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Tuesday, January 17th


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Our eyes of caffeine had played out drag gossip being. Is not necessarily unhealthy and actually has some benefits to hit your house they release is not too distant. Our it was somebody's calling specifically on that cares tourism five resist. Okay we upgrade it might okay what's up. Are so there are armor he got a problem about gossip right. One bringing down. There aren't that I've hurt. That's kind of a broad airwaves you know Kindle reader where. You've been there for awhile and soul com word on the street is that you ink Kindle are sleeping together makes it way. You ID Boca you guys broke up and that's why he left. The big game is so they don't Leary can really really I mean you're going to handle all that I'm sleeping weekend in New York Cathy. Wearing. And you know you are. Eight G gets a. Say listen I didn't case of black guy wants but it wasn't Kendall kicking and here's the thing that is how I can dilemma if they get them. I just for the record Kendall this has been looking for gigs for over the last year yeah. And so that was kind of his choice had to dip now but you know I. I'd hate him Tito loved candles a friend but I definitely I have no plans on having size of them I cannot speak for Kathy. OK no we were together a long time in night era has there angle actually. Nobel Prize that would clean up tomorrow if you oh my god Tamils live would be killed is that I have never. She can't handle real close and fascinating things that come and we appreciate it if we're talking behind people's backs and a trash and bash is next with the Lady Gaga Super Bowl halftime show. Get ready everybody Q she might do it from the roof of the stadium which is ridiculous because nobody will see me. I don't see an ad out that's human in my scientists on the sometimes didn't. When I was 7:5 morning sounds. Yeah. It's. Ready to go low and yeah. It's okay. Blue. I was so bad. The.