but the even squirrels know who the bad garlic effort shooter a bird or broken new guys how's Ohio. On Tuesday but he only to give you things before he left turned out it was because the guy's pet squirrel wouldn't stop attacking him. So lucky they'll both. Those things move so fast it would be terrifying vote on their quick and that the fact that the squirrel attacked that's awesome I think that's right the guys in Boise Idaho his name's Adam. He came on Tuesday in revise its summary broken in his place. And there were footprints in the snow outside the door and all the sudden this groh was like. You know still in the house like it's like that tennis world like this is where we live in some panic originally runaway so it's slowly since the scrolls name is Joey. And doesn't keep him caged he just let them run about the house wow. That's great debut on the live like a guard squirrel runs that would terrify me. More like a little free thing coming out in bite in the mean or just jump in on your head Brad Miller right they fly to do exactly and there's so add child even try to swing at it but I have long nails and if they bite you publicize how freak out knowing that wrote in the mean my dodge Yoshi eats squirrel okay this personal interpreter. Okay this isn't the you finally do it last for as a woman at Texas on during a fight over poop lone toilet seat. Of well. Result the guys 44. In a Florida Florida got into an argument with his 67 year old mom baby should have your own place by hello hello. Beach was so the thing is the thing is she get whooping on the toilet seat. OK so I thought it was him. And then what mostly because she kept looking all over his toilet seat she went up slapping him. So he was arrested for battery. Oh he ended up slept well since he's left to slap to yeah that's who says she wound up slapping him so she was arrested for battery. Okay the market got arrested OK and she was what to do to which you probably accusing him. No I accused uttered not a fight yeah he didn't like it white people who broke the toilet seat and she's like yeah she. And she hit him out of this. Was she your she's confirmed earlier this month because as you said you know he's like hey why he put drove toward the they argued she went of slapping the face to his arrest she does and does not seem right that don't accuse me to open on C Brian how terrible that it actually made. You couldn't it's embarrassing and now everybody's talking about it. Entertainment news rumors and ask them it's celebrity trash. Some women okay. I. There you have very Tony V and for Kathy. So check this out a whole book Arnold Schwarzenegger guys in the back and forth with nickel back. Okay so Arnold for Schwarzenegger was making a point about. Do remembering. OK to remembering. You for being the only guy. In there you go do remembering his bad embed this is what Arnold had to say. Here's some of the things that the more popular than congress hemorrhoids nickel back I think James cock roaches root canals colonoscopy is. Rubies in the movies they couldn't be true presume that holds him up. Have been leases do thrived the case in the new Quebec people be here about the thrived. To do them like being compared to embroidered is you know they're just tired of being moved out of every joke next right Arnold tell us for a race so they said the other. The they'd tweeted. Arnold Schwarzenegger has said. Lets you that you want to be in the mix thing tweeted quote big fans of your approval rating and they said hash tag Batman and Robin. With Weasley was out of your future. Wisdom drops and encircle Arnold Schwartz wasn't eager to have you back. We come back that's ice cold. I hope we can agree that we need to put the freeze. And Jim remembering. Guys stinks to do reply. So then nickel back I was like kind of funny so they tweeted back well played sir hash tag respect. To stop and that was the problem did eager to do some freeze joked everybody should allow. We should instead you're OK bro it's ethnic Arnold situation you yeah you know well. Now onto the mix storing OK there is stop talking like adults with Monica. All right so get this com. And mark Antonin Jennifer Lopez's baby daddy right arm he's on the rebound right now OK and had you rebound when your market opening. How did a 21 year old girl from hey EU. Bomblets is probably the limit where you wanna go but I mean I guess negatively younger bat. That's still makes him seem weird she yankees he looks like old she law. Not a lie and she's not Al Sadr and now she's not. By our church is the model he's 48 she's torn on how do you what are your thoughts on that. Yeah I just threw up and said enough. Finger but I mean like if your him why would you go. Our guest of gay gain everybody's respect all data forty year old narrow your I mean like for him it's it's probably and makes it's gonna make him feel better about himself I guess for her she's like. I know but like at least you can do a lot worse and Marc Anthony he looks like cold swallowed by. I'm sure there she's right she's love. How you're always called her. The F throw blanket everywhere you blinked geek girl with huge humid yes I think she's the model yet she's the model OK so why wouldn't she's cuter than he is so I write I guess Kate Upton is coming back in huge ways she's three different covers. Of this your Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And so that's I mean she's super hot and she's beautiful she's like a healthy girl yet like I saw her in that movie. With Cameron Diaz I was like man she's like she's running and undoubtedly it was a big chief she's a she she really felt that she's beautiful and as she deserves the cover. OK so. This is really funny mum. Nicole Kidman was talk talking some details with W magazine about first time she ever kissed a guy and guess who's watching the shining. They're playing hooky from school okay and that they were watching the shining it was a weird or anything like that in regards leaned over and with a debit throat she's thirteen. But is there in a murder she. I don't know stars come out they have. But however they have to tell into the deep dry weather ask it then you know after they've been stars for so long they run out of stories. And then she's after all member of that time like is that guy air during the shining yeah exactly. All right get this the weekend is talking Justin Bieber with the new track. You know he's obviously you know doesn't really wrap per say but he saying something about Selena Gomez in this and he wants. Earns some homers and then being content Kensington yeah. Me she Siemens emirates. Team. And in some. She just. I'm learning now. Now is here and I really like the suns on. And he's he's calling out. Being recommended by writing. I'm bigger venue and she likes it I stole your girls ran its senior against singer right you know bringing death and yet that's kind of cool. I think Justin Bieber already told him to go left himself right exactly. We're not only that but it's like. Selena Gomez definitely upgraded sorry. There you go in I mean like I think the weekend is a waiver of a guy. This are the person wearing a servant like beavers clearly like rich and successful right but I don't know rises like a better with the boys reputation precedes him Z you know he had that Bradley image or whatever arrogance of man and man. Morning show. Hum our eyes so thanks to a Kathy jays took apps that Kathy will be back on Tuesday. Tony you know Kathy knows all the people hauling her away she gets all the premiere she just interviewed. Com. The guy I am wolverines. No Jenks he jackass. I bring for and Patrick Stewart oak and Jimmy the little Wolverine girl as she gets all the books yet so she with her contacted his move. Ended up giving us this trailer. That hasn't aired anywhere okay I'm so this is like bill latest as you've seen have you seen the trailer for the live action beauty or beast. I have not seen yet now okay it's incredible like you know and it's just amazing Soviet exclusive on this well another girl who plays spell. Which is a group played from mining in Harry Potter right she likes scenes and sounds like ballots just insane are nice so it's a live action does whom you know incredible big budget thing right so this is a very exclusive trailer. March of two. Just eat. Come to life. Storing the. President Troy has some gas dollars. Oh tremendous. Eating home. That's. Only fans the east so look good stroke. Cooper's program are different sections report. Rush. Oh my god it's going to be settled that oh my god so get I didn't know that was the spin on it but I got it right all I got kids only get cranky that would be. I I guess yeah. All right so calm Tony V as the story as well as I do okay. A mine has to do with a friend who just left town okay and this is as a guy who. Just have like the worst luck ever and Mikey came to move here I was trying to be that supportive and be good Brandon. Album now and it was a super this in so doing you into that story okay that you had like ghosts situation. Yeah it was weird pro last night it was so now yeah yeah that's where it has reached a I'm go to bed I had obviously doing the show last night yesterday with you I was tired so much to bed early or 8 o'clock in. My little guy. He got sent to bed he'd wanna go to Betsy came to my room and immediately with mean into your mom you know. Brett makes you go to your right so he led with me. And he's and then you know I like in and out of sleep rent passing grass so I was somewhat handouts to make sure he's with me isn't thought the big east 3 am pretty sure he's okay right so I'm out in and out and then also and she comes. Takes him takes in his room canal that good stuff. Well still in and out of sleep and I'm I'm at this I'm pretty sure I'm awake. It feels like somebody's getting into Betsy you know how that feels right breed resentment filling right estimate how he had an exceedingly gaining ground event rice a you don't necessarily feel that person but he's still a bad move the presence right. So I open my eyes that looked over and there's nobody better war hello wait a minute that was weird knocking out you know I'm tired I'm just it's right on my head. So I start falling back asleep again and I feel at the foot. My dad aunt Sarah pop hit I'm like holy crap and there's nothing that nothing. Well I don't think there's a ghost in my room. And they start laughing because I remembered another story from some Mickey Mouse who that it goes to the room and I guess and this is they confront the dozens and. Big raids. Did damme goes you know it it just sit I say. Okay. Sit. Up here I did the Rand. Out but I. I was stopping because that that was so far hook hook and that's mostly to no problem but I'm Mike talk a bit like that's weird crap was there go look at us. Not anymore right well and it's fun it is. Like our told that story to some people I like and how they do and then again I think he. Legs as they go down the air I didn't read write because somebody had given him that advice right. So I told you that story and modular odd. Let's give Mike. You know to me do it where he got its own it only works if you tell the ghost to get out Ed you mentioned bill will raise rates because they don't wanna go get a good job. That that's not an idea general ghosts so you've got a regular one it's my job today though like a ghost scares some people are abandoned library. And it. So. Other real rates on Avian for Kathy who'll be back on Tuesday. On our eyes so here's the deal I had a friend. That we were like you know Thai boys. And he stole some herbs from OK you know I kind of caught him and it was really weird because like our super nice to him and if he'd asked for a given to look into the back rapture of the story and therefore okay to them we were deftly enough for a direct completely cut in my of course that's not cool. So then. You know like a couple years past he news out of town. Eventually he's accent is big apology was as men I was injured. You know it really went through it after we were friends like you really bummed out he felt bad about it completely OK so we apologize we kind of made amends bomb. It's a comedian talk on the phone. So eventually says the move up back to Denver. I was like. Cool and you a lot of people wanna move here but it's not cheap to move here you know on the right is ridiculous. Right so he shows up. And he's got like you know a couple grand. And he's like I'm just like okay worried Emery words like okayed me and like we gotta you are roomy situation. That's most affordable and then in New York for a job in this that the other. So all is the next thing you know his car is stolen out of the hotel now and his all his belongings and silly everything's gone. The so him and his daughter distracted this hotel. And so like it just sucked in. You know back it's a complete failure as far into so ugly in Denver right to go like have you know in you know try to find the gig you know. Out beanie interviews in this that the other. So then it was total set back. Then next thing you know he's walking the dog the dog sees a squirrel and the dog takes off. While his wrist is still the leash okay of the dog pulls in deaths and cut stares and really brings three ribs. I'm like. Yeah something else. So they edited it that were bad enough then. Little while later couple days later of what has abilities it. I will compete in the hospital and I was like why is like I don't know. Those like. People at the hotel five should go to hospitals so. I don't know. Keep in mind unions Lulu of a dream come out OK okay well okay that makes it CDs can't rise is a pretty much a couple days don't get this two and a couple days later music. I woke up and my change is all bloody I don't know how it happens we'll write something. Like go. Arab media did I live in the middle of the night or something like that and so then thousand people there had to give Jiri changed different hotels where they're okay because he's kind of like a mass. So these two of his hotel though you should try to get that looked at so that he went to emergent care and they need to put some stitches in his lip why I saw now Michael and Mike. Menu or so not go look for a job worthy you look like your face exploded. You're like yeah let's say he'll because that is so he's going around looking for jobs that still whatever is well or that look in the World Cup like the worst to the point where. Mike I was like on the phone with his stamina there's Mamas like. You ever think is panning out his target depleted. He's you know she's paying premiere of hotel hotel. As like I think at a certain point we have to like recognized that the design have been rights of their own suddenly get the call from the police that I can we turn your car. Okay that's the good news bad news is we should have told you months ago it's been in in Panama racking up fees so Hulu the car that he paid a thousand dollars for his net 2000 guess. Ka. I was like aside from you like jumping off the royal gorge got Gatti didn't. And is so does that nexus gadgets and he's literally in the car on his way home with his really cold dogs. And so yeah they're on their way home as you know if it is not a car bomb close friend is driving him. Which may you're you're my friend my it is my friend Mike doesn't he's in between jobs so real limited time so as you're driving down there and then he's gonna fly back Mikey but he's being compensated you're insane right and I was like oh my god I was like yeah you're bringing bad. Yet she to this whole state did you gotta get out of here that's delegates are still you we exactly that's called the buck. Entertainment news. Rumors and gosh yeah she and I just went yeah that's what. I'd like eggs out. All right so are Tony be in for Kevin. We've gone back and forth with Disney campaign song like when he came in. City quit America's Got Talent right instead he's going door to anymore whatever scheme in your ranks them then they say they're gonna hire and seekers can. So now the story today is. That they can is actually going to still work at America's approach we knew Europe's top guy you'd have a better jobs are count his money and maybe I should stay he's all these weird hats are expensive but it's a pathetic thing. He's a fortune teller. Side of first year that. So check this out we mentioned earlier that they're making the Super Bowl. A 51 into a movie apparently Tom Brady wrote a book or is they wrote a book about him to the gonna turn that into the movie that those kind of based on him and deflate gay and all that. They say it's. It's really about. The guy is on top staying on top to the chagrin of Roger Goodell. So in other words even though. But they're making him out to be the bad guy of the boundaries that your guy rare race outside of Massachusetts no one's gonna watch it replace gates today while their air and there's army there's no. We'll have to insane okay. There. So Arnold Schwarzenegger got to be with nickel back. I talked about two relevant facts it a so Arnold Schwarzenegger was trying to make a point. And he used nickel back as an example lowering happy with. Okay here's a look to things that the more popular than congress hemorrhoids nickel back I think James cock roaches root canals colonoscopy is. Ruby's interviews they couldn't be true presumably holes. Okay okay calm down it's medical back who is cockroaches Cohen also Pete in hand boutiques you have to have. So nickel back was like why you bring us into this you know incredibly tired of really being the joke they really are like kind of the joke I mean you really go right okay so they ended up sending a message and they said hey I approve this Donald Batman and Robin. Please leave with out of your future wisdom drops for the dissent by bringing a Batman Robin that would make you feel better course so Arnold came back exit the that's ice cold. I hope we can agree that we need to put the freeze and Jim the mid bidding. Guys thanks to do reply. Now dim gerrymandering. Do remember going to sit right Larry Ellis Arnold's big gerrymandering keep these. It's like the when you think about genocide oh okay did you pad the two teams. Hey you like you great guy loves you out of me it's the Jerry pandering give Jim mentoring elementary this. Either go I'm asked are there to do do more research on that okay Arnold's. Hotels dot com recently did a survey of 8400 people to ask who you'd want to travel with. So I Tom Hanks was number one with 32% of the vote people that wanted to travel with them. George Clooney was second followed by Denzel Washington. Justin Timberlake and mauled him free this is all women who took the full well they they do they do women as well severe and these were the men who won a capital market screaming you would you like to travel would model advice I would love it if I don't maybe you can go to the lobbying to give us a call. I'll have my black. So it's a yet roared through those guys and here's the women Jennifer Aniston Ron okay which is crazy that she. Only does lotion ads and people still lover right. Also Jennifer Lopez was one of them yes Ellen DeGeneres. Yeah yeah Selena Gomez and Gionta off fun off on its those ladies pressure I'm sure they make their budget per pixel to go so many Morgan Freeman Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez can't keep my hands teams Sarah. At Ukraine's. Look obvious though that just Libby trash rational case with some time yeah. I lining snow. Would Larry you a very Tony dean for Kathy. Also don't forget we've got to get to future amigos at Torrey lanes tickets go on sale this Friday went before you combine them right so here's the deal. This is new trend in its cause flash freezing your genitalia. And it makes it look younger. And it makes sex filled better OK okay so the trend is actually called genitalia freezing. And it's where you pay a spot to blast your junk guy or girl with mist made from liquid nitrogen. And it confused here can tell you the parents of younger look. That makes sex feel better so. Like I don't know like junk really kind of like aged like I don't mean. I guess I mean it I anyway he Ali got it right into right you know clearly scope a lot of old genitalia you know and announced like now what happens to create. It's like if you go hey grandma and I or a gravel what's going on them right. And then I guess what's the while Blake. You might see something if you go to the gym locker room at Seagram bought dragon. There's a joke on the floor is in his knees right. So many. Right could I get living is if you're trying to get the wrinkles out you're gonna be there all day on some Google. This particular couple wrinkles. To face tighter and Republican lower again to jump lift our right. Lady left hates about like this is happening all over. And I guess like the cold rush future blood flowing which makes you extra turn on me should feel better and also responds the cold. By boosting your collagen levels down there okay which makes your job would be younger and bigger and better. More youthful and vibrant tighter skin wow it's sixty bucks. Good luck trying to find that. Either no cobra like you have to cholera at a different spas like you the treason genitalia what clicked. Keep on you know these engines hey hello click. Board president Monica Friedman balls. Can't do. So. Larry liberate Tony Meehan for captains will be better Monday producer lemmings and house Tuesday. Our Tuesday that's right the President's Day aren't you glad the president stay. Hand when I celebrate and I know we are well yeah that world obtaining. Hey even if it's break a tough to the orange. Our eyes say here's the deal. We have a really cool trailer that we got. For the Beauty and the Beast movie course and it's exclusive to us I Kathy jazz connections with the movie people have you ever been in. At your office and somebody new comes in and they get a promotion or raise before you do when you get their way Lawler. That's not cool right right injure its use because their way hotter in your fast probably happy. AB you're that person that went in and start to get all of his love before everybody else you are one or minutes or does not look sometimes it skills right sometimes you came in and you killed it and that's why you're here and acknowledged. So you have this great attitude you're go Gator in the navy has been there forever singing and. All right but then he's all bummed out because like I've been here for four years and that grow with the big GG one hand and got the new promotion and she's up beauties of he's like a big GG he's it is too bad hair on got to Wear proper around come on a bra bra but right now. The exclusive trailer that is you know like never aired before. You'll probably hear us like. Later today all over but we had at first yes so cool. March 2. Come to life. Storing them. Troy has. Gas dollars. Oh tournament. Eating home. That's. Oh wait fans the east so look Bridgestone. Course broke urban parking problems mentioned report. Rush. Man that's good perfect that's going to be so good and looks so amazing. And the fact that the Amy trump gassed on not the age through everything up. As what I heard it was in began for beating to be some like what he's clearly the bees right nobody's perfect for Gaston because that. Don't are below the belt. Us coming to behavior is better you than a. Host Kevin Love I might. There you the very Tony in for Kathy Kathy will be back on Tuesday. Have you been at work OK you're there you've been a little while all of sudden you see some new v.s come in. And they get like a promotion. Before you or actually. One of them gets a raise for union like blood nearly a year or longer right couple years maybe ten years phrase that means one or two things you're getting screwed. Or use. That that's what it's like you immediately fired so as not sucking or uses communities what many sometimes you're that person. That kills it and they just like you in your position they don't wanna move view right that you do so well that if they're comfortable with right exactly right. FaceBook dot com's best kiss on some five right now from Victor he said yeah I was an HVAC tech for about a year and a half. We have a new guy start. And he started training under this guy that's talking right now. He said when it cut was so excited about money and he says that the company started the brand new guy. At a two dollar an hour raise more than him. Up he quit that NASA right right. Aron says I left my job at a bookstore as DA might come as more important meaning companies that. Don't treat their long term employees well so much happier in a better place. So it's like be it happens in any kind of into. You were at the end of Roberta says bigger raise. C said she's been there longer so the ad that sucks in the Anthony master Reno says. But they got them young were they got him younger rug burns I'm that he needs. Nicole says yep it's called hustling just 'cause you've been around long this doesn't mean you're the best for the job. So it's true it may be I knew right you know new gear go Gator you're doing things are excited about the job and the other persons the that's been a mongers just kinda. Routine not doing with their lesson and also be doing this will be Dolan but. They're just children not it's is that whenever a my remember when Antonin. Was a given it to you were being given to her right of the radio station. And SI remember like seems group coming through and like a lot of times the radio station you'd get like. But you know here's tour right. Some students or whatever right and so I was an army and I don't talk to them that's gonna take a the next thirty minutes I have right so when I saw your group walked by I was like. A man these are definitely like it's a special group or the other the special needs to brag about pressure short cross. And I realized Obama got these two were coming from in those days was acquired another our coworkers. And I'd like to say that can grass you Tony if you need although they keep they out web by the wayside Tony Canaan firs I got the two dollar race. All right so have you ever being that I looked over as far as the promotion or raise go. And somebody did just got hired got it. And you're like oh my god is that it. Because it mean your you know and it's a tap in more than a couple times. You start to wonder he clearly I'm not the favor cry or can be the boss having an affinity for that employee depending on who it is right ninety elegant affair guy hero whatever where midshipman. I'm Megan unfazed he says. Once it happened me I didn't like it also got really get my job. And I was promoted new hire I found a niche in my profession that wasn't exactly in the spotlight. And AA you know and you and have been perfect for her so she found her. Like that she didn't go over the obvious rock star position it says here that she just kind of found her own niche and now she's got her own corner go and she makes her own hours Hughes Killen. Nice nice obvious or says twice last year the second time I was more sad because the company didn't follow the promotion process. And then Renee says length of time means nothing hard work reliability and dedication means everything. Right and then like two sides again right and it decaf sometimes tough test. 1075 resist Sony. There he ever been network and us somebody came in new and move like surpassed you. Now so do you think that's because. They're more driven argue their bigger boobs. Pretty Smart but I don't know there are under the act because they've got a raid. And that got promoted right to work it out and take into work every day only god. I've worked would begin each and all the people I'm you know what I don't get any extra money are you in on the opera and I'd I don't I got a lot of hard because you know I doubt that these people come and all the crime and my job. And they get great logic they ride they are accurate what I am not a lot yet and I. Not out of late and back. Well she's under the desk the buck certainly got a raise halo. Well I hit here's the thing. It's like you know we like I said before. You're so reliable and good at what you do they don't want you to move because you're did they'd gotten that unlock it's one thing there have to worry about. When in fact they should be like acknowledging your hard work and promoting you know right. Everything went out and they are a lot I got our work they might not only god. My work I ask that you. Thought I think you can bet that compensation and big optically. I want an army and I are coming out of their pocket that you needed to I marble work my other problem murder armed paper that added that. You know it sounds like you need to invest in some knee pads it. I. Don't know we're. Cool. I I worked for what I get but I continued to stoop to that level. Right up thanks for the call take you. I canceled a 75 resist. It David you ever got passed up for a raise or promotion before somebody else. And do you know why it. Argue it just after guests. So in other words like you just seemed to new people coming in surpassed you and would do you think it was because of their gender was at the that they were harder workers. And so in other words all the girls get promoted because the bosses are guys. Wow well you know Manny fewer underneath mean. I'd promote you. It did. That it clocking in and then left. The okay. We're making Tony be comfortable. It now ungovernable. Right comment bigs to the golf. You related to cancel a 75 resists there and Timothy Joseph regain. Passed up by somebody that was hadn't been to the company. Been with the company as long as you. Actually came to an end after three months back out that you provide data raised. Or whatever level and I went and not question my answer right you know that entire month and a that are raised. Where is some people come in and with hitting the ground running. And some people are comfortable at their jobs last empty glass half full I guess it depends how you look at. Why are you ever I had Abacha came in a year later and be sessions. And that was at the level. Call him the army he fired me right it didn't know. Well that sucks you saw both sides of the area. So now you got a better job Rula. I had definitely get a better job don't have to work with any of those property and market step. 100. Yet it's so much better when you get into a job where you're not competing with your employees and fellow co workers. You're competing. Against the competition. I just hate having to work in situations ever so dramatic and you got like boxes talking behind your back or you got like people throwing under the bus there's all these. Political dynamics and like you really should be like on the same team focused and ready to kick the competitions act. Because if you let the employees do their thing. You can be the star as a boss and right back to them and you you invest everything with them fairly across the board. You can be the superstar and the boss can actually get promoted and things can even get better for that person and the team wins. Right and then you have to know this if you're the boss and you're talking crap about certain people it's gonna give back to them a big talk all the all we also ask. They threw the con man. They're real great Tony Avian for Kathy. But we're talking about when you're out working his job and all of a sudden here comes a new person and they give. You know they pass you up and as far as promotion or maybe even arrays and you're like what the hell. 720489175. Possess. Now are Penelope ever get screwed over it worked because somebody new. A couple of times and not me I am amazed being right. I am Beardsley I think that Larry that you earlier happened to me where. Why I didn't. Backpack and about commitment and because I was the only one to turn around. And another kind Jaffray clean. I ended up mentoring and training new staff that they hire I'm like and Heatley when people like trade between my diva. Oh my god that is just so weak. And your right they lock you in a spot where you're killing it and they're like we're never gonna fight another her for that spot right so then they kind of like. You need those big things at work like. You get a free parking space or you've got free lunch here is the best Jennifer and everybody claps and you and then they're like I hope that works if we can't replace you but we're gonna keep you in the same spot because you're making east cars. Yeah absolutely I mean you're here. You know you should do then next time you're training group and people change them completely wrong. Right now we'll thanks for the call. I look bureau guy he has won 75 loses it there's Rico Rico he ever got passed up fur promotion are raised because somebody else. And it was one particular job vote work in it was last year. And boom there's new guy came in and you've only been there right roughly dreamer and I was there a polite. Give a take like a year. And oh occurred while via a simple Verizon that you would agree to our year we're gonna own rule it out because the a Coke old the scene at La you know they've got to put that hey you know what is it called the ready directory and don't. So what particular date to go to Q you're correct that what they are because I guess they had to vote lead or whatever so. Didn't work out it is. The guy who they're sort of requirement is that gay in the remedies that are the there was a big race suit. Three gallery. Like. Really upsets of all I can earn it like it worked at the right. My ball flight with two on the united. You know work and aren't making your reward connote by you know words. There's going to be straightforward guys keep the guys who. You're a three run a race. And happy you're like a year and a. There'll assert you have to understand he's Caucasian. Don't. Groups. I'll let you know that's up that. I developing. The best thing is right you have buses that are gonna fight for you anymore but. But somebody on the outside can come and make more money but the other boss button drawn fire for you I got you back they really don't write for sure and it's like yeah exactly it's like you either have somebody that's in your corner and you're on the team. Together or it's every man for themselves it's too bad. Yeah yeah and it felt like you. But you'll need somebody that they like what went right. You know remote animated and very bill like that but we what do department spoke in a program cool to before being brokered. Advocate so. As part Kia and figure I you know. That this little perky or be like Booker a wanna try to help his guys give it extra money so he put food on the table but that wasn't. Yeah sometimes you get lulled into thinking that. You're tighter than they have your back more than they do actions speak louder than words and knows this no don't forget this business never has your back right. Well no although I have found out that might cause we use them. Well. There's no business like in no business Sino. Right area. Our our man both thanks for the call yeah Oprah very good luck bro thanks from the calls we appreciate it we filled the fact that a lot of is sustained focus on what you're doing and if you're not making any headway with your current supervisor. You gotta get noticed by somebody else Argo fine and navigate right you know I mean yeah it's like these you know which I've got to go back afternoon some sort of my job by. And what's trending it's time line so let me ask. Color you'll very Tony VM for Kathy who'll be back on Tuesday. Are right get this they're gonna make the 2016 New England Patriots season. A movie. And it's close to you know have deflate gave in in about the suspension. And about how he came back. And Nina gave Goodell the finger and he won the Super Bowl in. Tom's the man okay that's enough okay listen the game was great it was one of the greatest comebacks of all time in sports history. But we don't need to see begin in the form of a movie my thing is who's gonna play Tom Brady I say like Ellen DeGeneres and yet where the bugs right and Michelle Rodriguez time there's a lot of people who could play PS treasure hunt any lady Smith Tom Brady moved the price goes again unknown guy it'll be kind of like a big screen version of a lifetime moving. Beyond my time with horrible acting. A out of hotels dot com recently asked 8000 people. Who they thought would make two great travel companion Africa. So they ask you know male and female or who would you wanna be you know hang with Willie revocation OK but Tom Hanks was number one. A George Clooney and followed by Denzel Washington Morgan Freeman was also there. And Justin Timberlake whose guys wanna party with Justin Timberlake from a boy band called infant. Back in the day you have to choose from N'sync and Backstreet Boys. Don't you like The Backstreet Boys but Mary was more in sync would priest say Morgan Freeman up party with you I just know that Tony liked that can't read that. It and it EU and they're pretty her act. Lou nobody is ever. Cool no instinct was what was us and they are both cool and no veto here it's who's now you don't get pull I was just I was like eight years old Agnes and creates drag Barack. About eight years old guys try. Our I's scope although after the women it was Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston first hotel by Jennifer Lopez. Ellen DeGeneres Selena Gomez and deal sire. To do. Kate Upton of course. Is killing it used three different covers of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition have you seen. Those covers I haven't seen you know I just did yes she's right she's gorgeous men she is there a healthy what are healthy girl looks she's making she's rate is in great for sure she's not like I mean like you were in a room with her she'd be little bright if she'd just be. But when you see her standing next to. Regular chick she's just so like. Healthy she's girl next door right and she's hot right gap also Serena Williams's Armenia in the issue she's wearing a Thong bikini. A bomb. There's also out the resin from the Olympics she's also in and programs itself. If you're straight guys are all gorgeous women yes re Max there's no dudes in there I got us here this attention on this edition for the guys this. Tom this is something. Marc Anthony is dating somebody and he's basically 48. And she's. Putting more he's a forty year old she while others. The us open is there's reassure Hala how to hit Jennifer Lopez true and as proof that he hated because he has two kids saying that guy gets off the chicks so he was just on vacation and he met this model. And they were she was smitten with him and they've been inseparable ever since. OK hi it's mark talk about money I think yeah yeah for sure I even think that when women are in that position and like when Jennifer Lopez's single. So dated twenty something dancer right in the Donald grab a twenty something DJ take a moment right you know. Drain him for his blood. And did show up looking more youthful at any 21 year old would take it because there's money involved that yeah well and fame and bodyguards on see I think if you day one of any price given Bentley has to go he I just want to whip with yes it pack that was actually what what's your guess bad but I think you're just back. Unless we rallies Arnold Schwarzenegger took a shot at nickel back. Nickel back seems to be the punch line band every likes to do this Mosul Arnold Schwarzenegger was that doing like video about gerrymandering. It's a political term right I'm so he through nickel back under the bus. Here's some of the things that the more popular than congress hemorrhoids nickel back I think James cock roaches root canals colonoscopy is. Ruby is incredibly is that they couldn't be true presuming all this. A third good needless to. Hey it's a great group to be very clear that guy in its effort. To make the comparison of things against congress. Nickel back was kind of offended and made tweeted back big fans of approval rate this and they said has has take Batman and rob. Illicit Beasley was out of your future wisdom drops so you know you think Arnold Schwarzenegger would be mad but he kind of got funny and then they took it the right way. He said two nickel back. We could back that eyes closed I hope you can agree that we need to resolve gerrymandering guys things to do reply. So they could they were like okay about the situation like this blue picnic with the music at the Batman and Robin but hey everybody chill out at the so then they hit him back and they said well played sir has tag respect so there are cool yeah it dollar tab and. Can't do. So. All right Tony be you're hanging out for Kathy captain will be back on Tuesday. But I have some important news for everybody can the CDC realist a list. The ten most disease ridden states. And the least ten disease ridden states for suvs please don't sit around these messing around everybody come down we're gonna go over the top ten. Listen let's do the least. Mean. Vermont. Used to. Idaho Wyoming Massachusetts. Connecticut and new features uh oh now I'm not jurors if you just get disease landing thirty steps students. Wyoming we can move to shine it's different if on this next list I would assume that you'd move to maim maintaining. A are so we know we're not on the cleanest states and for suvs so. Here we go with the top ten most disease ridden state brush your finger at Seton. And we go from these two works OK okay so Alabama. And Arkansas. Oklahoma. Georgia. South Carolina. New Mexico Mississippi North Carolina the week using and a and Alaska will. You ask me you were not on. But that's a good thing having a Wheeler will be on the list you don't have to go needed checked rocky flats I don't literally like throw anybody under the bus. But coming up after our show. Is ebony Williams who's from Alaska. Will the dirty you stay and looked at you know we vertical not that might be yeah it's on the air makes as a everybody let's I'll take two steps back. OK before we go to valley. Supercomputer does this access. And hand it. I'm quitting sounds good to get ahead.