Denver Fashionista Jade - Part 2

Monday, February 26th


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Yeah she does my scent as she didn't you raise smoke yet. Who does what do you ever judge someone based on what dress or what they're wearing you judge people based on doing. Yeah I'm lying I really don't. You're you're on America. I got my mom I don't know yeah mom's close actually blaming women mom's shoes I don't by students and I don't know how to buy issue. Where like how long you've got my mom has like up. Whole thing of them although and my her closet and the other day I felt I felt like a little boy like. I went in there and making a little boys make huge messes like skillet thinking I went and tried to find like a good nice gay issues. And you know if it's on the bottom got to put up port everything on the issues mess that things from inside the shoes were out of my. It's found a pair and I not to let mom I have to tell you something and so she's a what did you do like good you know I mean and so I went and her whole. She added she was just like. We shoot a happy I was wearing heels she's like just don't know yeah I had an election or are you an idea how iCloud autistic and I want recognizing clean up like three days and they were just like I don't know what do pulled one back in my shoes. No delegates freedom. And only it was black and I'm an Munoz. I'm so you judge somebody based on what their name. I mean current economic that's honest and thank you got Lilly QQ how can I tell my mom like not only here late and didn't I mean is he gonna she's young she now you're stunned yeah. I don't know I don't know lake not that I'm not a very. Many used to be very judgmental about judgments but now I got out at out. I now I tell you. And I tendering now now I don't not at all like a cow disease and like Annika I met a very I show love to have you and so I don't I don't paint color yeah. And it's funny sixth recent election night when you're getting all of your written about me why. You know my experience I EU it warns him Ares get yeah him as saying Imus and Imus. I think the series is just iconic tennis on post here but there I'm amateur ends like Sosa on. Follow poker poker poker poker theory out if you could stop any type woman like Wear a dress for any kind of girl would you pay like a body. Like what your body like either by type K okay Rihanna for Blake lively good and different body types alike Blake lively tall skinny. They probably because she's really did you know like she's an immediate claim to know lake laugh. I don't have a big help audience as Lebanon's militant that I can its ups rarely happen. My what are your way into the thicker slump and it got to them they use said and let Leno fan you'll have yeah I can't. So you had a what's your like ideals and I read it too honest three. Really I. Cautioned that isn't the body tight well I'm saying that I don't know. I'm gain weight and she looks and she she looks really get on the grammys I was like not running Cano Italy's him he looks so that Britain's got me there about a company here. You didn't let me just fun out she's just amazing images. Did you see that she she got on. Like what is it like. Helped raise like two billion dollars for like public counselor and an early public schooling them. And look like high schoolers can name latency. Yeah Ericsson like us out like broke it it he's the billionaire. Because that's history. Did you hear nothing about their flight to DC workers runs with another thing yeah he went sent everything like she Rihanna was robbing. Humiliation or hit her she was wild and July mean to finance is. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to no but she was wild and I kidding him mention of like a big time home phone keys out in a game ranks aren't. Okay we'll listen to get my head you dated someone who slid in near the ends do you sliding peoples the mounds. I beat every guy that at every it is that making. I did it again if you yeah and and night that I mean. My my grandma always like act so we aired at my math it's 201819. Lake I don't yeah I and I'll let me explain and that outlook for employee is usually in my hands need him to get everything done and it's definitely. What's ahead and not net I don't play in any guys DM at all and protect your home. He it's like hey yummy Italian camp assistant and young man Friday actually people million people were really good contact me right guys let's tell friends and like unless he wanted to sell your girl and miss you minimize the damage your hunger of don't contact me so you'd. Be checking your hands and staying near the end. Each day every day does. Yeah yeah. Monitor us live right now let in my DMs and I'm saying it does go down I don't know why why not signing my no random guys I'm did you when you dated somebody from your yeah I'm. I'm a real and red light so people like you don't we outlet hobby I like garlic other guys Q. And get ready and all the talk to him in real life like walk straight up because somebody my number in that time I'd like the last like ten people imagine like when I met like walking into the bathroom when I meant. What a lot of media is so crazy it's like anyone can act like them and yeah these so I was my what my ex wife right on. Romeo Russian media I was and they get he had Canadian is he and they get anime as late. That's how it kind of racing or not review wanna sign in your yams doesn't threaten my hands but as of last month I am a lot. And thanks this month. 23 present I added thing you're asking Glenn about the end yeah how much time do you did you spend your time. Why I'm hairstyle is so I'm constantly booking and I have to run my business the only ones I moment on a lot. How and how much how much time are you on your fondest check engine stockings and it. Cannot and 24 cent of the many current captain Mac did did. Are saying okay. Yeah and end is near and. Il hello I know I actually I got me in my biased are you the other day because I hope I am if it was up to me I would. Did the nicest media kind of working in like in entertainment vision that I did you have to have a high you have to and I it was two weeks ago I completely went off you keep looking at your content she. Yeah blowing up yeah. Like your mom's or no I don't even have. What did your phone has done it started inside judges like looking looking looking down and it. No I think I'm funny I social media the day an age so I get you have to got two weeks ago I took my boxers aren't you post on his I stopped I got off social media. I got completely got off and and I stopped checking us out looking at a you know I just wanted to race isn't any end I was like yeah post and I did I had the postman even just missing a week off Schmidt and I missed a lot of business stuff. What is good for my mind but I try to an effort like. I go and get to the gym and be the fall right in the locker or everytime I go to sleep and leave it in another that I keep it away from me and I tried like not to. I try not to be on edge I think human connection is really important. That meeting somebody and really even knew I I that's Sunday about almighty that anybody that hit my social media which is fine but then tighten. I was gonna hit job as an egg comment you or something and otherwise we need and can't lie yeah I don't even realize genuine human connection. So it's like yeah. Sorry I'm just saying that I mean I get it but still OK your phone has rang right semi cute okay come and what is your ideal. Man. I young man yeah we're like we're gonna forget the roster does that around my idea unmanned. With V I am. Of course some and that's busy I am very busy so I can't have a guy that isn't easy and is worried about what I'm doing wine not messaging yemen's. Still I have to have a manna from hustler I have to have a man that worked on at Disney can't. Thirteen and has. You've gone Jesse well is up less on testing out the class and went out what your age. Greens not being the only reason I don't I don't know and that they added twenty X from and then yeah 26 and I. Vietnam and that you had and then here I had a good cry okay she likes my need he may well knows guy. Respect. I don't think that's 78 feet is anything less schools are on me OK you have a tight. My tall and only garnered a chance and I am or at. Really haven't had that I've known type of content type is as a blonde is teaching me that just as part is we Ted where Tim is in the snow where snow boots. Where actual snow boots to protect your lesson is not aware attempts look fashionable in the snow which Tim don't get (%expletive) up in the snow away can still it. Superficial Sue Bird called on super. Official. If I had an superficial. Ones. You just pull out like his name I liked this idea what it's fun just like air crash in a campaign didn't. He condemned it and Hasselbeck. Had you ever stolen clothes slash stole clothes from your own company taking closer compounds. Mine went I election retell and Georgia but by its ability and sat and act known at my sister. Worked out back four years ago she worked out literally would accept these on at progressing. Who like colder TJ Max and Mike looked like a hundred dollars missing from the door ever August she didn't take like it's T like TJ Maxx shouldn't take it and they get like a whole investigation aunt check the cameras. But like a hundred dollars an egg really blame her because she was the last non cash register. And I should and gonna get fired and ends up like these I don't know gel like other than a month later they found it on the thing. I got in trouble isn't happening for his job forgiving people of the keys that he's organ damage he's got act as I hoped to have his day where people because like you'd see these people like accounting change and sad and I'm just like. I'd like you want but six of the cheesecake day on this massive. And I don't believe it was a lot of south cleanse my friend with the the movie theater and I just hope I'm not like just what I love comedies like damn this is the spot back now sixteen. In the end in mind my youngest manager was the regional beer pong champion. And I aids you know down an inept but did not Christian camp are you ready. I'd like this continues I second their Christian OK have you ever hired a model that just didn't happen I just. Yes yes. Yes yes yes. I have to deal that's flat I have to do. Called fashion casting calls it's empty because sometimes I'm just play Monday if you. Can't. At case what are you ask me in the passions that I just I loved all that out yeah they in the brittney dead on me the other girls and -- I will use those girls or anything happen then like anything at least those guys they don't wanna fight about it Los Angeles I had a ground she never showed different on your social media makes so difference. That's happening to 86 our security thanks so she content and I don't know I guess she had to win what she had on before but she has like this these dreads and they distract Arnie then my nice jags son Michael him like let's say it out and indeed many in the parent may make up artist in that direction humanist to do the distance originally on it because it's like how her out and step back I mean there is nothing we can do you like you can on unite Iraq. The blue they can dealer that the grass right down. I felt bad that I hey there's been a couple of times last unjustly. And ended the enriching with a lot of Gaza like oh I'm a model and that I'm not like you know if you're coming and you're doing anywhere crummy know how to lock you know how to pose not a stuff that (%expletive) and it got to stick out pretty out lake. Doug sit at lake in modeling is surely an art isn't and even eager to just come and needs just. I knew in Gaza is now not your eye that's. My a yeah old Sean yeah. And coming and I think like you said I think Mandarin viewpoint like I've seen a jolly basically shopping for a while Denver. And in the last couple years messing girl on a comma might just fastened my legs didn't just you know they're out here more now like in a good way about thank. It's NH is Denver is just not an IBM layer New York crude and it is but I still think like it's in my opinion for anybody wants to start any kind of business company star in their career at Denver is the place to be because it's small enough when you can get something special I'm not big enough where you can't and it's growing so fast and if you get something you can grow with the city. This theme this year is like a lot of people are always like Emma doesn't show like local artists love this is I'd probably is Scotland and yet like LA even in Los Angeles like I get leopard next year but I feel like I do you haven't really makes the prices drinking because it is mom everyone knows everybody people do you show Latino or even my hardest it's like there's not a lot of people that do what we as a post and Los Angeles. Every on the bashing as everyone says everyone that I'm here like you can like stick out a little bay you know try. That's right we started this I guess I'm so glad to that's awesome and he you know 5% up yeah just in general lets you link was helping me upon guesses about I have up. Yeah we wanted to yet since it dissident thoughts in my in my opinion it's been a menace this. Yeah he's been back industries like that and need to show local people whether you're aren't as ready your fashion whether or whatever it is love him and we're gonna put you guys on hand and do stuff for the community not enough for me to the makes it seem like a now we're gonna do support of people as I am a 22 year old girl. You know I mean I want younger I'm Diana she says yeah but I have to say I want to show everybody loves so it's like this is a great waivers I. Something like this could be done on it just can't. What are we gonna cut music and talk for thirty minutes it doesn't work out just how radio works. We can do stuff like this and have a platform for our local people that when they blow up or we help them offer whatever SS horizon. Every get Smart comments see I can't like get Smart like a lot mart people are doing out here yeah I feel lake. Because I did not come back I've been doing what I meant things about the fighting yeah. And one I'm Ivan Monsanto's about two years now it is. From when I left in many combat take that there's so much new stuff going on within just two years my loudly. Now there's some pot and every night and do we can use an event an event there and it's like that my biggest thing that try to preach is like. Friends have just were frantic you have to support people for them to come support you like. And I'm not I think embers of the get that because like if somebody in Denver. Rude rude rude or whatever a couple of people tries to throw something you know he had Tony out if I didn't I mean everything code everybody events just show lying. No problem up front I would Sarah downstairs and bad elect's us yeah. I'm just saying like on not think it's important to show up no matter what position here and there. I just I think embers on mark and as I want we want a Teddy yeah. Edge even N people from Los Angeles TV policy it to their liking that. And there's really pop yeah might. Ital wanna come back and I dang you guys I even now like around lake process. When girls like wearing doesn't include is not every step in they're saying hey how you dealt I didn't obviously and I went in ten minutes I can't. Yeah he can last last. Thing that you want to say to anybody anything what's the lesson you are saying we lead people length. Aaron. If you are like me and you are trying to do some skiing and weakening for yourself here in Denver. It really as possible like I am relating coupe that is it it really as possible link eyelid elite. Start it had absolutely nothing it hasn't been easy at all and a thousand times I couldn't just doing their talent got it and if I haven't. Is dead at bat at the same time linked. I have a passion for something and I put everything in any lenient when I like now. All my hardware from biting ears is fairly and its air eat scratching mr. Eizenstat and who knows I'm up by three years but. Andy and it's gonna be like Ike. Sometimes I said and I wake up my clout like I did this now sell. Do it do it did definitely BP finally I'm here so Emma and strategy is JD tests. Went 38 is Jay ATA Amy KI SS. Okay we'll put everything in the description below and for anybody who is listening to this and wants to see the visuals. All of the wheel of the setup of both of us. It is upright now I kiss on SM five dot com or YouTube is slash decay is on a 75 and I was CU NB next episode. As risky rotation and.