Fat Bit

Thursday, February 9th


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OK so it's national pizza day coming out we re going I know and it's also national bagel day are we ready at that red Idaho which was my mistake Brenda hey. They do it you know it's it's never national carrot stick day ever in its never national field day rates never national locale dressing today. Those are both Laura and I those top goes repeats you. So definitely have some pizza today RA our bagel right or Evita. Carve it up like and then he might get an endorsement like the one that we just got. I'm a lot of people know what to fit the it is yes rate we keep track of your heart rate. 'cause Yemeni steps it took for the day how you sleep being rarer willed his arrival prior to Kathy and I are endorsing but it's called something else hits Larry Kathy for the. That the net effect is a watch like device that you wearing your wrist it monitors your hunger pains to remind you if you're moving too much it will alert you and your pizza arrived. You fat ass your pizza is here and like that fit it. The fat they can and larger sizes for those of us a bigger risk that bill will also notify you when fatty food is near. There is a Taco Bell and three feet shine placing your order it can also monitor the signs. Your ranch dressing levels are low and Gmail also happen shippers the fact that does not feature a watch but instead has a life as we count down to you'd die of heart debt clock you have three years two days and 47 hours to live in Cannes in eight different countries that did. Get back on the couch available at Wal-Mart. Morning. Hey guess what I was 7:5 morning show.