Wednesday, February 8th


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Let me see us and when you as one that I'd like eggs out. Feet twelve weird celebrity eating habits. OK oh that's cool S. But is it like as extreme as those people they eat county commission and shock it back known known I don't know very regular unleaded regular is so. Larry Courtney yard dash in. Okay courtroom. Yes Courtney a case seen her eat the kick cats weird right and I Kenny McKay cats like that now which I think is so stupid gifts had an excellent last time and anger. When you eat Kardashian style where you eat the chocolate off the outside of the whole kit Kat and separate the cookies those separately ray. It will also last longer makes it feel like get a lot of respect. Right so also she does something weird with her Reese's peanut butter cups okay. So it's so she eats it she eats that chocolate all the way around the peanut butter cut grass you you wouldn't kick ass right. And then she slowly peel as the top half OK and then you eat the top can you and then you go into the meeting an hour at the bottom of it right again you make it lacked still up on your. You know that totally works if you are even goes one pound three c.s that come at Christmas yet but those he normally think he's an. Really like a pizza that audio it's about being a nobody if you've ever fantasized about eating a spoonful of that it innards because that whatever they put in it repeatedly in the gag it's cracked because it's like it's got like I don't know what it is but nobody's you can't replicate that it's not that you don't care if you're right about drug targeting by peanut butter cup there's little peanut butter right it's not the crack that's in the receipts exhibited by the one pounding given the with a -- needle mouth look at. I doubt that I eat out again that and that's why ahead of what about equipment performances super ball. Yeah. Very gaga has got a big guy may we should ask Mariah Carey let her thoughts are rebelling we're gonna know. I don't know about her belly and her belly she's eaten a word weird celebrity eating and then we have Mariah Carey coming on the sort of thirty and under and ask her. It just CE Lady Gaga has been old belly up popularized in real thoughts probability. I idea. Channing Tatum says sexy without attaining to in his super job containing Cheatham. And his favorite sandwich is peanut butter grape jelly in Tito's on white bread a can that's weird. And Jennifer Lawrence you're ego backer I I know he's like what goes for her. Me and her phone got an active whenever searing the same way as she'll never see us because her eyes were closed. Jennifer Lawrence like something. Called Chile pizza sandwiched. Two seats instead. Yet these pizza okay. You put southern Chile in it with noodles groans and then you add and edit. Beats odd that didn't eat at like at the end okay personal that would just be running in just sloppy and that is sounds were able to absorb it and then it. Actress. Right oh yeah you can deadly combo because onetime what kind is like kind of he needs a little something I am so you know it does the the people that make. You know the one that everybody eats. Arm Armon earning note how anybody's vote OK honey veggies nuts they've made a serial like that OK you got like some cheery looking things in India have a bunch of like kind of checks things it really. Yeah but it's like a series completely sweeter yet but it's like honey bunch those in the continent. Well actually were right here is on the list ready okay ask your Mathis three days a week Mariah Carey only eats purple food. They see only eats a plants somebody sent her the a plane in the ranks and it at at at at -- he's so unique in this Alba yet. Seats are at it play it grapes and funds. Apparently the guys supposedly has some benefits because purple fruits and vegetables and behind it acts waited just a file that line. Only ever ask her that's true this totally funny Jessica Simpson not the smartest that we latter's right programmer for sure it's never smoked cigarette in her life but a few years back she was addicted to snicker at gun. Are you kidding me. So soon became addicted to nicotine through gum you're god never been done before. Oh my god that regional area of the desire to give up his gums stop had to smoke cigarettes to get off the gum it. A. That's the theory is franchises getting a lighter green it's orange when he eighteen. And it's from our friends at universal. Okay alive her major facility like who didn't cars guns to Disney a nice day it comes as frozen. And now it's a coming to an arena near you do so it'll be kinda like I'm a yes we like those monster trucks or like the guys that do the motorcycles indoors yes and they give you jump yen also has stuff that's okay as dumb as it sounds a man get. That global sewer for the adrenaline fueled show that the transport fans strayed into some the most memorable scenes sense from the fountains. While that's cool totally cool it's the live arena show tour debut in January of next year featuring a lot of heard of appearance by Michelle Rodriguez said he had specialties and that there are gonna not get there how that I am free free it is it's -- everything eleven about the downs close incredibly cool live show putting them in the center of the action lack speak to a yes that is kind of what they're trying to redo it Universal Studios right did they say it. Well it's going to be an arena kind of. Bride I don't know how either opening all the passengers ride yeah which they already have in California right it's kind of like transformers right. Oh I guess yeah it transports you in the car wreck like your song in the moon right. Doctor live he's claiming to catch owes him over a million dollars in royalties. A key bit of all the things that he said that he did dormant asleep within a kid rates or her like she heals murder it exactly so she. Of course accused him every. Brand ads you know I'm not supporting her album because she was having this lawsuit against and and now on Monday in a bid to have the counter claims rejected doctor Lou expelled more details of her contract cash is contract and brown. Until the New York judge caches one actually owes him money he has an hour any money for. You know reaping her or trying ruining your career every year. So when the exhibits lodged in court yesterday. At best they were beat you UK. Is that I catches amended agreement to doctor loops Kaz has money okay yeah. The word that catches agreed to pay is coming 10% of Burnett receives from the exploitation every name and likeness and other respected as if to cut every time she's featured on teachers posters. Video game so that Sox. Nor is she wanted to forget that Contra so badly exactly that's a bad contract on enough for sure and like I was him I'd just jammed out to that song give and I do which tick tock did you it's still a great assault group says it's has risen to allow that it was not yet that's agreeing that that was a bang a man that sucked everybody liked. Phone free even trying to say or how it was thought it was tight it's going to be in my head now in Atlanta at random as. Leave Renny says this ideology with that John Travolta getaway of murder. Nora for sure that they love their big celebrity get it and so that's why like Tom Cruise loves them so much back then because accuses ass and do everything you want to cover up his game it's. Allegedly and let it they auditioned wife's for Indian army and yet of. So read many was on in and interview I'm satellites show and she said that. Tom Cruise as a staff of people would do his every bidding people who believe as a Scientologist that you're working examined who's a single handedly saving the planet. Right sort of the words Tom Cruise like I'm done poop there where's my wife and yes you're not my regular life there. So cruel Zachary. Treason Travolta are the most powerful man in the organization next to the head deeds or bank she said the Travolta has the designation adds. Cock time. This technique which basic activity after. OK okay for Nat router he put a lot of Google. We can't get. It's 8888. Again no beat. Oh god is so he gets to go wherever he wants and just blame on somebody wrote the older I think that's the key eastern trying to type. Yeah your tax guide and they'll cruise doesn't seem being duped and I don't think it's shelter. He hits right it's whom have been. I. Think the designation of cock based. Almost like comedy. I think it's ahead you can kill another human being. If you're content I have. Yet to knock your knowledge there. If you're attacked time and look at me you have to look the other way face the pillows. Got kind. Ian you have to let it be okay not to make the wall. It's about to happen. Yes master bedroom is may I have been a partner at the Redmond went on to say it's cut at six protection. You couldn't see your body you got to clean it up in May have the leaders that people have been coming clean into. You can't talk kind of oh yeah.