"ISpy"s Kyle interview!

Thursday, April 20th

Super Duper Kyle, the artist behind the #1 song in the country "ISpy" stopped by KS1075 with Jeremy Gold and Big Mic to talk about the success of his song, working with Lil Yachty (with an awesome Yachty impersonation), how he get his start in music and more!  


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Can't let a 75 ex army go and I listen I had to come up the only toll dispute was coming up in this. Like I really feel as though and needs to me. It at the end to this and where would the super duper growth of new recruits that we do debt. Kate yeah how dot Q you and Randy today I would you hate to be that they'd rather. He he's the flyers' practice you know work. Are an app is actually got Randy can now be adopted and that cost him. This dude are he has and about a year ago notwithstanding. Is come with a lot of responsibility you know being in the review group. We have a lot of chores a gangland got a hand out that the compliment today I can't believe he gets harder and a half. And you've got out and stranger. And five for an. Every look at John disseminating give me hugs battery out of me because I'd like to main island and how to handle it sounds like I read that. Yeah I have to Heatley not a slam might not very nice clean them appreciate that greatly tonight to be was announcement at least this coming out of Atlanta. An appetite is the often I see yeah I have great energy think you know you gotta shout out shout out to Denver to you picked it validated and go right on port twenty I don't like to thank summer programs program. By Peyton Manning is my favorite part of whatever ago I had felt my junior Peyton Manning may really I'm serious autograph rookie cards everything had. Eight and the stuff like you wouldn't believe the young and it doesn't make him think. Love makes a lot of sense when that's one of the best in the in the in the history and yet I don't talk about. You today Denver Colorado Ford's lining man. Yes I heard that the Americans are about people now there is a little crazy. But there is actually don't write a man that I added note I don't think I got an alibi and I participate at least for like ten minutes that you're on the twins were born here was filled out my way through my eyes from Monday's close games. Deep into account balance I think I have no choice for me I have to be part of what is in his early show you know if you get up about 5 o'clock associates girly zone yet early show to the people that go. After eyes. Now at any rate me and that's where I'm standing on the democratic. Yeah showed a dramatic in leading America yet but then I'm going to despite the watch. But obviously he's going to go back to torment the tale that I know being. How much are so let's look I'll say this in your album smile album I've been rocked with that form really really may use the a long time and earlier Thomas out here let the tan and really so I had to bet that. Doesn't only rapist. This is crazy and that's we're seeing any he's got vocal. Fake tees thank you you know I thank you very much random fact before I knew Iraq and why I was only thing. What are the kid out in or around. I hear idea. What comes out from golf course. From like like seven counts of days yet either value and yes I am late developer in northern California Northridge in the animals and in turn those. My prompted her to enhance the safety equipment there heavier than Paris to get ahead of it it it's like crazy yet fairly every you know and nine out of my. First can you good shopper are shot in there. If I could ask 'cause it's such a diapers thank. Right geographically. I don't think. These questions when you problem with a huge heart and balls toward its content over it's going to little more to write this huge amount range is site. Wild rose the most beautiful place to grow up norms here you. Right and I'm writing about it and Antioch in TV I'll do my our god I've grown grab because. Yeah there have been Perez right such beautiful boys almost feel like sport that I got to live look at it you can park that you know what you go to help anybody. Go back yeah later. My Ehlers though yeah yeah really just that concrete pier park nowhere nowhere to minus the countries might support. Like I had way more parking spot in hello more reasons. No valid ease as far as itself Clark bravura Margaret Brennan post novice what apart. Double parking migrants died intersection going and proud that you are there and hit it better if Oregon at the top that's right that your game notre. So Colin trying to figure out the figure you out of a measure your black if you bi racial if you're like a white big stir moment black and white a Vegas I'm definitely my mom is very much so why a guy who flatly accuses Saturday. I got it definitely black. Yet but both. Not a lot of things. So what do you where you can use when I was Jeremy Weaver and I'm part that was very very good news well actually it is little grumpy person the format at night worried crowd. Where you've probably come round how did you hear that out of there. I was very diapers and we do a five paragraph. Very diverse families I grew the weird thing about my upbringing and watch it doesn't have our new aids you know fans to dad. Everybody likes him and how it hurts like you know it would your school know they'll it will come out saying the market though yeah yeah yeah that's apparently every guy you. Yeah exactly in my diet that different like me and my brother my sister we were by and then my cousins were Japanese. Where economic team and right have Brothers instances. Like me and I completely. Like and then you know my other cousins. Are from Wales for their well there like from your. Like Philip by. Growing up going in Easter on Brawley's. Different. People I never really bought into another. Player in college in the United Nations Vietnam veteran and I yeah I actually got an eight. For tonight. And so I kind of like sometimes people will be we're just as nuclear black flag why. Why is definitely insane as vice president he's. You know you write like this impasse or anything yet and why why it's good I'm cold I'm Michael you're prepared. And I don't know about yet that we appreciate it the other you know. But when you were to have a full blown conversation between idiots out there and you wanna get more intelligent quicker. Leave your surroundings. We the people and keep it on. Five different people picking up to see what's up with us if you would become Smart. It's only the quickest way to become smarter. Feisty and he or whatever from wouldn't let them be that you don't like Terry and I feel Bradley Cooper that is the only other way to get Smart this that. Bet two or by listening to Kyle and what I really tough thing another thing everyday yeah I look at another big trees that you about cows that you don't. Rapped about what you look familiar like ally yet you know we live it's now everybody is you know you now with France and from notre happy Europe from suburbia if I don't usaid and I appreciate that you stick to the lakes and rivers to Zia and you read about your lacking. Presidents did not think he's just keep your eyes I can't thank you for that but I have to admit at one point I was right everybody else. Me and I grabbed about guns. Guidance and is the thing that thousands okay it feels like that was just that they were I grew up in you know things everybody just had done that I. Yeah I got a rap about guys like around about the guns and that I noticed I never made it gets on. We gamble almost on that side feel like I'm writing good scenario right but I can't delivery. And it's good ways because our tracks in that eventually went out like fifteen. Scott started. This formal guitarist. I started like this indicate Kennedy why merit not particularly in drinks are for like thirteen. But did that kind of came to new wave of rappers. That we're more of themselves and I'm Dana or more rapping about daily life we're not necessarily the rapper right. If it comes inspired me to finally. Just talk about the things. He hits just keep building. Video games guns and this Jesus light that thing writes this crap about the things I really knew about. I remember the first time I did it was on the song called lemonade. That I did because picture on dating him when I was rapping all right started laughing at it. And our thanks Gail right now for once in my life right fairly genuine. And then this far with armor Amazon and I don't cracked jokes and and it kind of slowly but surely. Made me realize I should do throughout with this voice. Yes this normal voice that IRA is. It's mine's in Minnesota comes up more authentic it's way more than they in this thing kid out there need to know if you wanna be cool if that's right in your agenda. Just be yourself like it's it's like quickest way to getting there to being he maintained ties and making your music downloaded. You have to do is be yourself and let's hear an amazing actor you can withdraw that but you probably can't keep doing volcanoes and these. I asked him just you know that like it was way. I would. What Jeremy Accardo I'd at least I Aggies Poland cardinals tonight and reading that you got we have walked out when enough though not back. And I I feel that an outline those. You know I shouldn't change our first around him with kid casual wow so that's about it and aren't I just haven't been Arabia other than a hundred OK okay. Testimony with huge difference in the with KID you know going on job and all that days. I'm just. You know the program is going to be more and more. Mean. Play and to see to see the results of law they tablets when he seventy talk about making good music and being new here you are the act already number one on several charts again and I watch Archie about to be number one I spot man had gone up big. Man debuted yet I can't take all the credit for that even though shout out to demand out there you guys. Honestly I thought the thousands of dollars off of the throwing out these guys. Admittedly say that in itself I think it's not the albums you either do so. Like I almost I thought I'm so sorry that that. Act and so we just decided not influenced. I'll make a string of stats on government and makes them you know right now growth umbrella explode. And it has made it known him for campers are now what it was down a bit on this but probably didn't do. But for a bone yard. You know you got in return to growth hormone but we'll won't comment. I. I can't say yep we're gonna marvel yet live and it'll all ended stock based content and you know blow just right of the song. I don't know it's going to be expansion and I don't think it's been number one rap song in the country at any given point let's do it you know sand. And my may have more me and I know little guidance to cheat you are reforming. Because you're. Do you teach our free throw here weren't the type of attitude then your second there yeah never never demands for Reynolds there. Write him I was pleased to be you know storm came through just. It's an average two weeks after it came around his right. But you know you never hear and how that way we turn record. Is liberals you know I know it's got to do you play my dogs like no you're not listening kind we have Bruce Mac line is about to blow up keep you from behind. Yeah right now and I had a and that's kind of under treatment that bad company ever. That they ever hello I'm John I'm just in my presentation that now ultimately that's riady impersonate is on point when there are people on days is very session and nobody has no you know OK I'm not sure I turned to video standard of video shoot that video. I like pizza is out of all those speeds and finally got it does he get those out he's definitely prime aged eleven pizza yeah. In a van. There's IAG a different aching right one word. He says. Right I'm either of the 35 years old he eats eat fast speeds of like an excellent news that today this is not about a little bit about he's he's about pizza you can it was about. Don't wanna party that is required by consulting. Out of the studio he's performing tonight Bart. And today. That's our bond days arm I'd love the dynamics that you bring you drinks like this whole technicolor. By Gary in mind. Here I hate about you and I did some digging around 92 birds they show reflects. Yeah tell yet how that's Powell's. Motives. I 1000 guys we'll do some people I respect again so everybody like from the nineties and eighties you might. You know preference to have again but I keep playing or alive even my and we decent wood is like. That was killed error of guys. Show you guns and my game American people what I decide to take. Shot Forbes told entertainment Mike come out of Spartan suit ended and as you know what you Donald and at our AM hours yet comical part. It's those those people especially that designed kind of from the eighty's and ninety's as always goto that house right there and I want to bring it to a different world today. And arms and and so the adult technicolor I'd like we get from them in my. My home in Britain we do like a lot of ideas that got about a decline in Ottawa it could just and the wrapping. There's a lot of not a show wrapping his hello Denny fish every down and got a kick into yet another. Bought into this right now and everybody sort you don't show it only only they make it out about when they're telling you to put your hands on look at. They exit magnolia. Exactly and though sometimes I get tired you know we are guitar I like to. It's my duty to make sure that you guys feel marginalized shows and really my maverick he gremlins. They've really changed my mind when I went in zones con game. These Stewart I saw that too if you heat your home my candidate has a right before my guys were you know I was. Now that McCain and yes I told me I would not I wrote it out picking up and yes getting. And there are a lot of depth yeah I didn't read it and I saw that. Don't think many of the six re on on the anti worlds were always an ambivalent really. Like. See it's great that and everything is the most enlightening write this it hit a good experience drummer walked away from their parents right you know blown way out of noble art. But it's adequate at our regular and it I think it comes from like a musical theater background I went out of high school inflate the a one semester of college guided. Powell started buyback ever Arnie yes I did I but he's that the united like hairspray at this boyfriend that is climbers that you did like realized. Theater stuff I was stagecraft working on our insect. It felt. I come Burnett who invites you guys bring you would do if the world. And right to show us that doesn't mean the hardest things into different world now you give this lack. My cousin gave you that you're your own unique felt you don't let anybody else. Me yeah that's why you're going to need suggest that the largest single seat straighten this pastor has ever lost highlight you know. Spoke with him yet anything else gets in alone an art. You know oh they. I garbage out or they are really wanted to gays who hasn't anybody I've become the fair violently or older and whatever I want you to know they can these. He does and I beg you should just be yourself you should be proud of everything your interest. It says that about butterflies people are flies we have no philosophy and he does being asked to the minute I take my entire amount by it's not a flaw was supposed to be. It's supposed to be there anyone any idea how you are really about is in the music everything about who's supposed to be here. Young fan where everything from. Your family too much into the what you liking to taint everything is viewing should be proud. The next obviously Vijay together to get he better get out love. Regardless of regardless and we still have time left and I definitely another you I gotta get my we are OK I 'cause cow stands out to the game exactly a good driver right now to keep watching him on wheels and doing it over somebody there you go okay. It was just. Was Superman it's going out tonight says sought out survived taste and what's when he it is it's a national holiday right here in Colorado I don't know that runaways over the right lawyers and to be. You might mean winning Lyon appears honest about what you had to do you not know that appointment with the deal is this thing is I didn't like you know when you're gonna do what you gotta do is wake up in here somewhere. So this morning to twelve. Does. But haley's that he wasn't getting behind but maybe it would work forty IA has he done because actually a couple of months ago examiner loved ones. Why won't need it on necessities like these you know if I'm ever immunized. I just the united started off when I gain. Well maybe I. You know I don't want it loud and so forth morning we might partake of it armada has dragged. Definitely did it did not have a day does not happen that you can't play. Actually I'm Angel tonight bags. Hey thank you for making time for us whenever you stop by Denver Colorado mesa public just doesn't. I just I don't inaudible and I'm look oh. No immediate went into new album dropped in the old new album. Deadly coming out this year I had a much to go all the eighties right now and I have every half hour. I'm honest I can't in his specific day is definitely do and.