Mariah Carey Interview

Wednesday, February 8th


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All right we've been waiting for this phone call for a minute you know or do you love her. She's a living legend she's a diva she is Mariah Carey. Yeah. I. Hey how are you miss royalty. It. Yeah. We love the British accent we love it on your reality show and do we know what it's like to be British now. And I. On our end and everybody all of a. It was busy documentary runner because. And Mariah does not do a reality show right. I don't know. Now you he's doing is so much to the point you know the one it has Larry and I huge fans of our eyes around as well as you. But we always you know one of the rumors is Ewing your lighting you have to have the rate lighting and so I was wondering how that works with your day to day life and so if the lighting is gay you. You put the sunglasses on is that what I figured out. Well little. I. Now they're now is just have to put up with it you end up but not. You know. There. Are pretty bad. You know up Mariah you'd got so much going on right now. You have a new single that's you are talking about your tour your residency in Vegas which were definitely coming to see you. Tom and do that at caesar's palace correct. Well they could share your opinion. CE. Yeah that's a great song and it's kind of like got I know that you know bride you basically every time between albums you just go somewhere you right. You must hang with Jermaine Dupree and you come out with a bunch of bangers. And it you've been unstoppable at this point in fact so much so that guys wanted to say this I know that there is. You don't nude divas coming up left and right or whatever so called divas but I just wanna say that their music is so. Here and then gone. Where your music is like selling tactful and it was really the soundtrack it's been the soundtrack to our lives first would you agree about time that. You know you just my hat banker after banker after banker I don't think anybody's ever beat your record. And I'll. Always. Eight let me in any. Appeal in. Is great. Well I. Mean you. Get it right. With an era. Com I don't I don't. You know there are now. Yes so the I don't know the lyrics you know it is for your ex fiance per acts. Yes. Oh. It. OK okay yeah because it's sad it like. You know you you you thought everyone does that you found love with somebody ending finance no I can't interests you like the person it's the closest to me I can't trust. Was this a harder song to write the Netherlands in the past. And it. And way. Right. It just takes that they are organically. I have to know do you ever just wanna escape without a nod to rising you right now with a baseball hat on and I'll lose T shirt not tech in your genes. Well I mean that. He keeps. I. Yet. That. A bit like so we get oh my god is that right here in target media right are you have a bodyguard Carter. It. Oh how are. You. Or and but. 08. Well you know Mariah we saw. We saw that when you're an aspirin you went to a dispensary and when you come here to Denver on your tour. We would like to take you to one down here we got you hooked up. Oh yeah. It gives your he's yes your hear like three days after 420 I mean you might as well celebrate with us. They keep did yesterday and kind you get so much fun to do that again here in Denver quickly area night. I amp amp. Yes I have then it was amazing and I really feel that Colorado is the new Amsterdam especially since. They've been kind of like. Are trying to downplay the marijuana thing in Amsterdam and now we've just got recognition. Wu which got a lot your password we'll be able to have. Places like Amsterdam where you can go and smoke inside of a bar and stuff like that. I. All everything I say kick everywhere are. All right 'cause you're throw you gotta protect your your vocal chords can't protect the many. Yeah but it doesn't go to. And it's because it is legal only. Right. Yes now when you come here with Lionel Richie for that DR and. I think that the. Oh. Oh. Well regardless were super excited he'd come out here we're glad we're on the tour. We don't the latest singles called I don't teaching like gee we're about to play if you wanna go to Kaz wanna send buy dot com you can see the video you look amazing. Yeah and what do you craving is you can't have it. I would be to with the we love your new manager by the way she's a hoot I was down. It. Yes he's almost kind of like you guys are almost like. She related she kind of has the same like she's got a diva and her. It but I. Our number I think he's imagery taken the time because we know that watching her eyes were on how busy you are yet please say you're doing the second season. But. Yeah. Yeah well that's awesome well here's her latest single broadcast on December by the tall I don't. Featuring wide gee here's Mariah Carey. And we didn't you. Well you just don't show this. And I didn't. You don't show. Please don't. I was. Oh. All. New Orleans. You may. Oh yeah win. Back. Non manner. Think his own. Thank you so. One big. And no lane line. My mom. And ten. Non. You can't say. Let me. Not a man. Take his own. Think it's. And didn't. Don't. Okay it was a little oh yeah. And it. And you don't shows you don't. NB a this is the. Know. I'd get my game and win the Illinois. And say yeah. And did you. Well you just don't. Undated. You know you don't show you don't. Hey this is it. Essentially non and that I don't. Take his. Thank you so much more I it's an honor to talk to you and you keep doing your thing your off. And we are. It. Big. Good morning. This is good hey guess what I was 7:5 morning snow.