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Tuesday, January 30th


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Or in the wake up still need Giuliani who GPS 107. I want to replay. Attorneys say he's still. Only thing easy Jones on kiss 1005 did morrow name it's not go smooth day and say that no more if you go Renault car goes. All right bill. Gates is now like I'm good at 6 o'clock in the morning and never maturities and talk. That can talk anytime. I know I know we're on starvation thing right now I'm on none of that announcement. Kerry and act we should do menu though Monday taco Tuesday. Menu female Friday I don't like wheel broke you don't know them open to that goes to them for Monday I shot. Well yeah. Dan is. Might get she. Nobody is away today don't you get the norm knows I will wait dollop not. When I just wanted to win you know I really do literally underneath the weather there because they either he had the flu but I do I think she got to see by the way. I need to come and there is back. That was nice they're looking I think the value that we're all underneath the letter looks nice eighties he thinks it knows they did you call for the club that. I don't think oh she's congested bro I thought it got she's congested I don't know I think this is the theme that she Beason. Okay I'm doing well. They then who LL. Oh my gay is. I did say get out with CNN and Arafat were former major company were talking about in the next ten minutes but before we get this party started I got used to adorn. No yes under desks we get mad golly it darn. Don't know. And I whether they're true or it's never. Tony season Jones on just one of them five minutes out I'm just saying goodbye. And minera. Mean it's so hard to say galactic you do get to someplace that night. I don't you know the. You know in Texas closing forget it there's only like six left. Sees I didn't know that there was any left to get into this pretty much done. I don't know the did you know that there was still some open. No not that I knew there were gone to Colorado art because there is you know by the house the week to go to with our kids an angle ran video was. Yeah if I remember eighty for the year on. As always go the blog was a Friday night's. You go did you imagine blockbuster new. But I would Netflix I mean analysis coming like. That's why I say I thought they're gone a long time ago ray pulls up there and I would eat red box started to an amount remember that those little kiosks at all the grocery stores here where you can just you know which credit card and take out your videos and the return of men. They're not you know there any fees these term whenever he wants you know god doesn't even make the transition from VHS to add even. Okay. OK so listen it's it's not wasn't too long to go to like maybe six or seven years ago. You can still go to blockbuster but they weren't there they are really few and far between because they were already on the end there were they try to convert most of their stores to visa. Video game places they were go ahead. With the GameStop. Yeah so then that didn't work out. So dude the did they took over as CEO in 2011 he ruined it they're tired they'll mail and I did little free popcorn yeah. Gloria every other model core machine for sure enough it didn't you people to have conversations you see friends and you know people you knew it was. If you're an athlete consumer I write this the arrow from the neighborhood you know are they doing that night. If you look at slower and they also that this is kind of funny because blockbuster at one point had these adult section or yeah. However room you can go into your parents went there and you can go in there and totally up there. Ice is trying to just take my head in there don't. Different the life. So yeah I was in trouble well the melting and about they did so are renting video games yet they try to get into the video game thing you did them. Don't work out and of course they had the expensive popcorn and candy and other populous free though you could get that good when you try to by the caddie was like disbanded as much as the movies at a candy was price show you how. Pack dad was that so did you say if you come to the storm Friday night's fifteen years ago. You've seen this many people they've been running talking movies and having fun because because they were closing everybody showed up for like one last party is sick if I. Com all one that's your love god losers. And so. We're pool. It's like to get a couple times when it was starting. To. I've gotten knocked a nine these babies that do not me and like the first nineteen non. Now they've probably never I don't think the nineties kids really how dumb are these kids they I don't dwell on how old learned and. Calls allowed puzzle I used to say he's. We ask my. I'm 22 bands on I 2123. Point 51 to my son went to blockbuster with because he always won a video game I've read video games for Hampton yeah. Like my my kid right now they're laying on though I don't know when the animal allele so well let's say in the morning. I don't and then he would announce yeah and I threw down the five had authority of the game 2000 babies. Don't know yeah all the memories they don't know so yeah neither did the teenagers don't score and I shut up already new money on that but no magic come retro again this. I'm here they're going to record stores and and they buy an old records and things like that so new and might become the stalled because they don't like him kind of stores I don't know wrote you wanna dvd player for Christmas. I remember when thank you. Or. What does this mom I'm dvd players on this recollect tapes that we you can. Collectively get real would you read you for Christmas a fourteen dollar Wal-Mart dvd player. And Sony savings. And Jones on kids chromosome five so gifts which Denver Broncos is putting his fantastic life on FaceBook bond. I'm Ellen yeah and you we didn't do is there. Lund everything laid everything we do it. Skin ready to debut new reality show ended so Von Miller studio 58. They named and described it as an all access slightly fantastical commute trip through the eyes of the NFL superstar. And actually check out the trailer. There's a scene where. They go to the members do. And he kind of like these odd jobs dirty jobs think from where you basically has his arm up and elephants in bush fees that are really doing. The clothes and until he enters your part of the older internship for the dead you know they they show what they do as far as. Well now it's your mind is an otherwise we got to do tomorrow there's another we don't. Wanna be on the show there's another thing where he dressed up as old man referee and then kids don't know he's dumping on the kids. He's got this big pot belly there's a lot of things that you've got to check it out. It's gonna be pretty cool would be news this Wednesday. Will you watch it is based on what I told you it's strictly on FaceBook right strictly on FaceBook. Thank you know what he did something that they would like. But at MTV cribs tradition in idealism knapsack when he did it like did you ever when he did that I. I do so actually pretty funny thought probably weighed checking out followed the thing is that we just got them talk about blockbuster go. Is that means that television stations better start when they're trying finishing this you know reality series on FaceBook strictly. This your own studio he's doing his own thing and that's not a thing as soon as he walked got the MVP. He was all us now Joseph you want to see what he does look to you gotta go snap to he was like make an appearance is given stuff away and if you rust that tell you gotta look good you got to meet him. So now this is another way to getting close to the good yeah great personality. Yeah funny dude yeah it's yeah okay that's great situations again these are you a series go watch it well he does with his arm. In the alum. We ushered out we said on the Cape Coral I might say Janet Ellis thank you Dyer executive also. He is. With those I don't know who say. He is oh you wonder if the Pro Bowl honors for the MVP of the shot attempts to break we can no problem was lack. Nobody wants the trouble anyway anymore so we got did you sense him because even though the games out of Ford he's the MVP who's not a it's fun billion fans. The. Thank you did dominant. Only on KM. Like high end allegedly a wanted man again back came sweet fifteen a woman named Diane food I didn't need his music company after a light. Fell on top of her head then things happen in 2012. As she suffered head trauma and not to mention being left for the permanent scars and says eventually awarded her 235000. Dollars. But it's going on three years of the loss to begin anti has yet to pay up now the village increased over 250. K did any fast. Indicted could be arrested for failing to notify the judge of the assets to pay the only thing now. Does do don't have no money at all right. He has since the begin royalty contracts see balls one time we got more though white doll Gail what else. I know you did I had no money and talent many can't call the trend right for DNA. See you by the way the validated eating a lot of I'll give kids a break you may license twenty template has got a clearly they can't get to break please find who got these in my new car. Sony aren't happy I don't know yeah. Hillary you are the yeah. Can't say it was either it. She is so she did so lawsuit for 235 or 200000 dollars. Did she get like the workman's comp instead they're a little awareness Congo denouncing god he broke right. You would think they should be doing man so they knew where the light fell on its tiger. Suddenly you're always gonna go for the money. Really you'd they get money you. You can it's definitely not like you're right now I get an iron about the stop in Denver at my legs bending comedy tour yesterday they can and are irresponsible score will come from the patsy thinner. On June 29. Hi I. Adam more than 900 new dates to a store which will kick off march 23 Embarq Smart tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM think it's a Monday night. It's anywhere from 44 dollars a 154 dollars. Cars don't look good. I'm still a little bit arrogant little sex tape that went viral. He's you know I think profiting off it probably irresponsible hole. I create a. Rory IE and that's how you can damage control this and take ownership by his OP does better than he didn't Jumanji. Oh great Hollywood reporter the voice. Divorce lawyer Laura Watson has officially launching new website to help couples get divorced. With a few clicks the daily this site uses both artists and old are artificial intelligence as well as divorce experts. The help unhappily married couples navigate the process they say men Watson said people are comfortable doing everything from being teen dating now lives in the service. And no logical way to fill that need it's also a huge time saver look I don't get it artificial intelligence yeah I. I don't know what they. One of them sex dolls are a lot I think I. That's next on the line I know I'm going on scene expert so I can I get all the background information Korea announced. Image too much information there's a website call legal zoom dot com didn't get it done out. Is that quickly. Hey Don just a click away and then you take out those stories and more got a nepotism of them five dot com Tony season shows like kiss on assumes five so your serve better doing things like chasing the car hanging wallpaper better than you. You ever seen one of them try to use them Chad it's like watching the donkey trying to do calculus right. Men do this idea that. Well we got it found this survey at unsurprisingly millennia those are way worse. And a lot of basic jobs around the house mend their parents we're talking about the technical stuff this is around the house OK okay so. That's movie guys how are you guys this sewing button. Terrible. Horrible can do it. Yeah millennial sixty for thinking doing parents 93% who room. And they send them to fix the clothes back in his eye and make your clothes children were. Knew there that's there's so that I'm back on how about this one takes a blown fuse. So that way get a brand new weight five to similarly Leo 90% of your parents right before confuse you replace it broke back then find out put it in I knew once. Number three the mail from scratch. I encourage Americans fashion still haven't seen that gas still waiting that I you know you're already there yeah. Remember your story your microwave. Yeah lately everything you can't have anything the fridge and yes I did your grill steaks and they still in the freezer I got broke down I parallel. Somebody else balance and there you go 34% of millennial canned and 57 of their parents can't. Okay. Can you check tire pressure on your card of course who did. You go to the gas station and put a little thing. Up to the tire and second good job the did Joseph jelly. That for millennial 76% of their parents which is crazy because even said recently everybody should not do that should be on the percent mean. Can you hang wallpaper now. The nose low easily wallpaper anymore I don't know why this is gone OK can you hardwood floors to knock. Oh art you know can you change the tire. Yes. Then I can now okay because last time you called me on to 25 holiday help you rapidly updated for you I would know anger and highway a year ago. My legs from that they think I I know some guys who are a little bit older. Then you guys who can't change tire who will call a meeting time and grown ass men do it. I guarantee your good friend I was a different they're doing did not talk you want to. 2% of people can do the hardwood floors vs 68% of their parents and word of advice watching YouTube video. Serious you can learn a lot watching YouTube video guy and I can't I mean this applies to many many Olson and I can do anything. And Olivia Olivia. And let and the good to a beneficiaries no measurable so true and so if you watch YouTube video TV watching spoon you could. You don't try. Listen everything is parents do are there Jim. Yoram yeah you're right but yeah this tunnel tortillas I can. Ray Downey savings Jones on just awesome five so we all know what a neat story about the bar ball. The father of his son's. The mellow only Angelo. And their new place in lakers right now we don't know that he oldest kids out of school yes and more sees. And you know he's got the big dollar brand a brand right Indio thing is better than Michael Jordan's that is better than everybody. One semester of college basketball men. Until there's a thing this season it's not really working out for. The boys and Lithuania as far as basketball you don't know why that's gone through the hype is gone I was dead from. Thank you already know we kinda controls everything with these kids right here nearly jacket from was going on the NBA. No he's got to let that go leaking criticized the coaches criticize the team he's always know in the news which is bad because money for the team the lakers like shut up we ought to do this. Here he controls everything with his voice. So now they're all the hype has worn off. Then no one's going to the games anyway. Martha fun. He's telling them he's going to coach the team in Lithuania. That's gonna let's go pick it up again to be seen the BC my yacht to us. He's good he's coaching now. The majority of employees to. And whoever else is on the eighteenth grade they're saying it's for one game. But OK so we already kind of kept track with the stories on through the T we've talked about the situation there are always dealing in China. And now here he is. Not only taken as kids out of school a public school high school and of course college and now he's. Trying to coax them in a pro illegal overseas won't is that too much over the top as a parent. Yet busy we mean like is he doing too much as far as then like trying to help them exile. Well I mean I think he's trying to get them to live his dream don't you think. Possibly. Didn't make it an MD eighty planes. College I did the kids like bounced while I don't think that they dislike him you know. But they think they dislike you they don't like the let's. I don't know. I'm obviously they're playing. I mean that they can be afraid each other that day out of money isn't there are OK I want I want to pick college right. You remember you ducks and yes he was really good news good football went to college UCL a and he finally told his dad I don't want this and ammonia model maroon. In this down school with it but today I wanted to play football dispute all about football. Right this comes Carolina. Moon they're gonna boy you've put it all out pressure on your kids Teddy you know. Do wouldn't you think is good for them you know enough to every parents want to do well sometimes you don't push your gives us a little bit. Too far because you knew came short. In your life though you do go a certain extent he didn't like he said he didn't go to NBA they MBA so. Nominee get all my kids go to NBA even if they don't wanna do that. Yet yeah. I think it's cool to expose your kids everything so get them into everything not so much just one thing that exposing not just boards with a hard. And everything that you can possibly do ballet they can make it this isn't for themselves. Now for financial reasons for some families sports is the only way out right so they definitely an easy mistake he you can look through your FaceBook timeline all the time. Parents living vicariously through their Q that's what the terms golf. Okay and they get mad and they will find other people. Because their son didn't get playing time the wanna be at the Cold War there were the only referees to their team did win like the pressure's not only. On the kids but it's on the coaching it's on the referees it's on my kid's gonna do this and he's gonna go this far because. As too much because they think it darted NFL mode. They've they've brilliant go to win the super mall today come down. They don't they're only eight years old Q tip your local Pro Bowl slowdown big congregation at home and then the good out there that's gallon on them. I feel somebody's parents and I know you're stored row you're JV you didn't get on the I'm. They're also lauded you can't write that way better than you ever word let's get your. Oh yes Tony Jason Jones on kids chromosome five what do you tell your parents or care how parents. That push their kids too hard in sports 69803. And that is our text drying. I'll one person said that I would move you need to tell these parents to calm their asses down closer. He had a slow down. Let these kids have fun and yeah very Ben let Matt funding on there and does not like like this guy right here on ING. When the kids will soon find one I chime in Colorado defense. Until then the calm down relax they can't won't be Olympic champion tomorrow greatness takes time. I am Henman also on the case with a five FaceBook page Carmen says my son to a default all the cross they stayed where did that during the summer. He pushed him so hard that they won't do any sports again. I think that can have fun and encourage him but don't force them seventies there for now 1005 so we took principles. Their children Jordan sports I would you named I'm my name and then we GSA Vanessa. We're counting peaches and pressed I'm really fired can you can you really thinking about Palin really why I think we can make. Well earned him a hard sell for around make them forward and then you are we want the media if you've tried them so high they can acknowledge anything you want him through. I agree if that bag compared things like the the sword and stuff like that where. We are charter like and then they know are you making another you are you trying to make me me. What exactly I think maggert shot translate not just in this more than like this and every day and I professions like your new. Barack bill's being there are some didn't you like all you're going to be a senior now are reviewing the right. Exactly my parents I mean to be engineers conduct that they were Sally good at math and the science behind me in another leg. I'm not saying I don't I don't wanna do that couldn't my name. Nine area and if your son wants to do ballet and Wear dresses yeah. We're joined in the. They really golf tournament chairman I gizmos and publish your name. I'm lucky we zinger. I look. I then can be really hard I know that because my I was always thinking it felt tired and I always felt click click on him because. And it made him out because he pushed me so hard and do they turn eighteen and then doing and I regret it because. I meant then but I don't mean I don't fat because I feel like I'm never going to be make him out hate black. Trying to limit that hype of what he once ran back that's hard gag if you feel like your failure and does because you did fulfilled. The dream that we have set out for you. Exactly and again that he has falcon mean when exactly and I want it and I never really got delayed about my game though it's kind of hard because I wanna do make him proud but I also wanted to live what I thought it killed. Quickly if you could Salomon he would listen to you what would you say to him. I would pray. Behavior on my brother because they're so there's more than and how out of let's get injured and then China understand what they're telling you what they want that feeling on the board they're drinking not yet you're getting through them because. It can get you out a hard life and he really good job corner when you're sixteen doesn't mean that they have to be pushed so far that. They're gonna wanna leave out when they turn eighteen they're not gonna wanna come back. Wow thank you grey cup I don't think you Jones on gives us some five so we tell your parents that push their children to our sports says they meet try to fulfill their own dreams and their kids. I think I'm bad 698031. Prisons and and a few cousins after doing the same thing. Other parents push them so I had to play sports all year long that one of my cousins are he had too many surgeries because he plays bass mom and volleyball and track and now she's in college season canning and play sports because of her knee problems that she's injured guys. Do went to our on the kids wanna sell filed IG says I quit trying to relive your lie through your kids. There their own person with their own dreams the more you push and a Moldovan wanna pull away. That can pursue what they want to live and they will now encourage their dreams not yours seventeen therefore not one of them five more full of phone calls. What do you tell your parents that push their children are in sports how would you name K okay we SA. Thought oh good scoring because you're the target about how we need a follower hip enough pressure kid the mavs and the future for fifteen years. I work that would look at my I have an eight year old son who actually a band he did well with Charl owned by I grew up playing for the guy. Always tell my passion import and rallied one in my hand behind that drive and you're. And replay here of the credit he never wanted this sport we mark the end it. I have to really step back simulate what's best for my hi Joseph moon and I think we are different background like. Morning a kid but how bad drive and passion that he had complained openly enjoy it so we have to fill American thing tomorrow won't hurt him more because they're a different person than we are saying they're not. This free listening and for immediate flag. They do my own music you land have Vijay and he's been doing amateur and then from now mere parrot I've been my. But not quite AME Joplin hundred dollar look forward thinking more about not some one. But yeah thank you for the Chicago appreciate it there thank your summer. More of the story is listen to your kids see what they like bluesy with their interest are just keep an open here and be open to what they wanna do I'm going to be able to provide whatever that's what they wanna do we have beaten beat their tool and notice most of the caller women no disrespect to the guys but knowing what I know through experience and west you know social media. Mostly men want their kids to live. Do you did your dad thing with you know that they couldn't do or. Elam of our knowledge UF. Yeah mark and then when you don't have to look let's see you that's final football fields before yeah. That's in my daily. OK well then hands it can get away with the. It's crazy man found me a favor and. Is seen. What's your name blue will traveling circus is looking for local quirky talent who's most likely be recommended Tony Singh is shown. Very it's. Now brother and I mean man I'm perfect isn't traction yeah well you are a distraction. They sleep golf digest them plywood and and lost traveling circus is looking for local quirky talent who would you most likely recommend Tony's pay either Jones. Why. It's I don't know I move only okay here. They're right back early gotten gradually soon. Hey you know talk is great prizes to make a name we'll find out CBC when you. I mean I'm done I was stationed that you will ever remember. Tony things in Jones on just 1075. And nearly half of marijuana users do this. Small. No that's all of marijuana users grow up I. And we'll why yeah I. Where that where some meat and some smoke I'm pretty sure most of you smoke and then the portion of them peak but most of them actually have. Go or admit to going to work I. I can never. Go to work out I commend her function. Mean I can do and drinking for sure. But out of I would think everything's just. So funny I I there's just no acting get through it. They try this explain 03 have you gone to work guy after hitting high or you currently do it and what does it do for you well we have this discussion wanna hear from you. Auto sales up instructor Paul 600 self identified marijuana user. More than half. More than half are able to do it yet. I did it once and I was like in fetal position. And if you add back net present no longer Abbas says. I I can tell now they give the man yeah once but I had animals you know that there's a difference of animals vs smoking I think they high lasts longer. We do an animal and it just would not come down I was like literally on the floor. And my brain for every minute ago and answer I it's a little bit more intent a little bit more kids is what if they just laughed and I felt like it lasts so much longer than actually. Smoking so we need to of course you know I've been DJ in the clubs forever so every night DJ that I known I would come out of town they all like to blaze up and all that good stuff then. You know. One big article how solid up take good you know couple jokes. And then that you know I'm more in the DJ said and I make you know my deep down my records and home rule lost in one of the records. And one of the songs that ends and I'm there's still a little bit when they did a record might have a nice. Then there are millions and a good lord and I we can actually I still don't know there's absolutely right now this is not for me yeah I can do as a skin to a man I'm. I'm paranoid so here's the crazy. He thinks there's a percentage of these nearly half the people that say they think they go to work hi Cindy teeth they think they perform better at their jobs when the guy. Right. Like actually might have consequently today it'll. I guess if I actually multimedia IBE. Better dessert at essentially a little bit more focused on piano black and in other people I think it matters. Then other people can get more focused on it wants you to get every bad now the thing about I try to read. We didn't expect but. We don't don't go ms. Marino and everything you they're Santiago there Molly did you write that yeah don't you move on me by themselves the credit. I really I mean that's right because I. Got into the Mitt go go. Yeah distressed or a reliever for a lot of people like before they get into work like how do you deal like all the stuff that you deal with getting ready for work in getting to work. Is going to be like a cool break from all that. Wolf for some people it's like the Red Bull like in their coffee right dad let's wouldn't you be paranoid because he's my most likely be fired from your possibly New York high alert. You better stay at. Like everybody I don't do Turkey today or why he's so relaxed right may oh my gosh well here's the deal. I'd say employers are still free to test their place for marijuana and fire them for using the drug. As is. And I'm just trying to determine embroiled in this everyone's doing it in the tournament through there was a that's more than go to work I. I need help me focus and work harder. A lot of people do it for sure try. This bull is nearly half clues but a 100% in Colorado oil prices boosted the 90%. Right right I low impact alone Tony Singh himself traditionalists and five so let me just say this if age. It's your spouse or your significant other is unbelievably messy and you wanna shame them into changing you can go viral. With a list of filthy things really new to get him back to work decent place than you guys are you everything laughter. It in the story comes from Brisbane Australia but he. Didn't take it any longer than he actually wrote this long letter or money. The details. But you've also posted the picture of the messy bathroom basically just calling her out from a soggy bath mats the empty toilet roll which hasn't been changed. And you know shared bathrooms can be a minefields when people don't pay attention you can step on something your thoughts on the floor as far as making out. And learn whatever you but I really couldn't get this two ways you can't. Girlfriend or wife to say we'll play it yourself. Right between the toilet paper by yourself why didn't we see them do it but the rule that's an easy one but the make up all over the sink a loser of the picture we're having a tear down from five dot com see that. But that looks like my bathroom crazy the bathroom and I'm there ready for a story that's excessive doesn't. Hey go back cameras Mikey and you need me you know how grandstanding and glad I am being currently nine and filed against them but you don't feel like after done. Of course is absurd but I ain't right now see this. Two right now yet nor is there but I heatedly without. Yeah that's true but even when I was would only do they wasn't going down like that do you use meanwhile into the match demonstrate our I only started doing getting started breaking things like I finally my. I like your pie on the floor all right now he's like just moved everything somewhere you know what we're not gonna do that the lady say when you drop make good juicy drop their makeup and you break it. We're 30 yeah you cannot drop 1 morning. Seat or lipstick so drop it I'm not bus our own laws I'm looking at the pitcher on his leg and my guess is that blood magnate Donald van. In this putter always forget he'd put our own blasts they went viral and I'm John I bet the whole story. They did calling him bathroom things I eighty. Isn't that congress face Somalia and make it go and put that back I think that's a little dirty. I can't thank him I was very thin isn't right it's crazy because these initiatives being a partner habit but there isn't enough. I'm sure we sure of there's something that we knew in the bathroom. I don't think yeah I. And route that you guys and I'm Asbury and hair bright seeing that the cells all this different I don't know. ALC's. Comment yesterday usually. Baby bottle the spray like I have of my eggs he had that big hole Orioles seem bottle. And the thing just took so much room back in the countertop only a big ticket I don't see that he really. Ironkey be okay. Does drive folks need that I grow and I don't know I'm not now powders. So my thing is you call me yesterday with the whole you know hair thing when I shave every day to bring our leaders in the sink that. Listen now that's a pity for my wife out hopeless and I'm coming on blast today. They're all different but I haven't gone low before we do it. Except the pair team for Brandon to but I bet I try to stick a towel over to sink to get all they're sorry I don't get drunk. Putting the towel over the thing rides in my hair and stuff like that annoying your troll man oh leg up. I don't want to head to look like you should chaos right here and the me why would. And the conversation for my brother didn't come out and get when I'm less than happy go viral who. Phillies say they showed on JS awesome plus a social media is trends keep a growing at a rapid pace so much that sometimes you can't keep up right. Boots OK so now there labeling you as a characteristic or person or personality time when you go on the social media so I ask you. Are you geek new Yorker the victim or the Internet celebrities. I'll be global family liberals I think a mother her eyes definitely this check out what there was doing nothing nothing. Think so but for me I'm going to alert her slash prefers to be careful when you leaner played that poorly you claim that OK thank all of us are. By clearly did he get the person is extremely cautious. He avoided the pitfalls of sharing too much information about himself many most likely to need it just did and gaming making music and creating video slew. You mean yeah. Might be geek you much geek you know game at a home game but I like music them so yeah whatever you can add technically geek out on. New Yorker probably deliberately flying under the radar to avoid a potential risk of more public comment presents and the audience. But she may also be used by Internet celebrity who seeks a wider audience and public so he's he's just kind of creep in but he's waiting for his moment. Your show on both here she writes I'm cracked now there we truly frequently comments follow like insurance social media to boost others' posts. If possible. And there is. You are sharing your post called up or go viral and you post something and then they're like I had like dumb and Ayman Al that guy out. Lacking in knowledge to keep themselves safe. Some people are often that the risk of being persuaded her trick and sharing intimate information. These people often also be seen sharing content with others but are just unaware of who else might have access to their content and then. They're mad because they shared their business and then yeah. You know I'm the victim but they're confident they put themselves out there. So they're sharing things are being tricked into things are online right lord they're claiming or do you share that you can. It's an air trait intuit right I think. Don't there's a lot of people go on social media right now do you think any time that's exciting with new your comments are Tex lines. There's like people who I secret labs in my family friend basis. They're victims all day long you may wake up victims like watch it there. Reading the meat and stuff sometimes and he did it. They're only makes you feel good about my life. The bad day you think you really got a bad little clique us up to solve pays good for the governor worst they can do and I know every day I don't. A lot of faith so bad. If you're limited Internet celebrity aspiring to become successful you tumor. Never have to work in an office or shop or you know get a bit early every day and they just wanted to you know be the top producer of contents. That attracts the largest Andre as possibly never. Every single into exile we never hear me is always see them pop up on alive when they may go death. Think this thing you know and a video right there you know going to the club you never see him going to work check in and they make you look like life is easy because they're making all this money. And you wanna be like him so they become. Depressed guy who you follow these. Category aren't I and always clean and a nice restaurants like. You're burning the stuff he went like this is an advertising dollars we do a little brown and sometimes like guys your way better than me very. OK it's one of them five audience after suffering the lord heard geek in the victim or the Internet celebrity which I know most of my friends aren't sure why I'm here. Maybe. On the line he's gonna be Intel marched. Omar's save you know. From the studio right TJ jones' case contract OK okay. We all that room r.s 16 grammys on Sunday night he is this Sunday and here are your questions if you know anything about it. Bruno Mars can't really play any musical instruments here. Question number two shortfall after winning six grammys on Sundays for Bruno Mars now has a total of eleven grammys. Truth question imagery sure false sworn in at Waikiki Hawaii Bruno Mars is Samoan. Tiger ports in question are Democrats say he's home. My friend Selene okay. Me I mean. I do you feel confident let's hear him say this idea OK I think I got competition. Let's see newly unveiled I'd say we all know Bruno Mars killed on Sunday after the grammys he is the topic OK all right. We're similar to a first broke them Foster broke Mars can really play any musical instruments off. That is correct yeah. If I might keep him out many sounds like guitar bass drums and keyboard. News women do. Her phone so yeah I guess down. After winning six grammys on Sunday night in New York Bruno Mars now as a total of eleven grammys true that is in Lebanon war on. 27 nominations who grew only game. Question number three sure Boston born in the Waikiki Hawaii Bruno Mars is Samoan. I was Filipino yeah he's actually a mixture worry you sand Filipino descent you're correct. Would you say then you know what I can. Allows some pretty entertaining and trying to pay my chorus she one. How friends are seen as they can do some research on your boy man. I'll say easy easy you're still thinking you congratulate senator Paul thank you. If you still love. They shoot through. Change from as the. And beyond and he has one of seven warnings don't read play. To live weekdays six to may or on demand at any time on KS 1075. Zach Kahn.