DMX Tax Uncle Sam.mp3

Thursday, July 13th


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You don't need to show here I think he. You know what have we ever have a barbecue or fees privacy DNA from going bad the brazen and so they NBA let's get it to get out get the menu out. And now this delegate who's gonna do what you where he always been. The IR as close to one points. In the movie alien guy. You file personal incomes active at any point during those five years maybe. God DMX. Online. I'm so he went out of his way to evade taxes by avoiding both hurt remaining down setting up accounts and other people's names campaign personal experiences. In. All right now the US attorney's office in your city is sized units of fourteen counts. Contacted pays it and if found guilty on every down he's looking at 44 years and federal dams bridges. I've got but it crayons and a bad situation about. A year or do I go man I don't. Anyway and again I'm not rich by any means let's be very clear barrack came and the need a lot back. Allen stayed at my whole damn sick very anyway. How then prime time is the only here and there is Daon. And run them I did I say jamming gun sounded scared me now ran bounds I guess that's a museum of the line up for you around Mattingly or gamble will you know I've made me.