Can you taste sound

Wednesday, February 1st


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Yeah yeah. Well apparent room you can taste sound. Yeah whatever that means OK so let me just there's his caddie can taste. That knows the flavors appoint sixteen's biggest hits and gate is guide James wanted to okay he has this condition. That links senses return normally experience separately so he suffers from this rare neurological condition that allows them to taste sands. And so tasteless. It except at at that result can taste like chocolate eaten and prohibit chemical taste in hearing linked. Together on the same senses if it's a good taste in my group made it. Texas where that he gets to his tongue now that's crazy it is panic right like its industry with a gimmick cracks in the speak German average I have never spoke German alive break it's like a cross wiring. Synapse is thing. Yes it is generally weird like I added a girlfriend who who dreamed. In flavors peach and end it like it was released during these weird it was so weird so. This guy James wanted to and he has now put together a list of biggest signs of last year and the taste that he associates with an okay all right. When it comes to beaver is love yourself OK okay. You know that tastes like beaver heat and what is that pays like white boy that smokes cigarettes and you're actually it is than it exit yet YouTube and it's. I know that he's well and yes sobriety he says you're close it tastes like KY eight. Boyle day. A white boy field day hidden so he can play only the way the white appears in the subtleties yet so barely there you taste like a white by building a Dane and they Spiller tock OK okay it tastes like a cold slice uranium. Is great 88. Especially since he doesn't he hand and gave sees Muslim and he wouldn't do that. Not all the tase surprise and even if the sounds are he says that at Dow's hello he's always tastes like vetting mean. It notes that they. Cut its. It is a big river BN in your mouth and Eddie Nikkei veteran Eddie I didn't do any good gross yeah I rang me and you know that have a beverage you've got a rubber bands we know I have I hate -- well her revenge and it's the word there's a weird kind of flavor I wonder what was wrong with you can't forget that the rubber bands are literally. Rice lake seeking his Eddie's Sudan about the end will then you ball Burleson who sort school bus at. A a group that couldn't make it. And he see it's Selena Gomez. OK can't keep Hanson sent resolve tis like fish sticks and I. With the car arsenal Aries and your week she sent me not based digs but it's the taste of readies nine. Observers have you that right. Swallow that I eat the union and sign you out negative figure things keep my hands tumor. I ask them in the Kleenex. Sometimes the sun has more than one flavor. Would it. Rakes one dance. Her tastes like warm water mixed with black free Afghan. Cotton thread in racecars these. Okay this guys and we're. Not weird science that we did airline ordered Google drapes one dances like a three course meal it. It is you're up here comes the desert moon wit cotton threatened rice crispy and yeah have. Carol as the example OK well that was weird thing I'm glad that we all work in the doorway. Right harder to see morning. Hey guess what I was 7:5 morning snow.