G-Eazy Interview

Wednesday, February 7th

G-Eazy is performing at the 1st Bank Center on March 6th and called in to talk with Big Mic about his show, his new album and more! 

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Jay has won a 75 number one of today's that is music you boy Vick my 'cause then a month old way right here in a mile high I say this man's coming back to demise city. Tuesday march 6 is can be the first bank senator I like to welcome monoline ZEZ was gonna grow. Everything and get around to restore. We're trying to get back to divert management which in law. I gotta take this up mess they congratulations the beautiful in the Dan you know I remember telling you back in 2014 your album these things happen not just one of my fair rounds here but the favorite monster you never know. How the follow announced Dubuc man proves an award meant the beautiful and Danny depth mistaken says Sabrina quality where merit. Less than a month the way you meet the first bank senate Tuesday mar six we see Denver coming up an account it was that meets human. Are back on on the days man oh or better everything might effect on them and reaching out how much we were always on the Craig do so it's. Yeah you've been out here you don't red rocks. You've been RK has an awesome fun summer jam a few years ago. And now you back here earthquake several were excited man carrier long overdue may you had huge success with I know limo card DNA sap rocky course Halsey. Is on your him and I tracked that's flying up the charts have been on that our Airways here for a couple months now you boys and a net. A fine in those perfect features you know usually know who you're gonna work with a year like it tracks Annie get this artist on it. Definitely gonna go both ways. Definitely right Ali my ears all it. You know and then whenever we're working in the lobby up at the other live without it people yeah yeah I'm actually and values are ballot. Yeah a local content are. You get is anybody on your bucket list that you haven't been able to work with yet the you're really trying to get here soon. A man who always you know there's there's always going to be. You know artists are I wanna work that I have yeah we'll let. You know obviously I mean everybody want. Are sort of generate among the most integrated remote content or not and that's what they'll do auditions adult. You always hear artists I'm like man I think is ours and sound though what this artisan everytime I hear you geez in my map that you would sound dealt with the other artist named rag and bone man I don't know if you heard of them. Martin does that count as an actor it's incredible. We want to thank you make it south ResMed Z easy one month from yesterday he's going to be aired Tuesday march 6 at the first banks that are did you tickets canceled a 75 dot com GE's or sad to see you. Actually man. Wait too long now comes back home and get it.