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Friday, June 2nd

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Calls Tony, Cedes and Chonz

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Right now on the VIP line a very special guests the honorable mayor Michael thank god yeah. Then we got to get you love her you know how you are you're always up birdies all right are you and I've had already who repairs are you kidding me. I'm here the other day in donuts full flown they see the other day yes they are busy man up a library there complement our name and remarked don't have to reach. And I think man how all of these or any other now that the steakhouse solid BJ not I think you fussy man that would that SDK. It became you know left my new strive to be gay joke that it could be your voice our air did welcome back to Mercedes. He's got lucky dog you bone also happy. Here ya go ahead of a gene what they're looking. Mr. mayor I had the privilege of interviewing I had the privilege of interviewing you a few years back for a talk show that I had in you actually city councilman Michael Hancock there. Yeah oh the good shape and I was a great day it was amazing so how we address the mayor is that honorable as the mr. mayor how we address you. Well you know I like I had my wife on the honorable. You would ever go forward now you got all the Michael you know I'm home grown homegrown improve my whole Denver grew up every day. Hello I'm level and about their people they feed you Baird and like Michael. Feel good that if everything we know that I've been down in the place where my people are this November vehicle little. We do have the neighborhood. And when I see you around to be like this stuff right. They feel he's looking I don't know I give them an email I got. Hey hey don't let your ball and we want to give you a shadow map because your come up is amazing how you do great things for the community we really appreciate what you do for the mile high city we got mad love for you as well we supports her. Well we we appreciate everything you all do I know I think you all around L sure they don't rock always faltered. Your organization helping them raise money for good causes. All three of you thank you and I'd like a fair. They had Hakeem this is welcome but put together a very very proud and excited that you're gobbling up real brutal mark from there will allow the. And then. So I did grab your daughter just graduate this year from each start. She graduated from me slap in the producer first appeared in the future zarrella great. That's delays because they. Well we're certain phone call rarely we know you're busy man but. Thanks for to endorse me and we'll see on the street sometime of some events Q there will be very heavy all of them before OPEC yes thank you for college did you think it's I appreciate you you got it figured out.