Big Dave's Power Half Hour - Episode 14: The Biggest Loser

Wednesday, February 5th

Big Dave and @Toshamakia interview “The Biggest Loser” contestant Robert of the blue team with Coach @SteveCook!

Tosha and Dave ask Robert of his WHYs & what made him want to submit his audition tape and join the “Biggest Loser.”

They spoke on how was Robert mentally and emotionally when he was told he had to go home over 1 lb and the big question: is he still on track?

Robert gives us some insight as to the daily routine on "The Biggest Loser" and shares what he would like to do for others after the show, since he learned so much from the “Biggest Loser."

And of course Tosha had to ask...who does Robert think on the blue team will be the winner at the end?