I'd be rich if it was not for my addiction to ?

Friday, February 17th


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There you'll very Eddie Williams in for Kathy. On Tuesday but right now we're asking everybody. I swear I'd be rich. If you were from my addiction to blank. And you know there's a lot of different addictions people have summer clothing summer tour bugs and some guy dissent cocaine and heading back. Saudi Rio. Some people say weeds some people say beer Melissa says Victoria's Secret. Donald says Wal-Mart uses it costs and higher dollars everytime I walk and are there. Like as you go on what one of those on any debt in history. Right some people west says. But coffee and target. To get into our into an up. I would definitely say that. Like you know if you have. You know a case for good alcoholic top shop that can definitely cost yet. At you replace the bottles are gonna yeah yeah you're like oh damn mind luster for drone. Some Omar says that Amazon Amazon purchases which that's so easy to just click rash if you're Amazon prime. Well man somebody's at a women. Gaff that got a lot of people said kids still well yeah kids are very expensive in round eleven. 720489175. Who's this April. April I swear I'd be rich if you're from my addiction to blank. Make up. Right. And they all go together or shared pretty make a bomb in your underwear than you have drinks and then take all that up. We'll still like come I know I as far as us guys go we can easily grab like gay. Six pack of underwear or like a three pack in it doesn't cost like and that much. Are the ones I have my irons and mean barely twelve or fifteen dollars pairs and he couldn't pick and a few and it's time now. Ebony shaking your head no that means ebony buys Sears underwear. To. Speaker you get them like I Portland me it means lands. I'm well. I'm BI here if you go to Victoria secrets in your guy you can ask to see you tried on pile. And then you can just like by those like it is very contrite Don brown and well then I was wrong thanks critic called it. But how somebody. Kept Tina looked like at KH. AMP HK. Kim patent and in math whatever she put our money it costs go. 07. According to.