Milla Jovovich interview

Friday, January 27th

The KS1075 AM SHOW Interviews Milla Jovovich

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Hey you know opportunity here we've been waiting for this phone call yes I'm the Resident Evil movies are coming out right now yeah the final chapter comes out today was some people got to see it last night right yes so in the united Djokovic. Is calling Henry now why you seem like a million things like season seems sheer beauty of plus she's hot she's a bad athletic kid like prior action stars is angling. Why and the fact that you know she did the fifth element was one or a cult classic my favorite movie yes Camille are you there. Hello Brad how okay how are you and I hate and we're so excited to talk Tia. I'll use that fleet thank you out. Yeah I'm excited just because you are just it's so nice to have a bad ass. Bad ass female out there that is Smart she's a months he's you know I think in the end nobody can see in the next Alice so it's I thought. I have to know does at this stage would you like in normal day are you like all of a sudden you find yourself and road rage in your life with a don't even mess could mean you don't want to see Alice. Com eat now and I did. It early in the air I mean that people can't connect Sydney that's for sure that they never have been able to do you know my dad raised me. We've had the philosophy he never back there and you never started play. And that they can be starts that would be never backed Aaron and if you can live anywhere you move forward. So you know I definitely. And would not the kid that you know we did I have if you believe that trite to say dignity a couple of times and the numbers Friday can. Didn't go very far. You know last indefinitely Alex stayed in the II I have found hiding it clicked in my bag and that's. I'm ready I'm always ready for any type of emergency situations. You know I was gonna ask that because you've done so much training and you've actually done so much physical work. Yeah I bet like here's the wrong person to snatch him only eighty handbag but because you're gonna catch up to the guys. Yeah I think what would that well at that and where maybe don't breathe well. Basically they think it's the wrong house and yeah that was scary I expect that it was that we've been able growth. Susan so are you are you haven't been Romney. Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Lot Browner about giving up leaving Brian let me guarantee that I'll just keep watching dad do you watch you watching ten. I'm in court could be kidding look bad when it make it rich as soon do you have like a bunker straight zombie apocalypse in the real world. Com. You know I I I don't have a bunker didn't mean they had been absolutely refuses. You in that any money in the bunker there really reason. This quiet you know I definitely am always always on the look out for an emergency situation. I never can let me back to the door. You know I get very lake Italian mom about and think about it I. In her room that's and I'm definitely at a I you know I feel like depraved I didn't become an actress I might have gone into the military. Right well I mean you started out modeling and you really killing and that venue but then you know you warn you segued acting in your such a natural. I mean I can't believe this film it was twenty years ago but what a great movie what do cult classic in many you don't AG still look the same age. We are very very fully layups I've very much appreciate that and flattery will get exactly what they. But it's funny because when I did the fifth element I think it really I discovered on not movie how much they enjoy doing martial arts how much I enjoyed the training aspect and and the wire work the fatality. The being an actor and being in these kind of action movie that's great for the time. You know twenty years ago and and and actually fifteen years ago when we get different track than you want me. If there weren't partly bad available for for women. On so I would definitely actively looking for an action film after fifth element that they think I'm good at this thing. When you watch Sigourney Weaver in aliens for the first time the blue men and inspired me so much and and then make me feel so powerful knowing that. A woman can do things like this. Com so it's incredible kind of feeling the same way when they're young women come up can mean go out you've been watching Resident Evil you really inspired me. T go after returning indeed things that I never thought possible and especially women from countries that are really hope and down in and couldn't believe that they should give. Certain things that were appropriately pay for a week so I am I'm happy that they could have helped women you know playing encountering a layer. Quinn be stronger. I'm did you is this truly do last resident Resident Evil or. Will they'll be like anything at the end where he can still go on a. Well look traditionally we have open ended. All of these movies I. Had diet or you know the fact is this story is coming full circle this position the movie would I mean. We really have ballot go back to the higher than find out who she is in worse to come from and and down and it's I think it's very chaotic playing into an incredible story twist. Com when you when you relocated a point where Alec actually let her account is. And down and I think I think in the going to be very satisfied be right back it's. Definitely the most are the chain of action in an airplane I was jumping in the theater I. You may I may render like they eat they eat in this movie you're aiming here either and that they have very. You win their release films to have variety and yeah well me being united. I was like now and then that either have been found in an opinion day you know the special effects and it's crazy. You know it had to put in this film break out. Including the earthquake or rather they feel really bad career. Yeah tough kid that's a selling point oh absolutely yeah you like her really rated I really good theater well it's a Resident Evil in the final jab there we've thirty heard from huge from fans there Witten caught it last night in 3-D. And they're just saying that everything you said it grabs a bad. It was it's kick hasn't everything they were hoping for so tell your husband had a job that the people are moderator yes the police tell your husband good job. And I can't wait yeah elite pilot. He's that he's making the community this morning prayer aren't paying your old and getting her ready for school I can get interviewed LA. You'll be happy to get. Oh thank you for all of them one less thing speaking of your daughter ever. She is in this movie this is her acting debut yeah. Is you've seen the red queen. And she's amazing and and that's part of between their back. That Alex is history and they're red queen telling her everything about it and amazing because my daughter wanted to start acting we would I have. And they're really shows and its commitment has been going to cry out there on the weekend Blake religiously. And down that they couldn't believe Blake helmets as an incredible character issue Bryant hit the red queen. It did take away beyond if we could see geographic because. Q you really care and that so. It's detected and it could very interesting version of this character because she is being played. Throughout the film by a real little girl might my little girl. And she's cute phenomenal. That must have been exciting time for her you know it's like to all the sudden you know we. We know right up there with you in the same field you know and does she ever did agent. I have I want you she's got a good monitor events. Awesome I'm a you know when she was on that it was amazing because I got to make it a rarity in hanging out and go to the craps tables. And hanging out with all of the crew rolling and had no like a good job. It's not like being a mom and Jarrett did you get it around in power the people waiting and eat a teacher told. Did you eat potato chips is a good. Topic is a premiere mom again it went up and that's. Let me let we love you so much think he's so much for taking the time to god Denver this morning. I think you guys didn't I hope that really good at this even maybe you're gonna have a blast. I'm no absolutely our producers started smiling as an easy said red queen can't think he was like yeah. We read. Clean his front meal little pocket chocolate people are going it's. Okay. Are both well I tell her that we know she has now a successful opening weekend.