Morning After 1-11-17

Wednesday, January 11th

In Kathie J Stupid news 85 year old man saves two women from a burning car.

In CT&B Fifth Harmony to perform at 2017 People Choice Award.

What TV Show are you Binge watching?#KS1075


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And you just Larry if you can do it. We need you can do it grew and psych yourself up you got. This. Where on nano will unlock I'm babysitting later. Make some psych myself up. We've got this oh my god when I would get this the radios like what can I do to help prepare leery we're digging GI every couple hours I'm I think you he's prepare. By giving her life some. Cannon on ESPN and Hillary Clinton last time I watch her. Tom I have like so much tell that it was ridiculous right he needed it now but she doesn't care if she doesn't want anybody else if she wants to be held by U she's going to be on May you reign in every avenue will try to holder shall -- the whole time race and they want to hold their threat is putting day Meghann she ends the year right. And so that's fine and you know we were recently had a little get together and that was Forrester efficiency ma. Hood pass or drink and to those a lot of people who have kids and those who are people there. And she kind of random place here she definitely evangelistic and she has the strength of thirty minutes this is so Chris and I am. Iron to movers there two bouncers and SK daycare nature is an issue as CEO of the stairs. One man is not gonna stop me to check the UK just an imminent. Bum and nobody is like a solid piece of muscle on I guess she's just RNC. Like I sound like a little bit her weakness doing it again. Which in my house was Ritz Crackers so we AC delivery it's right and then that's until Christmas we're talking I was like. As a thank god we have this prisons and why hasn't you'll see act as I just try to shaken every day. Can't agree upon that cracked you're right yeah no good like I mean they keep doing your first of all I know it's underlined we don't have babysitters Sony. And we love Roger I know I would not walker I myself fresh. Thank god that Chris is there and guys left a message just as I or watching David Garland. Right now I believe Chinese and why they like you when you pay the message and he he's one being re examine the hole and then the bond game I was super excited to eventually go with you to pick a favorite schools is lunacy where little cubby hole is and how many on the people underclass and each other names. And you know their religion if security who they vote for X-Factor. Now yesterday I went and got very easy without plane and they need to hold general John spends Aston. And you're like I'm Manny walked up to sign as they. So. It's. Great I didn't want him and that events. What are you learn a lot of things right in time so I learned her babies come from now. How well it. Some days she is learning like countries successfully globe. And this mean any little friends yeah I think so I think she's there and getting your groove Benadryl and you know like. She isn't going to hang with the girls just wanna talk that's not interesting. Where we we were trying to determine if she was gonna be like you know the only through reading books and Isabel. Or is she like. I mean girls and I am I go if seasoning goes we have digital watch slow motion that was going changing into two. Who do. Anti glare of the plastic storm division three crew. And teacher TV anchor we're all these various Adrian JJR what. I'm gonna erase his. See the relationship Wallace yeah re course all the classes and soon gym class of coarse haired dad to do is changing to. Don't have real life is you know their right. No it really idle players raise turn my leg yeah Larry that Asians cool Asian games. Things could heroes who beat their feelings kicker isn't I don't have anything to. That come our little girl who later there. It had a gay boyfriend and that I was on the nerves the sexually active band nerds and it and then they hang out with quiet kid though I did exactly what it was easy to pick of the gay guys and owns an. Air gap. He's hanging out bag girlfriend she doesn't know yet easy your feelings. Coming up we have student who is this just around the corner I'm. 85 year old dude it pulled that two ladies from a burning car. Whoa great but he's been saving a bomb this energy for this moment so I'm on the Viagra. And grab onto it. You can see that he hit their likeness saying here I guess you're in the burning car. We regular guy lives near Dallas his name is Lindell who came then Lynn ends. Obama looks and Lynne Dunn doesn't get around very good at all he has season came wherever he goes he's here and house okay. So I 22 year old lady in her friend were driving home. Things now hole. All precious little ladies room and means okay. No it does happen to be driving thing. India just rumors are a little CPR. Disney dad all your leg is here all the increase in Marion G. Well I think it's tend constitute compression that would end grows Hugh downs today and don't know tons and I. Rightly leave me in the car ran out no I think your career and liberal OK so we'll. Girls insipid cherry juice fast foot cigar and they were outside his house with the car flipped and it was on fire oh OK so it they ended literally in his driveways. Someone may have you won't delay. Bet that and they were both trapped inside. Windows eight all right coming skirts above my hat here and you're seeing it. I'll below your contingency now learned you're a big win only go higher by worries at landstuhl commands and Rendell says no he was really gain their. That they with some caretaker Berlin down grandy got nine when why and they need to contain is starting head nabbed an entire. He grabbed the driver Marion is sometimes some are actually managed to pull her out of the car and get your safety is our bread and follows. You know the balls land in the walk out this tennis balls well. It's grab the. Here you know in a safety what's your take your game back is she out demand he was already trying to get this checking passenger. You Graham a Fuzzy models get technical and and then drag it. Both ladies and make our worst seriously injured that they were okay in one of the fires traders said. That one of them rallied everywhere and then made in his window and got them so fast and pulled the man of the guard he's it's amazing. We were able to save him. Then their underwear as listen crazy yeah greatly they had going into the night. I feel like you're crashing so hard core than any slowdown as anything you're and they blacked out from the I'm Reynolds making some soup what they're any you just guessing all warmonger and you Reagan national miso soup speaking and you guys being. Let's move on to this sick out. He squirted female shoppers using a syringe full. Atrocious journal yeah. And Lama his social surely is Esther sure don't. And West Virginia guys follows several ladies ran a Wal-Mart in Ohio. Want and squirted them. With the this. There was in his Syrians. So then of course no matter what that is a thing in what was that yeah poisoned you know that a great way right is a woman is an. The regular drop all I militantly ever he's serious he's now it. No war and hints that can make and the plus behind aaron's does something it's sprayed on her lower back in a while she was in the may dry out. Well that's where it goes you know ninety AD dating your say I. He was respectful right he he was kind of security camera doing the same thing do another lady blank couple of days later. Cuts it off who who should drew will be familiar work. Four ladies and I and we were reported that this Wal-Mart are. Really gotten in late November through December of these kids come back in spreading his yet. C today cubs finally found a guy at a restaurant attached to the while Marty short time later. Just sitting there eating in nice lunch with his why you whoa. These steady first trade women with a yen and Syria now. Thank you said Larry I exam no we don't let that it's like decks scanner. Ben may an eight. You mean convince water for hand. I can admit admitted his brain the ladies because he they wanted to be noticed and. No hair and I give you the heightened threat that she's like hey I'm better than lose. He doesn't mean I'm sleep being true that is again I guess I gotta win where I. Actually and finally a guy's cat shaving and sell down there. Which they kitchen nice. UNH fast moving train car. Did you lose a bet is this a reality show. All right well what are at this jackass guys you know is nudging against guys is just an idiot a conductor and a bullet train in Germany so I assume that's what it means it doesn't. Fast right. Connector and a bullet train in Germany got suspicious earlier this week when it's great year of guy. And a big win PR Larry I'm. I'm schools in the super hot. Enjoy an eighteen year old guy was spending an extra long time not doing in the bathroom. So she decided to just open the door whoa I mean you can do that whereas a key yes she does she says the guy standing there are totally Nagin. Trimming hair down there when they don't kitchen knife. Com do the mile hole. And. She can't think and they say then heat. Felt disturbed. And reluctantly had to get dressed and he said he was saving them there because he felt unwelcome at home. Yeah it is very it's like you leave the pilot who's on the cats again you're out. That's how best is eager. The last. And out because they did you think it's illegal to save yourself when a German train that's your thing that. Oh OK and we compile Larry Craig is now here's the if they know Detroit zero had not addicted to be on the train. Home costs keep him out of the next station here I figured pews when you look at it you know even among mainstream truly the worst most disturbing things to reduce Everett. Out you're listening to the KS 1075 morning show. Mid celebrity trash and Max women's. And you can really happy news this morning look no further than our FaceBook page against Arizona primary show because. Need to know posted a video of himself slipping down the icy step outside his mom's house and it's classic he goes down hard. And even posted instead. I thought I ghost face me this is young one Simi also bad period is clearly see you at least he knows and he goes down. It's funny because you don't see any video of him coming out to try to fix the problem like that I pray. Not necessarily done right stray no Regis yeah it's a video moves Andre is classic to watch him hit it hard. Even skinny people go down fast. George Clooney is found a way around his wife's bay and on excessive tipping. Who knew she had this includes my ridiculous I land they now like you know people expect from him yeah I'm afraid that's exactly is apparently. They've almost they joke about it but basically we've on this kind of blows. Over the chipping six glorious job over tipping her. OK so he says I'll make your rain if it's a good meal and it's a good lead here you know and then she says. Pregnant first street braces like we're living paycheck to paycheck. Yeah her great I. Our power to shut off here ray. So jury's out on the high in particular come began ascending dose crash about some of that very kind to our Sabrina it didn't want this Kelly again. It's this is where you're kind of playing label looks almost really playing okay. Typed out I have to try and that teach you act so anyways what he does is it the end of his meals. This is very easily with the chipping at the end of the meals. He purchases a premium bottle at his tequila and it's in the restaurant. It broadcast so they're like sorry sir we have that hangover game I think they might not Chile's there was 450 dollars easily. He's he's when he's violent killer goes far in this and in a restaurant or OK okay. So then yelled get the bottle turn ran an on the graphic and then he gives back to the waiter or the waitress and the staffing and I'll just got out of a wreck. And now I'm. He's trying to fill out when and why they charge me already lizard king I. These rich yeah I know what I'm saying like when you buy your liquor store is not foreigner dollars known and then know right yankees you read the waiter I was doing every night I'd rather have. As dollar in this is going on eBay please. And meant that at this again when Madonna says that she's. Always felt oppressed. You didn't show I may. It in India and her please visit our Madonna says she's always felt a press. Even though she's got a fortunes and where would you Iran 600 million dollars or being an exhibitionist and no cheese and I know a lot of people doubt that's ridiculous she'd say Madonna you're successful white wealthy Bob stark. The Madonna says I've had a crap kicked enemies from my entire career and a large part of that is because. I'm steamy out it's also because I refuse to live there's dimensional I can ruin wanting me to live. Brand new kind of did your own thing neither rising just did you criticizes me your press play because he is still doing your own thing you have no means do anything you want anything right Greg has chilly here are NCAA no longer career than most would ever pray aero for a great. Right gas so they UN and say I've created a very unconventional family she loves to throw that and yes you know you you've adopted some kids may have to watch you with her twenty year old boyfriend since she say nice pet lovers are 33 decades younger than me and that makes people very uncomfortable. It doesn't make anybody uncomfortable because everybody in that same situation would have the same thing I totally you go younger ripe for certain rich millionaire right it's like and then you know I turned I Richie we're hoping it would last. Every now and then and so went back to you when your little DJ brainy niece is she is crazy rent I wrath yelling piggy bank needed money in the good news on your arms grossed me out. But she's got weird arms so they're very yoga eraser on like you know they'll look like give this drawing of the flash in the meat of an arm yeah rains very easily yeah. Great Arab anyways. Moving I'm Kim Kardashian is Hillary is the young guy and bad but I thereby treat me. I'm the guys yes they got the guys but Kim K we'll be wearing any of the jury anytime soon ferries in so there's no chance of retrieving it says see they're being. For a million dollar diamond ring. I them the French police chief is wearing agriculture chaos and we have no way Italy Sweden he's just a but then yes we do lifting of defensive club walked. Seventeen says Mexico say most of the diamonds and my kids are shipped off to. And swerves and turned down job if he can't dive in this game bounced. I heard her jewelry just off around borrowers are notorious for you might want half mile east of I 25. Pulmonary I Monday through Friday till late Saturday is on the NATO side charged Shane company for a commercial hit impression that you can can. So. Yes they know exactly interns and then now. And damp and speaking of the seventeen says thanks Jess Daley tells you about the limo driver and Bradley was an honest yeah well the pair's limo driver a man who was arrested. Has been cleared also wasn't. Well also claims the limo company that hired hand that's the case so the driver his name's Michael on the marriage. Has been released from casino criminal charges CD limo company. And he losing custom chassis for testimony purposes went Thursday so maybe you didn't do it but he knows who did I don't know but this is. I don't know it's it's insane and should limit companies trying to save their but because they want on the other high profile people know that they're dressed or any. Yes so at the moment there's no charges against Simpson they're rolling with that we have been through it charged with at some anonymous so Randy wasn't an okay. Well I don't think you wanna do big things are done you're not on his journey her I think this gives James. And finally steady wives of the Britons and girlfriend Alexis went molested over the 68. Betrayed by your own trap clean I say yeah. Right and then you know lights and cameras zoom Donnelly in your like what am I looking at our college so he's I think it actually at yeah. God I was yeah. And now I am I love in the well you know the movie around right. So the sixth it got released. How limiting Internet steady love and his lawyers are helping to stop the leaking of the sixteenth and it's straight porn. Okay so raids in you know like there's no right. And he is going there right faced him says the end of India to leak in the lorries are drafting a cease and desist letter to all of the web sites have been abuzz that clip as well as Alexis. Steady believes that he lessons were the only two that had. Bad day in there loans so clearly he turned a blind guy. Larry. Like he soon thinking it was an honor it act it is it for its steady cam. Has not denied they did say and they have been concerned it even. Erica mentioned she's like my own web music so is mining. Probably this coming guy Johnson. Blew me deliberate or is this. All right Alexa is trying to say is somebody has screwed her over and it is your grandpa. Yeah I'm Betty apple and yeah I think we screwed over the crowd and that future as an action against them. Okay yes when I was seven I'm ruining sit down and. I guess he has some closure but I. The chain smokers yes I'm it's a great song yeah everybody loves every scenes in the car stuff great arm but it's it's definitely very white. You know wearing right so a white people definitely like I can kill me relate to that he thought he happened semi some notable turn the another. Mean shoot. Tell your thing. You know wrote down. Four years. Oh okay. I met children. Yet fuels. 7 o'clock we had your flu shot at 1000 dollars. It's a 1000 dollar Q were cash contest. And it's coming your way 7 AM. Brody got Kathy Chaney Phyllis this talk about the work place for a moment show weight lower in concern here we are about it regular there's so there's and. Two new studies that came out OK the first one has to do with how young people view their work responsibility. A similar rules are any nosy act so this is people's thirty in and there okay category. Yeah anecdotes of view themselves a solo players that works they're not part of many teens so remember this can be ready if I hope it worked with these are doesn't make any sense because you know there's no final salute. I know. Granted there's a me. So they can yes it does show that very. Responsible for maintaining their own work ability they also don't expect your master create conditions. Talk to improve their work ability nor do they expect themselves to help and co worker improve their working ability that's not how that works SNL any of this works. Right he got out into the crowd and somebody like that you and you're like oh cool and I like I let you look we have so little help you with your project. We're Strahan revolving door strain your own game teams sometimes people don't realize the league is so competitive. In their own situation or don't have very good leaders are like you know you you don't include. Exactly since rescue team that my doesn't happen I in this study this and so is now says that you should start being one with yourself while you're at work okay. A key people of lesser jobs through this have been that it meets that he eat it. I gave those. No Mary snow. At this that I only do so let me get. You worry are my okay. I did what you say no I did isn't her hair tied hands Sharon and Tony Blankley and guide you defeat in Iraq. Marquis sites in this psychology lecturer. Then the per hurt but yeah I know my head nodding in Trent university in England will on. So yes I usually not a low ball the bishop if you win you know about into the witness and you should went so don't from the if you're a woman you should get the glam upgrades and she's all the talk and say boy oh GP he says this app slab breaks. Our clothes very effective it worked because they're great way to relieve tension and stress that you may be experiencing. 00 you can also call it doing the quotation mark. South play carrying on its head. I like it. He also says that they're great ways to quote unquote re bored you're stuck up reward yourself they're trusting a bunch of ideas that appeared to do live. Okay disease say where to go to work raises the county room. There could be in the supply closet no I don't run your car now he had a you know I would prefer that you read your car and drove home. But he could work guys your work and mean. I guess we're just reduced to lose the restaurant yes yeah which I don't need you know like it I don't look at. I don't want to go into this Stahl had a there's a wanna go into the stall call alone with her quote arm that's doing now it's your finger exactly. A tremendous psychologist named doctor cliff are now agrees and even things that companies should encourage their employees to be one themselves more well you know I heard that it went for men it's crucial like you can really save you from cancer cancer yanks are so dear right so yeah. My justification. For ten times a day this site cause ten or that's ridiculous probably 82. Yeah this site you have my daughter this morning we're getting any closer crap movie that's Larry time. And by the end of the day like. You know I I might bring you sure that completely healthy eight you know I don't want camp knows now manage your doubt right the psychology is click doctor cliff says taking a. Masturbation break for boredom or an escape would increase works focus I was expected to result in more focused less aggression higher productivity. And a lot more smiling yeah. And that's what we're about to play a song I'm. Chance on a seven. All right so here's the deal in less than thirty minutes or give you shouted thousand dollars yes there really needs a thousand dollars and placed four times a day. At 7-Eleven to five it's a 1000 dollar Q were cash context yes so that's coming up bringing you our debt would give you the key greatest act. Palm today later today I'll be babysitting her yes I'm beat each Dioner. Time and guess he just turned a year random Reno is that lake you know arm. This is our first baby. But I mean like these are first kids right there and so when you did this turn out we were you watching Avery wasn't just so cool. Experience. And she's so sweet. Re seeing an easy baby right so then I would normally when a decision on what are we give them. Ever repeat yeah what's gone on me and it was totally like what people said they're not the same no opposite. Chris you have a good first kid in the neat tricks you into having their second gear right is that game is that it means she's just. The difference right leg she is she's one of those I just sit back and observed from. Refresh or I make a decision whether delay Q&A pirate for sure genre does not go to anybody now she doesn't so when she does concede though you're in for life. Right so that's why I'm kind of honored that I needed you most people want to be on the list of people to babysit so I would never watch her alone contact and talked about as far as like in how. Possible street watcher nice people they're telling helping end I think I'd see like the way do you know comedian ray because he was helping out there. But. As far as like today I mean sure Chris was firm good day so I seem to know. Like you know I. She's different you know any insulation colleague Avery so like I get the whole. Yeah our houses and jobs through so we watcher like a bodyguard rays go wherever she goes in a net now that she can walk. You know it's it's all just how watching her. It is so here's here's some key things to do Gianna. So and it it I'm ready Rahman a gun and she gets to bed super early like that. Greg he's a semi eerie dark yellow and Christiane Timor and it we know what she's constant then you know babies are constantly TV no guarantee that you never know it's going. I guess sometimes you diagram B for no reason you have got all right it's key to their team for IRA so at this moment I don't think she's TE. And let's now. She's giving Kabul team that's all right actually get those two I happen to honor both. Are geared. So here's centric so she's definitely going to have a fit about something OK okay so. If she does that she usually. She likes to find some way to turn around and go out and throw your arms up and they just followed the ground. I keep trying to corner the real hardwood floor Sweeney RS cabinets or would it be around. Corner that tables pretty sharp sibling easier going down just makes your head and getting nuggets like I literally will guide her to follow downgrade and then I just walk over and walk away. That's so funny that you said that because no one time they did watcher. Blank sheet I was holding her in my she kind of was like. She's slid down my leg break and then she like fell on the floor rather head down here we get out ray and I thought my time. She's gonna fall asleep so I should've put a blink an energy. You weren't thinking right now that I digs up wells and do what you're about to do on the couch now she really was deciding her next move OK and they are. I am not calling for me thinking I thought signed releases its Susie now now you know with the he's been telling her tell her lovely that's okay your mother. Put it. It means you drink and then. Burba hit up randomly is but we had heard on the shelf for years I had totally re human as training here in the lone lined up far down. All right so anyway anyway. So if she says today the Battie thing I want to Lilly's above her in rockaway. Okay. You know because right don't tell and I don't encourage players that are exactly. Is she says she gets us he was something all you do is you re direct it like to redirect. Heard tensions began okay ensure already right so really is one of animal right. She loves to put things in and outs I'm guessing you decide drought when the toys with us physicians should she bombs right border or whatever it is you have a bag of some sort like alleged I. Thank you must act the nuns stack and does is indeed that the he couldn't grinder now grownups. Now load for uncle later hit no decent and now it's Claude mania toothpick or poker. Yeah how big news we have now we're getting is she was seen for pairings ten finish in any event is training that's why Chris is here. That's like Chris chair and he can't do drugs in his job does a lot right exactly yeah just drinks a night. For a good six days those in the like they say did you have like and but the bad you're sending Chris chase is lanchin that's just bad bad throw a bunch of items and it limits you want to go out. USA now the mag game to kind of baggage she utility cooler that again they are Mickey Mouse UNC it's. In she's in nutrients and every day. KGB thumb I just know this is the stage three console had to monitor them because they're not any team he had no I mean. That didn't come to wane later took Avery anyway so slow to come to TV great I was like he or not. A member of our family are not one but I'd actually and I will say Mickey Mouse does get gee Anna's attention first U boat to go. Aren't I that. Thinks I'm I'm very excited to watch it I won't leave you with her for very long just after apple TV show and then I can get okay. Yeah well that's really short that's OK okay that's absolutely fine with. Five BC usually zodiac is 90 he'll be right over on the. While the thereby in the end it would say I don't feel that they're usually there since that made we that was well let's not do that again and then right needing and then I'm on my way right. Is that cool yeah absolutely. I. I knew I also don't feeder like Nazis are hard ships wherever I know I know he's usually really breaky dad you shoot seventy yet I. Ironing out this game eats away. Crackers for the cracker. Because she loves the Ritz Crackers is seated Dahlia and why is president get these guys like Brad Pitt. Not fifth at one spot yeah. Out. I'm fast food companies have a devoted fans right and so like the top five most devoted stand fats in restaurants OK I try to guess who the top one. I'm I've got to believe it's in and out burger. I'm it's in the top five now burger Bruce not number one Panera Bread is number one a key thing here Greg king gave down deferred donors. Apple chicken salad rank and nobody can do in Baghdad and we'll venue could also again you get your launch let something like half a sandwich and soup great and then giant Browning harm all over it. They have the best brownies I love those things an unappealing as and they are not going to get went into it they're like sorry we're also about today without called. Yours is plumbers union Albers number three chick playing we know that allowed chick fillet and five guys yet. When each of you love five guys yes and then I'll go get a burger. Hey yeah. And this is okay as 107. So yeah. Word is mouse that you're supposed to text to seven to 81. We've played four times a day so the next shot will be with ebony at eleven don't put two and five is the 1000 dollar keyword cash contests. Yes indeed and has somehow is doing leery dads and OUNC. And I'm. I was until I watch Tom and Jerry who is Avery all the time well hands. I appreciate it. I violent to her violin right you read the lawn mower over and then you chop them up into these sick right when they key entry and gloom. Dmitry. I'm speaking of television on Netflix are when they came out with some basically which states are watching which shows the most yes and yeah I would do. Let me guess as far as Denver goes in a village. All right I want him Demi is different from those big dollar out councillor Walking Dead horror. I just started shameless and I love it and I Kimberly go solely to it. I can I think it's like five or six season then gray a yearly. And it's funny because I posted that and others who were like oh my god it's just the best show ever been and I didn't know I was missing because I guess. I have showtime but I never really make it that far down on the channels descending from its real catch is we'll be right and then Cinemax. That's exactly what it is you know learning how people have been talking about. You know late house of cards for anyway and I got to go see and I'm your weight you watch as a car do you find something else the UN there lodging rate and my mom says houses cars is amazing yell your mom is like the rest of the people in Colorado house of cards is the number one and been watching selling Netflix I'll run that's interesting. And that's like people in Oregon they like partly India OK I think goes together parks and rank in is an Indiana and because it's found there. But here's the funny thing western states enjoy it. Series of criminal plots that that's so. So lake orange is the new black is really big in the Arizona. And narco is huge with a lot of states and that crazy ex girlfriend that's eighty California. It's when he gets in New England Italy shows with a powerful leading ladylike name's Jackie I mean girls seamless and any grass then look at yeah that's gonna quote and then this guy that was pretty interesting. The top ten conservative states. They prefer things nice skin don't. Cargill mercker around her neck. Hangs in the bubble Gilmore Girls is. Fiat is back is that it plays it like my bias at the tees they ever he's like in his forties in his own island is so exciting killer girls as bags well. And Hingis it's like. And I've never seen it no I mean like out priced wants a little bit and would the buzz about but I still don't get it. You know I'm dying to see is what everyone in Hawaii in Montana lab the unbreakable kit Kenny Smith on I got. He's essential hilarious yeah have done by the same people that 30 Rock is so the jokes are like teenage introduces us to their jabs and right. I hit a similar FaceBook if you have a show that you wanna recommend that we watch because it's not like we have enough where he hit a non LA times so I need she's the right show we just remember there's a page. Jozy says every morning I watch good day Colorado. Okay we heard with young team future back I'm Michael Leighton if she's she watches the dog down an air show. All right we know you can just leave that station I'm 31 knob beyond it's 10 AM to ever met Giuliani and Gilmore Girls. I July DD year the DR your show every day thank you Larry I mean it's called every day great and you know leave it people he DVR and so get credit for the DVR oh yeah so please. I watched every show comes on ten it's got every on fox 31. AKA SY seven. I morning show and what's trending I know it's time Lai yeah and he and. Ashy and jewelry is long gone and say that I never gonna see began we have the black senator Robert melted down and sold diamonds and Antwerp yes and you'll never seen again. Tiny should mentioning toward Larry is that when the diamonds and an app and Antwerp Belgium. Well that's where they ended that. Authorities did a Q and is virtually no chance of retrieving it. And we found killed Julie. It is just as a baboon world. And the ability just leaked whenever late Easter attorney client opened every night Monday to pledge to eight to judge Vincent need to go back. It yes we know. 'cause say that most the diamonds the size of kims are immediately shift chip Josh do. Interest diamond district in Belgium price of these prominent impaled on July when Blair do you fingers and actually he's now. The biggest bragging rights. They say is driving Canada had been it's been totally moved through now live in Canada in the coming from Jewish background brightness and being able to. There wasn't that has the serial number on it. Where any of it. The diamond is south hesitating and could even start marking them with lasers now are you kidding me yeah it's crazy. Well the cubs soda the only UC hearing is through your photos. I'm. Well so it's kind of like obviously accusing she was that the insurance yes she got the insurance. So we have there and ever since she'll be fine in early July and engineering their way back in the episodes of keeping a compression and Q I tried to some advice you have Chris Humphries at right through the water and she lost two big study hearing anything you. You don't get me thinking a little sorry David. Many Fareed I heard she's admitted that. Love the parents limo driver who is part of the seventeen people arrested for Kim Garnett seems robbery. Has been released and apparently the limo company that works they're hired and says that he's never even been a suspect. That he was in Cassie for testimony purposes. And that there are no criminal charges against and so. Okay that's got everybody there employee is. Good friends and they were really strange thing has something on him I don't know I'm still thinking. I don't think in Indiana hello I'm thinking you know weighing less than the French please seek it and this is true. I say it isn't even the range eggs and slow. Hey easy inside me needs these billion. You have to be very condescending is bray at known as easy lazy guy talks NCAA. The cupcake also yes right. When you guys I love yes I break like guys' legs this case her. Her opinion prevalent these Indian rule you hit brag yes Syria vacuumed easy if he had a different flags theme of your. He isn't sure I am I'm 99 dry. I'm sorry to show through that miss you strap that was important. City want this threatening his trek clean Alexis guy with a lasted revenues exceed these she's really is. It is is sex it is straight porn like really yes and then he's like. Only I had a Kathy and only she had a cabbies I don't know how it got out there pray yes so you see her like tongue darting yeah or desire hole yeah. How little I don't know actually he's trying dust that gets patent. Yeah SEC this is like there is gone out from Fannie scanned. Saying anybody that wants to post a clip of him at his ex girlfriend Alexis I didn't in and they're going to be sued he's also certain threatening to sue whoever leaked the. That saved I can't believe she's the silos. Crazy that at that he can't you change soon be sounding the proud Mary yes sorry if I was just. Acting a bit of tongue doesn't he now does I ordered the fire well. A Lexus says there's somebody screw her over the heck up okay. Yeah he did you do that dearly Ernie if she says that all of this is crazy and embarrassing to think that somebody would want to expose my prison life. With the world is so disgusting but I have faith in God's work and I know 100 that's that's good luck yeah. He's gonna insert themselves in the situation gods like leave Indiana and I met the day due to bad I don't know her final I don't know her and at the cut at. And Amy Syria if you're one of the lucky he really got to see here in Denver in November room. That show has actually going to be the one that she's going to release on Netflix or. Seven and a call yet she's entering they stand up in stars and give trimming coming snatched that means we. Asked the most and the best I try to think Fran we really enjoyed had the best crowd right we hear from comedians all the time that they love Canada America's weak just chill and laugh and never really. I feel less than anything and everything they also think there. Yes have been in any stance with gold behind his Vermont go out on playing your mind. All right it looks hilarious that only very vulgar yes although the two of them coming out it's a get a day at the Golden Globes. You business finance I was hoping is do they come. So when they just drink the in the trailer you got to see nothing yeah I generally pretty happy about. Arianna grind day in John Legend they're going to be singing the media in the BC sign oh wow. Oh yes when it comes out movie opens my seventeen to soundtrack will be on sale a week earlier. I think at best and they're. Agassi who threw on our behalf for sure could be in these messed up with the job that they released today. And who look like a lot and didn't like the bully it kinda does look like a weird way having that looks like she panel looks at Justin Bieber it looks a lot like Justin Bieber raise sows so look for that everybody I'm sure don't get leaked before. When large. And finally says harmony everybody. This talk about it for a second and if he didn't know Camilla and she was the skinny skinny skinny one right she radical voices like that. You know you gotta go to where ray thank break and Fannie and none none. Shane my karma and I'm now. The city that well anyway I think they are really Sheila demands that the band and she did it because she said that they were trying to specialize her to imagine you know I didn't know this is only nineteen. Right and so when they started the man she's she's eighteen right right and so like like the other girls are like they're trying section was a great she kind of just feels weird about it or wants to embark on a solo gig great. But you know there was a Sony has to ruin the girl group and leave. We'll let you know as she does have the sun now with MGK ray Herrera in its killing Braylon NEC has her solo career is hopefully going to be happening in the spring way I want shot at a lady good luck could. Good night senior going to before determining because they lost one yes so what I didn't do that there branding and then none of them can sing those high parts they're like we're screwed up our anyone anywhere in the Golden Globes and I'm sorry the People's Choice Awards are going to be Wednesday January 18. And they will be performing as far as charm any 7 o'clock and CBS. Yeah you're listening to the KS 1075. Owning cell. Right Kathy. Yes real quick I'm American you all will put this on the air Marshal there's a page content twenty G foods that contain no calories because you burn more calories eating the food. I don't so let me would you be all of this that you want. Okay these may need angles and many days that I like apples apricots a spare guests. Beirut broccoli cauliflower celery cranberries. Cucumber fennel garlic. Watercress. Grapefruit green beans kale leaks linens. This is Diane we know. Lemons you want him but now my green beans minded don't mind today Kennedy king initially podium with and your other entities copying some onions and raspberry strawberry is. And watermelon. Let us know there. Am so those like oh amid those things aren't super low in calories so I mean I hate most of the stuff on that list but you know I love to instruct your freaking break out of touch smell like a messy drive through files like my grandma in every. It's either the if all right so we've teased the Baghdad's. We have a question to ask everybody after 8 o'clock what was the question Kevin yes so. If you can take a blood test that would predict how long you live. Would you do it. Oh my god that's like so much to think about it is not a big bad that he wanted to turn into that old vs Mosley an edge right yeah I have more you wanna know she's still like almost and you like oh my gosh I don't have a week I should never take the day he didn't yeah that's coming up next I guess awesome drive. OKS 1075 Rolling Stone. All right so here's the deal onward you know money in everybody can use money yes and you know 600000 dollars is with Evan Williams. An eleven we'll also played two and five it's a 1000 dollar keyword Castro and it's so easy when a thousand dollar or you just text the word yet that I get duped. On our and so. We asked this question on the front always said hey if this was possible would you take this test it is possible oh my god yes so it's a revolutionary blood test that can predict how long you will live. OK see that's just crazy because. I think people want to know. Or you know one million in big fish regularly wanna think about that you know I mean it's like something that you don't really. Talk about. Right so they can they can predict things like. KGB susceptible to cancer Broward diabetes Ari brown and senator classrooms here so it'll probably be here eventually gray won't know I know this hour like what is really in your DNA below. Oh okay and then of course you put in a factor is that your unhealthy lifestyle are okay and they can really add to Maine say. You know press on this on. The card that she ends one man because they know we're all susceptible to a certain type of cancer her. Aren't they out of a blood test Khloe didn't want to do right Kris Jenner meet air wrench or I don't you wanna know employee was like no if it's gonna happen me forgive by satellite that thousands phase. I don't wanna know rate but you know in that instance you can do some preventable stocking. Exactly and that's what they're trying to say with this new blood tests so guys by analyzing the bio markers in nearly 5000 adults they were able to link a person's bio marker patterns. To healthier and healthy aging research is based or claims and a study of genetic traits. Our bio markers in the black OK okay sounds it can honestly predict in his life threatening diseases like cancer heart disease type two but diabetes I would want to know. Okay RNC you know men like get ready got the heads up then you can start going to a library or fruit rape her he kept very. Those kids are right but you know like instantly Jolie's she got testing found that she had bad tree where they gene that would give her right off camera they're just wanted to double mastectomy and then she had over her like ovaries taking on scientists eating candy cancer and the SEC and so it is candidate I think. Preventing hazing did you know right and that's something we'll definitely don't want an hour he well yes you read the team from Boston University who's doing this and this study says that their findings can help save lives of more people are. They're likely to follow in knowing if they can prevent people wouldn't that be the best. Why at first I was saying no that didn't know this was like I thought this is a random like hypothetical great and now they you can't manually. Like you probably want to do we can you get this again you're either doctors or you have to know where this resurgence we now know. Now of course there's still trying to get ready bail out your many months to come up with that in here at this this team in bust and it's Cobb these long life mainly study if you want and go and look at what they're up to your. But it's a step. My step pattern that they're showing that can really tell how well layperson is aging in their risk for specific age related thing germs and disease is OK so who were not it's not ready for us yet right but eventually when they sell over the counter. Learn then you can take it on you know like if you're really like somebody NK rang you think on the reliability before you guys get married right in the new ticker with and you don't get some sort of under that under. I think clearly and. All sorry here's a man Dave that. And mini weekend that it is said adding grabs his coat and Lily leaves because you can't tell her dad is and that's bad news you are now. It can't have myself to this jury took a we had this there were back. Well that's true though that word. They're big can do to curb illegal could visit W I get bigger 'cause her mom's big okay stop oh Wii and its lead and even blood tests that you didn't they let get rid. Okay yes when I was seven I think show. Harley ass on FaceBook would you ever take a blood test that would predict exactly how long you lived. And would you really want to know your mandate. I mean because it is kind of like so you don't wanna think about gas but is it helps prevent lives you know. And it's kind of been like he could no you know actor back constant cheesy. Christy right right although maybe just good that's Gregory this Sunday vote do big they know they have like a cancer diagnosis and they Stuckey smoking and there's something like that quite. Figure I says I would I know I'm a long arm history of heart disease my family so bunting now or no that was actually healing and here's Eveready her condition and habits and know what to do to prioritize there's such a little longer time right. Jason says. A tool and David how about a best buy certain day. I can't play is a bit. That's tied it early I totally flat. They think I'm Michelle says that would be awesome. But it would also be very scary very scary yank his re ran my page says it would be a little nerve racking and stressful but I would want to know because I would need an owner to fix things if they get worse right a lot of you were saying now. Really don't know. Ask her I like bringing you know some of the things especially if you have. Something decade you can give to somebody Els he doesn't want it now yeah I'm learning and I I just think. At the paint like I rode that I would have my best friend read the results first read wanna worded I think as you sit there in particular. I've read it and that's what I said I would decent shots of tequila and then I would lender down me and that's hilarious you really easy in the eighties fans can write it would be bad knees thanks. Texas this exam industry let us know if you want to know you know if you warned we have testing. You hear the future yeah or is that too scary would you. Yeah I guess I did not mean I'm sure I mean it's it's all like scary anyway and because when you just start like hearing people. Like EC people who put celebrity's regulate. On that that was denied that prisons I guess it's a reminder that oh we don't get to go on forever we ought to die right now I'm old school live in the world of the marijuana club. A denial. Do you like Kristen do it no 18. Oh you for life insurance market. Your maimed in a it KS when I was seven I blinding snow. That America that America what about us it's not kiss you. Okay. Think everybody in a row this strategy is doing compared to when we ever again as. OK you know it probably is our fault because like. We brought fast food to the world in I think it is right because the weather is like McDonald's is opening in 2000 the Vatican now ranked very very. Since 1975. Obesity rates have increased in every single country on the planet eating canned cheese this after a dramatic new tricks in particular. We know I think. She hurled are starting glory and that I'm a really it is pull its. It's car was in cheese right combo DJ and they still amazing together they sure do ray yeah. Everything in everything is like end already freed. And compared me all right they say that has a lot more bad calorie and then re right the study examined at nineteen point two million individuals and 200 countries Trace the rise in obesity from semi five did. 2014. Feet. And and concluded that the probability of halting the rise of global obesity is virtually zero out woe is these trends continue post. Other than they're earth cool literally fall from the sky. We'll follow the eight years we don't another Cali and her right exactly. We're like oh crap. Wow yeah. The average did tell today is three times more likely to be obese neighbor in 1975. By 20/20 five global obesity prevalence will reach 18% in May and surpassed 21% and women Steele better get used to suggest that gave us an update on the top of their game Jessie G zero there. Now there are a lot of good ones out there. Oh now what ales chubby people wait around yeah prayer bring other skinny people to turn toward Norman and actually I metabolism rate will go like oh billion with a really good base airman. Thank you turn eighteen you gotta go be with some bad people. The wall. And when you turn to doing so skinny but you gotta go be the federal. Hey that's not fear I know but it is what it is a severe obesity will surpass 6% in May and 9% in women. Now on the planet search turned lower. Like that's a back in the end. But there is hope and yes if you want to lose the weight is typically okay in New York. America unless you use them apparently it's very if you want to lose weight get a stab eating after 2 o'clock in the afternoon. So that's it that's got to get it fixed congratulations. Okay that makes sense and I've heard about diets like that where you. Literally just that's all you need just can't even eat anything before that and yet you want yet but adds that Q you're doesn't. That's exactly and when you eat between 88 PM and 2 AM. You're eating as much as your burning it that you keep your muscle and you lose our fat. OK so then if we're weak given more room when you would just like have a hearty breakfast. Break then a fat ass locker room she is and then who view Adobe has yet to be done right yet the village is giving us really a good I think he would work letting it be amazing. But you're gonna have to limit totally different life and everybody else because dinners at 518 I think are sick and then restocking two million to watch everybody eat in front of you and that's not good an obvious to my room right in this event were donor heart goes birthday where they're gonna have sued down. And it's it's more bright bright. Me well this the first precision properly said he had time restricting eating to maintain our cravings in eight our metabolism. Can be and suppressing the urge you may nice facts. Resurgence and the people really between 8 AM barely out 80 imaging PM we're not hit by the hunger pains late at night. They can't they're appetite levels even Plano but it's impossible because all the TV commercial overall venue they need I. Oh with dipping shot. Hard brain yeah doctors explained that people who eat between teenagers that we used to be out there to now. I'm drinking or anything else for those people suffered cravings all the way up until when they went to bed I. They woke up yes so I think it because you're getting closer to bedtime anybody's thinking I haven't had enough calories yet. On the ADM to 2 PM schedule the body has registered most of the calories. So it's ready for you just have found sleep all right we'll cast is gonna try this let us know. Burgess. Yeah. I was 7 I'm a morning show. Now what's trending on next time lives in Atlanta and but it. Portman is say in it. Ashton pitcher was paid three I was more than her when they did that horrible movie no strings attached. Whoa. Three times and more and she'd been willing bigger movies in your head at Golden Globe for black swine wow. I'll have any of that while so it's a man's world to man. As the world's. It wasn't like they wanted him three times more apparently is a suspect in a better agent and he was there it's when it's nice paycheck goes to who has more. Like highest grossing sense in he had more going on even though she was they had no ward. Well that's crazy shimmering Star Wars in reg Bracey had they yapping so this points outside of the steroids free clothes CO NC a Black Swan made bad is Kenny crazy and Brad. She was also this was also the that little hit man choose love I know professional a professional what degree and that is that is no school yet you're racing as a little girl. She says Natalie Portman says I wasn't as mad as I should have been at the time I mean we get paid a lot so it's hard to complain. Right about what you can't admit the disparity is crazy I don't ever real is great tells her. Hey if you wanna stick this stick to that price will get canned mainly right to regulate drinking leisurely like hey do you think everything. You drop that British accent yes she can she can not Syria seven. My kids' lives will be even mom do. George Lucas is billion dollar museum. That's cool holy cities were actually fighting to have this museum Brack there in the laser senator Hollywood's great totally. Filmmaker George Lucas himself chose to build the George lynch he's museum that narrative arc in LA it was shows ever San Francisco which. You know I can see that the sky walker ridge to NASA exhibits into evidence so far back errors are revealing he's wrong drive. Okay see ready to hear about it Larry Wright the futuristic looking museum will display and Lucas his personal collection and assign him pardoned cleaning and is related to star war missile down the music and expected to increase tourism bring in lots of money. Lucas himself said he will fund the project to the tune of one dearly in that as day. He's gonna cover the building pass these are in his endowment and at least 400 million dollars I'd like this season down and know they kiss. I mean you always do that rich okay no he definitely looks like in the morning when he's in bed linen better result this call from Iraq this car still. And in this what does it. It. The museum of leading tens of thousands of jobs in construction and a lot of permanent jobs and answer. League club he's taken it there then zinni was meant little those B they're doing really no reason to go now. And now yesterday this hour we told you Bethany Beauty and the Beast Donny came out and watch and pedal and nothing like you need now is let's psychic guy looks like Justin be very few said it was a white Obama. Her eyebrows because it was inspired chin again for more coming and that being the bees that seems signed a famous being. You do is ruled it's. Am sure it is good to beat you barely even a brand you lose somebody brings. Do you live bloom. Being. And TM are such as John. It won't do was rather rare it's not going to be Salinas time acquire Yahoo! is giving people is that when that pubic Breaston. Arianna gone days are you on the wrong time. They're right Arianna and John Legend and OK to voice is there anything these hills still some like I got severely mentally does grab. And right so the movie opens march 17 prayer may have an exciting to see it. The Sanchez in the coming week earlier but I'm sure this song is going to get me stronger for that yet there's a clue about there was M just blew the roof the roof. Who knew she can yeah. Spyware I'm saying Syria in the green flag well you know you hear the words. But I want adventure integrate some things some little integrate quite okay I'll get right who's really paying zero her. Were iron or nine divest any lap. He's get a guy canyon yeah he says we knock on our eyes on his new sex tape and its salads ray and it's straight porn meets with him and his ex girlfriend. Alexis guy. Okay betrayed by the track clean. So now he's he had a copy of it and she had a cat BM it any it's made it out. So it is so Freddie labs but then letters cease and desist letters out to our media outlets and even her. It is seen as he finds out who leaked a six tapie suing and if you printed it without his they permission remission yet you did see it. I'm so she's again apparently include that we saw a sheet he's like yeah. My oh my I hold down energy star's room finger around as is often the other it. The things you do for many. Of the Olympic time and I'm. And rose back down a bit and I think it it. And finally sit part of me is now fourth Germany. Is going and making their debut as a force in next week's People's Choice Awards Wednesday at 7 o'clock and CBS you know they're happy because they're like okay now willing to split the money four ways that isn't a little bit better right there I'd. Camilla is there when it left the grouping if you didn't know is she as she was always the smallest library she's really cute isn't really easily had the turtleneck kind and the higher notes yes she did I notice. But she rested now she's talking about why issued last she's saying that. I was fifteen when we started this and X-Factor them and socialize her. Totally specializing she says she wasn't comfortable with and it Dobson now that she's nineteen. She's leading man she's gonna start her solo career and be more in control of her in and again I don't know if I buy into that because of you who watch her first video be all sexy. And then when when MGK bad break it means she's friends saying bad thing and she's in the video. Looks like doing that things I was like I don't know how much of an Israeli. She just used they're really just can't. Out of the red group because like in all the videos she's super sexy in them and I know that like. They do they can't necessarily make her do that now now but it's part of the choreography yeah. He kinda just still make it who you are which is why I should skip the tune their conscience even though prevent. The waist I heard they came like up to her ribs where do you see this whole thing I knew Lindsay I expands argue that the U Gordon unit charged Barea. Rick yeah exactly and it was like her if she took her pants off that would look weird if he hadn't been there. At least he's got we shouldn't completely uncomfortable to have sex Ed. That's your address a mess and gives them back. KS plus 75 warnings out.