Cashmere Cat Interview

Tuesday, February 6th

Cashmere Cat stopped by the KS1075 studios with Big Mic to talk about his new single "Miss You" with Tory Lanez and Major Lazer, as well as about his show with MO tonight at the Ogden and how he came up with his name Cashmere Cat!  


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Is canceled SM five no but today's that is music is big my SO Saudi get as many as studio tonight he's actually going to be at the Ogden along we'll move I like to welcome him right here so peppered it was a deejay I like to open Kazmir cat I don't man are you welcome to demise of the thank you very much. Thank you for providing the rubber check and that's sitting right next Aaron there really a popular right therefore you can you comment yet thank you it makes me like feel more comfortable when there's animals in the students is like a good Burton replacement for it was between that and the atmosphere of a pussycat here that has been to lobby yeah I I don't necessarily love apps that much stuff to cool sometimes you know it's like it really wanna hang out this like always on like it's whenever they want to you know all of you don't feed cats they could care less about you yeah yeah they analyst Alec dogs dogs though yeah so. And that since maybe him and deport decision on the name it where it would have been saying come from out of that happened I I I honestly wish at a cooler story about the suspect but I was I was trying to come up with a cool name dad aunt and I knew I wanted to be tapped something. And then I was trying to think of like something catchy and I decide. Like eventually sell Cashmere accounts there's nothing else called that I now like the sound of it so yeah I. Yes I think the simple fact that your name is Ken McKay you don't like cats makes it a cool story well. I wish there was like accords are like I went like a shaman and there was like given to me under like him in Carson Daly and now is just me being snooze snoop doggy dog hates dogs must cancel its final call to action to restore I mean I'm gonna roll rock and roll and welcome back to my city man thank you thank you very much as you were out here you writer for the Madison block party rhetoric right. Yeah I yeah I think that's an exit played red rocks twice I think it's like kind of scary being up there as you feel like the whole audiences like about to fall into that fact but yet it's. It's it's it's really fun when room there's a yep I think I think the loss on what's right Roxio. And it outsells of that show and I mean red rocks or some artists have to do the job does do the work they way up to red rocks and then you've got to get there kind of like rob the Batman or was that experience like for. It's it's great it's great. It's almost here because they Kayla did you play the bass too loudly the rocks like actually fall so I don't think that's true I figured oh OK I look at nick maybe that's what someone told me just just to keep my levels in the clear everybody it's never got why. It's gonna be so opponents say it but you know what you know I realize the last time I was here red rocks the rocks or rent at the red yet and that's why it's called red rocks. Iowa it was not is another ironic about it is we're just in the middle some red rocks in the middle of mountain yet and they can they can think of anything like you had to think it Kazmir catalysts and this is caught red rocks yeah so you're at red rocks but here you are tonight going to be Tiago will move. And it did you have like it a type of you prefer to be a magazine is an outdoor amphitheater do you like the more intimate venues do you like clubs but you have a setting like are you just like to work. I kind of kind of like called the the different ones like recently have really. Enjoyed playing like the concert venues that's like a little earlier people aren't like completely drunk yet and people are like still. Paying attention their their dance and having fun but they're still listening you know and and that's with a service like and I really liked that book but I also still. You know it's still really fun to play like a big festival crowd at 2 in the morning or like a club show in the middle of nowhere for camps so I kind of I kind of the outcome. And I'm trying to learn and get better at everything right now playing like a concert thing is that. Really awesome because they get to sink a lot about the music and the lights and think about like the show has a whole Robin just like playing like a bunch of bankers. Nice to have audience there appreciate it walls going fully understand what you're doing hasn't closed hopes haven't a wake up the next morning and look at the snapshot to even remember what they did yeah exactly and all that closely that's what they take reform so exciting you know weekend couple days for you just I think yesterday's drop to miss you video. Oh yeah yet it yet I came on gets me in Tanzania in Majorly is there and Torre and were. We're on ice gates and I'm like I. I think you took icy to them or you've got specifically I see you talk about specific you've got IC in this video yes yes I. I had I was talking to the director and I like I always wanted to do a video that sites. Cold and winter because it's something that's like I mean I mean obviously it's been a part of me being Norwegian and growing up in the winter and stuff but it's. But I but it it was my visuals for a long time is just like a big bunch like icy mountains and stuff so it's always something I wanted to do but. Having him like be major lays on a song to it's kind of got a deal like. All of its silly and taken to the extremes on like driving like what's a snow that we don't yet like I'm driving like a snow cleaning machines. Way of life I think that's the first video seen a Zamboni end yet yet I also I was a little bits of its ease it operates and it's like it's very easy to stop but it but it's a little bit scary when there's like two guys. Dancing in dabbing on top of the machine there. Yeah I had to figure skaters on there yeah toward lanes is obviously now we've actually played some times are mixed and down. You know with with that song. Is this coming up here this week we got these new Winter Olympics was there any time to that the to have anything to do well in Ottawa. No I actually just realize that the other day that that's like I think so I guess it's like a really good perfect time to have the stars are the the winter stars or are lining up for I had asked Brian is this part of the Olympics are some academy of the figure skaters in there yet doing what do they do you figure skating India always its huge engine side half I thought he was perfectly timed gift for fourteen steer and dad yeah yeah we have a really really good. Actually you know you so Colorado Springs over here the olympians actually come here to have that and to work out altitude of build up their store aisle again so Olympic Committee if you look at live get some last minute songs purchased for the let words. There's a song and has figure skaters in it already and maybe you know were were open for business he had tour lanes and that you had to did you produce love. Yeah yeah I did that song with the with the Benny Blanca Ozal is on mine but one of my best friends and someone who I were equivalent. Pretty much all my music he worked on this news sunk to Leo love Allison as a huge song for us here in Denver yeah I Ed Ellis like one of my first. Radio songs too you know because I've because I'd done a bunch a songs before that was like a lot of weird and surround music and stuff and this was like my first one now a Psycho. A song that was on the radio in concept I remember like I want points. I was living needn't in new York at the time and I was like whenever I would step outside my house I would like here in the and boom boom it was just like the soundtrack to being outside. In the summer in New York is like up. It was the first or means like a super bizarre experience over. Daylight you know some of the young has been over under an entitlement of the Baath daily and I saws are Amanda's old so I saw he produced enemies. How did you get out to introduce tutorial as you guys is five is that why got among the new track. Yet Tories and Torre's been someone that I worked with basically since I started doing Cashmere caps you know and and even even before I met them Alice like on Alice like DJ and like tiny clubs and stuff in Norway I would like always play songs but it would wouldn't really know who we was having only no insight as crazy voice you know cause he sounds like he's like from another planet or something. So so and the fact that I get to work with a known pummeled his music and on this new song to it's just like something I'm really excited about and also made perfect sense now this is easy to atom of me like hey. But you're right. A really good sumptuous and. Offer you to be going from like the small clubs there in New York today you're right you're trending on YouTube videos of the top trying to early today I'll call on its us Oz like he's come today this is perfect time on my problem is a congratulations those the success and my guess it tonight you're going to be performing at the Ogden didn't it was mu. Have you haven't got the tickets yet I mean you know good luck to get any better hurry up and try to take care of that horrible bourse weekend's weekend yet I don't get mad you with intensity definitely on ego he got he got his permission to sneak into yet do it based or make a top horse man yet thanks so much semi and number that was about management what's hang out as mayor Katz canceled a 759.