Larry Ulibarri on sports

Monday, February 6th


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On critics. Our eyes so we found that clip from last week where I mean my Super Bowl prediction. And and the fact that I am. It will not the biggest sports guy back in side you have some inside. Right and that's why you're there you experience or correct. And does so you know like this was the big game that I've had to make predictions. And. I've been close in the past yes there's been times weekly gains that you rightly or pretty close for being an office yeah I guess right today. I'm I wind up like this. NC correct and sometimes even when people laugh and in the face of adversity I'm still stuck with my numbers yes right okay. I want to buy predicted the Broncos to lose. And everybody got so mad at me in the loss yes and I was just being it's just the vibe that comes through and I feel. Not that I'm a psychic I feel like I'm a sports like it is that it I don't know you tell me. This is I really got it back nice event and eat it being that well I guess I'm to pick rog at the time it. It ordered out just go with my abilities that you don't like what I'm standing in eloquence and by. You know. A lot of people would have said they have a horse in this race of the Seattle isn't the Broncos. However if you hate the patriots you were definitely rooting out and sit for most of the game you were really happy right here is that a playback of a of the clip from last week. When I mean prediction. Or opposite patriots patents on this day. On the falcons and really want them to win there restive and there aren't obit and it is Clinton the way that issues looking I'm sure the patriots last. Read they'll have their day exactly well Madden NFL predicts a 27 Tony for wind for the patriots aren't that they've been right nine and the last thirteen years. But the Atlanta Falcons according to most of the people in the researchers are now that bid Talking Heads on ESP and they're saying that the Atlanta Falcons are gonna win receiver. Okay well you know I would just deferred to their real braille sports what would you say there. I think that the as much a lot of thousands when I leave the patriots will win. And the score will be on your ego Roman god here again put money on there haven't tried it means dressed and it's gonna be. Toward me age 35. McCain 83 lines everybody always possible to my members. Keep the oval car. He knew because of their weight. Try it out OK so that was it right and I was dead on thirty fact when he was that the here's the thing. Yet it was it the score being 34 Tony. But think it was that last point they couldn't make. You write great if they would have made that he believed that you would have had these score Z I'll give up there listening. You could have gotten fairly a dead. I'm not good man at a big bat lately is grip regretting that you make about a which out of put bread on the outward rush that a. Right now did you Larry since it is your prediction did you go in place to bet no where are as a psychic I don't have personal benefit. I could pick the lottery numbers already wet know you know it and repeating exactly app I just like the ability I don't wanna tainted by making you know a money thing. Even have a busy at the whole season I think this is the closest you've got to scores and may give for the super vomit pretty with the green these super ball right her have turned that it was. Here's the thing if you can't really get to this I'm super good at looking guys don't he's got a good jump. And that is that one doesn't. I'm way better at that. And that's Larry literary on sports.