Denver Singer Kayla Rae

Friday, March 2nd


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Gives us some Bob welcome back to rose's risky and Tyson there. I love an episode two we got us you know ray mystery there tell people who you are. They don't on aiding and yes my name is caring and the singer songwriter and performing artist in him. Center right where you're originally from Kyra restraints. C springs baby wake. Up. Well. Or trash what about this things I can't trust I just think it's like. A lot of it is nothing to do exactly is very slow out there is always an ideal for family left why cryptic because my mom to me. And my four Brothers insists since the fan is a tiebreak how about your journey how you made your way down to London. Yes I grew up in the springs I was a symbol change shows up so I was in between jobs. And my best relived appear so I moved up here tears in two days ago. And I just I senator releasing music I was in a band. And gadgets was put on shows after that and I just and in my teens and college AM. Honey cynics you lease rights. You know you're 22 like me. I am. That's about it usefulness since that does it I can't whose son does he do I get all saying I have not been making them by the way so you know to show is called religious purity since it is always present on your. Super risque so you can take the first thing. Just spinning and it had not been a crazy this thing is you know it's fragile at Casey out of it and yeah we have the ref. And as and a gamble announced. Does babysit. A the ghetto as we yeah. Yet it is fun to decide okay does good on this is a great one account you know ask for it in the water thug and I did get Michael did it on sent. Tom what is your guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasure and chocolate. Content that's so easy prey by its I'm still what I had. You don't even know like for breakfast I had dove as my news notes and very edge of booty juice on his own. Not just in hot. Let me let me. Assure you I'm much in China and it's yeah. As I know chocolate it okay so that's against the Prez that is so that your favorite TV show. You learn if I do I'm really into what would you do right now back to Celanese to. Where they like senate scenarios or someone is being treated like Shea and they seen on us on and dateline like channel two million name Kenyan men's or something and that sounds really blame what would you do. Yes like where they yeah that's good AM I don't know but they've yet they have all the segments I need to outside elements in that lately and Dennis are you I and my opinion I think you're the cleaner remixes okay paying you remakes what was it exchange does food come see me Allen bringing hotline thing. It's Ellen fly ash and forget about that that's kind of hitting and why it was like object because no so because the beat was. It was just a regular beats the songs sound cloud to I've never permission to use it all your right that's right can I not I thought yeah calories is so don't plan but yet you're not airlines so it's it's coming hidden meaning. So what makes you wanna do remixes. I just get inspired by them lake outer now laugh fillet. Songs can be told from so many different points of bees yeah and those aren't I just wanted to kind of tell mine. But here on top two favorite albums of all time did. In I had. And you tell me yours talked to his album I should confessions. Out OK okay I'm gonna okay how is CN hasn't been an and then. Of all time it's like you're gonna get judged her whole life that's not not yet you are on and on a judge you can't ever remember a theme of all time we'll tie it to be resent or old school for example minus taxes intro and can I think that's how best of all time and time. Of confession and snack okay I've focuses that can ice can like yes OK but because there's no a.'s testing confessions by. Here are a combined since is control talking normal girl. Broken clocks throughout the car soup first. Now again. None and then you know I like in timing saying gimme you know at a Grand. Canyon banging them ha. That you know it's nothing on my dad is being broke can't clog up my share right now not big enough sun engines. Planning day and now he has yeah. I just really. We're out enough it's a great album okay. The Ammann has session can thank the second thing about mobile time what's not rule each. Of all time in recent months OK I can't campaign like you've been like I got out my bank from front to be in lake front to Batman and I'm. No comment you know not the one backing comes a month from his confessions that's such an eloquent and that was the I was that he has been. I'm trying to write about my heart are okay here we go out this year is gang and he hasn't caught roses is why this question has. You set and a saying it. Run do you think social media hasn't big impact on your music slash relationship. And why do you feel the need to put your relationship so out there on the social media. Yeah homes this is. And Willis are the first half of the question for satellite feeling has an impact on my relationship or my music social media does not have an impact them patients. It is solid live there without my music absolutely because it's a platform it's is nine week. No more regard for my face I'm saying here hey come on every I'm telling everybody. On the amazing athlete that the platform so depending on how IE is it it definitely impact the music I think and he asked my balance which are gonna put out Dana means so yes absolutely has an impact on the music relationship. Somebody gonna need to butcher relationships are out there on them. I knew I think it's in need is just like it's exciting you know like when your at a party richer friends you have a fine. Union you also need to show you know that they you do because he couldn't have rented time and yet alike. Where just with each other all the time so. I yelled at the other. Yes do you yet which could them and I want you birthday party app. Which would legendary by the way when I was some odd you legendary S art bobbled it replay I charades we played everything taboo. My taboo charades that one game that you like on the picture impasse and aren't we in the fun and NFL and the bush is that name is. Fun and I says it took care and dying yeah I was at a time it's on a bison on some easy that night. You win and I'm really. These are young and you run them on NASA's oh yeah shout out the bond by Brock Yao went out yet that's Julio via denying. Now was fun not a had no service our member at your house and houses like. I know what I'd like robbers got out I listen them on just enjoy in my life and that I should be on this time it's time now is close yeah had a lot of good people got to do what's music art and for communion. Can't spend with a man. Still unknown man. This is again carefully Ellis out vikings and then a Kennedy in every get. I would like this one K okay okay okay and you the people you write your songs about node that you write them about van and have you told people like this song's about you. Or have you heard a song to get somebody back. In the subliminal get you back room. I don't think the people and. They could listen to be like them she's gotten me I can get it there and it ain't asked specific like. You know and on never make it passes it to where somebody listens mushy and it's like he sent them right out name. So you know if I don't think they could tell unless they know now like unless I tell them have you ever written a song to get somebody bag. Subliminally in the Michael check out this song when it's really you know like about them not for like I've done it's a leg like hopefully you hit it can understand my feeling yeah I sat in this. But I've never done it to be like hopefully they'll hear this and come back hill. I would look. And I number look I think it'd. Cover me I'm number one thing I would use my music to get everybody match not look back that they on the island. Can't hear about I tell you about it hey Tim original hearing. OK so what is your song process like when you make a song how long easily take you to make a song in re easily record act. These are record at home that's I'm saying yeah. And it's goats so a firm can take me anywhere from an artist finished. Or two months because at that on Sonia depending on how I feel that if I'm inspired idea to sunk in week. But if it's something that I really need to work homework on. And I spent feedings on. What about run. Hi you decide to release music. Moved. It's kind you know you move and I think it's impossible but I like what I like about Shanghai you releasing you'd trying to do it like. Chronicle how major they would like you Haifa. And then you always make sure you have a photo shoot lined up waited the theme of the song the gist of the song so I think you get light. She's just to make serious enough to ensure you like every song to have his own story behind it's exactly like a song is I would even art. It's a piece of art and art doesn't you know really come full circle someone told me this and it clicked in my head doesn't come full circle until someone sees it you know like. You have a piece of art but it is is it really anything until someone else sees it like yeah you know. And I mean it is CU but so yeah I you have to have. Cannot to have almost sorry going to still depicting the media content on. Excellence Elena who Hudson who are sunnier for fear of photographers and then. Let me shoot and I know all the time. Idea I. Almighty a term. Got the groove you know and I mean they're based out of now rings say yeah man like I feel like I'm comfortable in front of camera 'cause we dance yeah I think so. Sammy Callahan scary and man freaking Jake. Laughs oh yeah hey I just another day and yet he is down to you in I'm missing somebody and then in the and we had a chance Khamenei asked so many they'll protect what is your favorite photo shoot that you've ever done to this day what's the favorite song that you never released and is that. Who I know my fingers on viewers you know news. Favour of photo shoot is probably. One I did a long time ago XT from god and when Alice like in the Alley in the strange it's still alliance to Graham and I'm kind of like it's fans like I'm likes inconveniences like. I don't sat around the clock amount display. I haven't gotten me talk about again. It's sexy so what's a favorite song even the dome. Mike Gaynor song ever released their very. The leader in my favorite song I've ever any. Not sunny chamber they say why you and releasing come all the way out because this it takes money then where is it where's the song I know. I knew is anathema that but it takes time in my favorite song that I've released today is probably. I'm probably self into a lot like outline. I like Allen went OK on the Calgary Mike Davis on Sunday actually I've been ready 123. If not I'd say hey. I am honored imagining I mean. I'm rip somebody in us yeah. And not sit down and he does I was an average you kind home he would have loved it. We had so much and I am going to get mad when I'm not all just talk about stimulus only girls it was yummy closest one to make here. The cell was so mad. Hex was there ever I was there isn't a good as the British rights and the embodied in him is busy bodies you and that's something I let my then six and you have too busy trimming your eyes. Boo what is question right yeah. Dresser friend you. So yeah. I can tell me. And not share isn't that it could not not then I'll just make you wait on it okay ready and OK so you'll for the most part of your life had dated men now you're in this year's relationship with a woman which do you prefer the that's what's. Roses I am very patient rotation rotation. Rosas is T I wonder what people think I'm going to say before I think. Like I am I answering Hendrick has got to go from right now no absolutely not first question was that's her present at. I'm who is our guest coming in. And now the oldest rookie ray and he goes but he she singled out but I don't think they didn't go our breath. And he had and it's gonna stay in LA for a long time because I prefer women really need absolute idiot because Jay is change your opinion on my. Absolutely. I think has something to do it that play that I'm just noticing more and more land just how amazing. But I shut the danger yes I love her she's like Angel sent from heaven and clean trip I love her we sit there in the back a concert and talks. I love her and she. I handle my (%expletive) talking yes you schoolchildren cool so what makes you wanna say women incentive enactment and is your music now I'm gonna say Sheehan. I'm not a while because my music is on is yeah I mean you know because it's the current relationship that I mean if the experience I'm writing from so yes. But I still think about their relationship I've had with you know other men and go with darn lawyers those sellers fire me at. Some some not but yet also inspired me so I'm not only Joyner write music from you know that point of view but just touching on at all 'cause I still own. I don't know like I. And when you know when you asked I like is it because. I'm dating a girl now like is it hurt I think it's just not I'm just had an era Harris the Seattle Mueller the general like if you happy whatever it is yet it just did what it is but it. I don't know it's I. Eating no I don't have a says her unlike I never wanna date anybody else again why I'm just like I don't want Indy. In another Manny income is great with a looming like on investor relations what you call net do you think Lieberman. Change their opinions on their music because now they know your prior and about a girl maybe. But I mean. You know if you like if you like an artist you know you like this and and you're gonna like what they have to say Ime or you may not but you know as they change in the evolve if you (%expletive) with the and then Putnam card plot twists that out as you get enough. Other interests guys these are all ominous on Poland many. Now sweet onion and we I was a hobby and it's okay. I mean I get a little bit like hey this thing Internet radio baby yeah yeah yeah yeah option of what his native. I. Critical. And that's okay my honest clearly dead this like I am relieved bodies this looks at them they don't budget has cu M of which he didn't. You mean no match yeah but you know. But did did. Cook it doesn't even losing jobs. Not even ten minutes ago out there it doesn't looks crispy like you just don't want thank you might not ever opera is now media YK okay no expression while like this life. How do you feel about the music scene in Denver. How much has grown and what's something you would improve well I'm still I still feel Kynan into the new exciting that's a lie I think you roam like running really yeah. Damn well thank you for that but I feel like I am. I don't know if so how has grown since IA started performing here two years ago I'd say. Being I definitely say that there's a lot more love for the women now. Like yet was even no matter here and go in now so just sat out sit sat out to the people put in on for the women like it's it's serious and I think that there is more of an appreciation for that now and not just in Danbury music I feel like nationally lake it's just. The women are being appreciated more. So I'd say that's how it's kind of grown since I've been meaning. And one thing I would improve. I just wish that lie. People. And I think Danny CB more artist coming together even more united clicking. No not necessarily I think if you if you let it be. No no but if you're the type of person who is like I really do just one in need everyone in my network with everyone. Then there are there and there are now thinks he's just the opinion that in the mean everybody know. So it's amino it's not is not clicking. But I think networking across is really important when you have so many artists who do music everybody has their own. Taste in their own fans and it's like if we bring your 3000 and I'm not without even enough 6000 so it's like. I was there would be more coming together and I think it's it's cunning in their open. Upcoming shows on your next upcoming missions so again her I gallon this Friday. It has life. I got in this Friday ads hit freelance. Which just opened up its real cool where's that night if I'm on the it you know we're we're only 391 at street I as a resident I was pop in a way to jazzy. Have heard things on alert for a green or at that place is yeah pops in my can be no and I wanted to be there that I'd just Texas and it was humans it was like Milwaukee and some about the venue like global feel oh I love like a good venue to good venue that's the only thing I love the Democrats were initially next time we got to get them on her yesterday was as big as mob Claus oh god chest means that beings that are lined up for it. That's I'm glad I don't succumb to that I think I already and I'm just like. And you know when you take your time with something that's OK and kind of can deliver that to get yeah totally fine I so where where all cooled on the other out I think. Meeting yeah. I am excited and cars and I want I want to do the battle of women out what you saw aha there's so much you got ideas out that even mean everything about him for senate and it that I think Oregon man boo I'm so excited to have a show this Friday yet about a. Coming music when a weakening your music super soon lake I can't put a date Johnny yet but it's very very soon I'm just lining up some business thing Obama and Mike have been the kind of artists such as I'm so fat and yeah like well as do because I feel yeah I want to but you know I'm grind out some like hey I have to handle my soccer game coming up a lot I got ADs that responsibly so once I get everything squared away at the music is coming out on the same night in premium to. Can you say to Sino but I must say not the ones and that is pumped. Can you say you've collaborated with in Denver. Can we say I don't know to me I'd I don't I have to I have an alliance you enact a lab with Chan -- and act collaborate in the GT triple. I collaborate mantis will allow you. I got the song you know the trend the end it's an I attended Diana's last I tell you like he it was one of those situations where like you know. Artists and songs Bakken play Anaheim and we had this one song in weakening. We can meet up we are yes this could in the line so I'm returning alone in my house in MySpace. And I'll like (%expletive) do it like I dis we need a we need to be to get their asses you know. And we did we got together and like any remakes thirty minutes. I bet you it isn't yet every Nixon another old school bangers song Italian ready and trends vs popping you're not boxes ready to buy land yes it's a clinic yes. Kuhn he's coming in second yes not to mention. Are you ready yes. Are you ran and were good very good questions who I think you I really thought about it last yeah he had many do you think Santa Rosa chancellor of the implant last night sanity and Jenkins. Comes amid yeah if so did this I'm sarajevans say anything I think it looks phenomenal. That is really nice night and into wow look at my crew. You ought he not dot com do you got on my crew yellows caught up this is game when you don't put all of us are like under 125. I'm telling him. When he. Nineteen consumer need for 24. And we yeah. Pitchers did it every another. Exciting back I guess my mystery I I wanna say that Alaska. Not even man but right. I'm not look I'm not last Friday night though that's I don't hesitant because I would I if I'm 55 I know I wouldn't wanna be. Tony six you know Osama Smart you distance of about replacing Elian's unknown last Friday I clearly they have home after you tell us she said Albert is dawn pretty sure we took just I'm wisdom on memory. Any by eating game wins full boat with a Z. I don't know about. Liz I got to go to easily and in though is. Them that's about their the wisdom. Around well get ready. Okay what is your biggest what this is my biggest security on what is your biggest insecurity when it comes to your music. How are good not rose Christie rotation this is not that deep rotation ahead I could hinder rescue which I just wanted to. I spent usually don't know I appreciate that because they you know I'm I'm trying to be just more honest with myself engine room Sonia. When it comes to my music I say the most thing I'm insecure about it means. Since. I've been a fun. But you box yes OK yes that's okay than those any idea it was live and now I only have gone online content content studio Hyundai could come to Syria he can detect. I wanted to make it quick he wouldn't tell and I know into the forefront as cameras they don't get me it is talented team Ireland. It's readying and he's like Reid and this and that. Side. Yeah love that I might be at LA. Some of the job though about that he has not going great good day for the night in the center ranks yeah. Yeah you know this any day Jackie. Hid it. Anyway he's heavier but I am yet these indicating music got sage just wanting to sound is like. The quality of music I really like I gave careful of that that is. In May not sound the best in my people's cars and discovered I do not mom myself so. But other than that light which SA you know he's grown up below the movement of anything via hopefully that's not a waning myself England you know I mean just. I guess being so honest that. Maybe people. Maybe it's too on his sometimes where. I'm Matt we radio like it's not like you're like you don't. Do you have that ability when you see you perform a song is to people's reaction from. Like been ST I make a joke on and anybody that you by yourself so might get like that relates to meet I don't know I was like. You want your right to like Q you're putting yourself out. Feeling you're making a joke or that you're showing people you are so if someone doesn't like it hurts and Saigon saying it's mean you know I mean an end like everything that idea of who you are again and then they don't remember it make you cry you didn't hear the news out and then you just have to think about it like you know yeah we are human so we're gonna think about that but. He just have to some days you really just have to like I'm not going to say how or Timmy are like. The right amount to care. Laugh it's it's important to care what people think about like I do every kid if you think about them not be a damn lies you don't but is like. That the part of Iraq OK I cared this much but I don't care that much I can't let a stranger's opinion on how I sum on the radio affect my day. Hell alone but it it cannot yet but you Renny sit them no no I. Another day I was like the not anybody understands like I can't because I want your feedback in amazement I should change uprising. But I can't tear down much where it hurts it ruins my day yes I did it's I don't know I wake element what's the neither of yet here I feel that. I would like hagel on stage and I know everybody that then see everybody everybody wants me to crack a joke. Hi I I don't jokes again I guess many out of time is something I'm sure that the girlfriend on drums like I got close until you see them like that light RSC but when you design. Be yourself you know when you're when you're wondering like what are people expecting that's just have to be yourself because at the end of the day like. He kinky can't be caught after being some mounts are like hey if I sound like a square at least. I'm Amy you know I mean. But hey I'm. I can't listen yacht on drugs here's your next oh yeah. Good to have a heck it is what it is gone through listen you did not mount had you come appear not seeing right yeah. Yeah not all about fun and losing from Abbas are you ready you gotta she's signed. Are you notice song which time is right your market and I I say they are all on the way it was when you're limited and try me is not a surprise favors I'm decent I'm Kama Basra now I criteria are gaining and that it right away in. Are are you ready this is a sock on the DD two options at a young OK this is it's not. It director I chipped it. OK so I'm begging you option Victor in Turkey and not a brand names and beads that Tennessee earned the V assi. The IC BIC lied like a V I see that the light of what you blanket that I am I guess our he gets a tiered it's fun. He's as they. It is Tuesday. OK so you can sing one of my favorite songs that you do on the remixing my name. OK or are you can do I was gonna say elsewhere I don't think that it's high enough and can what is your favorite songs and artists and I seminal. You can even argue whenever you want but he OK Richard how's the level because it. Both of you know thankfully thankfully of them yeah thanks Liz. Whiz kid and done. Send an unnamed say my name Nolan isn't around me looks say the Libyan army who is fueling their running game same name same money banks electing a congress saying the economy day AP your Landis the same unmarried same name if no one is so now you say can I. And there are the live view landing getting. Paying am but at the presidents on June act. And via the game out Kong. Listen. Baby has a day but today it will this name. We have no plan. Is. Okay. Could it be that soon the crib and never made it. If it's a give I got to and today. I him at the lions sit around and today's approval is up to me if on the ground. That's playing well I don't just say that they ain't that it means that eight on the back. Basic net on the cement seeing some thumbs on as a way is I am Sam you know I you know staying on some argue on the bathroom. Soon Zain everything that made up his black case chooses to artists whose money and now. Is the loan. Let me Canada and what are you. I am just don't thank me glad I'm hanging. Releasing an original song when you weren't in this it isn't I'm brush you up here. And you judge opportunity a gadgets of the song caught out summit to discuss. The judge. In this hottest. From. Is cooking up a program. It moderate behind that little black box right and ran. And president. Cool thing. OK we think that it you're fine line between Latin. He didn't Yang and the couple cut out or screen. And I'm not in the camera shy even cut keep on hot as a bastion of strength and then. About it the way damages keep going to like us senate just read it bingo though the whole time. Pay. I'm feeling and Claxton. And that's just the same and pregnancy. Is happy wounds often. Unarmed. Come fearing. Buxton. And that just don't seem that he does see. It's happening. Often. Because I outgrow the land. Acting gag that it does. He did our. And a disc can't think not simple now wind on this magical moon. But you minimum nine knowing that. And it's only had to loan if I have to album colts so don't make me. Though they have V. Liz that to move. Me. So many me go old name. She. Used that and leave them still as some are saying now armory and. And okay yeah. And it. You cannot own any last parting words. First time everywhere they can find you Hillary music on and sit and Twitter and sound club found Cuban music that confident in its own. Your show coming up this Friday this Friday at such a lounges are yemen's 8:8 o'clock I'll beat him against a man. Last words and think. Check out the new music coming soon dad just makes you follow me on my sound cloud in Spotify and on that convincing in the seeking jobs since this can be. Another. Aaron. Have dropped out.