Mang-Yee Reverie


It’s your friendly neighborhood Brooklynite, Mang, professionally known as Mang-Yee Reverie (Pronounced like Jumanji, without the Ju). Panamanian Born, Brooklyn Bred. Mang-Yee is a military brat who has had the pleasure of watching our culture grow from many different cities and countries gaining a new respect for every region’s spin on Hip Hop. From New York, To Atlanta, To Texas, to Colorado, Central America and most of Europe, she was amazed at the amount of Love and Respect Hip Hop received across the globe. 

She has toured with the likes of Redman and Method Man, Wu-Tang, De La Soul, EPMD, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Noreaga & Capone, Onyx, MOP, and many many more. She has worked in the music industry assisting with Promotions and Marketing, Events, and Touring with some of our cultures top names for over a decade.  

Her beginnings in radio originated with the Armed Forces Network (AFN) The Military’s broadcasting entity overseas where she trained and worked as an intern for two years.  

The culture has always been her life, and no better way to experience it then overseas and up close and personal! 

Mang-Yee Reverie was brought on to KS 107.5 to rock your weekends .

Love and special salute to her 3 Children, her family and closest friends, for allowing her to follow a dream, believing in her, and watching it come true!

Catch her on the Weekends and in the lanes with the street team, Spreading Love on KS 107.5, cause its the Brooklyn Way!