Kofi Kingston interview

Tuesday, February 13th

Kofi talks the road to Wrestlemania coming through Denver, chances of breaking up with New Day and more!  

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Canceled a 75 number one but today saddest music is big my take out man I'm so excited. Right now focused on the line we have a true. WW superstar with a over a dozen Sampras it's whose name he's a part of the new day we have Kofi Kingston what's up Kofi. With a man aren't you I'm. Gone I'm doing great are compliant with the white. You know gonna talk about the you. Now we're excited man because February 24 of the road to wrestle mania continues as a smackdown crew had set a patsy senator you know what's is part of the year like to use you get ready for wrestle mania Kofi. You know what. Let me is. One of the biggest year out of the Soviet age just. Unreal leading up look at the door a lot of reliable a lot of comic coming. Who does the climate bill loved the movie did you like a technical the most important part of the move well. All its clip art and won't do it I don't do. Excited and block landlord let the radio at the bit about your problem reading what you've got murdered or. When I know last year the new day actually hosted wrestle mania and you know as much as I love you guys as the host we're talking about. You're the team with the longest run of any tag team champ he's a history I think new day needs to be on the card this year. Big and I think that hole it was. All I'm saying look at this problem at Lowe's we ought to and it's light. Oh La. John you know. And we know we don't like that it had been. And those rates and you know it will look like they're a bit of development and I've thought I've wondered if you. And I've never had a goal upholds the rebel group got growth predicted that it always thought that we didn't cities are. Radiate out that it went so far. I don't rebel possibility to be done about it you don't go directly report. Good old. I didn't like you said there was going to be on the card and probably it won't bring in the nativity predictably though wouldn't it. Work that we do. Wolf February 24 you are here he needs it is canceled SM five dot com and and I don't smack down a looks like new day is set to face off. Against that Chad gable as some Benjamin a team whose had quite a mean streak lately and you actually have a lot of history with Shelden because I think. He's the guy that when you started back it would VCW he's the one image undefeated streak. Or to people look Fortson that would match. What about an army itself definitely wallet while people like I'm I'm broke back what could not vote candidate did it meet. In 2800. You know you'd be so bad with the of course like why are we had a real EW and are allowed to lose so people. Somewhat. Maybe. It's probably one of the brick and other great at it Christian you know not exactly that you didn't like that have been able. And definitely. That it should it be in the year ago period wouldn't you are able if there. On that would evolve. On that quote quote on in the fact that they don't want these trees and you know there are the but it. It up because all we wanted to what they'll do whatever we. A lot about it to have fun. You know what the Albert even people who are gonna be all the credit it it opposite you don't want opposite. The opposite results and you know you read in the ring like a different ethnic pardon him. And and so we'll be able upbringing it's a little while people like serious about what you get with it gets you integrated well. You know that it did you know it's the ultimate. You've held in a con L championship you've held the US championship several tag team champ music you know one belt that is eluded you thus far the dubbed W championship for the universal championship you know. I know you have a blast of the new great new day crew when you look at groups like the sealed who after they disbanded you know all three went on to become world champs in the back here had you ever liked you know. May it may mean it's awkward maybe make it up well do you think about and the backyard had. Here's the thing is oh we could play mark strong with one of them are added that autumn. With the single. Who didn't want somebody brought to the championship title and the other about sports for whatever reason they you know were. Ottawa pitched out what it's you know. Felt like for us. We guard be an idiot out and and think about the new debt. As you probably thought it would monitoring like jet you're the ball on that one more about champion. Alternate. Break up or just unconscionable that would really make any sense. While we can easily tip our gold world. Yeah that the university championship or there that you target edit it and thought you know well one record of I'd do it looked up at unit. It was just we're also mean Mike Reid regret about it of what you're an awkward. It could benefit a no brainer there could argue that it was going to be. Pretty but the want. Yeah I grew up with Demi don't be my tower alive to watch this is those who did watch Ross mag down every single week I gotta say we view. It has been such a joy to watch abrasives and did you ring you break fun of the ring you braced up that you know anybody that's watched a raw rubber you've been and greasy something they've never seen before. So like a homicide I really hope to 48 team you know brings the world title to Kofi Kingston is waste at some point this year. We will never wondered if I'm wondering if it's not. And and like that's it but do my budget which oddly. And it could be the greatest moment of my career so you know what that's like you've. That's like you bought your. Top bet. You never know look it up but didn't bring. Lab one question discuss some edges of the road wrestle mania it's coming through Denver at the Pepsi Center February 24. Your ticket to cancel some five dot com a big part a wrestle mania weekend is the WW hall of fame. Already some amazing names Goldberg the Dudley boys ivory. Is there as a fan yourself OWW he is or somebody. A person or group that has been inducted get do you think would be awesome to be added. I'll let you know that it's so burning our. A world where these other. So. That it is ready you know like sort of thing you know but again that's a habit of the year that it on the spot. People out and Apollo. Problem that we're on the year but could you see the people you want growing up. You people who put so much Bert. And heartened laden terminate this kind of get their recognition and did very well. At least the important that you got a lot of great pain don't let the economic factor debate about next agent it could bring out your social. We'll Kofi owner thank you for mega top calling us a girl a big fan. Huge fan of you huge fan of the new day I know it's 18 team is gonna continue just to bring great things you guys and thank you for making time for us. Why don't and I appreciate you get anybody thought they would never bad blood that you saw I would hit. It spot. That you need to accomplish what you so and what the date. We're going to be tired got a 24 tickets still available and and like if you if you liked it entertain. That you need to come on now and and did a good thing about that he's not about every and so partners aren't. You know it's the people who like people who don't like it's all good at call great you'll be out of one of the better street that you're my partner. He might even get a free side pancakes. And we're not Kofi T since February 24 the rotor wrestle mania has come to the best senator hit those tickets like getting canceled awesome five dot com.