Big Dave's Power Half Hour - Episode 15: Emails From Our Podcast Subscribers

Wednesday, February 12th

Today on Big Dave’s Power Half Hour hosted by Toshamakia, they decided to take some great emails from our podcast subscribers!
What precautions should senior take when beginning a new training program?
A High school wrestler emails in asking if it is okay to train the same body part twice in a day. Big Dave’s answer may surprise you and  Dave gives info on how feeder workouts can or not assist.
A listener emails asking how can she entertain her sales clients while drinking cocktails and still be fit

Big Dave’s Fast 5:
Is it true if you have diabetes it is harder to lose weight?
Is it necessary for the body to have a cheat meal or cheat day?
How many calories does it take to burn 1 lb?
Why are rest days so important for the body?
If I have to skip a workout, is walking a good replacement?