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Friday, February 3rd


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Michael yellow is in the house. You might yeah I love you guys. And then you have so many jobs caddies playing up the fact that you have Micah for jobs eased and the fifth that's right I have a brand new radio show on serious accident hits one night hits one in Hollywood so we have all the celebrities actually come without the studio we talked celebrity gossip. The Lowell analysts say that I need I go yeah. All of our careers here it she bag I don't think I'd is so. How do you you lined that up when aged in their restaurants and they just. Bruno I call before they come electrical taboo any came in I want to talk about Fergie. Yeah cut issue now is in a culture thing you're gonna take her place and tickets so I heard does does does urges rumors another I think. Black Eyed Peas is gonna make a new album nothing to cultures and it's gonna replace for you for this album public as Fergie doing her solo outright so that's the kind of said that it in direct way yeah it was that cool with Fergie or she liked I mean as you do it yet they always supported but she's doing her own thing right now that you must do oral solo projects and goals like just hang in Paris and integrate voice oh. Yeah he's part of their family beautiful. I Shockey got taboo it's hot but yeah I know I call them up I don't like do can you stop by the show and he said. Emanuel. Is that he has got a guy could. It actually really largely really. But he's the one in the group that's you know that's it's like the right thing right girl I want and is this always tells us we gradually those guys just silly and nobody realizes the made it went to did tick tick. To protect facts in his pockets and you know he's behind him yeah. Not the guys that like EN also crazy story he beat cancer two years ago while like he had testicular cancer. We thought we kept it secret so we talked about that but it was fascinating. Takes a loss to keep it sikh guy and I I'll. Let's bring out yeah I was talking about a rally OK because you want like gum at a friend that went through that and it's like you kind of want you don't think about it does a guy Bibby got used to checked out you gotta have absolutely mate you have to be aware of this. There's new test now Rihanna and half day light bulb really get one on one with the doctor that's for the prostate cancer well maybe there's added it up to grab you don't have you know they don't have to turn the lights down it's so cold and these are cold a lot of us to participate hand and a. If you make me purely bird. More like out hearings hurting music that's I watch your wives. I'm so cold. But isn't that the hammy jabs you have death it to make it led today's let's name them up actually your black and Asian agent yeah Malaysia. That's one job right there are staying alive in America and if that's what job. I got the insider yes so I do that in the morning I got standup comedy I have. The radio show. I have. Endorsement endorsements podcast all types of different you're killing me unless I got CBS. They'd CBS picked up my succumb so we're looking for sure runner so we got that going on sale out of things awesome. I don't payments towards this the US of the baby is coming our. 'cause they've got their candidate yen and four and a half weeks the way to go baby go you know hanging death is. Don't like them my wife is white on black and age U age in the baby's going to be a pain and a brand could be an activity into gonna come out. You know I incentive and event and a book and I I wanna play that's also that would be given birth to champion in America rather than America we don't know who's been in the middle of the panda express. Comment so Whitman this your first child. It's my first jobs at the boy to the body count Kathy just had to. Tom won the one G I has not having an excellent chance that she and I won 33 and a half hours the one year old yes but it was it's amazing like like as the comical. Who it. Never had a kid them my life it like I've really just might be in front row and center and it's an amazing thing they're solar durable and just the how fast they grow up it's this all the TJ back when you want Paula that's the best part of. Did Michael he had three other adults come over and Steve and I wouldn't help him watch the team that's it I would get acclimated to a slumber party well. I kid you don't Hilliard without respect. Exactly right and intimidated by we we got the 24 hour shifts it right you know I just watched people watch alike go to. Yes I. Okay now is your Korean mother. This is their traditions or anything that you are. Is already trying to tell us where the lives you have to tell us how to raise the kid are ready for my my mom with gangster like you you know like all you need to live here you need to live and you know you need to do is you know if and you know it's been just so blog what they're celebrates the very very well. They are very blogs at. You notice it translate raising kids are handling gala my mom was brutal to me struggle maybe you learn to put it appear MO and tap dancing class and I like Obama and that you got your left for seven jobs data and what she did teach me how to work a lot to death of a dog and as the argument. Your jockey is different she ball movement he doesn't Bulldog named all I want at all hollow given human and rat hate dogs that are name like little leopard O rossotti strategy either way no it. At the coolest thing was I was in pet store and eight in the guy I was like well what does Paul liked it it sounds like a human. Numbers economically well Paul like. All live together for a W yeah this protein involved has got to what I hit. That I need that is a great name on my dad is Arnold saying yes a minute I think yak don't do the pain and the names in the Mormon and my doesn't change Joshi but it that's the outlining these are not. Angie and I like the yellow and yeah. I'm out there you go out there ago did you happy in Japanese just like you know big this Yoshi congress against me you know well now at. No yelling Korean means great warrior. Yeah it was out the greens are just. Are. All hope great warriors going to be county urged downtown tonight and Smyrna is. Joseph B Craig crash it's my favorite club in the country the downtown one yeah people I mean I love it because everybody's on top view it as like a little Cain always so amazing that we just got to hook up fortieth and it about a couple free tickets to anybody random Legos of the website gonna pay it when randomly. Michael yo dot com slash hook up. Michael yellow dot com slash Seneca but also go to commodores to buy your tickets because not everybody went only a couple of people yeah. Some money paid well. Now it's worth the you're hilarious regularity so funny.