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Thursday, March 16th


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You need to know. And you don't so here right. Eddie Murphy don't do Eddie Murphy do not do this Eddie let's say they haven't heard rumors are circulating bad. Then come on stream is our big guy Eddie Murphy wants. Them right in my job producing cold through. Coming to America now you know anything about movies are coming to America you know that that is one of the most iconic films of all time. Let's didn't dare read. I'm CNN homer I've seen a movie over a hundred times any VH one plays every other weekend Comedy Central plays it every seven days if you haven't seen coming to America. Yeah he's doing now but the reason why I don't think there needs to be a sequel. That's because this movie it was just her. Thaksin on the everything about it and you know most. Time goes sequels come out fatal our belief at the box office could face. Days sock monkey maybe you do need fury know they have no right in anywhere he really hasn't had a hit movie in years. Mom my side from loud and I can't remember a play Eddie Murphy did not then don't touch this don't tarnish this. Please let us have this letter has been these. Movie do you think there should be a sequel to come into America and now. Coming up next hour Tyra Banks has another good jobs you just can't sit down can't see we got Benjamin that we also take it does Diane a's Camden a city in April when a look at what we just. Yeah could be imminent I doubt.