Morning After 1-10-17

Tuesday, January 10th


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I'm so tired in YE a because somebody call me super lady at 90 yeah I was like 8 o'clock game so let me. Are you kidding me any good news gives you an. It's because they go to bed like at six sometimes and if like Chris is home. But I'm nobody's looked past greats all just like come on Don we're going to bed and that's why he's black it. You wake up at midnight in name your upon exactly right so I wasn't the last thing that he probably an eight and then you're asking the question I was all trying to make sense huh. So if you were really listening I kept going. Well you know what I think I have doomed the senate then trying to gather my god it's at Amazon that's what I think what I think led to. I think he'd be really big huge yet when that pop is definitely keep my daddy you're sleep when I ask you the question and you look out well. Certain well let me get this I can't do it as a. It's totally their own thing that I do when somebody's like. When Chris like hey you fall asleep during a movie or right exactly and you know Chris does the thing worries like. Like I think drew because like all those off now though it and like way to get a bit pay humor unlike you miss alleged juror. He's breaking you ever get in 6 o'clock aria. Hey that's it I thought I was like let's say Clive maybe I'll wait you laughter. Herbert doing anything to do this don't you ever like you would your alarm goes off at 3:30 in the morning great why don't you ever get Blake. Why wanna go to bed at six. IE add that I don't have that he's sure I know we're good every chance that mr. visions like I got them go to bed no I mean he only says that but the kids it's like we've done in May yesterday and they find my. You pray oh my god I know I gotta then all of a sudden I there Avery if I don't like the door. She'll bring the toys that make noises in that put him up on the bed but so I started to feel stuffed animals getting trail and I'm I'm and I am only. She's she's just she hears she counts the people listen right now that are up at this exact hour either coming off a ship are you ready for worsening know what it's like to give up this early yes I know that some of those people feel tired around the same time. Yeah right. Crazy it's the end of the even absurd over twelve hours exactly and I might add ribbon bonds are they have right at an I you do I should give New Orleans she bit. Not so good so what time did you go back to sleep. USA back to Manhattan yeah I look at it a for an episode of shameless on and then Tulsa OK again so that you. But until theory yeah AA doesn't sleep. Yeah so I'm pretty happy about that now. Com episode coming up later on today we are giving me 1000 dollar keyword cash contest yes will be even you keyword at 7 o'clock. And that will be your first chance to win thousand dollars yanks and then we knew that four times a day. You know and I was thinking yesterday we should tell me in the you know if you win that has now I know we really has to now. Right over you don't have to tell yourself think people. All right great act and less than you have a joint base feminist and I saw a deposit for a thousand you know somebody I got paid I didn't I was expecting the money and they gave me 200 dollars I mean it was good check for me. So I had to keep waiting to know when payday when he hits so I can go and cash the check against the gal. Having to put him they didn't let governor yeah you're all I just need this cache of those late Linda thank you bad breath well again. Chances to win today are 7-Eleven. Q and five as long as you know that I 1000 dollar keyword cashed out does work in different keywords freed everything. Yeah red room for different keywords date exactly right on man. And does celeb student news coming up are canceled some pot. Okay the first armored doing discus the photo is classic. A little kitty gets stuck in the garage deep bunker her heart hello I'm. I created my kids like did the doorway of Burlington and I was expecting it strapped him in there and is old but I was saying well you like his lower half men like do in the neighbors helpers and. They got the neighbors out so it was in Louisiana. I said to rescue cat after I got stuck in the garage door the cat's owners and she was miss sleeping on the garage door. I like it was okay. He was up there on the top and then the dog's paw hit the button you recommend we. Well I'll say it closed the garage door and left fastened in even think twice to live back in the de. I saw or didn't say oh great you're doing the moon. Neighbors called nine ruined after they saw the catch wedge in the garage door framing in it looks like almost was suicide it would. Like he was almost dead I'm convinced they get low because the body was saying I like that things could be driving another trunk. R.s are solo again again again right totally blind like once they over McGraw I think it's gonna be free and open wasn't injured right leg hopefully when an injured to catch did not suffer any injury okay. Age passing neighbors rim of the street again after many never write the Doris screamed the owner get home a short time later I was relieved to find everybody was okay. I couldn't believe the pictures and that was his dad. And it shows all like you've experienced our Mario the auto erotic is insisting I take it and that's why isn't America. Now he's going to be Jones and Uribe is now you enjoy being on the rise if they did we leave room. You have that why you did sometimes people who did anything catch sleeves in their engineers are not lawyers you know web. This is so sad in all of lady her in Brazil. Has accidentally been praying to the wrong figure any more thorough over ten years look. There are elections true kitten it's even better and that. She then -- way she thought it was a figure seen Anthony saint Anthony's lead Portuguese priest and patron saint of last things I was born at saint Anthony's know. Williams started his Portuguese brings us now getting what she had been brains it was a feeling of The Lord of the Rings. Out of that area. They need to see why prices for bringing goal on the right no no it's L Grimes the Al summer. Now in the ring said the main dude whereas praise so but he you know he worries BK he's got the long Larry's. Adorned in some goals elsewhere as clean years right there's bad some. My did so anyway the naked partisan sand hollow he posted the mistake got a taste of last week's saying quote. My god is great grandmother Grayson is that you're seeing into me every day that little hook circle the the ladies and then then don't buzz feed we try didn't play great waves but she didn't end there CNN's. At first that I was The Lord of the Rings character Brad Hennessey or all three movies he's somewhat tied geez I gotta get that way if a pet the next day they explained it again to the old lady is he understood finally. And then they went and got her a new figures in the end anyways it was the right figures seen actually is Harry Potter thing here. Hit it right there and seller another thing you're a guy who knows that Gary had. Well today the Baltimore gas leaks did they add weight training and plan. Now here's the funny thing actor Ian McKellen parade again that's great great when he heard about this. He actually wrote a woman in Brazil has apparently been trained Al Iran's. Be a slower in big EC d'antoni I guess she found yourself and you I don't think. No she's she's like it again for me tricks you write it lose their anger say then yes so here I only did exactly it's very yeah. It does look like the same breath Eric beavers got confused and finally what a way to go and married me and lit really gets killed. Why is. We need to send a fact we don't rain within forty lady after overdosing. On this extract to impress his girlfriend whoa yeah. How will we get as they say in the commercial if you experience. Club Obama more than four hours to your doctor now leading seized after a move so he's married. Many as a girlfriend OK okay so easy in Nigeria. And he takes his six drug called me and power. To impress is girlfriend's birthday case it was reported it again I had sex very long time and ask your doctor how many. I can't hit it and must in diet trend this stress. That. Graham's big cousin who need care I would her. Heard it right after awhile exactly. It was the first time really he'd ever taken the dragon has similar sex and Viagra may have had called manpower is not improved in that. Nigeria and right Jose. Well because. She's now the wife the girlfriend fled the hotel and as is his body very didn't tell anybody. So now hotel staff going to clean the room thought I got into bed with that right now like her won't now what I found them. Maria Laura disappears it's Freddie. The ms. Bailey has again to claim the body yet because they're debating now whether given the proper funeral because he was cheating on his why. I know but he's pointing to where he thought he was going hey. And then nick and names in the late night. We can't be easy to picture begins the hotels and they don't know the guy listen they had no reason to like to show respect to when and so they totally dig into them laying there in the bed dead. The wow being played yeah black box similar. The laser staff member would take advantage of that yeah. Well I'm glad they dated back. That she's given these ideas and then by the. Swimming K. We love that we found on them. Don't wing. She's the one friend Star Trek she's the one that was in the Mariana hey Gary Blair a Caesar yeah I rhetoric so. I don't know either she got married to a sixty Italian guy and they have twins OK okay. I was asking him about Wendy get busy with the twin ray is so he's says it. Well they do it at a different schedule of these days she says there's no 60 timed at 7 o'clock tonight. Whenever sixty timing is it has to happen before the evening Athens is like your house yet because the students visitor quote I totally agree. As soon as those those suckers are imbedded and you hear the last ones finally sleeping you're like. You wanna watch a movie and you're like sheer UN has sensed in your life shared her. Thank you talk bad about it Brantley. That this person gives you like this every time let's have some winds up. Hours of let's treat ourselves no rewrite grave easy you have a high expectations they entered into go to bed clothes and they knew I think like I just automatically assume because she's. Celebrity and she's wealthy yeah they just handed over to Maria I. You do write like you worry your hair from 4 PM in town of rain tomorrow or you just live here are great and. Hurdle identify with you later write a book on their world or mother when she. It is better at the end but don't worry may know is about is still hidden diseases Nowak is sixty die and so one thing you can't let go of his to muscle up. Everything in life in the month Sony got exercises. Communist shoots. That need guarding the galaxy trailer so is it away he Deanna he's so cruel. JD talked spectacular restaurant last night crown by dedicating almost you know. It was a bathroom oh my god I know I think beating and I don't what do you think I mean I know. There really is sex probably. You know hold times she's at times she just kept listening genie yeah. Oh yes you get they were all friends she was like I don't think it was a real thing with Tom you know Nigeria Nan she was shot addition for the role of invading Rama. And the Brighton is right here in the meeting cute baby right. Daily sunset Jackson to rest right in California can't catch restaurants and he isn't friends ran on the patio. And they were just yeah keep it up and have a good try and any guy walked up to the crowd the genie faxes apart as he told them they were being too loud. People started singing in what is wrong with you go away and that's when he now Gaza and said you want messing me up from New York. Well one big crew in Jane he's crews stood up and said Blakey Lam from Oakland have you want this to get over time. And that's when that guy you recognize Jamie spots in lunged across the table Jamie Foxx said. Think they know too late now this play there's two different witness that witness stories okay one is that the guy plunging down under the table. And the other one and this obviously since he's here fifa. Jamie turned the guy around put a minute choke hold took him down. OK so who knows what really happened back said he said he says read the radio guy and agree abroad kicked out of the restaurant the last night Jamie had a good humor to this situation. He did a video statement on mr. Graham he's holding a White House is I. And he said. Blamed the word is out me and I know yells heard about this assassin videos I just I'm just what happens. From my perspective I was trying to do is keep my eye on things. And then he removes the talent he's got to cross silent video it says so I'll like to warrant a look right so they said I'm just going to the young man everything's good in many say he really was he's in they would Szymanczyk. You can seem imovie cited thirteen sleepless. Okay I'm slug and a little flags raised and really keep in backs Grassley is your season here is that can watch soldiers boy you get different Jay Leno yeah that's one story when I read their mail let's talk about the current as she drove fast plan the robbery achy and they found people they arrive June that's insane and they got my goat DNA in. Yes so apparently it was an inside job. I run these limo driver search and the one that they know like her family always uses this limo company okay the driver was involved so much less he probably called them and says she's by herself emphasizes direct and jewelry they knew exactly so he was part of it did. He can't hear me comes into play OK against some whoever put the tape on Kim's mouth. Our big news last. Move their DNA fingers aren't great on the tape while any hit and then there was DNA evidence and the things they are. I was right they stole things and the crust it's a major idea so. What does the suspect is 32 year old guy who it probably organize the whole thing. He had two other elderly men are believed to have helped train sports and is due solely due rebounds and three of the ladies involved are diamond dealers. While most of suspects are seasoned criminals and air already noted the French police. The five guys pulled off the robbery you did then dress in the police gear and stuff. They Condo than the average age of those five guys that winning in rod Kim. About 55 years old 10 the absent these guys were like season jewelry. I was freezing Madd CEO so he is very happy and very reassured by every subscribers of the Chase Bank they had all ages ranging friend that's awesome younger guys been here. Actually Louisiana I can't believe there was that many people yeah. You know on race wow you think about it fury GA jewelry. So it every and then you'd be like this is way too easy prey you know they only have one security guard we can find out when they're gone. All right dilemma I was right it had to be so they knew the exact schedule and you everywhere house is gone. Our right and he said because he ends they have an engineer and yet but I'm still thinking because here's test me and I know prefer that I know when he's a victim into Baghdad. And finally let's get a doing Chris credits those boyfriends sisters is bad. Well they can't didn't pay her knee tightened Vegas. Mainly because it. You have to drug testing to do the fighting because again there's rules those boys are racing commission yes both cancerous cells are waiting for is brands and whenever gonna pass sister guess. So why am I somewhere else so where they do. So they think they're going to do it's in devise a defender the ideas would rake in untold millions of dollars if they got to devise their first choice. So there it is a thing it's mostly charities I remembered I didn't know sharing the love that's how they set an avid first for the charity site. But now sources say no and and then and then this is about lining their pockets or into social mores like I am a charity yeah. Yeah you don't need heat he's an army via rail money Chris Ravalomanana have. And Chris Brown is train here is Mike Tyson. And Mike Tyson is getting in the disk. By recording it did. Track is so Jim Mora and he's he's gonna train Chris Brown. Yes and now he has a rap track he'd just gotten a boost you know Iowa and that didn't like Chris Brown is on the track with Lauren. Don't know is that every rep tracking it today as it's called if you show laps oh god. They're usually. I'm not gonna ask okay. He's done teams breezy but it sounds more like a soldier Boise. As you move. Did you better gains and then this is okay as one of us. All things out. Our way. As the your chances a thousand dollars with the kids was some 51000 dollar. Keyword cash contest turn and so little do the first shot at seven but then he can play all day at eleven Q and five. Yes because he rate changes every time rhetoric so that don't have seven OK so leery there's a question that I have always had for you. How well. It is seven and a half would be the best and surpass them and then. Turn your business I want Inoa purely seeing that you would do if they were socially acceptable. Oh OK you know what I would do what I. I want to start the trend in that exercise. That's giving you so late in other words you may see new jogging on the center. Great I think people should skip I think you might lose their arms out there. Have a and just the way this is still skid ended with Federer and means and I just can be little confusion that we should now get there. Let them know. I do airs Thanksgiving I'm proud to say exactly that number. At first but after awhile everybody has earned their grades on only way to get your ad skipping exact well Alyssa came out and V. This theme is big guys who wish they can do and they would do you. If there were socially acceptable OK probably sleep with men now. Both NBA's only give you the top ten OK this is our last online okay all right. If guys go leg they woods where dressers here when it's hot outside. Well you know he's in his room other cultures that they Wear her dress great and you know like. They get inquiries about a yeah please I never gotten a bad break its creed and our nobody in their countries you know there's several countries if I just like when you land like the balls. Throughout my calls ultra Middle Eastern balls. Yeah I am Ellen did you in this character if I'm. Larry that's amazing okay because then the problem that is guys fashioned term trends or changes harm themselves and one sees new Buick short skirts for men patent. Every time man said that munitions and stuff. Can't. It's really guy is if you could you would love to Wear leggings or tights when it's cold outside. We know pants were too I know we didn't see you can't compare any guy had to Wear tights for Halloween costumes once it was called out he realized. Well I can bring those guys really risen lenders PNC work when it's cold out case I think you asked whether crusher personnel wise kids also yoga pants you guys really think that they looked comfortable make you would love to William can people. Listen I would love this and mentor unit MSNBC demo day. You can see right through those pretty lightly criticized not certain size and came via their land let's let's let's look. Do you guys would love. To Wear make if they can hide your pimples and dark circles endear eyes you just don't don't wanna do it. Not that yeah weren't ready and nice I will say this because there's this Kathy grey now the right ingredient Kathy Graham and any scandalous way better totally because I guess and make about well. Also this that I've used like a cover up if I have lake is it that's like dead on the end of the note. I read something that's been so obvious yes. Where you like try to take the color now a little bit yes but no no I don't loosen their. There are my whole face and we know they need and they can't chairman and a playground let's make her sound. I say it's kind of like the moisture and humidity into an OK obviously you're talking about the new guys that are like Brett you know. No other girl in me doing right now and I guess and OK okay. Apparently you guys would use the word key Marat today knew that like to say Q but ELN is safe here just that's so clear cut. I feel like you're thinking okay. But I think guys feel they can't see it right like I was told my friends like. If that's cute haircut though why do you want it or not you I'm in Advance America I think Larry Pena with a two word all you guys would like to where marginally leg bracelets and rings and it's huge and sounds okay EU asked a bunch of closeted gay yeah. I I have no desire where they let you went back and JD. Have a desire to Wear a free Cologne embodies sprint. And I know. Like I like my Cologne but I don't want something that's well like. Coconut and. Bearing on why that's good so now I don't know but I think I think that's normally these things I gave it really this guy is outdated and for the fact that it's okay fine like I will say this one Chris uses. Like it coconut base closure I am from a guy that's tells me like you're on vacation rental rates. You guys would love to use face man six. Face masks and things don't keep her skin looking good guys I deal was you I'd be used as a haven campaign vehicle. Nothing enduring no strips and got dean. You know claim asks the right like that days min Steffi can rarely go to sleep easier basically same guys are these guys as also wants him facials he. Right there yes I want these cells again barely you guys would like to carry a purse so you don't have to keep things in your tracking down I think this is just Romney was not working. I agree like my head and he loves his pockets and semi since they insert file all right. Play it would be nice to the end zone they hear you whining area and they tell you about normalization of men who is what you're trying to do with this list right anyway you got ready for this one apparently. Eighteen our closing list. Not only popular when asked god mind. You guys is it if they can do Greeley Sasser what was it what would it be to be says that figure may gives us exact amount. So well let's say ass on these questions was inches. Like what can't show them. Now like this is definitely it is so much as some line about the stories carried so let's just put it out men online no global. Sorry not to get as a fine you can dirt on their but I am telling you right now that most guys enough film most of that some guys might wanna quilts that's fine. Group yeah. I think they're yoga can sign good doctor that. Hey I'm coming up we're gonna talk about the elephant in the room that is basically. Where they'll scandal. And there weren't addressed that coming up next our kids from some five. I'm sorry who ordered it talked about this it's basically you know a lot of people. Finally calling on Hayworth health Kendall Maine and you know this was our chance to. I tell everybody that Kendall has been awaiting transgender and should actually know and he. You know emerge as an Angel now common. I think he keeps his name. That makes me legally I weigh in here it's totally deadpan. Thanks don't have to change in the nation and pain Craig I knew exactly another well armed basically you know we've been doing this morning show for. Together as a team for her fifteen year we just celebrated our fifteenth where I came through there yes. He ran well and young Hispanic. Yes I had a big pretty jet. But there will thumb during the course of that time. I'm it was never like a big secret the Kendall can always been wanting to try to get to backed Kelly or do something closer to home he. I'll be home right when this county and his wife are both friend Calley in the way you always want to get down. I am so we've you know never held back from that it was never a secret to us break that he was pursuing this end. You know as much as everybody wanted us to see together for ever and we wanted to stay together forever he did come we were gonna hold candle back from pursuing other things and you know not that long ago Kendall was kind of looking to see what else was out there Aaron. To find out navigator or whatever and so like we're some do would be like hey what's happening you just heard the news you might be a little bunker. But we're likely BL were inside the show yes and so it's not surprising to us but I mean it's still. Kind of a bummer like you know we you work with somebody for so long you build the chemistry the and and then they leave then. You know that's what happened Granger and dom you we wish him the best man can now for sure yes end. We love Kindle we're pretty sure he liked us to hit him. I am and I don't know I don't know I guess there's a thing. Should he told me you know. Not everybody you work with your best friends who never knew a lot more each other's work. People just continue their shown about it later yeah I wish I don't get treasury well struck well it's just different every shows defray and they were what were shredded you'll we're sure. Don't recruit bright. But lake the three of us like we when they put us together. First of all I was like do I can't believe have to work and then. I in fire every UK I was saying we need to keep searching mutated candles Boise ran into you decision goody goody where I was like I didn't think it was gonna work great and then I was like cheek to have these struggle and he doesn't this match. So bad listener in there with as. Not enough for sure and we developed well and we do know the real chemistry and I honestly would say. That's without a shadow of the doubt we're one of the top performing and I think is best morning shows in the country yes I agree and I think this ratings to back that up. And I think longevity to back them up so. We all know that we were part of something super special break and I Kendall was a part of that but again we were gonna hold him back from things that he was pursuing. That's the big thing like it was starting just a fact Tim Daly leaky town he was homesick yet she's known around this family he just wanted to move. That right away right West Coast. So wherever his future whatever his future holds we completely support and yet we've I'm sad conversations and recently. And so. You know we're kind of jealous could he gets to sleep and I know right even though you really can't sleep do you do this guy hey yeah he's probably out to be had but doubt we just wanted everybody out there you know we've figured you guys deserve to know what the deal was and why you need a candle and generals decide your groove on end. We're you know move forward with what we do. And we're still be here being your favorite morning show yes and you know word deafening and new adapts and you know just continue to killer but. You know must love to Kendall and his family. Yeah absolutely we Lenny Kendall thank you so much for every morning and being here with fencing. Hey you know advance in drive in the vast slum area not capable right now you can paralyze Carter bright departing. Yeah makes a lot of sense there is any technical problems even to introduce him anyway. And right now. Little adapter into the situation. I'm all right but a guy in number doubt you know we will miss him a lot for sure and we know that we had some super special but we. Also know that we still have something super special yes and we'll continue to be Denver's a number 1 morning so some that's when it's one thing hasn't. Hard because some kids that wintour mall. Because a big mess at the same time get a bunch of other kids we're going to different malls yet causing a big mass noon. Now there's going to be your reaction to that. Yes so their reaction is well first of all it let's say when this happened at a Vermont and it was all over the news it happened is imagery 69 Christmas recommend everybody. Starter reporting of this happening and have them on a different city yes and a budget of Ramon Austin. Amid the first we can stand is like the the police do not think it was related. I don't think put it's it happened the exact same way at the same time. Yeah eight and not just act so miles Larry do you wanna how many miles December 26. Miles in Colorado of course Hera. Connecticut Arizona Illinois Kentucky North Carolina in new York New Jersey Tennessee Texas and Pennsylvania. All had disturbances. On December 26. But concert saying you know ethnic and that they were Corey needed that's annoying well and then I'll remember that break some of the kids were actually saying yeah that there is now. I'm right and they all you don't wanna be married and start to fly right yes so so I don't know we should be investigators because we are inferior out. Didn't we could do I I'm hanging there like on these hidden absence of that. If you know about it and you can use in San oh man becomes just don't know what I. I grew like my cool flash mob map. We're here out blue and some you don't have to Curtis show notes tensions definitely. Accept. I guess that says it's. I'm still doing meg three of their members none and that could ask the total current rules that are really in place for Moscow really so yeah. Is this. Like the specific to arm all ours is like now almost well. It's there's 12100 miles an Americana and this is specific to a hundred. Miles and I. I think complexes is narrow and there are a lot of them are kind of recommend seeing companies exactly. This company is getting to print a guidance required policy which. I kind of our Amal party ahead. But the new wheels off Hamas security guards to be stationed at the entrances to the mom. Each family entrances there are two mile so they wish to hire so many okay but. They're gonna ask the teens and their does Superman is showing an identification unaccompanied. Children must leave the mile by 5 PM. And I on the weekends. Ha CNB out an album that's the whole thing he dropped off the ball. Out exactly that's what you're doing and there's a lot of mid teens have been an art met going there's any money exactly but they're seen as as a way to do it. Because adults don't wanna go to the mom that they know at any moment and they brought can break gab but I have been anywhere you want yeah they have burst. Oh do you play. See I'm here. Or bar at all that's soon be spoon pick and I actually have a snooze button but I agree it. I year which a quick tour did you just plus you do it burst a blood best if I do I give me. A bless you for each rule is or does one encompass all of it I sometimes but he's free sneeze on that I need three. Unless he blessing that he. I am thinking yeah you didn't even less once and carry cameras at this so is this is. This does count firm also there and you look and then kids that are just hang out by themselves and which again I thought that was already ruled the hormones. We've beaten I don't think did. I think is a nice theory but there's no way you have enough money to pay for this kind of manpower. To be security guards and all these mouse right and what the thing is I you know at my modular cherry creek while your ego and sometimes I can appear youthful kid so I mean I might be asked to leave which is gonna be here in San. Anyway and see if you're no match is on display glass apparently this exactly give you bring your I com my parents. Com well you can't shop cherry creek where they sag member is doing is after January is really hard charger will be hard already yeah although I. Heard the conspiracy that I believe and one of the began. And James plate change is going to be torn down rate over there and it's going to be more apartments going in so maybe that's why I. Secretly they wanted to do this because they didn't want those people from this new apartment complex going into parking in their last overnight. That's a weird area and you know land I think this is what happens when you legalize marijuana. Number they ask you this I mean these little. (%expletive) yeah so do you does must be coming back impaired during your dogs when Ewing years earlier after 5 PM on Fridays and Saturdays though are drowning can toss them all to have them all babysit your kids right now we can't do it. The KS 107 I morning show. Think Cathy you know we played the song closer by the chain smokers yes and the commentary song is everything great song. Moonlight. And you know it don't blame. Something more. New show. Tell your thing. Four years. Okay. Oh okay. I met children. That's why I can't fuels. Now what's trending I know it's time lives in Atlanta and that's the. Big Sharon's embarking on an I decided to very present and I nation and the increasing you know they started this morning at 10 AM everybody's so if you wanna make sure that you get to these big shiny will be here in America. March 28 so we're on the list alienate viewers they always go past Denver benlate China's grew and after remember us try because they drink I got to end when he is here sorry. I gather members definitely definitely he's got got to get back to that girl having the embryo watered down drink. I can make it nice and strong I don't you know JJ Abrams hilarious confirming the Carrie Fisher is going to appeared. In the Star Wars I guess these coming out this December right we know that you cherish coming apart yes but. And they have three or what's gonna happen with her character pre nine bright light is coming out. This December 8 a Friday okay. So the thing is like what the have to do is. Like if they you know wanna do it. And not make a big fuss at this rate they should just like she should be standing there and then at the very end in the movie she gets hit by a bus you know there's an. I guess billion imperial China are OK then I'm like whatever their personal about it as full storm troopers and play again and this is like you know I mean girls what my end here. And then the credits roll you see the white clay technical. Horrible. The battered I'm just saying like. I have an idea. You do because that means and then the movie after that lived like. All of those later I'd card check you know we've brought a lot of blah ever talk about prior worries there leotard he's aren't there like in the future you know hammered down. I think you know fly out whatever can open a time finding right now. Regardless of their continue to critique came I had to do like your digital something or rather or. Yet he's not even admitting when they're not big Carrie Fisher had the reunion with Tyler her son and. Perry ran in 190 he's not even that might have been being held for the movie actor rather not say whether or not that was found wearing the coat. Now things have to come on some clever I'm right you're like oh she got a sitcom in Hollywood and now she's gone. Is hosting a talk children's play have lied if it. Whenever I can find. Get lax about in terrorism should never going to be sending us and. These things cargo karaoke. Is coming did TVM spinoff from James Corrigan and carbo karaoke that's really cool but he won't be the only host and. Okay because he's busy postings on shows and they basically said you agreed and hearing taking it making her show exactly now it'll feature sixteen different analysts. And senate against all these celebrity knows exactly the legal and so I'm late for example off. They do pairing in each episode soy John Legend is doing well with Lisa keys other schools that. Going into the songwriting right Arianna her on day. Is doing fine with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane that's hilarious collar on it brings that you just ran and have the red right there like regulate noise now when. And I Blake Schaub is going to be entirely just the manner of kind of thing you show the power is Gwen Stefani she cried as I. I would man I would like I said James scored as a producer he won't appear on camera but James Gordon is doing lined with Will Smith. Oh let's call it trying to mediocre and now and then and then and then that I get there I love it LCC episodes will be half an hour long. And no apparent effort music you know it's just another earth time. Before somebody gets a fender Bender all they're saying I. What I keep wondering when is that gonna happen regular satellite to be seen corporate insurance services. Yeah elegant and movies they put the car on a trailer that's and they film it like it's driving me. I thought they did you until you actually drive they really drive right so when Lady Gaga got behind the wheel on the right it was like could be careful friend with her little clunky shoes. Yes she's all yeah. Asked soccer. Yeah yeah. C news. Are undecided thank you got ASEAN in the robbery seventeen suspects have now been detained all involved that. Robbery OK so it is truly is there are seventeen were in on in the beginning or that. Was like three guys did in the beginning and then it moved to seventeen people because you need to sell this time and I'm re melt this gold well. I would like to say that's I'm thinking they were all in on it from the beginning because my. Had create had so many moving parts to this big cops know all of the names that are on the list all of them are professional. I did not miss any jewelry thieves but there are professional criminals. The French police are killing it like fade me like are catching these terror suspects. And these jewelry nice people like get a good. They are really getting down so. One of the people and it's in the seventeen word trick limo company and it occurred as she can always use an errant hair is so he's the guy who's like yeah she's by herself jetBlue and eagle one eagle one and an eagle to. Really I think he made to other Amber's going to end should only got better get to learn to get hits team. And I just think that gets I think you've got to be ahead of the civic there but I think it again. Any time you do next if that's why this had to beaver and I. And then there are places out there. Aren't some German you're right I Jenny is that a lot of I don't yeah governor and I took it. They hit it out since he took like I said. Most of the suspects are no different believe everything you see he's hit the guy who's here say they're citing. That's then we attacks during. I don't want to give unbending and three highlights to hair. Pretty exciting to finally end it is urging isn't hot like going. You know it never allowed anyone in their eyes to brag that guy is a liberal. Three of them women are diving dealers. Some amount and some of them are believed to have helped transport some of the jewelry over to Belgium. Including a semi dear old guy who may be organized the entire saying whoa yes and so he's like a retired diamond I have got right like you never lose the tasting right. I do or die right guess. Police think they have the five guys who actually pulled off the robbery when you put on mag copper advanced. At least one of them was identified by DNA because remember when Kim had the roll of tape whenever mouth right the 88. Didn't use gloves when he rolled off that that continued all crap grade so there's DNA evidence on that somebody else like I say yesterday dropped the diamond necklace there was DNA and then evidence on match so it all started coming into play once they knew the players where right and then people start ran on each other. And right the average age of the five guys he wrapped Kim that they were 55 years almost looks nice to see big. Guys listen to you didn't work exactly it's nice now with. His says that she's very happy and very reassured many recent progress in the case and that's good that is yet again it is good and then then finally do we anti advertisement let's do it. This is Mike Tyson recording a distract us soldier boy so embarrassing everybody's so you know how he's the trainer for Chris Brown Bryant gives them by eight. Again so you blame Mayweather. Well Tyson got in the Booth. And he spits them. Bars. And it's not pretty everybody is sort of financing ran yesterday nearly out its usual. I'm not gonna ask about. Really with all the connections Chris Brown hasn't. You can't look past the tracking down my man yeah. I was scared my own. Your what does 7 o'clock you missed your first chance of 1000 dollars. For the 1000 dollar keyword cash contest and so your next shot is gonna be with Evan Williams at 11 AM we'll play unit two and five don't miss your Freeman yeah exactly thousand dollars you don't have to tell other people you know when it. Coach and I can only do I do I'm sure he didn't have anything now. Buying jewelry for a black man. I don't do that anymore AFP. Cares what is Evan Bayh who's this. I'm happy you beat green and I'm under lord can go back. You know what we're just about to talk about that come and appear just a little bit. Met we will you know modular as being and we're gonna fill everybody in on. What happened with Kendall where he's at now and what the future holds very. OK IRA. You are coming up here's a little bit. Army might have noticed this show sounds a little different from what we I have worked with Kendall beat for like fifteen years yeah I think the morning show kicking air. Raymond celebrated I have the dress you gotta be adrift Kendall had a big dress. Well and the thing is it's like you know. We're so lucky to have come together I think a lot of pomp. You know like people industry if you know they would always say it's crazy guys were to get this far and you're so successful exactly in fact because lightning in the bottle. Yes they might think we're like the perfect threesome I think we were like give you really want. My opinion I think we're the best Marshall in the country I agree but you know we we worked together for so long and it became really kind of well oil well oiled machine you know we kind of you when you. Achieve that lets recessed for that long about time you can't help but we don't beat bonded together. Exactly right it was like I saw you guys more than my own husband Breyer writes for sure every day brewing here. We are the same for both Kendall and I mean yeah ain't great but. You know. Over the last couple years like you know it hasn't been like a total cigarette maybe to everybody else we've talked about on the area candles want and desire to go elsewhere and to figure out what the next step of his life wasn't trying to get back to California where he's from rape his goal has always been to get back to Cali right and so. Oh win that started happening and you know it was actually you know. Being talked about behind the scenes stuff look at him I. I have a long time to deal with ten. And so our mindset we know we've kind of been. Knowing this was a possibility for a while ray he started looking last summer where I seriously ran for sure and like. You know we could have been jurors have been like no word we you stay here are great but we we love and I we don't want him to be happy exactly so as much. A popular show is this show is we were gonna like him now. Get Matty Kindle for wanting to see what else is out there in his future right don't exactly right and it is so you know like Kendall. And Kathy I would have with some amazing shows and we so appreciate everybody being along for the journey but you know candles to ensure any. Is for him and we wish him nothing but the success absolutely and we had so much fun with him but our journey it's continued being Denver's from her morning show great and doing our thing and yelled at work Friday and I look at the wishes us well we talked to an all time. And he you know we we don't know for our paths will cross again in the future or not but you know we just wish him much success and you know he was actually. A lot of times the inspiration for some might work yes the F a lot of guys what do you do that in matters now but this was my favorite songs I did. As Kendall. Don't change. Nobody can nobody. No beach and no big challenge you have then. Hey guys like Jim Carson center. Mean since I was and. Being Jesus like his bread and I'm. Any private school I got checked when I got. My brother river highlands ranch. The jazz dance. Sprint I was okay. Talking like this is why do you think it's not. Mountain golf and doctor like this isn't a job. Big Ten. Hey. Well we love each candle and let you can now we know that you like see. After condescending he's on the way out blacks. We really hope I mean he wanted to get Cali he and his wife and friend Galley. It's always been his goal late since 2008 yeah I like me I wanna go on the Galley then when he when he first started happening in one canister first heard making the moves to make it happen right. It did her feels great like to the point where. Team right and we but I mean slowly after a while we're like well that's what do you want to kill somebody back examining their dream Iran makes them happy wherever churning that so we always miss Kendall and he'll always be a part of the show because I don't MP. Now I'll ask Larry one dollar and Kathy I won seven times this event at one dose. I think self. Ten men. These are the signs that you are a might be landing a good husband yes. These are the things normal look for a boyfriend. To make sure they're going to be a good doesn't exactly and if you're this guy has these trades. Good for you be ready and if you're being married to see if you're guy has he's straight and if he doesn't leave it right. There's somebody else that they did dad. It might not have looks though with these I'm. All right what's the first four days so eight trade demand and make best husband's number one is what you see is what you get silly neat. What you see is what you get with a good man he lives his life now and that's a good indicator of how he'll continue to live it with either race if he's a good guy now and he's nice to his dog and he's. I root causes mom Monterrey break he's that guy great I had a guy that was always talking about the past. And always saying it will win we do this or when I get this and it was in jest living in the moment ends. Being successful every day hey you need a lot of big track of that so number two you trust him implicitly. Trust and faith in this thing you do relationships men wanna lab provide protecting support trusting that he's been slow give you confidence and security your relationship wherever he wants trust everybody when he wants to trust you choose so this isn't. You know exclusive did you rent and you know what they're our guys out there that you contrast if he can't find those lady you gotta keep looking because there are guys that you can dress they won't she. Right the game once again. Shot out. Insulin is one of the reasons why I found them with my husband a guy has a cool head in any crisis. Look at. Did he keep his cool under pressure dizzy slim and things don't go as crazy self sufficient. It any disclaimer cherry hills officially. Her vision mr. a fish out whatever yet he displays maturity in handling life's trials and tribulations. That he's not looking for you be is mom he's been Phoebe is partner and he knows how to get your crisis. That's good yeah. Although some women are not looking to that they want to dummy they can tell what to do the right bringing the big. Yeah I went this is yeah. I'm not worried they'd keep looking. So and he never for a big guy who can would be a good husband has the ambition and okay yeah absolutely you want somebody whose go get aggressive brain does well their job mr. vision got employee of the year one year when I was I was dating and I think that is sexy had Edward I think to me it's extreme right and you're not a little bonus planning. At number five he's kinda everybody he's not the jerk it's big disrespect in the wagering is ready yet everybody's nice he's good with kids he's nice and the elderly people around ray and that you can still be nice all the people still hate the bad drivers absolutely refuse. It can't be nice to everybody yet all right let you guys is inspire his company and first journey doesn't want somebody is a nice person number six is the guy makes you feel safe do you still safe when you're in his presence. If he cares about your safety and security and never need to fear because you'll know he's got your back. Well and mr. efficiently and anything that happened he would definitely run. First to the police station. Yeah. Eating out none of it is there I have to wait cannot seriously bad PM I don't hear noise at all. Grace I he can't investigate the noise to get killed and he never lay my exact. Never seven. The straits of men who made the best as many as eight the top eight ran straight and seven is he shows generosity. Oh yes sir that you know it does it mean and dinner plans an exclusive restaurant leery. It means his willingness still listening give you his kind okay equality that Kenny generosity okay Sugarman uranium matter exactly what I finances of as the women that are married that they're guy hasn't. It it get on ladies to lean on me it's eight we've we've never unless you and Neal I was waiting to hear what it is eight. Okay masculinity is he isn't that could be good Donna can get another up. Do other males look up to undo any emails recently I did only got to do other males look up to him when they're on their needs I don't wanna know that. It's not gonna be mad as you said they again want to win to look up to enact I. No lay easy a good role model better than them that yeah. I hear you and he'll be a good role model for children also if I get men to look to him get hit. Well I think got a problem number includes room and we're bending a guided stay in this grand they has come that is it is getting his swing aide. Our personnel you have the list will close that on the morning show face the page yes so you can reference that you can eliminate it but by your glory on the bridge looks like this guy right exactly out there. If I'm. OK so a lot of times I do a certain things on my social media like little. Surveys and stuff Perry and them I have two pages actually three pages IV. When the chino and up I had to leave that Larry you know a very good use my regular kind of profile page yeah I'm gonna have a fan page yes and I also have. My Larry Gary you libertarians keep you think that's a joke and I hear every age ripe but like what happened the thieves won't know what's funny about Larry you're really very is a one time I was on the school bus and Dick popped into my head. And just as a joke I looked over one kid instead. Yeah my middle name's Gary and he's like Mary Gary you're very. He's like that's genius he and I he's on his name's Larry Gary you are buried spring I just. I'll fire again and just stuck with me that's failure was leery Gary you're very even like it's a high school is kind of fun to say well and the thing is I don't have an official legal middle name so kind of work I. But I tell you could stand to brands unless I hear you very how do you not get and they don't name. Hum because I'll tell you why it was because of religious reason now OK like I think that your middle name. From the Catholic tradition is supposed to be something some significance OK you just was renamed I think after your guard parents well so that's your that's real real names numbers so my mom. Was being called religious cult and you shoot down this new religion how. RJW ray and me believing that so there's not only name as crazy when we were so poor we couldn't afford the when I'm gonna. You know back in the day women didn't get Melanie is because they're married Baird. Surname wait. Whatever they're what does that word that may grow there may name is was supposed to slide into their middle name it's OK that. It's slashing your middle name ring that's I really get great anyway long story short I'm leery Gary you'll be very even PG is more followers run. No I have I think are maxed out I can that'll probably take a couple but here's what I post and I think each of his fans in this including traditional lending. I'm not the healthiest person but he and I feel gross after eating blank. I think I doughnuts because you mean. Yeah he's you do voodoo donuts those are okay that and you you have more than one you're definitely gonna do not. Our great it will grow and then you go like to me I I just so grossed some like man that was like a thousand calories. Let's forget bags now you re right that is so good brand new when you found frank with the maple lawn and it Mariette. This is Marion Barry hungry for doughnuts what's the one thing that you eat in even after that you like I'm a pig and grow as hey I'm still trying to think event and I can help you need to keep you know a big hit out I'm Diana chili cheese Fries is they give me is that I need to say get a lot of people sit fast food that they would go I am happy that. Have you been until Carbonari faster right yeah some illogical that the judge these. While Jews even done a decent number mostly fast food on a series she's tried Chevy's it's become. A stop it cinemanow is my central terrible always it's so good is. So glad. I'm getting fast food yes live in our suites. Like sweets so it's in the morning to. I'll see you must hate word and let me I really. I like 5 AM I'm like hey would you like this sugar control and different brain knows about it kitty litter it's a group Sig invited this little piggy. And that little bit yeah. They are getting wounded he didn't have to shift gears. Until you kind of figure out when it is that they even after they feel like wound up loving guy. I mean I had a titanium is that. I'm gonna keep thinking how will talk about this next week when Andy's on and so something. What's trending I next time lie yeah he and. Yeah rabbinate defamation lawsuit against future. Rob because. Got money now that she's made arrest for oh. Yeah I guiding his round baby right exactly I yeah I'm just guessing. Sierras jobs the fifteen million defamation lawsuit against future. She filed the documents in Georgia Iowa aren't. Remember he was like oh you're over union no gauge your desire to be exactly right mentions that great she was saying hey that's affecting my pay gigs now I'm suing you can't race that's as he did is triggered by the radio interview he did drag out their bad mom and I are not afraid. According to the documents the case has been dismissed she won't retrial it. Seems they reached an agreement and the custody of their two year old son so everything is good. And then good financially poor start focusing on the positive and. Yeah I have a lot to sex of their residence right yeah regulate less she's pregnant. Our you know I'm well however I hear this pregnant ladies are you roaring and some are. It's a job. Playing to my employees have named him back Kathy is this job was clues as these Crocker was Circuit City. Carolina may and then Bill O'Reilly is right possibly the Halloween spirit once in awhile he. Any ways Larry has a lot of talk about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon okay my favorite couple who's not out when you're 81 of their big breaks kilos. And so. Well. Good Will Hunting luncheon guests are right. And Robin Williams is one of the main key ingredients they got that movie named Brady was brilliant and he was so brilliant well recently. Ben and Matt were asked about Robin Williams and the death of him and Matt Damon responded back saying. Man I have a lot of Brad and William memories and good memories and then in Ben's and re and then Ben said recently it's weird Leo is so like we were going to be able to pay this incredible debt back to hand. We thought there would be time to do that and just the abrupt did miss somebody leaving like that the realization comes he never going to be able to pay back this incredible famous somebody did for years. That's cool because he gave me those guys in Houston bankable stars all right Oscar winners you think though. And they would offend the time to think it was a Good Will Hunting like in the late ninety's. Nobody you sometimes in that mode where. You are seeing record well yeah and you think oh I. I'll get around that some day you know and you never know that's why they say he gotta tell your the feeling like that you love them every day can you never know drafting good. Expect have you seen cabbie driving. Really I'm much better now I love the caffeine and Levy isn't it Lincoln's. Death you know they did. It led for it. Security here for everybody cleared area of people who go to. Syrians talking a lot is missing you know as easy as this to his sons they just got released there're like number one on the billboard charts. But according edged cheering any say in that he is president when Eminem. Made Kendrick Lamar prove there was no ghost writer. Oh really did Lamar is tight EI is so good no doubt Eminem. Was suspicious of Kendrick Lamar originally. As serious as that emanate and that is some famous and I'm writing a blank you sit Eminem heard the Kendrick Lamar was the best rapper. So Eminem inviting Kendrick to the studio to get him on a son. He arrived in Kendrick came Madonna's Mason and then said I just want you. To go in the studio. And then ensure Iraq generals this armor disorder though he doing there. There is he's put the right I know I'm kidding I'm saying you know hey go get content actually my bad edge here and wasn't there it is a story that was told him I recruit men and women had to throw everything on Rick Rubin it's. We're right on the board member Eric Wright he's that scary white and white view right biblically even Debbie Debbie you meat grinder and again is now. Fannie may grimace said that yes so then Eminem's and you you alone just on your own and my engineers and examine the record you do and it. But your mates aren't allowed to go into easy that they are due to go straight and Kendrick ended up agreeing in redwood Ed said Wednesday and various. And then and said everything came in the listen in imminent said they needed to test candy because he Fannie and goes right here in Tampa none Eminem while the new club. Nice feeling extremely tough for her big hint he didn't hide seventeen suspects have been detained in the game card as. She robbery. That's a lot of people for one necklace it. Can remember it was like ten million dollars worth of jewelry can never miss the greens are totally one means or necklace now. How can they arrested everything can have ring around is like for a million Eric. Well seventeen plus the suspect and incest thanks in the armed robbery and current SE and that's your parents. What did you have working for the limo company that occurred as seems so easy is an Arab terrorists. So he I'm. This isn't a movie totally think ocean seventeen because he was the last person to see Kim before you drop drafted that. All right well you have to be suspect did anybody that was like working at the hotel and yeah I mean that that's why in the classroom training the concierge had to be involved with. He is and you know I'm in labels somebody's still has to be because the air we jury room derailed. Three and they seventeen suspects are women and their quote known to the French police is diamond dealers. While news most of the suspects are seasoned criminals in the French police are dear well aware and all of that there aren't shingles and jelly. Now live Gary and one of the position and company just does that crap load load a rebellious bleeped whenever make you think it's a defense. Shouldn't be addressed and I'm dying and dead and if this is. She would like to see me me me he seem electricity and I. You see that he couldn't. If it ain't what it says snags in this every year on guy you probably helped organize the whole thing. He and you're there elderly men are believed to have helped transport some of the selling jewelry to ban him. Belgium and so I hope that this and that's what I'm Shane got it any emails I. Yes it out now have some of Kim's jewelry it hit in the diamond business break this is out they told that they they got cuts. When they were doing the robbery members five guys and they were just so just cops and they went in and grabbed her right club remember they put tape trying Kim's now firm. Well the EU with the tape on her mouth didn't use gloves so his fingerprints terrain there and the taxi gloves so you put up those fingerprints and immediately you know who he's connected to you because he had a record pray and then one of the pieces of jewelry which was some diamond cross has gotten drops during a robbery and that also had. Second DNA evidence of another guy why. I'll so they just started filling in the holes as writing friends why in these robbery race. And that I'm the average the average age of the man is fifty side here so it's good that you're really easy if you think that's the guns yeah they rhetoric runs. So they should have known better but strangely is there are are on the case seventeen have been arrested Redford insists he's very happy very reassured by the recent progress. The French please look at Jeff. So I wonder if she Gary got her jewelry replaced our if she's been waiting around. That original juror no it's insurance strategy is right and I guess they love has sentimental value if anybody ever write this year although Kim this is still wearing this she's not gonna own Jill re like and they cast crazy amounts of money now you know she's just trying to throw us off is still really know he's. Forget it should just shut up and and finally I hate to lean on this note everybody that Mike Tyson is regarded you distractions eligible right piano and it's terrible yeah or as a Diebler is they sell their voice. Tomorrow. Lulu Lulu I'm. All right so this is my eyes and with his wrap this drags says if you show lab bid it its usual. I didn't have to go ahead. That's 212 hours yeah. Your next shot at 1000 dollars comes with every Williams at eleven. They'll play again it Q and five this the 1000 dollar Q were cast contest a kiss from a sometimes. Yeah Julia. Okay you ready for this hour another reason why we need to take more naps everybody. Taking an hour nap after your lunch can actually keep your brain five years younger. OK but nobody is allowed to do that I know emotional person. Accent like mine and it takes it never have to lunch well as keeping your brain I drew the anger and actually not an act great especially. The decision to start this alumni. I don't like we should do gray now yet but nobody has an opportunity now it's like. If you get a little allotment of timing on it takes just had a maritime discard your lunch or go get a hearing yeah I can see media ten minute nap but I Ngo is exhausted oh my god. Clock is clearly moved to Tonya like it's been 1215. Erase yeah. Hey dad right wow what am I getting to know what I think is so I will any team that. Researches did not get. Over 3000 jobs and it was everybody over the age 65 right because nobody else coming freedom and the freedom zig and ray is so world dom and who can continue to be com. To her at all then it's too late. I'm keen Marion is Mendes is photos and burnish. Yes plus 75 aligning itself.