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Tuesday, January 10th


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But does that bode devoid Chris Brown thing would have like died down right after the whole situation that went down last week on social media. How this thing is for that so many legs now my. Tice didn't put strain Chris brown and Floyd Mayweather will now strains so do boys in the fight is looks like it's gonna be had to decide Dubai. And on paper view it was and originally supposed to be scheduled to be big is black. We have to adhere to like some drug tests that we now so devoid. And Chris Brown will sales every day today damn drug test so they're moronic Dubai. Hey don't watch this right now I told you something we have thought he would you pay to watch this fight. How much of I don't pay for view life what 4050 dollars. Why. Gonna be a waste of money so I'm gonna get knocked out within the first way. 45 seconds my one of Ozzie did go believe we have the club from. Again this is going to be a big Rihanna one of the great round and so devoid pilot who is no thirds. I don't you. You wanna pay to watch this. Bless your heart I'm gonna wanna be at army you know they are now officially more ten and they're up parting ways with Camilla Belle last. When he's sixteen. They are still lose again lord says there are getting back together for their first live performance at the quartet. All made their first performance of when he seventeen. And the People's Choice Awards definitely Wednesday January 18 and I'm from LA. You'll want to see how they hold up there and everybody's like all along you know if Camilla makes the girl willow looked pretty.