KS-1075 Replay 1-17-18

Wednesday, January 17th


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Right. Portal won't wait until we. Maybe on the UKS 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows. Tony's favorite shows like isn't Zimbabwe yeah our yeah. Gray beards when they can sing now. Hopefully we'll or she's taking you back on. Friday meantime did you lose your hair. Out about English as a mom and Ali women's 76 today. I have seventy match I shot on June 3 2006. Huge boxing legend and of course humanitarian greatest all time. I'm not only a boxing in the community that unmanned and not as number money Mayweather okay yeah. I don't know that we're not Doug MTBE through them and boxing aficionados seriously we can debate this on the llama go magic used. That's to go that's right I found that no. On that note are you ready I'm ready are you. Yeah red. The NFL we're. One around them my father on this weekend. I want just a playoff games and it was the middle and come out then they. Just want to watch. Father you pretty loyal one drill pull all the way to me you're telling me in the middle of the game yeah NFL playoffs big big big big. Hello I'm like Jesus came aboard and they're like not just a regular game out there while they NFL playoffs on right now on the road you know what you missed what I miss. Three saints vikings have their own 39 is third down. Iron writes I don't like. There you go broke out would you miss this stuff Ullman had no. Might there watching soccer. Oh my again. Can't wait they went out this weekend we got this CN AC championships he got DOJ wires and of course. The enemy in the patriots and of course Eagles and vikings and the vikings do we begin we'll see we'll find out about those shows you I've been watching them. Oh my does a lot of things money can't. Anything could be I knew her time will tell. This count on kids awesome five estonians Jones in the morning right now say easy out we'll let you back tomorrow. Cat fishing. Could be a crime under new state built in Wisconsin Murrow and we're all familiar with Japanese Jane Wright under the cap this. You know look I actually what kind of sort of gate when you meet the Euro in the dark of the globe that lights come on. Yeah. You figure your way through everything is cool and also like to Montana and I think you're. You're gonna get some and then also this hour. Okay never mind you but margarine. No more drink so I guess anyways those they lawmakers are suitable on a bill that would make impersonating someone. On social media con who's kind of loses that fake FaceBook smaller fake profiling time. You know showing up every bad doing it. You know her job you can and you got twentieth and underneath yeah produce them for the first then they're really not doing it when our car. People out that is a fact right here at the measure targets Cathy she wants them in person is another person online. While the intent of defrauding or harassing them there is. Well if you ever not main catfish before and year maybe an online. Conversation our relationship. Some reason the for you to know that you maybe you're being definition movie went to went to Harvard but does have a job so that's my guess he went to do you are you burn. They're going to do you are CU boulder 'cause you know I went to see you demery and I still have a job that's there's only. I couldn't home did you learn group photos there are photos a far far away. And. You can't get out. Close look indeed hiding something but if you're refuses to call you on his home. Oh. I call you from they thought they still the this video just never were just like you're the dark when you're still video chatting why can't even afford Internet. All meanwhile phone does have a camera anymore. Right exactly we know there could. Double bed but he doesn't tell us madcap. Mike is began even afford Diaz broke many mom and then. If they ask you for a little low little cash golf that's. I won't feel your cross my ya know even April they go weekly campus might know we have an idiot do you pick up my finals the their job doesn't travel all over the world but it never goes. Lou you. And you sir sorry. They looked like they did not leave be famous or they just too good looking to be real. Indeed I ask for sure I got this face equipment is no longer a one down on the whole mind. She. A link yeah let's meet. There and as you does this appear. Lulu diligent and some real big singer. You know it's not right most likely it's not right to good to be true and everything that's don't spend tomorrow. Stupid don't feel Manso. Right and people that are doing well then you won't get charged or. Can remember your first red flag turn on the lights at the club. I'm moving right along gasoline I don't miss her mom put her arms. Ro water now we're gonna tell you why must advance they would lose. Don't think it is just I guess less than five Tony Jones right now so we don't know about the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein and obviously the number time's up movement after the Golden Globes went down. Selena Gomez is in the Woody Allen side next film a rainy day in new York and after Timothy Salomon donating his salary for the cemetery. Fans started asking Cellini did. Do the same. Her mom reply to a fan and mr. Graham who vastly different apology for working with Woody Allen with this statement before I read the statement. The reason that this is going down because Dylan Farrow is Woody Allen adopted daughter and she is Danny Meyer claims that the director molested her when she was a child while. Okay so big accusation going down right there so her mom went on to say sorry no one can make sure we can do anything she doesn't want you. A lot of time with her about not working with them and it didn't click. Her team are amazing people there's no fault person here no one controls or she makes her own decisions no matter how hard you try to advise. If falls on deaf ears and out. How does the word so basically you're saying that she. Her mom Warner and that cute knew about right allegations what was going on right so they did a matter she's going to what you wanna do as she did it and did the film anyway right and which a lot of people in Hollywood. Are associated with people that are being accused you came with pictures one Oprah Winfrey with Harvey Weinstein. If you can't pretend they don't think people were joking at the awards show I'm just using that as an example but if you think about it a lot of these people who joked about it at the awards shows. Had to know what was going on how. Had some kind of idea of what was happening now all the fallout happening to me and here we are with not only the accusations and allegations. And obviously some truths. But. People are trying to distance themselves from the association now the meat to move me. I think it's a great thing I'm the kinda movie it's a great thing but. You're a little late on the games stuffing going down for a long time right right in this you know then she knew about it. She still did it right hands. Is that social gimmick with them eat. You do Cindy Meyer fans and her mom that while. Do you guys that I could parent is so I guess sometimes you gotta be that's my uncle and I don't feel right about here. I'm close doors IMAP. Or because they got some difference is going on right may be the source came out closest Salinas said that she hasn't made a public statement against the Allen but. She did make a significant donation anonymous anonymously to the times the legal defense fund that's far exceed her salary of him of her messy game. Yeah you heard why he had the ball from what I did anonymously we don't know that's true all I guess this is. When you donate her whole learning right gap far exceeded in our happen she did anonymously. That's what that's what they're fast to a source says she did without town anybody rush it is that's what's going on right why but she didn't make a public statement because you don't want it that. 'cause you don't wanna look like at that I. Comer like reaction that you don't mean yeah I can get the back left right that's all I did this thing now let me put out a press release so he did it. Under on the DL right or is like all security did anyway no look I initiative publicize its full. You make is make sure like kind of cool but the expectation did you last speak out against him and she hadn't. And that's what the fans are waiting for bill this is wrong where's your public statements were you just cannot. I'm may request comes comes soon we'll see. After all the founder and overall aren't true my guys are moving right along well you can actually comment on that energy excited six Lenny 03 coming up 7037. Types of toxic friends you have one. Or two or 305. I am 1075. Goes and announces their release date for culture. He's going down January Torre thinks the group is also expected series when losing the day but they didn't stay with the name the file was going to be. They also reserve ready you know we're paying more for a while also playing stir fry right here okay as well so fire till January 26 he won the new needles going. We got just highly anticipated everybody's waiting for us so we'll see all right how about it Eminem childish Gambino you wanna see him in the small intimate show while. Don't cost you a little bit of money I do try to NYC programming a week that's going down that's 28 at Madison Square Garden but they're going to be doing. The little intermission show so it Eminem childish Gambino more powerful headlines into the show that they're serving cabinet in Manhattan and cleaning up to the grammys so you wanna check themselves. Might cost you the grip the money I got to broadcast the grammys a few years back in Grammy weeks is. Don't like you really wanna be there. Kind of sad because it's kind of an all access the man if you want to ask for a lot of just you can't be here no yeah. Yeah I would love of the grammys do another that just didn't have the sneak in a snug and there's did you wonder party and I don't know how I got in there about. Did it being regarded like rocks don't go big or go home that told you about it can't see is promoting three in new gravy infused cocktails. Won't. There is not ready and you lose. Yeah I'll summarize the the floods in the area the video how they're gonna make their three. Variety that this new kind of dream they're grave he married they may be married that's one of home okay the southern twist. And their fingers making for our. Our volunteers to write these are drinks wow I mean you go get your finger licking good you know Christie kick me and you get a little hot clothing get one of these thing you know cocktails on the ride out the great mix of good you can drink and I just say. Clearly even need I guess you think you're chicken in there right club portrait and I potatoes I don't know what the goal. But man. Back then and then some are suggesting can't see how the officially lost the and we love gravy don't we don't know maybe we do. I don't think it shows on his journalism class eighties is out of seven types of toxic friends that you don't whine your life and well and have friends weathered via social media or our real life friends. And some of your friends on social media are. Basically both he realized friends as well yeah as mother's death. They're not so much it's kinda easier to lose. Get rid of like toxic friends on social media by fans and friends you. Cleaning its everyday cleaning out the OK okay sorry for not my friend list anymore our newest Brinkley and hope you may delay us they may get an out there and radio announcer he makes an announcement. You hey now you know me I'm an immigrant list he got the figure out here are seven signs that you're dealing with the toxic friends. Who or you may be one yourself you never can bewitched or not you're willing to admit it okay how we describe in your. Again we should be ready for myself and here in the rear view their way around the word look at your partner when you drive your arteries. There goes number one guy customers. Please stop believing that you're strongly comments will go unheard on 99% of gossip circles go back to the person it was about in the first place. Not many people can keep secret thing clearly you're one of them yeah. Mind you now like she's. Like geez I have like you say yeah. You wires. Since when did Lang who ever gotten anyone anywhere so the next time you have a friend bothering you approaching and they are working out in the free yourself from needing. 100 or more lies. Just to keep the first one from a dead you kick you when you start reading your lies and a while when you're lying about everything they don't go to you know you're going to be an email anymore. Plus a familiar face could put your duque for someone to tell little white lie. It's alive and I don't know why I've got I feel like yeah a lot of let me. Figures don't bring Brooke this happens a lot social media and in real life don't present a new election and you can't. It's evil it's heartbreaking for one person to find out that you don't even here I'm not person. And if there's a problem between you see if you can never come to some solution if not the best thing is be civil and go watch a separate waste my. Yeah actually shipped on the thicker than we did all the towns face look at all the time tells people. Don't only tune into your friends are complex but then they disappear when they receive any level of happiness for goodness gracious it's not being at your social. Those happy for you a lot of try and learn new vehicle. Our president when you FaceBook page they got math I think I'm out there haters get announced and get a raise amazing because you make more money Maria. The way you do you like you mean like when announced job. But now I'm definitely not. Peace apple really going. But clay can be courteous to each other and others time do we know why about it if you don't wanna hang up and yeah. These drill hole I doubt I'll tell you at all time doctor death. I don't want to so I'm told I better toward great mom I'm. Pundits apparently hit yeah on the time which makes no excuses none good job critics. Please don't always mean no one critical friend who's watching your friends every mistake about leverage that's collected jealous people want to. Always say non your success and how would be carried out there. Dad as one critic when I was. It was my body. And LBJ and that's like I was in for so long anything in my glove and he was cute he was on me and think hey give me a hug and the doesn't sound like if a man goes man you sound like we're. I like. Our. Career move below. It's nice for you to look. I don't critics can also be the psychologist we get your friends are listening years this show is a crime when life gets thrust so although the occasional bit is okay. Our tip my number do I have too many problems this and every time you hang out so you kind of know wanna be the guy who's you know well I think you should do this and you. I long you know then connoisseurs I'm gonna pay someone answer this if they didn't. Severe counselor that's all we have parents and that's what we can pay for right go to my parents I was Amazon does is once a month though my guys I was begins seeing a psychologist you may need one you had an issue right now a dilemma. Joseph is getting married but yeah the problem. And the world. The listeners are going to be his psychiatrist talk about it next on. This shows I guess one awesome five so. How big your wedding we kind of know how that works or you bet it's gotten married you've participated in a wedding DJ a lot of wedding he did a lot of weddings tons of some past. After the you've been to the big celebration the big commitment and now she'll wounds is getting ready to get married. Yeah delicious by the. It occurred about three three years in the making but you know downstairs they now found that hard times you know they have that kind of money. Make the wedding happy and and this thing you know we disk did get it all figured out takes a lot of work now you're careers back in that matters. The non you know get back on track game back on track and let you know at the same time I'm not trying to go in debt as soon as I just try to get the middle income drop me. Because you know like I DJ's some of the top notch weddings and and I needed some of the note note. Another thing that there and on the top notch but there you know they did their very conservative but the guess what are the brightest light you've seen you've seen both the ends of the spectrum and welcome I'm trying to see. War I think in the pitcher. Why how dominant in my wedding I know that Daschle waiting Juarez that detergent some it is not that expensive with all the other things like the reception and right. You know and I mean and the food and another way about the need young Jaafari. MCM a free to bring yeah. Go undefeated they exert the men's room made me the RTS that's your. We don't know who's going to be there you want me. I don't know what fun I know we've seen both sides of the spectrum also your lovely fiancee Brenda guessing both sides of the spectrum. Pushing toward the who the real nice fancy 10 yeah well we know we threw well I think you know never DJ Frankie yeah. You know he produced songs for Chris Brown never on the radio bomb went to his wedding day this is he didn't like I think really isn't may go away on the beach and golf. Love grade I billionaires like a guy. The other thing you know he's rich people there like I don't know we'll do it you're like that. Well here's an idea for you because you have a dilemma obviously you're getting married this year it's not cheap is it rude to ask for cash. As a wedding gift to help pay for it. Now here's the thing I wanted to put the money box out right right with your specifically say no listen going toward the cost of the winning another guy. I can you know honeymoon I'm. Asking a prior lucky you got as you point out. Yeah. I'll say it is. I do love the way back so like reception like hey you know obviously you get some cats you're very jazzed I'm gonna you know could just from the blow Brian what's your been upfront about it is paying for this open pay for the wedding is not. Hey this is newlywed crap this is about my game for the wedding because they're you know. The end of my dreams and my mother my drinks could you know you know I could go back I don't know listen my take my advice do not have an open bar task bar make a great big drink less. I promise you there yeah. All come come out of the woodwork trying to think on your gas right yeah I had an and then ended unify it's it's a big big huge mess good call on that no. Is it rude to ask for cash as a wedding gift to help pay for it. Not for your honeymoon now not to hit three posters and paid for the way more than a front. You come into the way you basically can't be your for your plate. 470. Their record not one of them by text flood is sick but it'll bring isn't rude asked for cash as a wedding gift. They'll pay for everything to jump on kiss 1075. Is the rude asked for cash as a wedding gift to help you pay for Jones. He's getting married this year and it's not heat. And actually some people are actually growing and army on FaceBook oh and I apologize if I'm actually I don't apologize and thank remain competitive going in on me. SNL equated me that's how you see Glenn knows him ethically OK okay okay whenever I if you can afford it stop front and are you put on the show are preparing for marriage rooting colossus wow. That you influenced ask others to contribute to something you choose to do as a man if you can't give it gets your woman as a proper waiting. You're on your own. Then I'm gonna work on preparing yourself a little better than turning into a shame this major U Boehner wow. So what happens if your real dad pays for the wedding or teaching things like this tradition is that wrong true. Although only a month later he won and shown some okay on the thing is that a little president. Is disappointed in you for making. And I want your wedding now. And that's cheaper brands that I do know. Haven't thought they might think well you know. I mean this hour we I think. I don't know if the rude it half criminal accounting for the wedding and my good cannot change it got a little I had had my age that that. You know something like a little ping family plan and I have to actually got to have plenty. And then it hitting a lot of money all of us wanted to get. Things. I find out what I'm. Yeah they just look at the bad luck and I even less had been the lack of color so that. Do you talk cars the cars to get the the guards thinking if I guess was about what's your name they all they knew what you're saying. I can't think part of it like the ballot at a certain age is bad. A dollar down there we always do dollar dance their way you know and that and then masking it and it's comical to always do the dollar mansion yet to pay five dollars and out of bounds of the bride and the groom will always do that he's still the writing gets more cash there's a ton of ways to make money at the wedding yeah. Have drop. Oh come now that good crumbled old daughter we all. We did it should have decided they'd like big. The bad about it and I could believe it. Not bad design just being in radio we're you know most of your records get some nugget tickets out around 400. Mason jerseys. Thank you would call. Them until they're reported that one of them politics landed 69803. Is there rude asked for cash as a wedding gift to help pay florid. David Jones and kids 1005 as a rude asked for cash as a wedding gift to help pay for joy is getting ready are married later this year and now he's in the in the I think yeah I do want it happens I don't Gentex minus 69. I nailed three and a lot of other good girl went off on me on FaceBook didn't he was that they that girls mean money is to give them. If they wanna give the president then they can give them president. The right man came and hey man and everything came and then that's when the going crazy and move when what I want three is that in the as manic culture is somewhat extradition. To your mother who knows and they helps so much with the wedding there you go. That's simple to the point but then what are you. Don't you marry again that it put up half a mile yeah I'll make to make people think sometimes it all depends a great love and now closer with your other you know. Like that it searches and the mutt oh yeah them do their foreign I want them file hi would you name and why I think we got the same. I didn't they have not art and then he yeah I'm. And getting my period yeah I'm really gotten. Married eight years had every hole he did Carmelo yeah but it was very it didn't make good night match you know. And we've been together through. Like seven years so we have many gay for three years so you know it got ready and ready inviting hundreds of people too so there's a lot of money at stake there. Up front for maple city and everything that. Yeah only Noel shows my what do you security dialog box. Somebody had either Bob yeah I don't trust your family can they think I guess. That may. They let alone you are a problem but I like isn't isn't my what's your name and my own bath when using your own all it's very intimidating very pink. Well I think the money. I the biting bit. If I'm the bottle and how to help somebody. Out there that think they're Weiner can dream. Clear to me today saying now don't they did yeah. Bear in your innovative use the money out spirited they'll lose their pocket now. They're good. And I'm me. I mean I mean I'm definitely shouldn't. Yes. Thank you so much appreciate it couldn't wait neighbors and imagine the wedding ring for the bucks okay. They get a hot music. Thank ebitda and. Only on KM. Everybody knows mine now that Janet Jackson is single and the rumor out around town mr. main debris and her back together but when I. Says he's dating her he's dead we're just friends you know I don't know what's way you know I don't know where these rumors are coming from but he eventually love and I'll say no this. Actually true I dated Jennifer damn near ten years now why would I didn't. Why am I gonna sneak around with somebody that you're with that long I believe Michigan needed because they're running runs money runs we'll take is she makes a millionaire yeah if you don't you. Yes you know might get my woody I don't like another place Janet Jackson died for my would you want to hide that I am dating Janet Jackson of course we'll should only got a good this year is just. Fifth third. And why would you go back to us somebody who are trying to tradition now and then sell the under is there. Wealthy families who need Jim Jermaine Dupree is no no slouch whatsoever needed needed Gillie semi legendary. Candy round p.s on hold tell Clark bit under being big doubt for smoking weed they I cannot dispute I mean not party like a rock and a did not just any comments whether it's supposed to tee in the room before you get. We did add revenge yeah I'm cool compared they measured and kill her roommate and I was given all the way. In the back of the Mir before he got kicked out why. He didn't these chancellor. MP. I can't anchor and welcome baby number three from this irrigation this they gave this. They gave birth Monday to help you go away. Kevin downs then fixed bounces. Came and Kanye are happy to announced around of that healthy beautiful baby girl we are credible grateful to Mercer who made our dreams come true you know she can alma. Another baby I love fascia complication right so this is that there I don't know the name of the baby have announced that anything like that but. If Al the end baby girl they shout out to them like Kanye I think gives you easy to continue feeding our kids he's definitely gonna settle down from you know. The mental Stanley he's got a crazy good. You gotta be eccentric to be kind in the maybe you didn't know inspired you when you have you have children you know inspired maybe some new music and 2018 for share their fair share. Those stories come nobody is almost a five dot com. It's kind of play most likely beyond you can't let them and I'm doing. In this deal. Played the free image variance. Most likely to have their eyes light up the brightest that's the sound of the word free seventies era Roy and I went of them five. Eyes light up the right is not the sound of the word free seventy. Give me your phone number. In his seat. Find out what's your name implied figure out who's most likely to have the guy is a lot of the brightest of the sound of the word free Tony Jones articulate. The free mail 300 dollars. Again the big dreams for me don't leave me you know who. I'm. Also qualify you pregame did you experience the nuggets. I don't play I was facing Joseph broke this sort of joke I was. Tony dated Jones on kids Jonathan five finally get a job hunt qualify for a home day care way more than our radio talking person that we are now OK okay. All this down so they grocery store chain in mercy siting wind just put a good job listing fried chicken not economists who work. I had that's definitely up your Alley. It was up to LAQ yeah. Chicken nugget tasting expert I can do is sure a lot of people out there to do because we know they've moved. I fear on social media people he really gave chicken that nuggets all the time. On their on the FaceBook and stuff like death row easiest job in the world looking for someone sit around taking testing the ninety. Fish takes in more frozen foods and help restore figure out which branch of the best. Move. I'm I don't know definitely like the my daughter camera right now by she's five years old she's below the video clips. They love them chicken nuggets though that might be a kid's job because they love she can show hey do what he won number four kids know that live chicken nugget. Chicken nugget. That's all. All they order I had taken millions Zaire's they can they don't big lug legs you can probably ask Ali G you consort row he goes McCain feels that the you know ten. Entergy can now you ask I'll veto the chicken inside now Bruno led the big daddy really you break down the chickens. Body blow as my big you might need to get big Mike afternoon guys. Clear of the deal done its part time. Okay then that's gonna last forever no word on how much today's. But it's beyond 35 dollars a month in gift cards to buy frozen foods in the stores so. Much. Yeah another unless you've that's when I can I put the downturn hit the our club are complete well no that's it's be they're really give me 30000 gift cards. Stead and other frozen what's in the stores as they're well look the part time job over how much are familiar to them together a couple of elect embarks on a non cash for the amount given the risks right it's not really kind of got me through bags okay think every bag to test your food you get point 50 dollars up you. You cards and they do you part time like 910 bucks an hour maybe older than you are. Additional yeah those are dirty minded Rosenthal is all okay yeah I got I got what is sharpened sword he's the car magnets in the twelve hours. I hear you know right then why the chicken nuggets on holidays. Money well below the jobs go it is one of my doctor I'm glad about the details of furry guy. Since then. My guys and I cannot believe this. Those thirteen kids. We'll tell you about it where Tony Zeta-Jones I guess chromosome five so much now most of us know they David Alan turban and his wife Louise ad. Answer crew were arrested and charged with multiple counts of torture and child endangerment this past Sunday. Riverside county police arrived at the family's home when they're seventeen year old daughter called 911 after escaping. Living conditions in the dimly lit home showed siblings. Change to their beds with padlock in foul smelling rooms. This sounds like a bad horror film. Right I'm British I think now I forgot the name of the film's main if you want him out of their classic night of what we're talking about this to remind me. But there was some there's images that there is no kid trying to escape some girls were can't deny them basic mouth open and how a man right there handcuffed dad's. I think they made a movie Adam whatever it was so please pick police are really believe that all thirteen were children because of their small frames but they discovered that seven more adults. The oldest was 29 and the youngest was true. Police thought that the seventeen year old appeared to be like only ten years old because she was slightly Massey did. And they were all given food and water hospitalized physical and mental treatment so they're they're being treated right now. But not only where they're malnourished there's there's mental anguish going on right now 29 years don't let me come on royal. Thirty years old wow you're grown usually be able to leave and you would you want you isn't always news. I arousal compared. Paid my guys and the couple spoke at the police that they kept the children home to protect them they were also home schooled under the institution. Named big founded by the husband David Allen served in the children's got grandparents and they were shocked to hear about living conditions they ever visit. They've let you even know if your institution since you have mom liked. The regular checkups like if you're having to write a daycare away right or else right now the go inspect my dad. You know stadium winners but the standard that you're school look at the standard apple fans are without checking in that I have no clue I realize that. Yes you're running a score your near you're trying to validate yourself as an educator I want drop the ball right there sure. And your parents and we talked in the grandparents only talk to parents twice a month. They also admitted children were forced to memorize long passages. Of the Bible since the family was under the impression. Then god called on them to have so many children so they're using. Religion and god as their way of this happening Nestle decorated like a little call within their own family righty. That's insane and then I'll many wondered if the neighbors ever noticed the anything the thing I'll give the neighbors about. You know why I don't really talk to my next door neighbor island on the corner house picking up dead body in the basement I don't even know. Deck into it and that really knows the that Annan though we don't mind your business is a good thing I do have. My neighbor as we won't won only right next to me you have a watch dog she lets me know every time I. I know I've been here yeah. There and hey I love it just the my neighbor Diane do you trust three he can begin this surely hear this what is yeah no I didn't know. Up seriously this is a sad situation all the way around but you know using religion. As your way you treat people hold people down and out against. These weren't their kids didn't say anything about anyone being adopted special trying to figure it all out all know the movie was Cleveland kidnapping wonders is there are. Can nab. I with Halley Berry slot on the ovals or tomorrow. I want is there any in any manner you think that because we know about as far as media sampling people hear about the fact it still happens broke. Am of the army that fools you are good hiding stuff sad situation all the way around speaking of another sad situation. Denver Post making big changes. Now all the sixth house social media and how we read the news we'll talk about it less than ten is one of them five cities should be back tomorrow she's under the weather so right now. Denver Post is saying goodbye to its publisher. And this comes in lieu of the big shakeup at the Denver Post one day after the shaken but. The Denver Post. Then burn them all there in limbo bro by the publisher at the post is out one after the newspaper started its new digital strategy okay publisher Mac solely for years and down. The Denver Post has been marked off by staff that's. Moving most of the newsroom outside of Denver and now I pay wall on its web site with third start doing. It's charging you a certain fee every month to get the news. If you release all the newspapers. Yeah we sell about rocky mountain news. The Denver Post at the right amount news is more like traditional like a magazine kind and their proposals always like New York style folding yeah so this all went down further can they merged they merge they didn't. This merger kind of gamble buyout or whatever and then whenever post which was my favorite I mean. Sent to newspapers and I still like number but I would I prefer rocky mountain news check those easier re right right so all this went down to shake him down one with the social media. Comments following Kyle Clark commentaries on a different sound like his story about me supporting you there. Impose dot com to indicate that a good number of people are cheering. That they see as the demise of reasons include in during the left for the old rocky mountain news like ourselves yes or because the post is perceived to politics. Or because delivery boy threw a paper in the wrong place on your mom. I was joke by the way did the Phillies they made which was treated by staff for the post he writes about watching the newspaper experiment and try animated and current. But in the current environment some you know legal heads up with every Facebook's social media on twit. Yeah it's going the enemy territory before anybody could be a publication now throughout the thing is we've got people that are. She college student gotta go to school for journalism writing and things of that nature and their whole goal is like all them ripe for the New York time. Lands are you know the Denver Post and Rocky Mountains and things like that they might not exist anymore so that the greens you're new in there might be hard to be put to use unless you're gonna. You start your own publication which is probably would have to live online. Right MI damaged seriously in this week Wednesday there's a good Smart ethical people left behind the Denver Post. I'll card put it best okay he said I'd ask you again whether Colorado shaded value of the location or the local journalism. Done by the people who remain good people Smart people ethical people. There are competition but Colorado is a better place with a healthy Denver Post regardless of pressures from the papers hedge fund owners I hope the next publisher agrees. He wants it to succeed because adding the newspaper as old school as this seems. It's still yeah. The real deal when it comes to. Getting your news and then you know they're checking their facts and are doing good journalism many helps us on our show. When they have articles like down 41 word talking about issues such as this you know but they really wanna stay relevant I. I suggest what they would do like the westward they never marijuana money. Number I think all of hey man trying to stay afloat got a lot of concern about oh westward as the right there Bryant is definitely another topic. But at the same time you're watching your possibly watching. The past time as far as newspapers. Be eliminated. And you're not gonna pay ten dollars a month or fifty dollars much to do what we call free news free newsletter defense remember it isn't for the quarter yeah say. And you know losses limbo is nine news like that because I'm girl barely in their you own has led. Who hey yeah is still okay yeah. And you left so they're nimble tool that I didn't know guy losing his young yeah. Knew I could help you in the morning. I should learn about phone number they want to woman do the weather all day unmarried look my wife and I definitely one assuming it's easy on the one that little. Biden then we will miss you mom who. OK yeah right. Shown by a good news you grew up 1994. June 1999 and you're watching television around that time or maybe have kids now. Just shows there is gonna get a reboot and remember that we know. There is still don't Jenna Marie every move is that feature he and tomorrow Mallory and Jackie when the original ran in 990091499. Who is expected to I'll fall in this fall CK check that out when we go free shows a fan favorite and deafening looking forward to having those guys back you'll always find OK check this out Justin Timberlake describes. Man of the woods how boom and modern America cannot. Slowly whisk it away so I'm I'm pretty sure that upon you with sort of get paid a wasted and our breaks for that science tunneling that way but I remember I said. I think you're gonna have some country on their non-GAAP egos that time there's even a point that some songs Tammy was country vibe to them while you called. I've always done a lumberjack can't really. I don't know how do you look good real timid and well they might be eagle country do I'm. There must be some money there and I'm here remove your third tier Malia at man of the doing this to be released February 2 I'm looking forward to checking that not just because I'm curious. So you know everybody has been concerned about the president's health then then that he has dementia. But it doesn't I don't think everybody's been concern I think to be. I can't be okay you know that locating like trump we'll have those big yeah. Wrote I like you don't want to be speaking any he had like dry mouth are you know and oh yeah yeah. I don't I. And it's. Overall overall health is excellent the White House doctor Ronnie Jackson announcing yesterday that presidents John Spellman is. Over how does an excellent pass to blame me he was overweight just a little bit they need to be even better deal to build you've performed cognitive tests that trump. He actually requested this so doctors say there's no deserve their the president is catering to that end of obesity. 239. Pounds that died at 63 so he's a little overweight by. Do you all there with a mind to say is marble all there and he's all good so he's not crazy. Is I pray that mean the doctors you know they proved it right Lafayette. Good good TV and doctor and you get paid about business Havana about here so it's good news or bad news that they are you look at the F. It's gonna be nobody has one of them a five dot com. I want them viability. So when she all. It's. Yeah. You ready to plaza which shows. They didn't under the weather so I have to go and get sick. Feeding PJ Jones never lost the game here. I'm two games answer more questions than he does Jeannie tickets on the runs and eleven the first place there today margins. He's accused 1005 dot com. I'm ready broke yeah don't you about the studio hello we don't question number one sure plus there are more stars in the universe then there are greens is. And on all the world's beaches. Her question number two sure fossil why is the most geographically isolated population center in the world. Here's question number three sure plus original text messages were limb. It's only a hundred characters zero value portion of the questions are done saying amen grant Jones and here. I'm Rosie Jones why in the studio right now. Been here the rule goes I don't you know chances here don't. Five road here we go just questionable what shortfalls there are more stars in the universe then there are grains of sands on all the world's beaches. It's true that is true there are somewhere between ten. And 200 billion czars in the universe somewhere between 2.5 then nine billion grains of sand on the earth. He had a good job where Schumer to tour false. Why is the most geographically isolated population center in the world's pulse no it's true it's twenty. 890 miles from the nearest comedy which is North America and. All right are all here we go question number three shortfalls original text messages. We're limited to only a hundred characters false they're ready they were limited Donner and sixty characters originally but that didn't last very long. And I think we haven't I. Didn't win grow so fast. They don't like. I think college you've got the. Brilliant your take. Tuesday march 6 and I love what we did was they do you amend. I. 107 I'm a morning show replay. You can lie. Weekdays six to 10 AM. Or on demand at any time. I'm KS 1075. Zach Kahn.