Dispensary - 1/9/17 - Kanye and Jay Z.mp3

Monday, January 9th


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If finally live like Jaycee kinda US have finally made amends to their relationship let's take effect governments don't remember Wayne now. I knew it was gonna show I think he was on Cali he would he got on the microphone it was like yeah okay. He basically thought I'd daisy basically called a fiance because they hadn't been alerted to the house to check up on camera this was around the same time can. And they had that dramatic come robbery embarrass remember last year gearing up various bassoon week. I'm at the post in the next four million dollar ring they came in. Like this sure aren't the whole time so they may not win 1001000 dollars jewelry however months later. Come on a personal loan. Already come up anyway Lou I it's not a birthday party in LA XJB's out or perhaps to how we can on Friday January 6. IEA in camp so Bob. It's the Barney but with Al northwest and saying bless them like this the kid's party won LA are you are going to hang out woods AMP. Without the kids are out whose party but nonetheless you Bob will probably got a great gift and hopefully they've made a men's player reality. Yeah is AZ don't wanna be bothered with Kanye West Belfast this thing you know what I wanna be modeling gimmick kinda heat there. I'm very pessimistic at this point you know how he's got it's nobody's more more so if you Medved does ruin the moment they can't resist. MMS we just plan on her bag in getting things in her mouth. Just shoot anyway Donnelly and bad W out frequenting and a good. Tonight's show Jeremy go McKay is one of them.