Dispensary -2/16/17- Breezy & Master P.mp3

Thursday, February 16th


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Chris breezy is headed back to baby is what I mean that there won't last year when he had residency are bad dream nightclub with. He was out there almost every weekend in Vegas blue lighting it up didn't leave. Colin they do is doing a damn thing but it's. Sorry may severed ties with him after he accused. Besides raise last summer. For being racist Barry now do raise red cells that can invade how we both valued releases if you look for that increased benefit of the stand again. His first show is set for march 18 smack in the middle of march and and his aides and say that streets. Today we can't tell you wanna see and breezy in Vegas he's got to be bad egg brazen. It was really like exclusive men's is all an add on like you know blogs and on TV inside. Anyway I want to master. And save. Men's side is he can see the CI Big Apple announced that mark probably in the obviously I didn't. A well is he at Macy's in Saudi Arabia anyway eyes he's the CEO of plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills CC just vitamins 270000. Dollar. Rolls and voice. No. Well let somebody do in order for you to buy them a 270000. Dollar car. My way like that they have to be that good. Like does it have to be dead or dad nick bring you didn't get a real good in nordic you purchase the 270000 dollar. It is hard to NIC gave him 50000 dollars a pair of diamond earrings for Valentine's Day a so what I guess for Valentine's Day is above my son's role playing. It's good to be masters three straight intro.