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Thursday, February 1st


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How are you born this. OK so which not his margin of which one is Jordan can I can't see odd man. OK well I'll come try to remember a year voices at this point how like three has Tommy from. You guys are on the space between tours correct. You guys get here February 18 at the gothic beady eyes are here on Sunday. Now before the end of this interview okay Myers in right where's my city here yes. Where you problem. Okay. And that's how I know we want my people only got cubs say university I was born in Saudi. Born there raised right in Riyadh. Yeah AM did. I did it wouldn't that. Wall logged its own way and that and little did. Opulent that if you're on tour you're on 200 that's very cool that's when I heard your name I was like that has to be out of how you're like it's it's gonna medicine's side met somebody in a music scene like me. But and hope things like and without that ring don't. My show a woman that's that's honestly a beautiful thing in house like someone let me tell you August I'm a huge fan and you guys okay. Both of you together Imus NC all during after hours okay hold tight patients those are my songs so. I don't you guys are sound cloud gamma big sound toppers and so. They offered to even be in court today you know I'm just don't need across how class. Now. It. Even coming from me like it's different like what I do you know might my dad's an account when my mom is this mom on stay at home you know how they are in and I'm the only one who's like when an entertainment and everybody's like. What are your family save my family and I was like really supportive but it's different. So it's very cool I'm just I'm genuinely honored Jordan we cannot forget about she's sorry but I'm just genuinely honored. Oh. It. Oh. Yeah let even me it's like people like what like for example would be a what do you wanna do and did they do it now. Oh. It. War. I just feel like you guys don't have an ego which is very very cool. Like Drake now just getting. Oh. We're all and a you know. What it was about them. How did the music and like what what did you guys go to university burqa and you guys started in the dorm room but what why did you that he does go to university for music or one. I went for business marketing. I agree an outside you know you're from Boston and you like. You say university a wall only out of say university. They say you never even my cousins from Saudi they go yeah I went to university of ago you went to a call it like you went to the university out. Gotta say universities need I went for. Business stuff just like we all I would business marketing Disco is our mom and dad would not let us go spring house but how did the music thing come about. There. Is no record of it it. We are we're always. Oh. It. Of course. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. If anything bosh and has music but at the end of the day if you're going into music you're still looked out weird in my opinion. Shot on the fact. In so little com yeah it did. It'll com and trust me does on a great pat not you guys up the album out right now the space between and I got it lets you know this is one of my favorite albums because. I'm honored I get to interview people that I'm just like huge fans but I think that album to meet I don't know by interpreted it wrong but. Tim needs a vibe it's I go to the gym in the second I walk in the gym I start the first song and I don't leave until that and like some problems they have like. I agree I'm a unmarked car driver so this song. Timmy I love I'm B but this song to me is the song I listened to. My friend get mad because. I mean it's RB songs on the way to club they wanna hear some crazy number I don't know what you might but on the way back from a club this is all we play every single night. Every time mom driving a work every time mom drive and that is just a bunch. My favorite personal song on the album that. I listened to every day on Reid Pete is original heart OT heart throb that's us all. Oh. Yeah. Like I lose my mind every time he goes and night show on red so. Odd and I love this song I love your music. So what was also want my favorite songs is. Body type I love the one with I did did you actually division is going to be in Denver tomorrow. And I don't ya got a song together so hot that collaboration. Come about. Our. But I knew that what you make it but go I would back. Or. Is. It. Obviously. You know little or. It. And it. So. You like. It. Do you ice feel any. I I think you don't what do you guys is ultimate. Goal to what inspired you or what what is it like what what what you guys is kind of like. Vision in the next year or two goodnight guys are blown up on tourist up. And you actually getting to touch the people listen to your music. So they're all. It is. So bigger. He ran. Off. Early vote. Our point. All. So we're just spoke. Is there. Before you guys went on tour did you guys. Go to a lot of like states yet united Munich where UN Nebraska before a New York like we guys in United States shattered just chill nothing. Heidi guys like I wanna know Heidi like yeah. Oh. I don't know. Meet two I really think that's island people be like. America's know America is literally miss where everybody comes and chills from everywhere else. Seen. I completely agree with their any. I am I I think listen Mike I think what your doing is. Especially you like it it's a bigger thing than even you are mere any of us like. Yeah like growing up I never had anybody to like look up to. I just thank you really from the bottom of my heart for following your dream and and I know there's not a lot of us out there right now but in child on the next couple of years like. Will be able to show America and the world that you know we're just like everybody else. Yeah. Sorry this is not in every dollar expected did you have. You already get somebody said. Caddie say your hair not just kidding nobody really not a fan and you guys are on this space it Harris are the space between album is out now. Tourists coming up I think even I your tickets all week I still have so many left like every night I just promote promote promote so. But listen it was a wanted to talk to you guys you guys are going to be here Sunday February 18 at the ball fake I'm given out tickets they're still tickets up now. Guess when SM five dot com.