Kim Kardashian Robbery

Wednesday, January 11th


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Ashy and jewelry is long gone and say that I never gonna see began we have the black China Robert melted down I think has sold diamonds and Antwerp yes and you'll never seen again. Tiny should mentioning tour Mary is that when the diamonds and an app in Antwerp Belgium. Well that's where they ended that. Authorities did a Q and there's virtually no chance of retrieving it. And we found killed Julie. It is just as a baboon world and Billy just leaked when this rate eased to continue tied the open every night Monday to pledge to eight to judge Vinson did do. That yes we know. 'cause say that most of the time is the size of cancer immediately shift change dobbs do. Interest diamond district in Belgium price of these prominent impaled on a joint live boy or do you fingers and actually he's now. The biggest drag race. They say is driving Canada have been it's been totally in them through got a little carried out in the coming from Jewish background right it is going to be able to. There wasn't that has the serial number on it. Where any of it. The diamond is south hesitating and you start marking them with lasers now are you kidding me yeah it's crazy. Well the cubs soda the only steering us through your photos at. Well so it's kind of like I obviously accusing she was that the insurance yeah she got the concern there. So we have there and Emerson should be fine in early July and engineering their way back in the episodes of keeping a compression. Q I tried to some mad white shoes with Chris Humphries at right now I. I threw in the water and she lost to being studied hearing anything you. The email dead it's thinking a little sorry I am. Many are in our I heard she's admitted. Other parents limo driver who is part of the seventeen people arrested for Kim Kardashian robbery. Has been released and apparently the limo company that works then hired and says that he's never even been a suspect. That he was in Cassie for testimony Durbin says and then there are no criminal charges against and so. Okay and got everybody there employee is. Good phrase that they were really strange thing has something on him I don't know I'm still thinking. I don't think in Indiana hello I'm thinking you know weigh less than the French please seek it and this is a true. I say it isn't even the range eggs and slow. I need a CIA needs seed billion. You have to be very condescending is bray at known as the wiz a guy talks NCAA. The cupcake also out yet brewing I I love yes I break like guy's legs this case and her. Are seeking a brutal three game rule you hit brag yes Syria vacuumed easy if he had different flags theme that you're. He isn't sure am and 99 dry. I'm sorry to jump through that again. He's such and that's important steady watch this threatening his trek clean Alexis guy with a last sued over the is XT is he's really he's. It is is sex it is straight porn like really yes and Eddie's like. Only I had a Kathy and only she had a cabbies I don't know how it got out there Frey yes sir you see her like tongue darting out of desire hole any. Arnold column normally. He's trying dust that gets people expect us. Yes it is just like there is gone out from babies can't. Saying anybody that wants to post a clip of him and his ex girlfriend Alexis I didn't and and they're going to be Sunnis nonsense certain threatening to sue whoever leaked. That saved I can't believe she's includes silos. Crazy at at at his dad. Had a few things to be sounding the Rodriguez sorry if I was distracting habits it tongue doesn't he now does I ordered the fire well. A Lexus says there's somebody screw her over the heck up okay I'm. Yeah he did you do that dearly Ernie if she says that all of this is crazy and embarrassing to think that somebody would want to expose my prison life. With the world is so disgusting but I have faith in God's work and I know 100 that's that's good luck yeah. He's gonna insert themselves in the situation gods like leave Indiana and I met the day due to bad I don't know her final I don't know her. And Amy Syria if you're one of the lucky he really got to see here in Denver in November room. That show has actually going to be the one that she's going to release on Netflix going. Seven and a call yet she's entering they stand up in stars and give coming coming snatched that means we. Awesome post and the best I try to think we really enjoy and have the best crowd right we hear from Canadians all the time that they love Canada America's week. Just chill and laugh and never really I feel less than anything and everything they also think. Yes anonymity stance with gold behind his Vermont coupons when your mom. Right it looks hilarious that only very vulgar yes although the two have been coming out it's a day any day at the Golden Globes. It wasn't as funny and I was hoping he's do they come. So when they just drink the. In the trailer you got to see nothing yeah I generally pretty happy about. Arianna grind day in John Legend are going to be singing the media in the BC sign oh wow. I guess when it comes out movie opens my seventeen to soundtrack will be on sale a week earlier. I think it best and they're. Agassi superhero we have per share could be in these messed up with the job that they released today and and Hulu can't watch anything like the bully it kinda does look like you're in a weird way having that looks like she colonel it's a dozen beamer yet let's allow like Justin Bieber raise sows so look for that everybody I'm sure don't get leaked before. Well march. And finally kids harmony everybody. Let's talk about it for a second and if he didn't know Camilla and she was the skinny skinny skinny one right Shia radical voices like that. You know that you have got to go to work ray thank rank and Fannie and none none. Shane Mac come out and I'm now. The city that well anyway I think they are really Sheila demands that the band and she did it because she said that they were trying to specialize her to imagine you know I didn't know this is stealing nineteen. Right and when they started the man she's she's thinking right right and so like like the other girls are like they're trying to socialize and right she kind of just feels really matter or wants to embark on a solo gig rate. But you know there was a Sony has to ruin the girl group and leave. We'll tell you as she does have the sun now within GK ray Herrera in its killing Braylon NEC has her solo career is hopefully going to be happening in the spring way I want shot and a lady good luck. It's like senior going to before determining because they lost one yes so what I didn't do math there Branyan and then none of them can sing those high parts they're like we're screwed that Mars anyone anywhere in the Golden Globes and I'm sorry the People's Choice Awards are going to be Wednesday January 18. And they will be performing as for harmony 6 o'clock and CBS. And you're listening to the KS 1075. Owning cell.