Big Dave's Power Half Hour Episode 21: Real Talk about COVID-19

Monday, March 23rd

Today on Big Dave‘s Power Half Hour hosted by Toshamakia, we had Dr. Tom-meka Archinard, medical doctor, masters of business administration, tele health specialist and assistant professor of emergency medicine. She is a board certified diplomat of emergency medicine and currently runs the free standing emergency department for the University of Alabama. Checked in with us to share some facts and tips on the COVID-19 virus.Why are people panicking ?

Can someone get the virus by getting grab n go food if the person cooking has it?

What is the age range of people you see coming into the ER?

Does drinking warm water kill the virus?

Once you get the Covid 19 are you become immune to it?

Can you get the COVID-19 twice?

How are you doctors preparing in the ER and taking care of yourselves?

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