DJ Staxx

Evenings 7PM - Midnight

It’s impossible to not mention DJ Staxx when speaking of the elite fleet of DJ’s in Colorado. Since 2004 he has been a staple in the hottest nightclub’s and venue’s across the state. His mixing skill’s, tasteful record selection & impeccable crowd control makes him one of the most sought after & successful DJ’s around. 

He’s been burning up the radio airwaves on Colorado’s #1 radio station KS-107.5 FM since 2011 as a mix show DJ & On-air personality. Allowing him to share the stage with many national & international recording artists. 

DJ Staxx’s skills have also garnered him with many awards. Such as the “Building Connections DJ of the Year” award from 2011-2013. In 2014 Colorado’s renowned magazine, The Westword ranked DJ Staxx as the #3 Top Hip-Hop DJ in Denver. 

In January 2018 he teamed up with longtime DJ partner & friend, DJ Chonz to open up the Denver DJ School. Which uplifts the youth and adults as they pursue their passion of the DJ culture. “I’m excited to pass this along to the next generation and give them the resources I never had at their age” says DJ Staxx. 

As of October 2018 he became KS-1075’s newest full time on-air personality, as the new Night Show Host.

Between DJ Staxx’s skills on the turntables, and his passion on the radio airwaves, he is a talent that can’t go unrecognized. He says “I feel blessed to be able to provide for my family doing what I love and I’m excited to see how much more I can accomplish!”

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