Big Dave - Episode 13: Tosha's Return.mp3

Wednesday, January 29th

On this week's episode, Toshamakia returns to the podcast after having back surgery on December 2, 2019. Big Dave and Tosha discussed her surgery and recovery so far. Tosha asked Dave: "How many days after surgery before you should start working out?" "Should your physical therapist be in touch with your trainer while you are returning to training?" "Can your medications make you lose your appetite?"

Then they wrapped up the podcast with Big Dave's Fast Five:
How do I know when I’m ready to increase the weight that I’m lifting?
I see lots of men and women doing the pull-ups on the bar, what’s a good way to start getting myself into that? How does one start to accomplish that type of goal?
My wife and I both have weight issues what is a way to get her motivated because it’s hard for me to stay motivated if she doesn’t eat right? 
I've given up sweets but I have been having headaches and my sleep isn't very good. Could I be going through withdrawal? If so, what can I do?
Is there a quote or something you tell yourself to get motivated when you are feeling sluggish?