Foods you should eat before bed

Thursday, February 2nd


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And it's. So leery and this came out of foods that you should eat a four. Oh OK you know exposed really eat right before bed at ABC picks the applicant and you have a competes in nightmare racist by senior of nightmare was we hear exactly these buffets the issue eats nothing worse than when you like something heavy and big. And then news policy is just tired or you were drawn to pray and then all of a sudden like you wake up at like 3 morning by the and then you run into the bathroom. Gaze at night is there. Today there. There's days from the drawback in that. We both know that. And then you pick you crawl back in bed and finally there and then your your body's like we're not finished yet. Jack there and. Whom. Lou this is at three Carter Newton and it it any you miss sent that was play by play action and we're happy that. Out of that your family and I let her go at it oh. Again I'm a big east has Dag bad disaster. We're all purple and inside out. I grant what are always those who are bad. Let's get lit though I think it's Thursday it gives you start drinking and eat something crazy on Thursday night so don't do we are doing today fine I guess eagle pepperoni stick and rang rang. Eight of the I want ED good or bad okay by violence result bucket improvements thinking. Act and or her room my matches for matches I just got that matches is headed so comfy it is very honored for his caddie back in the bathrooms is not that a little. Bananas. Been in is something people most people have in the morning the man is so rich in magnesium. It's a must relaxing. So it'll promote hormones serotonin and melatonin lives and. While it's a good idea can't exit so ready for bed I thought it Arnold and asked seven of golf of any surmised frozen chocolate covered with Knutson and broken up Eminem so Packard. Tiny I guess I live at. In no and Annie okay I who eat straight honing their idols and really again and Leavitt says that the company in nineteen spent you'll have a anxious to snap out of it again that's if it hasn't been. Now had a real problem is that a non event when he has to be on something. Look at eating frosting with a spoon who would use edgy thing right kind of problem in deed I don't know the girl I work with The Who has no toes because of diabetes. To even stand. If you. Give us it wouldn't those in his shoes. Wonder that as I think I you know I I got my body in this random write an early night so it's accepting them against the brunt being been hiding. At she's kind of funny contains glucose which tells your brain seafood. And that. Tenants who does your brain shut up its indirect sales and chemical known to trigger alert it's OK fine so great White House commons. Om and those are near the temple race yes it'll reduce muscle and nerve function miles of stating your heart in them okay I don't have any of this in my house do you. At Atlanta at a and that's why you waking a shot I get outs. Okay you have these ridiculous amounts. My on pillow. Bring it out me up you did something with and it's not any mix that together there's the goats into the duke the blue Lam knew god speed to Italy to due to wouldn't June. Rains and oatmeal trigger insulin production and raise your blood sugar naturally. They also have melatonin you know sort of talk about the four Becky Miller and this. Are less what this is of them we've all learned everything's giving entered the all right the Yankees back to sleep inducing tryptophan so after us in Turkey in your mouth already for their oats honey almond and bananas and you should have a good night's sleep. Have you ever been so drunk or stone in Europe like have the munchies and say you like eight rent free went to bed and then you wake up and like. I still have half a by myself. A. You're listening to the KS 1 a 7:5 morning show.