Keith Carlos, Matthew Smith ANTM 'Rosas Risky Rotation'

Thursday, May 31st


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As risky rotation it's. An episode roses is irritation this prize of one of the most excited for I had. To America's next top. Model. One key Carlos. He is also the new leading man and Carnegie music video yes and he's also the winner first ever male winner of America's XL model. I pragmatic it. And also another contest on it do you place. Fifth or six. Kids you're dead so today we are here to talk about you guys as new thing role models correct Bagram tell every little bit with that about. Remote roses. Basically a subsidiary it's a movement role models movement under. The nonprofit make it happen. Basically what it is is a nonprofit marketing cup. You'd have gone bad. Who bit the bullet that he moose test. Isn't it. I sum it up it's nonprofit. Marketing company that highlights areas individual communities in need there were able to do so through bread endorsement. So we're taking as models are taking bread endorsement which is something we do a lot with it instead of just putting in our markets and making it kind of surface level. We may be interactive with fans and we use the products to impacts real people that can really use it. While also setting like money areas in need to the community and community can learn more about so. That's how we have to the profession is here in. Yeah. I is already irritation so we talk all things America's Next Top Model which are doing all Carty be all that. So can you take the first spin on the we have. Nothing crazy it'll fall. Mean not bring my god. It's. Pretty well it's fun it's fun and it's a pop back up yet what's been bottled. Would you not go out and I'm drama on a Bible or log elementary. Can get if you are talking about OK your first question it. Is question tee you just was. On you're the leading man and car ADB's new music video correct what's one thing that the world doesn't know about curry. That's how I think they know everything you very much under one thing that we wouldn't think like. Something that we would know about and how what's it like working. Wells also working with her. I've been a fan of her life the Rivero career electoral come up. Were from like the same area. Tristate area so I was also on the recorder. And known. Those who sparse things that you may not know about her she's pregnant. I. LO and the video you. Shooting the video Holland ode to the media which are the video to go and how to act and I get that world com. How I don't know he and didn't I do I got to produce and use it when are people. Other people responsibly and I admire information and wanted to say about five hours later I was sent a foreign howdy. It's such outfit art it's. That you should I think it. He takes your clothes. And everybody knows where he then and right now she now. Also on so you want. And you also. And before he Bradford ease the minds right and what transition you've run into. Well. It was really mob here on a hole yet he added. That. The shall countless times. Yeah about the are at the time the cast and director some pretty much the money than they like me I got a Skype mr. producers of governments tighten interview. And we after I got released from his arms from answering bank Simon Montreal just in case. Struggle with while they're but then I got the call that I am finalists on on American with a model not fly out so I went out there and stuck around. So Matt what do you think the difference between show now than it was before. They show his home Utley not got social media stars and I'm saying it isn't this a completely different. Judges are different all accounts with different from when you Wear on. Well the world's changing I and everything is so social media days so like they have the lines are really being blurred. Between like model. It's star actor you know we got like Dwayne Johnson the rock doing like incidents kids with. You know incident. And there is no hi there is no and you'll do anything if you got followers of famous so unfortunately I think ruins shows like top model beat says. What is a model. And tired and really good job. Also played a part and being anyone can be an I am I support it public but. It also like what is models. Think they showed turn into a book has moreover it's a reality show. But now it's more of like a real reality show out there to get more I don't know. And how model makes you a reality starred as a major motto now the work you do after so you would agencies. In the grass and in booking booking clients that make tomorrow. So the show digital platform to do whatever you want him. And so high do you guys feel about the hole and even on that this last season one of the girls. Her constant critique every week. I know we can post a good pick Chinese but what can you do went by real camp like I was content. And IQ it's part is like I'm here because at all. Yeah. I. But I think I support you that's the tournament and Luke. I didn't know how you guys as models feel with the whole like social media starts are now. You put you uncle high filter it out here. Well that's actually realized for some reason remit role models that because. The poll what is a role models also being skewed. By this thing. You know I mean nice I don't know anyone can be anything if you got the platform. Then like you can give model because of marketing ability you know if you have to give a platform can be an actor now like. So angry recreating. In other positives and negatives to it all yeah I mean people are getting lots and kids especially that but it is in needs people are so much material out there it's over there is people decide what is the role model they don't know who look up to be marketed its own options. And then that's an open model thing. Act only. Every good thing entered an older than a regular people. Hillary you got ten K now you're out here topic as you noted that top model like 2000 legacy that was Brandon. That is so true. And now they have challenges based off instead. Yeah. I mean that you liked the fact that we had to do yourself together and layouts like. Well what do we can do with this and they had to act like the photos were OG because like with filters down market junior right introducing. That is so true and hot and filter at the time matching. Anti I was judging our ability nothing so far yeah. By the way looking back our hearts are so we have like bunny in the heat hits the nodded well they would not have. We'll. It's not that. It is so much for doing it. And that we missed expect you try to eat EXH. All right. Thank you anyway okay like discretion. He what you give you one. The chamber of its all out well. Com keep 100000. Dollars. And Matt how much it paid week to be on. Hole. With treatment and or the magic city you know wouldn't last time now I'm just. Forget that efforts ally Turkey my first car off. A move my mama to project's lit and I moved her to Florida and that also gave me my start to move to LA. And are working as a model and the rest I have invested. And saved. And he try. Yeah eight it's got like a crazy credit score was the perfect. Yelling at everybody compliments no problem on this market and a. Delegates. That's that's by any regret that a gutsy he's got a awesome into and actually that's circulated. So many so many they just keep popping out of place that is in some thing they always I have so many badly on you happen. Either India as. Anybody I don't like that might I would you know yes. Follow me on this program MacKey Carlos and I got you in description right here came up on screen and a key current. How is paid to be honest do you think it was you have to pay like. 350. Readers. Do you think it's changed now. It hasn't gonna. Really. If anything it does it would mean I don't know from nine. Not me but it would seem not to. That's always VH one like tech cry but it's like Doug Bradley set network that yes oh. I'm sure that they had to renegotiate project hollered at the show back on my guess is that they had cut budgets mean I don't know much lowered it. Q I was away at things going on each of them and we again and all of what I do it again. What you do right now would you again it shows format it like wise. Not even your cycle from ten and want cycle and what a period when not okay so they went to pay more on the were at the bird. And it still 100000 I think it's a thousand had to be too if like paper magazine or something like that is what does that rank this time. I spent my friend. Which I think you. Great. Just getting. The speed around America's Next Top Model speed. Could it in all things America's next top. I won't be just calm like questioned about the behind the scenes. Which to. Hide it from each. Of jacked up okay what do you want your spare time. During the show there's no there's no TVs or our. There goes their. On many yeah I mean like there's cameras and they felt so nervous and might not one where you get used to it. I don't like the first two weeks and I'm glad I know that they're there but there's no hype anymore energy prices being so. On that goes to my next question on how long is the processes. That would a mother per month. Like there's a good weeks. And if you get. 66 weeks if you're reaching period and what you don't eat. You get a good shot I bring you look at dollar model at what you eat. We. We we actually send my PA's out of wraps up for the house but a lot of times we have like crap you're. Except when based good aspects like. Like she since. And we actually live around out there with a but I think I'll work out really really. Cast doubt that accident like this one and round Grammy arm was on like liquor. It. Is. We had already talking to your cameras on the recall the company. So we're like yo we ought to Hungary India it is ours you need some coffee. And they did that she dropped a pop. It definitely did listen you put eight people don't care how sane or crazy they are in a confined environment without any sort of like distractions whatsoever. Let us up on the TV news then after you get to do tell mentality of back story eventually like to put my cereal because. Yeah right yeah that's a model after dark go crazy. Has that happened in the ads that reminds me things happen like it ripped part of every America's next he is at point oh pitch just it. Might that. There. If I can help you didn't admittedly riding them you let your rotation. Not. Not not. I'm not enough it might be a moment of all America's Next Top Model all season with Adam Pacman bit rough but the nobody Todd. My sister in the unions will. Are currently two hours I had had eight. Children and young check this out not to do it. Without the cart will not like a new drug like. And I am not a lick men William Hartnell who got away from flip landed on there feet. Dropped a line can. I have the he's. When you were gonna put him okay I'll do. About the day at those like I would I got of the daylight hours for that. I had to hear about it degrade. That's another isn't that you brought here to add and didn't have a graphic that I did go to bed and our goal. Hot grant they. He like on records. How often do you see. The acute drug hit overspent on a drug that is so like well confident that Switzerland so but it's that I was another crisis and we eliminated. How does that work. Do you pack your bags before people I don't know and everything eliminate all okay. Like Israel that. You often pack your bags before people get. Like this everybody packed their back at how does that work you're supposed delay. That's how I bobbled it's like a baby as well. Believe it or not no we are trading closed with. You know listen no one knows about the build up into the show the casting process that is the magic of the show they put you know it's covered by itself provide a week a bit. No distractions. Nothing no TV you can't open the window all the way. And like you just don't know when you get pulled out we're gonna go and you only do it. Drawn out dispute with therapists like psychologist like that basically is huge valuation of you. In fact that same week. All of the don't call. But ultimately happens it cutting off your no coffee I don't think the since it's still yeah it's caffeine I don't do it in pregnant but any who are you at a got out of the athlete the copy yeah you gotta launching like seventeen hours on the beach so it's like drinking coffee the stay warm and they are and my ability Hugh and yet it's like key. And we look at their lockers. So Jesse and. You don't you like board to undermine I don't know if you're gonna Google you're locked in the hotel and they tell you hit your shot out of the semis. Until then here come included figures like going crazy. And in. When you do see other cast rivers they liked you know a lot of look at them you can speak to them. Like they're serious about this so you've had no real interaction and human like ten weeks and then they bite you look at throw you on a beach all attracted people and that's the start so you're like. Ready to roll. Hi. Like the case anymore and then the show started like copy and your mansion bikes that you start like deprives. I think it even like this experience so. You're already like. Acted not nor crazy and then you go to mansion where they can't. Aaron you for the first time ever so you hyping yourself you I think everybody I think. You can't control electricity and how's it can't shut off like so like when you go to the bedroom got the call. And like you ought to go to bed so that they radioed a camera guys the folly to bed like sit there until they. Did if though that when you. The bathroom got Cameron yeah. They didn't go about and what the last how to quit in hair. Some unhappy and you thinking your mind that's me and when you think that's not yeah I mean like road kill me you know it and I. Again after that wonder what's how you want nobody knew originally so I don't think I was like I can't put myself and. If I'm like let's say much at cameramen the fight. Thinking your mind that's making it on you know I mean like it something and not an it geek do people have that mindset of what's gonna make it like when you in there were people literally like. Wild now for cameras yet. At players that will be calm be cool then they determined to hold a comfort in the camp editors but then you can't keep that a rest in peace scenario like that. At issue and yet I think without listening and you didn't realize later realized and here click. Here that. Tiger like tiger might grow with the make over which never had to make over. That's okay that's an easy on the site. Deion do let me I don't it's a whole it is so it absolutely. Was I think they look like a trip it was anything crazy. Yeah you didn't. And she was about how holding out for. Attack and is off to himself as he honestly had a good attitude about it. Yeah I didn't put it not like in hot and I ably tyrant like my idle mind and you. Tiger is mind of everything without any other thing I can do it again. We sent in a panel like you to think you all eat candy like if I go from here to here who my. I don't I don't know if it. Sosa and then a number number two thing always hacking if you can't see your neck that went up and yeah like so if I'm here. What. About that and see. Ideally. And Rosie. Yeah that's right it's. Like it isn't a good picture I. I don't not winning the work out of I don't know might never think it's a beautiful. Yet again here in American. Children we weaknesses in depth look into all line light it light is just like how neck Michael. It. And it might be right now. That it. I don't takes off like that backs that chrome. Rice sorry so sorry mom what is tiresome. And. I can't focus on more than just her eyes whenever he so once we another where. She's got a presence for real visual arts in your room your life. What the tattered yet yet no matter Pelletier. Because I did issue with her afterwards after the show I burger cosmetic line. Oh yes I was like. Still it was like way way different and it showed that it is just small production and I think Israel is an issue down to earth I think she got back. She's cool with Yeltsin as she is she's worked to get where she is of such as expectations. But she boxer in his. And where is panel is how must now. I think see our a seat it was like in the house. They walked upped it to where it and I just and it at a location here how long this panel take. It's a full day and how much do we see of your 102 you're on camera to how much critique it actually if you always like that now I like the way in its neck. But everybody gets it and so like I really show the main ones on the show right. So sometimes you just say your score is love love. In hours and in the BA they have like it was a story lines and was in line and pick like you with the football you have the whole interaction with what's his name will at all the big. That was implant that was that it does my exit. Or another thing we handled everything well. Another thing was against Alan what's your name story line and things out of me Amadeus it so another thing how much interaction you guys have with. And what (%expletive) that would Kelly. There that's it from him like what I have. Actually of the three of the fact sheet and a NASCAR. And real person like like face to face sheet she's been real or she goes a little bit extra for the camera. But she says the same things in person but shall sail like so I put it. Car she means well there he she's a great little while to relieve them. So much like. So after you talk to judge now you all slippery times is it eliminated I talked a lot. Lighter on and be completely come over and you know no doubt my next. So and the nation process. What is that like stressful. You don't open but I know oil and I've just never know unique idea they always asked why he left because he always knew. I'd if you'll let them know he knew that pairing like dude. No don't know like I was called the thought that I should telling everybody don't analyst but not all right every time because I worked in production I would go so I would like seeing patterns that the cameras are where they're going to they're like this guy's a liability snipped and like. So what we get eliminated. You guys give everybody a hug on the side. And that's it talk to them anymore like it's actually good part. What else you want to act like how do you know mom and chief where my sure Obama back time. And then make it goes back they immediately get that made me take you back that house you've Accra quick before I yourself you don't see red. But you're able to talk with other side by letters. There are others it was really like jail system that I says that's what I said Obama is like little ways house arrest my. My best friends and he was and we tranches on real world and challenges she is saying thank I wanted to walk off if I take one foot off the when it house or staying in. Fine by the united me. That's just how lights on. Yeah there's historical sites with Obama ice that's my favorite ice is where you. Decline he had to kinda way they set up there like. Crowds until the Carol woods yeah. Yeah oh yeah all right guys and she let. They're called are regulars so they're like they're my. And like they're obviously keep us alive with the cameras are not ruling because they have to capture everything so wherever at a moment where there's no cameras like. AK the bus going to handle we're not allowed to talk at all. That's also I think on what grated beets because they what does that that bodes mostly went. So why because everything has to be camera every. Vegetation that happened on the book. Cameras all of. I doubt they'll tell you well when you're off lights in your room. Yeah they'll say they are nice but for instance like if something happens that's good cameraman just. If something happens that's good. Name wasn't on camera and they're interviewing later relied you'll want the boss when it will that they're captured. Today though only like what happened not their but we can't talk about that captured. So another thing we're talking about production line. And there are that you guys are the worst cast his knowledge being the production doesn't exist so everything we talked about it that footage. Repeat. So like if we're talking about if you're watching the show shows talk about production. I that you're going to be like why they talk about production. Yet because it doesn't exist in the viewers world so. If we're dug up production that ever talk about it it's just work with the so they've always had like you can't talk about production they would like culminated like you. Hold up timeout but it's not a couple times in the house they were just like break the whole thing at what house meeting. You can't talk about it does include some production dead. By the end of the show the camera guys so like yeah did you come at Joan it's me. A. Joseph has talked to are going to that you like ten hours shifts like no stop an attack ever got approved it. And there and then let cameras in every corner of every room and like to retreat camp ought to doom guys and everyone and we have. By much so when week you're done you're home. No we could go well or did until this season dollar. We had to participate all the bye but are. Because it was all media like weird people could vote social utilize it got eliminated and they didn't see it that they would know before the show aired who has it. A limited way so we are still credit by in the group for all of the competitions anything they posted you'd still be there so that viewers who are partaking in the voting. Wouldn't know who's still in. There were still there with you as well as proposed by and then you guys. Yet and they come back and they that's cool did you she. We got the premature at this bit everything except for like. Each attorney sent a dead yeah according to school. So that so now opposite that when you want and what you get the issue with tyra grant and then when we actually audited he retiring now it's like when reports that the are all that is true with the commercial it to hurt make it right right with the colors with the crazy colored for. But my I think after viewing you always like how would you interaction with the judges after. A bomb could not show's over at city chapter of. More ports personable. They gave me you know like more one on one Brent congratulations. And felt pretty much it. You know you're gonna end when you watch that is not. Not under all gonna win. After. Was adamant. Well I have a third bite of me well I know who will have to re learn from tall he's like 68. I mean he was gay yet he took great if this is a. I admire or not this is I know you don't like it no it wasn't a look well like he's a great guy could have saved it from production. Some production side if you're thinking story lies who would be like the ultimate underdog winners like you'd keep that in the first no hitter he's African amateur home because from nothing like what's gonna make the show look like me. Accuser. Or is it going to be will story. It's going to be key and I don't mean does not just that is the production side so it's not moving. Well Bob nah don't like about the scoring line origin or yet. And the economy and help me you know all I have that. You are such at. Yeah he got he got image he played it goes yeah I mean I don't like you. Allegedly did the creator of the show it into it. We expect. Okay this. How were almost dot I and is this last month so please handed them to give meaning it out based expressions and I want you guys to give them to. With him. This one that okay. Tiny tiny content to ice up first one and now won the model and model Bert and got to within duo so yeah it. OK here we go ahead you first one is Nat. I didn't putt. Next what is exciting. Okay next one is. Sexy. Keep. Wouldn't I'm not yeah. Did I. But we had a fired last night in Cuba like I think my sister go seeing a great things all the way to put her on the spot how did you do keep it she's like no bio key with like I wait for that opportunity. On his house. Is what. It necks on is film. It's okay next summit at. At what you know what I. Like that she's I like oh yeah why. Ice and we just did light. Just like snack. Okay next Clinton is. What the happy editorial. Alec Alexis rent lecture. None like what's official expressed RC with the lamb I have noticed that the. Next on it is. And final wants an interview genius mind it's. Then. Some lives to do it yet there are 321. All golf lesson and laugh. It is not okay. I want to go ahead and reiterate the role models being. Where everybody can find where when he hasn't and a drop everything about them will be in the description of the league and who knows. Social media on style but we reiterate that so role models. It is something that you are doing now. It's something we're we're super excited about basically it is a reality nods to the television show that. It takes a nonprofit marketing company and uses advertisement in charity dollars to create real world world product placement. Opportunities. We hope to China let our communities and individuals in need as well as make real impacts. The show's not about us being role models it's about us. Finding role models. Keith and I think it's time that. We give people that deserve platforms such as ours the opportunity to use them in the way that they would like so. That's or role models is we're excited for. It's her. The role models missiles meeting hand on his program his role models WW. That'll be right of them laid out right a lot of everyday argument you got to follow it you as a seeded journey it's going to be crazy. Personally and you get all does he keep and party these new be careful music media that's got. Yeah.