Morning After 2-15-17

Wednesday, February 15th

In Kathie J Stupidnews man mailed meth to hotel.... To try it on vacation.

In CT&B Future will release new album this week.

Whats the first thing women notice on other women? #KS1075


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Yes. I fixed it. There you would vary here I Kathy. I'm Kathy is out. Forcefully for bad reasons she's like. With her dad right now and he's not doing too well so when is was the best in the past so. Prayers go out Kathy JR and pray that often entered that Staffordshire I mean I don't print options that than not it's the super religious. Like I prayed so much grown up right the so much church are great you'll get it out got like you cool. Though and total heat rates too much. We've always said that Tony my praise for his appetizer and in his annual rite drink. And god like stop spamming gotten emails are super fool with my prayer right you start answering hearing a long time ago the and at an appetizer really I have to actually like goading is these people like this isn't about food this race different array exactly that you Emo boxes full. Tony he's in the house that we critique them by Tony Hayward and does afternoons to be here forever Dobson and yet that's. But we is talking about the fact that. I went ahead in its data. I had the giant pigment. Like I was tell people because. Sometimes the marketing works I mean like I could see enough like. As ram like I'm going to Burger King because I just you know then I ran in a commercial right so. When I saw the three new choices for big Mac. I was like maybe big Mac regular big wreck in just a big Mac. Something about the Judd Gregg has that looks really it. I don't know it's him it was made actually ears think so they were supposed to come the radio station right brings it and do the prom thing no restaurants always come through it right you know we given plugs whenever concede they hit of the free milk. I didn't wait for that Iowa as well. It's called a grand Mac by the way yeah and I should know that that's what's that Saturday night. And the thing is here's the thing I don't go do like it literally has been probably in I'm not line. Tribunal continues to abandon windows series yes wow and so like I just like if I'm gonna do that from Indy game at a faster way. I'm pride named Herbert. Right that I felt liberal Brookings though I have to go to McDonald's by default because my little ones however it's happy yeah library prisoner. It even though I don't wanna eat their when I don't wanna eat their because I'm so conveniently eaten so convenient. And you know they're getting happy those but the Fries are still means that exacted on the yes I mean there's so long I was like those Fries are so bomb they deserve Heinz Ketchup. You're weird pains Egypt's. So sometimes. But you don't need to get frazzled and you have a big bottle and arms of the cool right so anyway I did I tweeted before I hope I had the Berger said. Is it dad I think I'm asking him whispered and sigh what it's worth hadn't been. And it was uneasy that this is not a commercial backing out. As I said urging I talk about two prominent of do do that. That route right here on a title Garcia but that big Mac was like phenomenal with its Mina yet with the French Fries yeah I was like done. I was like I should never have this thing got its relive the oh my god no no they should keeping it and that should be the size of the regular big Mac right because Americans are no longer get rid of the size of an American. But you're right because the big wreck the regular big neck. All the bread takes over right right you lose we meet somewhere right per share and then of course as I'm looking at demeaning him like. I and I do the disgraceful thing to all have rendered. Now and then so that I coolant that I'm looking reunion there like I see. Double quarter panel under. Amal movement that black in the abdomen and commercial but I have a pretty bump I know it's I had as I mean I think it's it's grow at them. I think got into the fat asses. That's it Palin again. Day cyber Cathy today still didn't as I can't let him 75. Knew about yesterday that the. Get out of jail decades it's edited down shall be back on Monday over what was of this is yet if there's ever read them. OK so from the state the guy with the worst pick up ever okay for last. But at this couple canceled there were 350000. Dollar wedding after the family brawl at the rehearsal that. So apparently Cheney. Bruised and Brad mosque was supposed to be married October 29. However the relationship ended after the couple's rehearsal dinner the night before. The troubled even in his brother was asked is because of the dinner he allegedly. Angered the Graham's father and according to lawsuit this argument started. And then they started punching each other in the face awful the girl's father tried to attack I was restrained. So basically the dad said hey if you marry this girl. Ayman cut you out of my will will the sounds like a camera now I've got. Money talks. And when you're paying 380000 dollars for writing I know that they are among tiger earlier out. I'm a man who mailed the math to his hotel just to turn on vacation wow I guess there. Well I mean you don't wanna dig dryer or you got guys irregular as being right. So I yet this guy Arizona man mail Matthew Key West, Florida it. As to his hotel he wanted to be there are vacationing joy you know it was going to be his first term of what apparently. In a play over the package since it was addressed the hotel. They'll play called the cops because the guy's name was the return address but he wasn't aghast at the time. When the guy arrived at the hotel and undercover cop posing as those L employee. Having the facts of the guys and the nearest. I see me. HI. Oh he's a vacation really right. Right and you're just like checking in to your liking it around alaskans know and didn't have exact jail why you how you like you'd have to. Mail the package and then deal like very specific this is for. Such and such date for this person right MA she dropped it's a room to twelve right partisan think he's actually right yeah that was Steven. All right so this guy this is the guy this is the worst pick a move ever. So guys Florida heat saw a woman. And he decided to ram his truck into her because he wanted to meter. So like you've got there's like hey what's your name like and there are can abide dream of course and then there's read your truck into somebody. The incident started after the woman dropped the kid off at school the man followed her. And what she stopped at a red light he got out of his vehicle and ranger truck. This is the guy threw his dog through her window. But she threw the dog back although that's weird like why would you give some do you Dodd like. May be too cute puppy in pat crazy mop up right right right right it's a giant undertow Kabul the part of Israel what are. And she easily threw back. He got back his vehicle started tried to push her truck into the intersection the got to try to runner up the road and so weeks she called the cops. And they met her at the school. The stops are waiting for the guy and arrested him he told officers he never met the woman thought she was pretty wanted to tell our tour and I cost why. Wow that doesn't make any sense at all he was charged with aggravated battery and trespassing on school property was lying he. I think here I hope he isn't sure that's that's the you know how many of your mother Maddux. And now some entertainment news rumors and ask them if celebrity trash. Some women okay. I. She's of his dad is that's so. Arafat to with captain Tony v.s in the house deputies let me. Our hearts checked this out Harrison Ford almost it's in the plane crash you know he got a plane crash before right and so now. It's like. Heels by the Netherlands because he survived the one that he got in last time Wright was pretty brutal recchi emerald cut cut up and bloody plane went down again rhetoric. So check this out it was a near miss for the actor I'm as to his flying into an airport California. And he had his complaining that I guess it was. He collects vintage planes OK so he was instructed to him mr. runway he mistakenly named his single engine plane for that taxi. Runway instead. And so his plane passed over American Airlines 737. Carrying a 110 passengers. And a six person crew. Low so he's like I got a bad feeling about their and his co via the and it surely hit my drive right down Mets club. So yeah I guess it was like just a near miss and the affidavit FAA. Says that the controllers gave for the proper landing instructions that he had read them back in the incident. Prompted the F made to start an investigation. So they don't know if it's like. You know at a regular improved and I always because this. So close no disrespect the Hans solo but is like maybe he's getting too old to be flying kind of like some terms of and when your parents get older the grandparents are like hey you should really be proud. I don't need to rattle like. Much less lending of playing in my grabbed Lisa go up and down alleyways no lie he concedes people honestly and I sit in the car freaked out because he could do like 45 miles an hour this Alley exact ending. License and that's when he got summoned from. Regulate the growth and read everybody put your seat belts on I got a bad feeling about it it's the so hopefully he'll be OK we have violence are not and all I know right. Our Scarlett Johansson opens up about her marriage split and said get this Scarlett Johansson says. It's not natural to be monogamous. World see I was on to something that the right. Well Lugo but like here's the thing I mean she. You know a lot of people think that. That's why are I think it's easier for celebrities. To have it debut right because they have the means like they they're gonna go off to be rich regardless of right and have more choices. So like us for people we stayed bad relationships longer commute can afford to get a divorce can do new look at exactly that I can't afford to get mail clay I think. We're gonna be miserable together forever. It found the third year old actress shared her thoughts on marriage and she confirmed reports that she'd split from her second husband Romaine. DURECT. Bomb whom she had been with for two years and had a daughter rose okay Scioscia told the new issue of Playboy which. You know Playboy magazine. Is back but they kind of like. To Cavagnoud. And they try to go mainstream as a magazine ranked and it wasn't working so now they put the nude I try to deal legit like new SARS kind of I mean this is that they were just just think the more he would read because people really read porno magazines and Marcus didn't report I guess. Just on what I thought it was about pictures anyway I know but I'm just saying nobody really buys mega right right right right right it's that yeah school right away and like you keep your iPad underneath your matches if you. Now I'm not a Playboy magazine. But no she says arm I might be skewered for this but I think that it's not natural to be a monogamy Managua's person. It's a lot of work in the fact that. It's so much work from Sony people for everyone the fact that it proves that it's not a natural thing it's something that have a lot of respect for and I have participated in. But I think it's definitely goes against some instincts. That she feels inside. So pack yet he's he's sick he's got money well yeah exactly but you know you're great example I mean I think you might be the only guy unknowns monogamous. But you've been there. A kill any give me this through ladies hey ladies I don't know man slowly and then we got game on Kodak's case is right out there a lot. Latest GM is trying yeah he's got a backpack. Just were kidnapper hidden a bit no doubt Tony you've been married for our. Naming its been awhile yes yeah they're just not right NC you definitely lean. A year like one of those guys that everybody looks like. Men like I was and to beat the Eagles had a great relationship that's a good. Elizabeth put you on the spot and I'm. I love my wife it's it's all about her it is thing it's funny because. It was like you said you know we can't afford to sit that we're gonna we would get a divorce if you are rich friends you on the power ball you're definitely a combined Hoosier cut them out I don't know what Tony Andre trial blond chick. Yeah right now plateau after all I doubt in my life and athletic competition we're trying to outlast each other TCU gets insurance many it's. You're that's when you push desserts on the right I don't kidding only kidding no no but it's tears over. Amid kin and he is out and America's Got Talent okay. Amid fact he was saying that he was giving it like dip out because he wanted to keep Rio. Like he was saying that he decided okay to leave him America's Got Talent when it turns out they kind of wanted to believe are they basically did all right. OK okay right okay. Arm but he's definitely no chance that he'll be coming back he was an LAX and he showed firm resolve that he's done with the show. But get this so today it didn't take too long to possibly replacing them and they're saying that they might Beagle for Ryan Seacrest. To those Americans that aren't which is perfect because he doesn't really have a mean he has a lot of gigs right he does that radiating an inning as like he produces television shows like. Keeping right doesn't like I can totally see him doing that and he he definitely dropped. Right in the is probably said that he's not in the limelight. Right and they can't it's probably saying. He's keeping it real because got a new hip hop album coming out all right no doubt but I got you must secret bank yet to keep it real well the fact that Seacrest it could be America's Got Talent would mean that we definitely have to you'd like. Is is that they think yeah. But he'd be price says about that after share and then up finely. Selena Gomez. Gives the weekend a 30000 dollar for these eyes she's in love but skips his party. Well not pants too. Like I would you just play this little story with hundreds. Sweet Gomez missed out on the weekends 27 birthday bash even though she picked up. And nearly 30000 dollar bar tab for her boyfriend wow that's a lot of drinks so that's kind of cool like a regular girlfriend. You know would do that like for her boyfriend who took his buddies to Chile's right and then she'd behave like I don't I dollars I got 500 mile 300 dollars may before she's up they take EB teach grade nuclear kids. Surprise party went on Monday at the Dave and buster's in Hollywood and his transfer has attended to change B Shonn Travis. Palmer a bunch of people were there and they enjoyed an open bar open games so they have the cards that bird you know party stacked right and sources tell us that. Euros have a good time and then at certain point. They went to pay and Selena Gomez have already paid that's a grade MS if you can't make it out that's just that. Mortgage based brigade a that you have to be right party with the book spray and you know they played a chant of keep my hand students. Popping bottles. Slippery dressed list gets crucified. Morning show. Thoughts president Kathy Jane is with her dad right now who's done the best help answers or keep that in mind. A Tony v.s in the housing now with us. I'm told me yes Tom I just wanted Q. Give you love I know that you. Your son plays basketball yet college bass while he's like it kills it he's adopted by the threat yes. He's really because ID that well again where he get the gift could you grew up on the hard story tells us titans ranch now the projects in west slipping through there are no lists. I quit my job like they cannot go back today. Man I'm so wait a minute so you are going to see one of his final games yet they're here's here's a funny is like. I think the last game you went to you like offices is less gain those last home game eyes nobody said this in his last run and soft on men's very. Monumental right have a good time right so then you tell me. Yeah I got to leave on Friday because Obama's of last game moment. I'm asking is he gay okay can tell you how many last games yes yes okay so you're 30 that's. I am really last home games were last weekend. Last season games of his college career are this weekend. And then conference tournament so it is obviously keep winning it's still a last game OK so here's the thing that a lot of you will notice that. Tony he is totally like one of those parents. You know those are moms have put their little girls and pageants. Tony he's just like that all right extreme right exact. He's a good movie in basketball pageants freer beat they'll put on your Jersey I earned it for you put rhinestones on my. I'm a subtle Opel. Don't envy you didn't like very supportive dad to the point where sometimes those that would be the guy alone China go to college get laid he can do you are every weekend. What's old son I actually make hunting in the game I think we're good. You know this is my son the night here in sacred right. I think in the middle of him in the Euro that is within a glamorous that's all we're doing here hooked to you athletes are here Mary. So wait a minute you were gonna go fly. And then they they kind of got you over a barrel because where he goes to school. It's not the cheapest fly when it's on us early or ghost schools where they got a plan right now. And some towns are a little bit smaller and only a couple airlines go there. So to corner the market in the flights are like a thousand bucks while thousand dollars to see doctors on roundtrip. So the stock markets were there and even when I ought to go find me help me get 'cause you see Tony on the sidelines and about wearing your Jersey eight you know. On so do you need a bad day pass yet you can make that happen by EU EU. Chris were some analysts who doesn't fly there my wife once ago I know but what I'm saying is you need it since it went way airline is you work for united all of it from either the man for a a cat that was one of the expensive airline I want a colony by the Al. Yeah okay so okay so then you can go to it was a great and I have this opportunity. To William get in trouble but Chris is like. You know because he works for the airline like what. For the first couple years at a resort buddy passing him up right but Oakland but it has anybody that's right and now that's kind of died down so then those prize some OK so I could sit and. Say why it's working OK he's having this season of his life he's number two and number three ranked ahead of the dreamliner is he is low this I have a three pointers he's ranked number two and three point percentage he's ranked number three in the nation whoa so it's not it's it's not like it's one of these things are we're going to see and it's gonna be over but he has a chance to go to next level. Possibly play a play in Europe or even Dili I'm not gonna say pros yet because. I mean he does it can never see a short Rex complaint is. Actually right especially liked my size how policy. He's six foot. 0610. Okay all than me rebbe make him playing hills right. I quite so yeah. Other yield very Tony V in the house Kathy. She's a person do with some father health issues that we wish them the best. OK so get this. Did you do if you prevail Thursday and did you go anywhere special deal lady you know we do is we do like a family thing at the house everything's a family thing your wife and you never have any. Intimate time that's it we view on the weekend so yeah. Since we children and babysitters. Right because those little kids they be pounded on the door like what's gone on there yeah. Right mama hitter hand she's crying and I had court so wait you guys didn't do government out. Night I don't know why I did afternoon so I got off the air too late so I went home and dinners already ready so. The fat we have found in O'Donnell Karen over look at and everybody was shown assemblies that Q every time he posters on this social media. He looked like the Mexican fairly for the ad they have seen things like we need to Mexicans whose Wal-Mart commercial which have a sitcom writing because you know Tony leaves him. I think are great T banks thumb but yeah I was my hasn't out of town so he sent me if ours but on my. Doing things you should we she should came over my house with a steak and lobster and wine it was Baum yeah wow now. That would be in love with a differently if you mean state house therefore yeah. Bomb a check this out so Amazon's. Drove delivery is there moving forward with you know eventually. Hopefully you'll be able to just order whatever and it comes via drone. But what they didn't mention before is they're gonna do it they're gonna drop the package your front door via a little parachute. Well also could you don't euros wondering is it gonna land in the drama of the package so. They'll have little parachutes but from some meaning. Like how many of your packages are to be punditry all right are the wind's gonna take you to neighbor's house or it'll just like it won't make deport you make a yard. You know and I are it's just dangling there. And then a squirrelly your pizza there and zero yes as I gave. I but that will be interesting to see what they actually start allowing drug delivery or people are waiting to steal your package to another that's under the Zain there's gonna be about to rope people that are out there shoot down drones depending on what to delivering right and then. It's up to the vet that company to. It ain't make it so the whole package explodes oh are silly gets ruined concerns is not his backpack. Right exactly it's on the person's face or there's the hidden GPS trackers you know exactly where you're going packed away because were issued to draw on them. All of it in one of the contents right of course so that be interesting to see how that works out we'll have to be the first order to see how it works well. It could also be that being the first order of this okay this is the first. Today for 399000. Dollars it's yet it's the first commercial flying car that's on sale at the Dutch company. And they're taking orders in get this there's actually. 300 in 99000 dollar version but. If you order one of the pioneer addictions. It's 509000. Dollars. I don't know what it comes with extra wow but I would assume for that extra couple hundred grand you're gonna give. The giant air bag or there shoot cup holders right and I get out of the Amazon parish and what the yet the drone parachutes. Because I mean people can't drive on the road I mean people are going to be a mess in the air. Are no right. But in the first people will be cool because there's not a ton of people. But once everybody had to fight card you're gonna run into Canadians and is going to be some people dying right in. Like your mid air this can we need your mind is going to be a meeting mid air and that I've liked you or out of gas. The siren gas all the time. Don't know this is gonna be there as well OK and we talk on the phone that the people always cussing somebody out. They did there's certain exactly it's gonna be death right there's and in recent years. I. On ice. Kathy. Tony v.s in the house a New Zealand is here. Proper silence there. Tom good news I'm so glad that you haven't be in the studio turned mean where's that because this couldn't have just been better timing. Okay. You can now Q Mary did talk about. A. It's a check this out you know there's that new Taco Bell in Vegas right. Which is like its elegant nightclub and I still rhetoric don't you can you can alcohol it's got wrecked the color flavored drinks it bid next don't. Races starting this summer couples with a valid marriage license can walked on the Taco Bell canteen the flagship. Location I'll in Vegas and have a wedding. It's a billion only cost 600 bucks on the whole wedding packed house at what you get like what twelve taco boxes yes and you get he as we get. You get a sauce packet duque for the bride while so to be Kimi couldn't. Hot sauce packet mild and the green you give us the sauce packet garter. Further the you know groomed to take off her leg OK and you just great T shirts with the talk about logo you talk about ship includes and it. An ordained official before the nuptials inside the restaurant and they have a chapel and they're just for it. And the newlyweds can hold a reception for fifteen guests and the feed the fifteen people. Are you have to pay more if you have more than that as far as gas go but the couple gets a twelve packet tacos to enjoy it as their first Neil. In the evening get a similar bomb delights dessert cake Congo renew my valves at Taco Bell Ibn is our ear talk has carried somewhere else. Oh Tony V talking we're but Latino vote would she go to Vegas that it doesn't matter right there they're like hey you have a contract with a I striped top commander. The thumb is the yeah I. So I think that's kind of cool yeah I don't know and I know how the gorillas that talk oh yeah and now I think and I saw the first look isms pack two other women in the real quick to check it out. Right it might be two levels because it's pretty big there were a lot of people there prior ray. Well and then it's like. You know with alcohol mix of their food is already way better as you kind of usually you're drunk when he met food anyway right right. It's it's awesome that it's in big man but here's the thing after your wedding the next day. You you're gonna pay me right you the next day your that today and next is sponsored by chartered well I. You can't do. These are new sensors. That does some offices have easily generate heat maps so they can show it it was meant to show other people moving through the options now they can maximize space. So it's meant to be like oil Lotta people gather here it is about time OK and then you know that it was meant for that but some people are using it. To keep track of their employees and be like wise or no he's signature coming from year. Yeah it's Wolfram the day job or IRA because you used to work bomb at a Micah. Like back in the Dayton you work at it where there was rules were to recall senator. Yes Kelly eighty C so you know we we handle calls coming in. And they knew you are working if you logged off your focus if you walked with her phone for certain nighttime diaper then they knew it would it would automatically send a signal to the guys that suited for the superstars riser so he would know was on and who wasn't and that is count how many calls you got to take. So they know if you do get the other go to the bathroom. Like they would come find you like you all get back on the floor you got to handle these call. Are you serious so alive bro was so like they would come argue that way to doing these chickens had did you ever have to expect Ellen yes okay so like. If you're taking reducer than Tony comes in knocks on the door up. I yeah. I. You bet like that's I mean bro it was that bad OK but then they're basically trying to. Catch people who are going out and take a long lunches are they trying to catch. People veterans go to the bathroom things I think they're trying to maximize work obviously but you know you're gonna have some controlling bosses. Who aren't going to go overboard and I know where where you what are you doing and if there is there's certain micromanage or they don't like already brought back that person's gonna pay. Ryan Travis solution I'll sit at the desk cannot do anything. Parallel with their but he didn't take any calls about it right or you go like this bra. Aren't as good values that he signature there for a little bit who have broken concrete. A so wait a minute okay so here's the thing I know like Lenny when they were like yeah clocking Ewing used to do that job. It was like you had to be there. Exactly on time and already on the phone it. Like if you were if you started at seven and you wasn't they're taking calls at seven that was considered late. No leniency no window no net so way it was like yours was three strikes and you're out strikes you about me you get a warning written warning final warning by. Tony yours was Ivan strikes you're out. Is simple credit point system so you had two points you get one point just depended on the offense ray but I my I was a little more lenient 705 you relate. A I mean is it anything after that the points were more and he got written up I think it was after three rise depending on the severity of the points. Because it wasn't just about being late if you messed up a call her in an alarm monitoring company so if you call our department resource called the police that's like four points while you gotta be on point. And they were dude they were the supervisors were in your ears aren't you all the time walking around my generals whoa yeah was it awkward for you to take calls. And no like I know who's running that that's like right there like I go easy on him it's not a goat. I don't is beyond my cellphone clock go get out they're coming up that they're coming for you bro. We'll put these heat signatures like in the cubicles and he knows what leveled skin to go out events of the prices where you Wear a tracker something. You know what I mean I know exactly where. You read the building I Wear your badge or wherever it that's going to be it's probably going to be in the bash don't know at all times if they track you're at work and you're kind of like you know. In these same situation that. Toniu anywhere and and let us know if you're being monitored like that right you know army in Iraq. How can you be productive if what somebody's breathing down their neck for every second it's not even fun run at all not at all again don't forget to leave that he signature. In your desk. And then and prayer S ago and was lucky that more than had a leg chains on me it's not formal Wear. Entertainment news rumors and gosh yeah sure cash and when you ask what. I'd like eggs. Hot everybody's sense some positive vibes out to murder Kathy. Dealing with her dad's health issues so by aperture to be over the back on Tuesday is there any holiday on Monday yea after sharp. All right so this is interesting now how trump went after. Arnold Schwarzenegger for low ratings on the apprentice right and it's weird because Donald Trump stills the executive producer. For that show which is weird that our current president is an executive producer for the apprentice. And he was in such a peeing match wits. Him over ratings right that he's women's an old man at that prayer breakfast she's like pray for Arnold Schwartz a terrible ratings. And it's a page. It's true. I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger has lake his apprentice has finished dead last. Lou ratings again doesn't get lower than that. At the finale which was the first under Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tied with previous series low ratings but it also ranked the lowest. Any of those shows that have been OK so whatever and though so as it has it hates you it's because some balding. Do with the wrinkles but they're good at McDonald's these peak orange pumpkin to become the ports in the markets olden in the keeps Kiki in the greens aren't. How can guts everywhere. But populist Donald at least they can run he knows the politics at. Short meetings in though this is decent I've got the immediate you two got up and gonna punch in the face. India I hope is that you went millennia variety and the fact that he's even better Donald trumps even worried about that a right focus on the country broke. It's easy to abuse the unit unit unit you're living people's have. In discussions with the Russians pay hikes reasoned. But you over a billion Lincoln notes terms because the McCain you dot disclose Thelma Arnold exactly and get to a assessment you've got to. You went to smell the pennies. If you really. And yeah. A all right so give kids. All right so let's Harrison Ford okay on he's obviously you know and solo right Andy like like supplies complaints to the point where he. Has like the collection. Antique plane starts right now would still mean why would you want Antigua and the like that Durenberger says it's that you can't get parts for Brett. Today and well and many recently analysts had that occur all he had a crash site that he survived yet so we took the grounds right now. So apparently he was flying one of his planes and he was coming in for a landing. And this is in the Los Angeles and he won't mistakenly took the wrong. Runway. This is you know there's a landing runway and then there's a taxi runway and he landed on the taxi runway. Almost hitting an American Airlines 730 Cyrix said lieutenant caring a 110 people walk alone right. So you already like older accused Wright is exactly you saw the movie is funny showing a brat right right so you know he was like before. When he was about to happens and I got a bad feeling about it just so yeah so is Robin two at the oxygen and becoming an. It couldn't have been better yet maybe dot. I'm a I hyper drive right so at some point somebody's gonna have to be like I don't know if he should be flying we got to take your life running like you your ills of many incident yeah. Can you drive a car brought to get there Iraqis these I tech eleven out. All of this is the more stern Star Wars news. OK I guess they they still have a little guy. From the original movies from 1977. The results are wars a little person sat in this can. And then he passed away. Okay and so he was 81. Wow it's another throwing another little guy in the camp so they can't like a remote control right is name is Jimmy V. Any sticky day. You gauge what don't you sir. Are addicted to the Big Apple pulled. But is no I don't argue doesn't like that for a bit and Bruno are two sounds different he dropped. I let you put up whatever editor. Big key. Own views and I know so this little guy. It's little personnel isn't small person impeached he's definitely going into the can which. Two things right they should've buried the original RG GG guy in our duty to write measured in minutes Kosovo as I mean it's cool right and cool right. But then this new guy like I thought it was all digital. Like his BB eight I thought he was like pure. Digital. So your local. Murder that's nonsense so are you need to Israel they use them in real scenes course so I thought by now it would just be all digital anyway are you glad robot Breyer right for sure have a big she. Are to be do you run it and kind of could draw don't know that I like to make little people are often gone hot and sweaty and there I mean you have GPP was my fat. All right did this very beyoncé. Was at the Grammy right she performed. And they somebody isolated her audio track by all and that's that's always can be really bad when they isolate your audio because. That's without any background singers in music talk appellant. You can kind of really tell how well an artist performs why are they are they given honored 10% are they winning in it right Steelers turned sound think rev right so this is beyond his isolated track from the ground can't. Citizens and none of them here and I am. And some latitude and millions try excellent time to leave it. And it's kind to me and in. It's it can't. This kind of thing you have a meeting motions. And all another dip angles and noticed. Billion Jelena in. I was nervous. When they says this is about to leave. National hunt says her plan gas tank can open and others in their heads like me tortured her and so I was like that's not the case and sand hills I didn't cars singer yet what better grow well and then we are guitarist just. We all know V worst person that ever had their audio isolated. Which pitch was I'm wreaking let's move. All right still it. I didn't see and and a man that I can get away with that well I'm never had a hit since the there out of finally. Nick Cannon is out at America's Got Talent because. Eventually they found the one person who didn't have talent that like manually move at no real raw he's keeping it real yeah apparently didn't he's saying he wanted to really. You want to stay black wanted to give back to blackness right as we said wow which means some lady hack I don't know I mean. He likes to relate that. But they're saying there's a possibility. That his replacement would be Ryan Seacrest he kill it right that extends through he needs to gig like. He's more behind the scenes guy now right now but he's like on. I think he would be just is it going. This is a bit of his debts and that's a. It can't do. So. Heavy jays out today she'll be back on Tuesday. It's very elaborate singing with them sitting with Tony he's sitting in when you broke a limit that these lemmings here as well. Com to check this out. You know when you first check out a girl or you know like a meteor attracted to and you look at someone Brett we're worse the first thing you look on a woman Tony and money. Definite for face a case you're gonna look at a pretty face of yet he when he is in layer of their eyes rarer. OK so they took this survey. And they wanted to know what women look dad when he checked out of the FEMA can't and so these aren't necessarily like. Lesbian females or even buys women checking each other out right do that. Right so they say the first place is that a woman looks and another woman is her hips. Well villages. Villages the clock and have agreed to buy stock. And prior like Lugar got. And thick spray even though most guys like take hip or thigh gaps right they're checking out all right I don't. Right so it says that. They are tracking technology shows that women. Our man to look into another woman's hips and then her waist and then third is head and face. So yeah initially it's going to be like. How much sticker is his cheek then email any orcas you know maybe is a negative or whatever but. Army it may be either Mike attracted to subliminal thinking from a competition standpoint right. Right exactly or unless of 'cause I have this theory that. All women. Mike. Either you are kind of curious for other women. Or you continue our casino drive's guy's crazy. Right so horrible like except I think all women are bi curious except for our moms our wives and sisters. You've got to mean. Now we don't I can't say I haven't oh. But every other woman in the as it okay they also look at the upper body and legs. And the least. Looked at spot was the arms. Soda he got beat flabby arms you're cool record. No just clock on you you can flush a flat out a bracket that if the weather's going to be getting nicer way the gun show again that's that says when he. As a viewer asking mean you know because like being like I alluded girls but I. Look at the face right away because I'm like you know not really looking looking okay so like from the community guy. In your clock in my eyes. I'm deathly going phase. Amend Joseph. Wow straight down to the package. Well or lack their revenue in the delivery yeah yeah I know. Because you say it all the time not go there. The navy called himself hockey puck a crotch I'm hockey puck that's right for. I try to figure that out your I. Tony he thinks Sarah filling in for caffeine shall be back on Tuesday to welcome glad to be here toll V everybody. It's. Com you know they have that was good job a closer you and your wife Amy we've been working very hard anemic people's hopefully we Grammy one day and we're Italians and to try to use jacks and I try hard when he comes back we caught up north side take a look at. Yet to result I'd normally talk like this what's allowed. It's like to Iraq. Are so this is one of those. Lawsuits that you hear about them and I was thinking of doing one of these lawsuits. On this ladies suing Mike and Ike's. Because she claims that there's not enough candy in the box OK so like in other words half of the boxes air and the other half is the candy. So she says that. It's kind of like false advertising that you're gonna buy it like a box of lots Molly's. And not get. A box of hot tamales she's suing for the empty space exactly since this is what you've heard about these fuel their own stuff I got half the right to not whenever apparently she's only asking for our refund and demanding that the candy company change its practices. Yes I don't get that when people do that because it almost seemed like. You know you need a lawyer to do this. It is too big company like them or dollar 89 won't and it's like so are you really gonna get a lawyer and then follow through on this and have to do Alvis. For that that's that's hot OK but. Here's mine. It's and I am totally will be behind before you say that we're gonna buy you the let's give her money to look at it here's your dollar e.'s move on potato. We'll show like. There was this law that came out of your home and you're like come. You can turn the TV on and you're watching show okay and then the commercials come on and they're like almost twice as loud as the show so I own all our rate so that was more than ever now. There was a law that came down and they changed that that wasn't the case anymore. That they had to buy a certain amount times the volume had to be the same as the show right. So then for awhile there I notice that they did that. And that the volume was normal but now slowly but surely it's crept back so the people who are in nearly doubling these commercials. They're turning into just a little bit too to help their clay. Maximize their reach it so like you know I think it's in irritant like that he's reaching to turn it down. But it causes UT after Roger volume up and down. So I thought I would sue them because there are it was changed this and so not minutes because I've proved that your commercials are way too loud. But then. Or might soon for. You know I mean like my golf for about two mining but what these people that you bring up these lawsuits big rules strokes never heard that but. What do I mean I get to shell out like. 101000 dollars on a lawyer to sue. You know there's been any you're gonna see news you get free cable. Exactly or something like you years for the freak well I'm just wondering I'm joining us in whatever it takes because it isn't going it really is. When you're like he got the TV on in the background as you're gonna go you know clippers like that. Another commercial like this weasel Philly Obama call right now diesel Philly all the right. So I wouldn't think this is opera has gotten me out because you know lies upon login and rigid do or knowledge and Michael got killing. I didn't think about this interview brought this up. A case I'd be watching TV with modeled his right re watching in the program at I don't pay attention to the volumes because it's just you know whatever artists. Why can't we get to get back into the program. Amy will Joaquin and it was quite yet how the TV so I don't know what he talked about and it's not it's because they're creep those volleys so that's why she's making me think that I'm deaf and I have turned out a it's just can't look at the ruler Andre it is it really is wow okay. So let's do for free cable okay we want pre game so well let's see if we can find the time in our real lives. It is cuckoo for something like this. Where the lady that suing Mike and Ike has all day maybe we can invent a remote control that even the valves and even though forest right now in public since you shouldn't have to be the case now it. You shouldn't have to buy a third party device I get that evened out let's sell you and I can make money while we got to find a lawyer I know. Kathy endorses Mike soya don't tell anybody were talking about this let's go right now after a. What is spending its time so glad he did. Yeah. Okay how cool is Selena Gomez. She it was the weekend birthday on so you went out with a bunch of his friends to Dave and buster's. Okay and they ran up like a 30000 dollar tab I drinks and game cards right. And Selena Gomez paid for yeah he's used to as well. If you pay for. OK she's so adorable. Like she's kind of like. That doll that doesn't age of course right so beautiful pregnant and now and if you're a grown man and you wanna hit that and Arianna grabbing your pervert. Then they look twelfth right. That's when you wanna have spending thirty grant on you know for sure is doing something right. Well I was telling Tony V who's sitting in for Kathy Jane who will be back on Tuesday. Producer landings and here I was like. You guys lucked out could you get. Like you know Arianna grind day in Selena Gomez need to see them develop into beautiful women who are now of age. Us gay people we get Lincoln Manning. For moderate but I am badly right while thrilling a dork Chevy. But it's. What is that extra look at the girls are modern feeling like alien an editor I'll gather you're hot at like you though moved girl with the boobs are going to boo reduction. Because there's a big anyway I'm so that was chemicals ligaments did that for the weekend yet for sure. I'm Sophia regard is still in the legal battle with her acts. Who is trying to have the rights to her frozen embryos. Because I guess this is no his life now that he's not with her. You know also at play here trying to hold onto a piece of her wants her way of her money you are demanding course plus child yes right in the what does he do with those embryos he's just gonna take doesn't stick and some regulating. And now and somebody asked to carry them right I know but the when the baby comes out there like fair if the who can I he's got to find a hotly and obviously now how can you let known male. I'm Perry PC I think he has Haiti and the main room and do that. Though lady is gonna be the mother of the eggs iron a well. And a severe cars hoping to block him finely and get it over with it because she's asking the judge. To just caught Cox and in doing the video he's trying to deal he couldn't anyway right he signed up the likened when he first did the freezing of the executive wouldn't want rights to them. So it's yeah I know but even now people get a good boy they still wanted to throw okay. Scarlett Johansson hopes that opens up about marriage because you just split from her husband guy and they have a kid. She says it's not natural to be monogamous. You heard it from black widow. Try you want it's natural that she enjoyed your game wow though I was. He just says that even those who is married inch was monogamous during the relationship. She felt like in the long run that she wasn't meant to be. With just one person. And I'm sorry when you look like her and you have that money you can do I wanna shoot the book trying to do you could the bat well and the thing is if you find a like minded person. Then you can just been open relationship right you don't mean right and there's rules around that you have to what you and I yeah Bob Graham for you I have my wallet. I haven't laminated as well. I stepped up Arnold Schwarzenegger Celebrity Apprentice was dead last in the raid. Which sucks because trump was written him. You know troubles are employed at the best ratings and you know he went off on him even though he's still the executive producer for the apprentice. And he told he goes a bit Mark Burnett will never oh. Try to go against me again it's like Mark Burnett didn't go against you. He he was knowing that there was a chance to EB the president has that you wouldn't be able to do it is still. Add that he has to be the president and not the brand well I'll tell you when I become president I'm still doing my radio show up in the afternoon of game we still don't funny bit staying at are you trying to bring about my PSA so what's up Tony B that's a we all remember that. Yeah. I so yeah apparently Arnold wasn't cutting it so who knows if they'll even have an of the season because. I thought it was gonna work because he could you tell them and I don't. Abbott in the decided contaminated so how do you feel about that Arnold where I NCAA bid. These men shocked. I have going for me now is the app we could play war games at. Indemnity and the stability for the great commercial buyers and to have sex beautiful women McCain and some aren't we won the right beside the with Sophie because ex husband to put PBB and well it is not. So this makes six vehicles full circle you want to you do this to be distinct flavor of a I know that mean you put the Spanish egg into widely beat skim through it. Don't they que no problem. Left hasn't been at least. Or Ryan Seacrest you know he's been out of a job. For the most part like you know visible jobs since. American Idol went way right and so it only makes sense that he would replace. Nick Cannon on America's Got Talent Aaliyah. Is he just got fired for having the talent no equally thorough yet after that has a nice looking at right he says he quickly used Rea moving onto bigger and blacker things that's okay. And they'd like we need a white guy and see Trent he's ready and this is some break he's got talent. I might. I Tony Indian for Kathy JB back on Tuesday. Wishing the best. Issues yeah of course I'm all right so here's the deal they listed the other healthiest. Cities in America and the healthiest. OK so do you think we mean the unhealthy as list or the healthiest comments are healthiest for us okay well they did this with a 150 a populous cities. Across four key demographics. They award health care food fitness. Green space and find out you know who have the most exercise related stopped. And who had the most fast food and crappy for. So here's. Detroit finished at last. Making it the healthiest city in America. But followed by. Brownsville. Texas. Memphis. Laredo. And Shreveport Louisiana the job water burgers or like a piece of Waterford. All man in you know manner. Based upon a black. Yeah yeah. Literally it. Is that what burger here but you have to go by two tenths of seconds yeah take Mexico at a Mexico as a couple I think what's funny because when Chris flies back from Texas I opened a lot of Burke. It's like are you seeing. He's like are you really and I don't woody when COLT seriously right evolved right 'cause it would still would last would just put into cooler. Yet it is can't keep your room temperature of the whole time if he's got a two hour I eat a cheeseburger the next day cold from the fridge know from the fridge yeah but not left out select in other words. Sometimes when you least on the outer room temperature can start now you know you don't want that right with the cooler you'd be good again and then there's no way heating and Pepsi really neck and yet that's still good cool aren't like cold stuff to write called peeps yes I love cold spaghetti and I the next day nice cold chicken fried chicken local chicken is the best I. Not cold ribs 20 for sure and I yeah. I oh yeah so he's OK so turn that the those with a healthy is okay city is let's see if Denver Colorado made the the telling you. We should be this city should be unhealthy with the Trevor talking about I know but there's a lot of people that exercised the other is not a finance people right and all those people like. Mandates you know it's that nearly odd note do you know it's bad. When you're on the phone with your mom she's like I gotta diet and exercise amok and your actions of its own little. RA Salt Lake City can Scottsdale Arizona. And Seattle and Portland the healthiest game where we fall right in the thick metal wow. I'm with only. Exactly. So what do we go April up ready irreverence go to McDonald's beat the grundy burger now let's go to the airport and get that water burger on fire. That's Texas. I got some buddy passes we'll take him right now lay bag.