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Friday, November 4th


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There's a brand new movie coming out that this weekend actually asked coming out and also is on a video on demand and now. But one of them man responsible for his as is one your neighbors right using the house keys from year gap in movies called the trauma house Charl. I mean yes there and they say hi Tim in your eyes there are may Kenderick Allen. And I think any yeah I it's great to be used these were born and raised in Denver app. Only graduate of north icicle currencies in English now so upset that. Went to college and each other parties. Hello there are a bit at a pretty cool. Pretty neat and so then he started riding school in LA. Yes I went transfered when you that he film theory. Yeah nice nice nice Catholic school. That. Well I may amount that's right confusing is right down mr. demise Glenn no exact analog Buick Manchester I wouldn't want it to us and burners there have been there yet that's kind of went to saint Brendan debt zen. Think that that's a different school all girls I really wants a better. The guys my degree including three in dual. Yeah that's not a good yeah yeah not not. The movie about well it's I it's it's about really what happens. I've taken old. Really industrial and go in eight years and in each period on why a lot that we would be. Oh count him out all over four sleeve this particular building. As India a shortage. Aaron these authors stated the art Alter high at others martyrs in every room. It will. It just. Owning year. Buyer rip them today and strange things are happening because of the buildings. In the past it's nobody's fault but I. It has to do with me. Not ha ha ha well and then when I saw the trailer I was like he kinda reminded me a little bit of the shining. And that's wonderful that you you bring up yet that that's wanted things wanted to bring out its psychological ailment there's been so many. Supernatural or movies all slice and Dyson line. Yet here we warned that always or psychological. Reviews we know theory. Is a lot of people once twice because they're missing. I'm not you line current turbulent I have to go back concede again. Right take somebody and things like keys sometimes you can hardly efforts come. On demands he can watch it and over and over you can get it within the rules are okay and I get. But it is a great concept is when you think about it that's what happens is people I never really cared building down they just got the building in go again if you don't know the history and what. Technically is right first. And two. Stick it to act like in the movies every place. Yet every place the couple. The other element the movies. It's about looking and everybody you'd you can't go on teams the you can't go and he without hearing somebody's stop looking anger was seen in Beverly yeah there's been well I forcefully act. Outlook injuries I don't look alike in this movie will leak. Explain to people what it toppled anger and the bottom line is if you see your own -- booking your. I don't know and a lot of laughs yeah see yourself. It's over run and it's over I'm not if you look at history. President Lincoln's on his own toppled in it Amir and his wife's side. Right before you pass and his true. While I hope trump sees Alec bald and interest is in there. I got a referring to it from him. If if it. So I ever might him in in Mario my hands is. Oh. Set piece or prop peace in the movie. Or the movie or rate RTR. Is pleased former. Military intelligence guys. And he finds out that there's toppled game. Air. He's become so big East Coast or Luke cage now counting how many people in this movie. As a result of all Lee. I've gone on to the big stars Erica is one yeah the other ways joked here read the bodies say oh I know that guy yeah and he's the star stranger things right which is a great show yes now the little girl in this play even jobs starter in the movie. We need people ask is who is. Pot. I'm. OK that's good that's an ad. Alum McCallum Lou Yahoo! for many years played that it was side it's all built on. Is that the princes arteries you're right that's cool is cute so. I'm a little in this person in this it is it's honored to be what is the vision to green finally. That's cool dude its so called the from here and they your local drag on did and so that's a thousand delegates in moving. Yes so it. The channel how's it opens on now on Friday and Odyssey listings. Near your house and it's a little house. In it's in heart and heart is what is it gonna viking era when that this is the power of Larry okay. Larry's dad. I want this movie playing hearkens really understood God's truth okay and where is applying there at the heart had a hard day yeah the power of you know our view that the without you mutual admiration society that is routinely felony drug cherry creek are incredibly endowed rallies and art and exactly and now also is one of those movies that to see every now it did suit that's available. On demand the same day it opens in theaters right yes yes what are you of that. I'll be all the via iTunes everywhere else. I this launches a limited release it in CD's it's playing in Delhi Sampras is go to new York and Michigan and adelphia hand hopefully this. Lead. Bigger things yeah yeah we just let the audience is if you liked the movie tell your friends and family and with God's help is going to be great sleeper because everybody's responding well okay that's awesome. Calculation data right up in Entertainment Weekly so that's that's never math that's always good yet they elected again and this could just considers the next film yeah I asked if he wanted to do when a play that trump Stewart yeah. They jumped out then we wanna be. A morning show and not well I I confess their eternal houses should be. Friend well now that's a veteran talent and it begins and I'm like aren't slash running and there's all these jock straps on me. He's in frat house or the morning show. Yeah yeah ring like the outgoing that there is no job I don't know England is the thing Manny you don't need to write for the Larry's pictured that it is film does not writing for my life's horrified. That's very visual I bite my horrors he myself mere week. Plus out. It in the basement by picture or letting. Are ready now and acted out and support it's or when he on mile high yes Manny who is the writer of the eternal how's it opens on announced Friday. You do see yet in theaters in Denver Harkins theaters specifically we know that's the short and also on demand they'll pay a few bucks is down. Got some popcorn watch it with with his friends tough luck for the cycle iron thriller yeah. There are laws that films are doing that where you can team in the theater has introduced him home with a lot of people are covered and made it great theater home to him that that most users with us right yeah. Thank you Betty Ann much success with the movie a cue ball and rehabbing in the region going day by letting this is the cat's little 7:5 morning so.