KS-1075 Replay1-4-18

Thursday, January 4th


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Right. Affordable won't wait until we. Maybe on the UKS 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows. Hey good morning Tony say in the Jones we're back. Think it after the long extended break. Oh yeah wake up wake up wake up favorably to when everybody know that there's a crash on none northbound I 25 on spirits a fatal crash they shouted down. So there's gonna be a alternate routes and that's a big deal right now presides on the news and it just came through our wires well so if you're heading northbound I 25. By severe it is shut down so look for alternate routes to get where you're going right. I'm happy new year happy new nothing new here. With a win with some computer broke I got you a late night hours. OK first Muslim. And two weeks armor I do my job and do you come under the weather got sick yesterday. How fitting right it's fitting because if I want to call in today. Yeah extend your worries that two more days that might assist the starting in I think I'm coming down something so stay away from me I'll just need him he could to a deal. So I mean Livermore act but could we offer two weeks you have the coming and you can't let you know I'm I'm sick. You know who who. They're like oh yeah sure whatever you're gonna give me so no more PTL no no not because they think the thing about these that was the other earned that. So you can only take so even though in the new year I knew ye get IP PO daisy all your vacation days need values that day here's. I think I talk to big Mike about that and he said the you have to re earning my doesn't have read a deal like Tony these deals. So read in the golden you have 35 days off right here why you impeccably tailored and that. I could have let 35 days a year or not do it everything I've yet although sick days they sold I enrolled homeowner I'm sick days from being here forever but then but I. Rolled over or less like a 35 they can't tell him roll over. That I vacation they've been rollover. These are not the case and I think Dave thinks they roll over. Barrels Olmert got Cindy's vacation that the thing that I had ever used any goal when he wants it basically a little bit different things. Well. That is his main facility until you have sick days that crew overtime but you can use those whenever OK but you have vacation days according to how long you've been with the company. Remember junior Neil mental no okay taken thank you all right and I. I'm here so it's true. By the way we're gonna play who is most likely to in the next and may add Denver Nuggets are that non Utah Jazz to again gonna be nice but I don't I. But here's here's the deal had jumped now. Nacional and I always. Democrat here and there are no tickets are four heads up with C east all we don't have any prizes through. I didn't matter how hard I could play even better we're just playing the play satisfaction. Talking to I think guessing right it's the beginning of the year are trying to get the budget knowing you're right they don't. Not some of playing right and how many conversations. Was somebody who for the last two weeks satisfaction. Right and so coming up at six when he who is most likely sue for nothing he's hit it puts you shout out. Today. Give a shout outs yeah. I noted litter and for that moment no go anywhere it's gonna. I'm crazy about Tony fade and now. In his seat. Hello my Q what's your name Fernando Fernando who's most likely lead to follow locking Sony sees her child say. Why did you instantly think means I'd go to our web as a wild guess I'm clumsy you're right yeah. Gradually did you wind up being. I'd. Is you've got another. They got inside and be down about it and I another big thing about brilliant shot I'm done you shot a somebody I've done out yet you won the right to give a shout out today because we're low on tries. From our way our church our photographer for they players and we want. I guess. Nicely done and could be back at my Italian plumber please. Sir yeah. I'd love to beat downs out well I know the owners talk. I meant they can now afford these I would radio station and Mitt let's get this major Marshall went around prayer or so prior. I can remember this is the biggest million euros CE his girlfriend might be enjoying. You know when I'm level we do. Coming I'll tell you. And unmanned. Thank you good dominant. Only on KM when I was seven I. I think I'm the only apparently dating my boy easy easy what kind of not princes are wasting yesterday I seen a man or on my god in my AME. I was back photographed allegedly snorting what appears to be the Hawkeye arena. There was no photos of easy easy gazing at any hard drive above the let's not forget he attacked his demons in the past. Last year actually got photographed dad doing some of that dirt to call a woman stands out. They email you the deal they've actually I think gene they have a strong way he talks about than doing drugs together so it's not really surprised most the Hollywood is already on me. But it is unfortunate that people are getting caught up in the public eye like that. That meg again document and then you had to document ever so you know you're on the Grammy and hey kids. I don't know what cocaine and we look for a sponsor and got. OK this word of advice and you become a superstar one day where. Most of you won't Wear a mask or doing your hero about a half a plate yeah. They like a straight up bad. Did it would really put him out all the stops and that's the board the latest the domains can do is now claiming the divorce with Mary has put him in eighth physical CF physical mental state. If they land because of the situation me out too emotional distress from a and that put him in the hospital. There's so now he's he's he was wanting more money so that's put out there guys he's forty and 30000 dollars a month and he wants a raise that to 60000 crack. Hi this guy is a loser he's giving man bad name and you know let's not beat the biggest man Hardaway at this point and the let's cheaper for married to hire a hit man. They have. Happened I thought why are also low and away. All man away for the new year. Back in April of last year cheeky what the rest and after police are making a we'd deal now following his arrest the rapper submitted a urine test and now. There was no clear and the drug they tested positive for including morphine Cody kind of quarterly CAC and a couple of the joint I can't even announced analyst I was telling our understanding that these do and we get why wouldn't sell and all these other things I. I like even more expensive right. He probably wasn't it didn't think he'd be big. When I'm slowly mature enough. My source who is still do sued him and all that highly praised when the love Greg Walker Danielle that didn't look like while. I don't know I he's known for dusty I don't like after that also about it. Yeah thirteen right DA Beckett section career is now. That sounds like kids on a 75 so there it is the men's guide to dodging drama queens smooth men take notes and ladies and maybe you can take notes is Welker is. This could be you have we're talking about. Other good this car for 28 king enemy that you're looking maybe getting a new relationship or something CN home and then you can also particularly his own some five back comets up right now here are the scenes fermenter help. Then understand the difference between being a drama queen and a drama free woman cried number one. A drama free woman asks for what she wants she's directs to communicate TU something is bothering her and leave no room for miscommunication. We hope so she wants that's fake. In there she wants that they get yeah. I know that I die hard one for us really thought I asked the woman. The pick generally. Lionel and nothing we want our money and I know we're doing I don't know where you wanted a banner reading orange. That's not my experience they will make a choice right and they had no there. Why don't talk like you know I know you money that we've talked about it all the way there and the like I'll stop I don't wanna yeah. Yeah I'd be upset out play them games. Let Saddam a drama queen doesn't communicate effectively and often becomes upset when you don't read your mind there's a difference. The virtue drama free woman wants to make the world a better place. OK she's tough she's the kind of woman who will spend her time volunteering at local women's shelters mother donating money anywhere because. We're pioneering her own. To the none really the yeah. Our own and low. Drama queen spends all of her time buying expensive items as a status symbol are complaining when life. Doesn't hand her things on a silver platter moon I'm tired. Ellis ladies keep those notes going number three when a drama free woman walks into her own she lights it up. Okay if this is true joy in her present smile body language and in the way she honors both men and women. I keep a drama queen that leaves you feeling drained to the point where you can't wait to leave that message the kind of its release is quite normal problems in the map room and everyone's tired and yet our economy can be attitudes and easy as it goes though. Lou Lou I'm not near the rail line go home now. And before a drama free woman believes he knew. Karen okay. She's a woman who believes new year in life and is TCU once in a way kinds yes she wants to go to wants to run away and these fans rider I. Moon okay you begin to believe in yourself and know you can accomplish anything no matter how great a feed is a drama queen will put you down. And did nothing you ever do you make her happy. Well you wanna even be within but it. The reminder like man you're a failure yet that's not the ground. Well what could ever do that simulate asking you my want for Betsy Berger down but also I know differences turn the cover your health. Saint Louis not. Same in and I am I moving on there. A drama free woman has her own life. She spends quality time with the girlfriends goes a yoga classes to relieve stress takes up a new hobby and brings excitement turned. She enjoys her lobbies yeah. She understands the value of giving personal space to the guy. And freedom to be who you are when you reconnect the absence is made your hearts grow fond of it's cheesy yeah BS. Containing the UK you right there in a drama queen doesn't want you want with your friends or have your own space because he feels insecure jealous boom now. Yes I think mostly I flipped now stay away I Ceylon and on FaceBook we are. Think I'm friends with some you guys. There were six drama free woman is so from where she understands who she is takes time to understand their own patterns and belief systems. She actually with yourself yes yes crystals probably know him some more power you know then smoke going up anything I'm amazed. They say yes I agree and that's the studio and I think that's the lavandera who knows lavender oil Rosemary there's the negative side curtain rises. Drama in her life as she looks within to see how she can resolve it. And she uses this opportunity for growth so she recognizes her mistakes if she did she does on the scene phases while she's hotter and I not been on my end. And I'll say well I wasn't enough. A drama queen blames others for all of her circumstances that's your father needed daddy's eye candy is do you get that much any amount you don't yours. Number seven last month. Well look all the drama queen men and Humphrey won ansari is looking for equal. She won't settle key values demand for isn't taking Greek open communication would really be vulnerable and doesn't allow the past. Fears to you in the way ever heard him leaning treating a life together that they came get a live. And as love that looking for the equal in NN fan. Had to be led the better wind and I got to be the most richest just equal. Hey I don't care I'm not the equal they're coming down on them pound bombs they don't bowl yeah no I want this is right and I'll clean. They. Now that's. Iron yeah. Hey today well I want to. Mayan hardware we're at a bloody clothes yeah. We all day yesterday doing the hard work so I can watch on unlawful influence on me is more regular. And he's on. I'm not out clearly aren't entirely outside job. She is to bring out the best arm and the confirm our tools are being healthy relationship drama queen likes to play games. Once the man's status and making count to support her both she seems to like the drama and finds willing victims. The cycle of victim hood never stop to this girl will not only being with you should leave you. For the better new. I feel like we don't know how we talk a lot about like you know oh ladies what we're looking for and stuff like that we never really helped out the man. It kind of decipher our way with this and that is suddenly good starts for your new year SMS so you. You know what you might be looking now for what you're doing way take notes from men out there you're probably already with a new look better in the car right now you're saying that. I've been given here ever now. And I. I don't think he's not coming up big about ten minutes. We're gonna build two what's called hip hop some bad at best maybe some and he won right now which rapper says this. We know that. USA look and that's that's the crowd really look at silent Bob did you first learn how can I got. What do they say who it is bad I don't know what that is man you're down to hip hop. Think yeah the massive flood the zone go anywhere Tony say it is just I guess it was a five so billboard dot com has the rundown of the sixteen best hip hop and lives of the 21 century. And it includes Kanye West and live. How I says it can. Although I'll bet when it's used from where do you view a few of them right now underneath yes and yes these are great acclaim I don't blame like back to back at you nonstop around and stop. And they can play when it's time limited extent yes to play along the trail three yet let you know let Daniel on the right now get on your phones right now and 82 seconds. If you can take sitting and I here here's the first one right pay attention. Age and yeah. I mean our yeah I don't think we okay Hogan's at gateway know who it is not as both scramble it and you went through my talent that was a you know it is what's the word. Did it now I know I know. Always what can we then six I don't think that's Bernard. Six many of them we've now come to a game and they're they're coming K so you may know the artist would you have to know the same I know what can I know it we the best. You attacks that detects might give the film I just guess I'd say maybe even when Iraq. Number two. This one's easy they're all easy. Hale is like about it who has it. That's hurt anybody. Click the already good. I got it you can't put the data you can withstand. Yeah. Me and I I had. Yes the next one I'm the guy that's how it's they're they're really ready can you pick I don't idea and I don't we all can you. GA. You mean and. Yeah and I'm. Yeah. Put this in my mind of the let me do this evening yes well you're doing it yeah. I'll only do they want to. Do you might. Isn't really am I the only thing is that you don't want now. And I don't. Well okay calm down I'm down there that I think. It wrong I'm down I'm good yeah you won from my own mouth that you can yes I think that come down the wrong okay. Yet I think there's. There is no matter who is oh yeah right loses the. I know. I don't like hearing media that owning your from the I don't know what is I don't have and if you are usually begins that's why I'm doing it and hello I'm it's obvious I had the text line got a bit and I'm glad it. Well I'm. They say 36 mafia no no. Well. I can't we look at is basically a key raps like all the all time has told Iran let me read it again I might be my only goes that it did happen. Love the minor there. Other diners to a good job good job right now the poor and hit. Here's what I know this is. Mr. Boone told them these are ready this is very easy you guys he's screaming how would you you're young people. Yeah. My god. Other guys. I got an excellent in our eyes and big time yeah well yeah. I knew about it here's here's 1 morning. Yeah there you take that take that take that he didn't remember I don't I those who didn't just want to show tonight do love. The sixers did this okay Karen Yahoo! showed she and I do really. Well. Scrambling ever got to do it like I don't know about Gloria let typically associated. I think that was your mom and move my mom says through chains or you have to change. And and the whole list that's list that's it I won't let it fix but listen there are meant to be hard out of the idea. Was to tell everybody they're numbered there on the top sixteen well it's fun to guess right and it's fun together and there he did a great job evenly had to listen friend if you come. All it. I didn't have it and zipped over this was manufactured in you when I got. Yeah. I have an effect I can zero tone things down again. One of them bundled seventeen songs in the row so we got an email to. And I'm just gonna go right into it says hey guys my fiance and I'm just away for the holidays somewhere very warm and beautiful in hired and how sinner to take care of our pets. And home while we were away she's the daughter of the casual friend she's an early twenties and is always come across as responsible. And Jonas in responsibly young woman. She is again on her shoulders and long story short became only Sunday night found biological evidence. That there'd be no stranger in our bed what the crap. I guess I just wanna know what you are thinking how you would handle it I'm beyond angry and disgusted. But I'm non confrontational and don't really know the right thing to say. The bet is not made up when you get home and you know you left at a certain way and then you find something in your man I definitely get one of those red lights. They used for like the check like for bed bugs are some things it's a blue light yeah yeah that we weren't going forward that show they did the CNN light over the she can stay there. Oh I felt I will tell. They look like they're. Eight Bethlehem Mac Nightline did that humans. Yeah I thought that's what I flat out I'm I'm out there I definitely do want to know when I'm video way and then I like senator down. And then so it's you're right. And like young he was the only ones Emma and the with good. Or that maybe they made the menu laid down his cheeks were crunchy. I don't know Pete let's not remember I know. Yeah either way he either way they found out I mean I would definitely say from your matter there's no way. It's like a little pain that can then you throw away your matches you she's saying you don't know how. No way do I. Imagine him. Okay you never know. There you never know do you spend the whole match that's OK you're putting theme I don't I don't know I probably would watch this season never hire him. Never bring her back he he's like one thing interact. I eat my wife probably would be do would say he's the about what time did you lose wants to see seriously what are your hair and wardrobe she threw it dude it's. It's not a big deal they could have an awful lot orgy and you make yeah. Brown okay. What are you talking multiple partners you don't a lot of we know. That you don't know that well the thing you'll be I bullied like OK I guess I need to watch C non suspect now hear this bum on trial on in now has more on the washing machine. Circuit and all we too I did not just meanwhile. Leak through multiple awards he drew woke up the ramps at your house burns she'd seen. Burns she did an actress there's so you can be because yours because you get mad you confront someone does that make you better than me. Yeah okay. Google fight and I don't know. I'm gonna watch T 23 or throw my hands on the way to my dinner. Also done away. Really now so it has seemed close are you confronting. And Illinois are you trying to do a (%expletive) throw a dramatic thing dinner reimbursement of don't call a rate plunged web double play Roosevelt in my bedroom I don't I don't like ever put my bed and I'm going to be up there I want them money to. Allow some money there you go anonymous caller. Will would you go would you guys do well well look a full of them I see you do what we are you know that I'm in the I don't know where you're burning down house burning my new preemptive. Though and it's led just can't that I have 720491075. With these guys wanna kill somebody burn the house down good news sheets whatever can't confront. At the OK real quick how would you confirm what you said. I know I know you. I know I'm the video you several look you would vote. On camera yeah okay well the physical evidence was on the sheets yes I have a camera in a room no she got the camera when would the life. Anything dateline we don't take my room together and writes I'm a more active yes you what you're doing is thinking. You borrowings is like all my life and about the light okay all right well let us see the crunch is good about. I don't even waved hands. Down is their rent it sometime. Eight or 91075. The question and I didn't. Would you confront your house sitter if they brought someone over and had six in your bed and you found the physical evidence while you were on vacation right. Next let's also a 698 authorities say it's just like Islamism five would you confront your house sitter if they brought someone over and had six in your bed while you're on vacation. Seasons Jones said they were deathly confront burned down she's turned on the house saw that. I aides went on trial because I wouldn't confront now I have orgies in my house all the time. I'm a sex addict I guess I don't know if you saw this all became about what I like you are nice and out sex because I wouldn't confront I was wash the sheets and move honor don't she's away images there for a number one of them five let's see what your name. In there and we will use so I. I don't lit definitely implant I had something like that happened to me I had my great pleasure many Gerri what my I have great if they don't like my god let me. I come back home my dad did but it will be it and I think it would broke. Well mama my them my dog he wouldn't let it now obviously could be back we'll communicate their way and I made my name is planning ahead. And I know everybody up at bat to build aim I can drop. Since my manager and I had felt like it mom. There have been a bait you bet and I do believe it's okay Michael if you did all they do well that's terrible because to me to. Then you did Amy didn't tell me that I'm not let that cry baby boom it broke and I'm like you guys. And it got me you've did pick the black by flipping him home. A broken bad smells like prove it got stolen items mad at my. Horrible yeah yeah ballot Italy could write and thank you for the call girl thing. I guess on some final which are now and I'm like OK would you confront your house sooner if they've ressam an overnight sinks in your big found evidence while you're on vacation I. I'm and I've actually done that yeah when I would. How many I'm worried I'm and I kind of feel like yeah that like I have I am plague and I didn't know what it's like hey. The F Amman had an odd that you now I would never be accidentally let it won't eat. Just think it would help that it really weird and that and there are probably won't take advantage didn't. Oh you can get it passed witness and now I would get Democrat I write this he's got this might. I think it. Probably pretty normal of their people the way they're not really understand the respect they hope that they put yeah that's right. They want to wrestle basically what you're saying is that then you got on your parents crib when your house sitting Winamp. I did I hit mine very. We're a family member and we might I didn't friend I'm Mike. You know they not only hurt but what am I why did everything I played I had gotten. But hey you know I never actually don't believe they're right and it and it. Here's the thing for season shown as well you may never even know what what went on he did it you can catch him what do they wash the sheets you know so you're young you're sleeping in the same bed regardless. Or if they did on the jobs you wouldn't know edit our. I'm. NA the Dalai play. Keeping your closet basically golf I guess with the Obama turning act here what do you think your. I had. That met the eye and they've figured out though way I am kind of like it all the way it would be a different story I didn't know about it. Ideally you know everything if you look at the good guy I'm I'm I'm right. Brawl and head and in my house. Still it would video of them have really do it. And grow it back it I pinnacle every one of Khalid. They told me it seemed Miller and I don't know if I'm the front of the matches are done away with the heat that got guys don't. Please let me ask you this would you bring your backers shouted back at the. Exactly and you've got people and how it out now that we didn't we got to go they usually call click them. By the way we're taking your FaceBook posts and your text at six may 03 please pass tag I genital. Contact. Just knew where do you spell that. And I learn by example I didn't go with the another thing I don't know they're important I want them five would you confront your house sitter if they brought someone over at six in your bed while you're on vacation season. Don't Sidney Jones a kiss on some five would you confront your house sitter if they Rossum and over had sex in your bed while you're on vacation. I think fun is 69803. One person wrote in I would not necessarily confront my house that are. I just might send a passive aggressive thanks asking that C at least wants to see next time. The best she knows I was peeved but I'm not paying her to give her her sex life advice. Also pulled tell matches since the seeds have seen more action than any other match as they went down. And we're not thinking of bringing nose and now that's hash tag and hide cynical. The good and the bad thing to do is saying that up there above that a hotels and stuff like that he's yet US and L hockey cities on the user hotels tonight hotel yeah. Six going down front well through not just isn't new but it at my house. Listen I showed why I know with dining shoes birth some go jump off by. I never thought I next time you go on and on vacation they crunches think of me okay. My take on FaceBook I commuted the prison and young in don't know any better they have a house to themselves we've all been there. I would be a fit and I would confront the prism but I wouldn't go stream nicely these NCA sigh and all that good. I would be I mean like if you wanna smash in my house that's cool to keep it in the shower or something like that. And I. Yeah. I didn't know I'd say I got my sour my car me my callous. My lazy boy you macedon than a month plan that I released the shower your round and he did not. My body and not my camera and go on and on May get a man and no crunchy in this hour and Mac and the way Google. Ice towel over there on the right like I let them do their euphoria now wins them five would you name and Kelly what do you think yelling. Honestly I think got back from a three week trip abroad and I encourage my. A bit better to think they so badly that he is you got to have a death Jill let Alice. You're right you're right the key is the death or not the main room for the viewing got to like you bilateral and parents let me see you know. We had a situation we assistance and didn't let it feed your cat or audio clip they're wary eye. You've had you can their pick up where all our eyes and you know the new system they say that human use the guest room. Exactly but I bet you knocked your dorm room did you. I'm out here I didn't come on you've got up to. Far and welcome to this who's young hotel computer back up. I think you've got your own thing here. There's really no solution I guess you catch him and then you do whatever season Jones those are you doing I remain sound but hey he would bar Nadal match. Okay what we're matches command. I'll take a bath iron but I won't complain and Burma see my camera. Guys going down takes you guys have to house them sweet I know she's that we find out what. Like homeless he better request that a real committed likely to get a big in my she's she's the end can get it or not. Hot. Oh my god. And we get to go ahead though with safer nugget tickets are around all star Carl Paulson. I use to win the pregame dance experience this Friday night as well all right our hero Mario. This video games to answer more questions this eighties this issue and ask the CRA PH OJP's contract all right you got tired to go many questionable ones shortfalls. Movie trailers were originally shown after the movie. Follow follow up question number two ensure false. Heart attacks occur mostly on Mondays. Question number three shortfall since 2015. More people were killed from injuries caused by taking us so. Then by shock exact truth tiger portion of the questions are done and yet the grass is so quickly my. A rare one. Many remember I hear a big mega man. Yelling at clouds and I'm very weird. I will you leave it there he's Jason Fabini that I am it's. I'm glad I was here. When I can they'll challenges on every goes these question number one true false movie trailers were originally shown after the movie true that is correct term trailer. And having originally been shown at the end of the feature film but they aren't making any money off that there was no eyes and out of the beginning that the beginning of the film's. Yeah question for your surplus heart attacks occur mostly on Mondays false hope that's true. Sir I Monday. Here's the thing to do new research sites is the famine deaths from heart attacks. Follow a pattern during the week bottom line. Heart attacks occur mostly on Mondays I scientific fact I weaponry surplus in 2015 more people were killed from injuries caused by digging yourself even by architects. True that is correct. No rule this year after the word was added to the dictionary people who thought Diane. Talk about this guy about it and Minnesota some good looks like today. First and then we got. Oh error. I make it the physics but. I am in a good move so you are gonna go amendment in his leads on that that's really sales. Many OK go a mile loop that. Here yeah I'm clueless visited Juba were very. Listen to beyond UK has 107 I'm a morning show replay. It's a lot. Weekdays six to may and or on demand at any time you could KS 1075. Zach Kahn.