Big Dave’s Power Half Hour Episode 16: HRT & TRT Hormone Replacement Facts and Fiction with Dr. B

Wednesday, February 19th

Today Big Dave and Toshamakia had a special guest, Dr. B from Revive in the DTC area. They covered HRT, steroids, hormone replacement therapy for men and women. A conversation that many think is taboo but needs to be spoken about. And Big Dave‘s opinion as long as you’re under a doctors care who knows what you’re doing there’s nothing wrong with getting your levels checked so that you feel your best at all times.

Dr. B speaks on how you know when you should get tested and a simple steps it takes that are at times, over thought. 

Will steroid injections make you look like a man if you’re a woman? 
Will steroid injections have your man raging and being a monster? 

WHY in the fitness industry is discussing supplement HRT and TRT hormone replacement so taboo? Tosha, Big Dave and special guest Dr.B talked about it all today! 

Click the link, download and enjoy. 

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