Jordan Peele Interview

Tuesday, February 21st


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Morning show. On the line from key until we have Jordan pill. Who has a new movie out yet again out opens this Friday between fourteen theaters what's up man there. What what a man. And and I'm not much ma'am I'm living the dream. You know lots. In your movie that's coming out we we heard that you have a movie coming out were like oh clearly this is gonna be hilarious yet and then we watched the trailer. Energized drivers are flaring it up. And then we get to watch it again we left the trailer like a five time. What then now me and. Come out there were people that man nominated it's too dark. This looks like a great thriller it looks terrifying and clearly you stole cap these story because she dates a lot of black guys. And had to take him home and tell. I don't think they went through with this flag as being a group. The good thing that. That did not get that sitcoms that. Yeah that's basically the horror version of death is coming to dinner. Yeah apparently it is the terrifying what I mean the what did you break this before you started dating your now wife Chelsey or did you ready after she started beating Townsend. You know I write it are averted beforehand. And gap investment story on the. You hit it hit a yes so like it's a story of this guy who goes to meet the parents. And like some has gone on in the town. That he's visiting he's got this guy is like hey man you shouldn't be there and the people that are black in the town act in real weird yeah. Yeah it's it's it's so it's is kind of like the pampered lives you know where you know you know something. Really bad is going on just don't know what and it's got a couple twists and turns oh yeah and I gotta say it it's. You know it it's fun it's not it's not like it's it's not a downer oval or movie it's upon movie this. There are a lot of room to be a lot of laughs and it's. Is one that's been in the beer. Excellent well yes I am just saying he EU having to right producing directed. That's really that's really cool free Ewing your career. But another reason maybe you had to do that is because you're the only one that understood how it needed to develop in the movie. Yet you know I was I was in the middle of writing it. Of the script and at some point it just I realize we're you know. I don't think anyone else is going to be above pull this off like I see it yeah. It's just it's so bomb it is it is such it is a very personal movies and a lot of ways it's. You know as is anything anybody right by them. Yeah it. I'm really did my first time directing and I was just so on are so fortunate to give him that the cast but I got. I'm really surround myself with geniuses. Was it cuddle looks like these this town where where she takes her boyfriend. Is like she's like I want you to come my parents who voted for trump if I. Though I mean that that. That's kind of to bomb that would be two on the nose and it. Of one of these. Is this these parents are you know abuse they got people talking about not I would vote for Obama third time. Right. You know so it's it's it's more like. The meet me think he got protest too much. It's kind of like the white people who think they're liberal but Sutton had signed up when they're pushed up against it they might not. B is liberals they think. Yes OK it's in its in that neighborhood because if I wanted to have this like. You know that is we are false sense of security and if this. Eagerness arm to complete the character as being what what's creepy. And you know so I got you know Catherine Keener Bradley whit for who you are really fantastic of the parents in this movie. And and and and yet it's it's. It's about. You know it's that there's this particular opinions about. You know the rule we really. Who. You know I I loved. As one and two point point output. So it's basically Guess Who's Coming to Dinner meets the per June. I put. If civic commitment purge is also blown out and it's similar in that it's you know they have like social relevance yeah well. But it also is also on and its messed up and and you you it's about sport if is more about screaming and yelling and and having fun in the either. And and you can think about it later. Yeah like it's eludes your popcorn movie. Bomb were definitely go see it what ever written a check it out of curiosity has gotten me I I have to see what the hell Europe you know I think at. We got we got a 100% on rotten tomatoes. Guys. Faces Jordan Hill doing the morning show get out opens this Friday February 24 real fast. Is this to put the fear of god into black people or white people that watch it. Reward every line it's it's terrorizing film for every color yeah. I equal opportunity. Care even orange president might like getting hit a it is possible. Amen thanks a lot good luck on the film and things really mess up our that you guys I did take care jury didn't buy by yeah. I asked 7:5 morning snow.