How much have you cost your family

Wednesday, March 8th


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I tell. Us aren't so we've all been in this situation where you know you can had to rely on your folks to bail you out yes he got in over your head and mostly you know you're Stanley you know feeling good guy or good girl bill helping. Re exactly right as they understand you make mistakes as your cabinet rarer so if they can help UN when they want to use on his it was sun. Right BS like you keep repeating writes like a cousin and movies out that. Other note he like ended up like doing something where. And he was just a terrible business person OK and so he ended up like. Britain somebody off for like a certain amount and they were like. Yo you're in you know go to jail court right or something like that or Mike we're gonna call the police summoned down his life and right and then my uncle came down in like this for a check for seven grand. And bail them out. And this guy was like not even like a little like. You know sometimes you can think of somebody doing something dumb when they're young he's like. Well and do is like thirties so this is just hand yet to get one of brands and drive for sure probably caught up to him. Because he's always robbing Peter to pay Paul okay leaner meaner ring so that definitely happens. But so are through this up on my Larry Gary you the very face to paint it. People like you have that why at a pace name Larry carrying a very eerie email me well first of all like sometimes when you don't ever a legit name they like what you do. Make sure your ID matches your are getting on the page. They wouldn't let me have they Kathy. Personal paid exactly make GGY. Exactly so they were like I had this page is called Larry and censored for the longest time in May elect eventually was like. We need to know what inning is it rightly unless I'm yes I'm Czechoslovakian. It stick it out but at. I'm just. It gave up that netted him and so I had to change and Larry Gary you'll Barry and so that happened just one time on the bus as a joke. As a kid I just said in a little things gear. And so ever resentment. Here you'll be very. They really thought that was an inch of the Communist Solana had to pick a name you can clarity have a Laird Q Larry you liberty pages out of smell you will anyway so the whole point is. On how much you have constant apparently had to bail you out and I'm Melissa says ten K. One. Any reason or what happens she just said ten K. James says. 450 because I threw my husband's phone in the toilet. I had to do 21 days a work release after being on probation for six months. Freaking Jeff go for yeah. I thought both open panel. Isn't on the tech signs his mother's sister is living with her mom's she was from my dad's first marriage well. She'd been trying to can live with us her mom wouldn't letters that she ran away. She stole her mom's car in your credit card drove from Colorado and New York rule totaled her mom's card had to collar dad to get her to go getter I know I cast my dad thousands of dollars after plane fares in court fees from rises they're. And then she ended up being able to move in with bats well have to get a job and pay my dad back it was an expensive mess back. That's my dad Condit and he did pales in near payback after Rio. Albert says 101000 dollar bond age I have a says. A few 101000 dollar bonds plus a few less than that and very grateful my father never judged me. It back at. And I you know we just gotta appreciate Sam Leno that there's a cliche that's okay gambling is most important yet and people are like whatever until you get in trouble. And you realize is the only people commandeered a grade they got there there get a heck has he in my POS cousin. Got my uncle to cut 7000 dollar check it's he ripped somebody off. Yeah that's not at liberty we re yeah I I know parents that have helped. Pieces. Akio has the right that's cargo enabling media value added ten years you're embarrassed to kind of files on new as the Payer. Well there's some parents that'll like let him spend the night in jail right see if that'll be a wake up call. This going and maybe the biggest amount we've had on the tax less a tornado three my drug addiction. Wu cast my family. Over a 150000. Out and in jail bail rehab it does include the money that I schemed office than to hide the drugs acts man I've watched intervention he does get pretty baton. And sometimes I watch intervention. I watch. Orders and my 600 pound live. Just to remind myself that I'm killing good heap I feel you're gay attacks that. Even that is Ayers she got that they cut ties and I was home as the gave me one more shot after two years of being homeless. And I'm now two years sober. With a beautiful intelligent and an amazing wife so OK yes that's awesome yes and then that hash tag worthless to worth it up. Hariri critical that the pales in dad. Lara for sure how we take a couple calls. And then after that organ to have us some information and insurance for U a 7204 in I want to somebody who's this hour. Marisa. On how much you cost your family. It printed up. And down and mother that they apply and lenient. We. I'm well. I'm not that I went back in the tournament you. Obama allow. So in response to the domestic man attacked new racquets away and your mom got arrested for domestic violence UK due to advance. My god but that was I'm in it it is like it was some months daddy it at. So like has that been the case for you grown up like you were gore the pair then your mom. Oh yeah I mean. And right. Current. Yeah you know we sakuma yet he seemed shameless we know I'll go see it in that. Yeah it is practicing well not everybody gets that hold the regular mom did relationship sometimes it the other way around ray and god bless you for being there and have enough money to help her out. Had I not liberal but I Harry appetite. Well at that so it has to page back. Yet everything that are well OK since you can't Wear that top mom and. Anbar Province stir even though doesn't take advantage of that race. Right on thanks for the call up but I guess it was 75 who's this little boy. Public how much did you end up costing your family. About it bigger and yes. That happened. Well I was driving up the heat and Julio helped Dakota there and so we. Went up the road and hit a cattle that are going to be in our. Private swimming pool. And I got up I don't call that what housing and it's a prize winning (%expletive) and you have better security around it. There we return did router from them there's other that level up through and hit him. Though the end of act out. Wow yeah that hold field won always in the field and you have been brought to go off the road great mix. There are other hotel where there what do the odds right and a please tell me they had like an amazing barbecuing your honor on the spending 80000 dollars. I who has one of the movement but apparently it was destroyed. Right it was tainted once the car crash because then you know like you have to Killen a certain way iPhone really I yeah I still wanna try to wrap everything up. That's an 80000 dollar hamburger uses exactly so did you have to pay them back. Yeah my grandfather built known paid for a former owner of the renters do to me of interest opening there wouldn't paperwork so I got stuck with the bill and we're grip a belt now. I saw I'm still paying that off the market got back within a couple years that we've had now awesome. Well worked real hard when we go what will will be careful driving from this point on today. How did you miss the big ball in the PL. 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