Denver Fashionista Jade - Part 1

Monday, February 26th


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I. As risky road cease and what and its president and welcome to be first ever episode of roses risky rotation. Is a podcast here in Denver what we're highlighting people on up in common in this city. But on a platform and I'll put them on hand to promote and there is also a visual aspect. Upright now I kiss on some buyback com or YouTube slash K as one SM five. Let's just go ahead and get her right into it mop first guest right here go ahead boo introduce herself tire ready which. Naming his chain and I are we talking to you targeting me right look I would say in another tour right now I want yeah and we would and that your mom. You cannot miss their ears yeah you were taught it is a lot of camera action yet it's a high profile. I don't I. I don't. I'm me at my job and then coming in whenever I'm OK and you it's like oh my god looking. OK listen so tell everybody birth which you do some. Kind of yeah that you. At eighth. And times and bad. I have a friend chiding him so it's slash Jane and accents in my name and it's. The caught Johnny Johnny Saturday and again. JH. DE 88 slimy you can be done so announced younger I would point North High School and Patton. Kinda have and it's. I am always have been into fashion were a little extra and stabbed a lot of me and they'd be making his achievements Jud hey cut it sees me about it. Then it and it just acts and I was like fifteen and I headed back. The meaning behind got in late in Bosnia doesn't mean. We've prom night and don't let your ethnicity and Spanish in the meantime. Okay nice okay so how this show is gonna work his every two minutes we didn't we we skipped out on the first but every two minutes. You spin and we are I spend a will and a crescent or come off this weekend and this really messed. He really is a rare and risky OK here we go for his press you on any you know one knows he's presence on the idea. It is easy some nice summer really messed up yeah it. Yeah. I'll pass some might say here's the first Christian and this isn't easy when the suns are really good on Shockey got this month. How do you stay in front four like on top of the fashioned term. Honestly I'm constantly getting ideas from different celebrities and stuff like that nearly. Rihanna and Lady Gaga Kylie Jenner Abby let me as soon as they. And and and and I'm my car idiotic I have got a wig is typical of me sound like you are so many pictures of girls and it's not great as tiny. Go about how pregnancy carries for you see the ice Moneyline I bet I knew I knew I knew. In like September she's pregnant Jessie pregnant I knew I should go yeah. Yeah you're gonna you'll see any picture without her on the card can. Doesn't mean she's always snow and landmines and I'd like to his advantage and it's taken Reagan my skin and you watch the nine minutes yeah I didn't watch the mood I. I hit I don't. It's a great passion I dislike. It's just hard for me LA hello of their fashion island everything about them like it's hard for me again oh you should idolize. It's eleven here in the US and I like them makes you can kind of like us hate them and at the same time the ourselves. Every life is and just hanging at seven. I think Chris Jenner is the smartest you know oh my god yes like he'd like to be Smart this market like I would give my left flank. To be like you and has not raining and I mean she did she's a cup. And me and like what happened about Shelby you keep track of the two minutes and that is now okay well com. No it's my mom sold me out I'd be down. Like they know you know she sales amount and they're like I wouldn't. Next. And rednecks who think we're not last yeah. Get through June my own rumor out when we broke these I didn't and humidity Babbitt and Connor okay. OK so you do here in eyelash extensions correct yeah I have flash flying an eyelash OK one of your clients is so leaned com. As. More than your clients on his reading often is one of your kind Susan Powell what do you think about her. Still leave a. I knew her I kind of did it in green like a lot of stuff that she added twelve when she sat in my chair and she showed me does PayPal deposits and those checks the by the semi celebrity about my do you think I even hate on you because she's getting paint like I know I must add to lead and here I mean I played Denver is kind of getting into now like little group beat dean you know little celebrity. Can you just because I was watching in detained two days ago and I saw the every Grice yet the club doing bottled Ayers put in. Some Richard for that I'll now turn. That's like you I saw from the back you know like you're never going to come up with. How did present because I went that club segment and senator Fred couple leak isn't even going to set and I never I guess it was ugly yesterday and sub claimed he examines the so I don't let those blind about like I didn't see and then when I went to Los Angeles. I was like all these girls are like little group even Stefano making you only do they do it appeared see all around them but don't plan well. She and I have many I mean I can't even he had a mountain out hustle and I honestly do you want to interview. I'd say in my bed and not think that I idolize Meredith and I think little girl a shadow idolize him back soon it. I don't think these I actually I don't use armor the no absolutely not absolutely not but at the same time I mean. Her is she the end. Like she's in minutes here Rihanna that but know about but I Boston Pops I don't agree with it but I thought that I respected but I like her I don't mind I mean before I knew she what I. Not just like I had no idea who she was in and it was one of our coworkers who came to know that you had is only now we got along like an hour or two before a religious thing I liked I liked her at a minor I think she's going. Young extensions right OK okay here we go OK boom. He's your waitress and I thought ox what do you really think Denver Fashion Week. Moon. I eighteen. Bath. I think last X they need to put a little more effort into it. I think that I mean you gotta get we gotta get it doesn't mean we are Denver and I mean I I feel like they're trying to. And stuck thanks so like at the same time being as China and fashioned route would you anger. You participate in so I'm losing that's how I started as I was an all these shows and then raised up at the last I dining editor I was putting like. Three or four years ago because I just dole. One of the many with anything less than flake. I never did I I don't pay I think listen. When it comes to fashion my sister does my sisters my sister doesn't think I don't I don't know left from right I don't know if I don't do anything my sister does. I've never I've heard of Democrats need and on I think it's cool I never balance of this hearing here is like in March. I'm of the this year I just wondered from somebody who's in the fashion world what you think of Dan your cash and I I don't know what it is I'm I'm on I'll I'm down on him. Your reaction time. For China's yeah. Okay. Boom. How long did it take you to take in Syrian picture and decide the caption. How long does it take you see how many action it takes action now what is this week. I can't let's see if it does yeah. It all the weight does this is just the bad and it. So that heads I don't know I don't know here already on site is seen as anti speed class I'd say it's an act and I thought. It takes a black and what isn't losing what's the difference is there's no difference stream which you're doing. Edith Rodriguez got a bright light and he does have the Honda I need you want a girl to post a picture like this last manages do it. You one of those girls this is Mitt podcaster room grows it was a picture like this. And impose it like dash. Just. Take the yeah yeah well it's right like low lighting. I'm not I can't fund and I can't they're online their god that doesn't do you that's really original and that. Well I am that guy that is okay I guess we'll take your phone that does not try next. Month or does take you a long time. What about for the caption. I just listened to her arms on new. Not my god. Solid. And I didn't tell me if I ever posted a picture. Wind on like a drink lire had an thank next what do you do this is a lyrics idea I mean they're exploring me honey instead. Can you assume that everybody lands so I have out she you spiritual home fans might count as I couldn't. Title just. John Wall and I even went for. I you know be the closest one to rent so I'd every gallon for. We flew into these nice maybe I was too nice these questions on his steadiness that none not I mean there's some rough ones and they're some are not edited at all and we are getting numb and I'm not she not here I've spoken much since you apart this also nice and what sets you apart from other like fashion nieces. Would you consider yourself a fashion these them. Can I fully pages have a really good I. I feel like I'm stupid Grilli it I feel like I say no let's it's good on a woman with a lot of girls who stuck. I feel lake I was still likes good. Yeah I would never I would never break at some and in sending that I but it ran like a lot of fashion shows an assassin a lot at night I see a lot as step back. The girls just don't look at an email and a lot of stuff that I make is something that's frozen in India and aware like all the time you know. OK and so it's something nice actually where it's not something that you have to do do you design your own club do I enclose and then I also have access to lie that I haven't manufactured and nothing happened and last week when was and I was the manufacture and commandments of the manufacture and making mud bricks and EV houses he'd be like it's like. Really good quality sadly. So eventually I lunch I hate to be like a house to TPI can be calm accepting and then. As to get an apparently is going to be my couture I weights and working on now in my. More NN NN NN red cart and that's why women are apparently on again as I want it eventually deny justice claimant kind of used to how placement reasons yeah I mean I had Britney stared ask me how to dress ready I didn't have a dress ready. So late Heath I cannot I fact that yeah. So if you could you know. Say anything to people who are upcoming in the fashion world ice it do you call back teases us some I don't know what their noses and yeah do you imagines there I don't think I was gonna that would like to end at what it won't SH fashion Lisa. And as CIA or as TA. Your mom's like one and why. So you could say anything you know to peoples in Denver never liked girls were upcoming in the fashion world what would be your advice to them. I would say just like do you like I start at quit buying stuff from tech stories and tweaking and I just doing birds happened that night. Just to let you in the fashion industry you can get a sham anyway and says thank you don't care and want says. And I feel like that's what a lot of people have a hard time doing is at all but if you would only as an economic who cares like you like at lake. Just do it in comments it's hard to contest. Run well up blue blue blue from. What isn't it worth well I mean I am from organic. As a fashion he said how long does it take you Randy. It takes me a solid six minutes so let's just six minutes just couldn't get a mess up my hand about Hudson saw a couple of friends saying we are going and we last did. Or whatever and whatever it is. And it's 6 o'clock in the sense. Married as but that could like get getting ready kids is a whole another thing that any Americans so it six. O'clock maybe six and he we're going on and an anonymous it was I had runaway home. And the only guys that need to be ready violent classic hitting me now whenever I'm 5 PM to eleven. I'm not a unions and it's never like little by little inside getting ready on my because they have to be by eleven and not only get as many hours a start getting ready I mean anybody their leg. And I many site already at NYNEX head like you could sit back and eating and even ready for six are. All my early early Eileen I mean hey. Any man. Yeah see and you're one though yes I change my out bit about hang. An inning after the break out and I want I don't I have. Do you think. Dress up our own my god. I am glad that my eyes are we went to Atlanta for New Year's me an Alexa all the girls Clinton in different years. And it took them on sullying. The three hours every night to get ready every single night and I would just be like that one friend who just walks around and it just like giving people drink you know we did try to delete it took it 63 minutes and they even made a bet they would play the song from the same song every night for me do my hair make up outfit three minutes and then I'd be ready and I just next time and if I pass the time I get up and I get ready agreement. I think blacks actually you're gonna go out in game and it makes it only takes like a pretty good idea pagan ideas like in a Klutz like I am I thought those are getting ready to laid out like. Haley does radiated Eddie. Mom and I never understand why girls do. Yet to be huge hanging put feared just and then it's like I don't get it because it's like you don't you wanna show coming your real self. The drug is make it takes to do we have to build I shot coach I kind of let you know glad he has said it and pleaded and I don't almost hug my this morning how are not savvy dealmaker and Abdullah into what decides are functional assessment and the camera I just can't that's listen not hear. Then again I know him know hey now hey maybe you do make up to a knock me out my little sister she's it's an air force academy. And does she like this her freshman year and before she got accepted or whatever and the nations like four or five hours. On YouTube looking Emeka to.