DJ Squizzy Taylor


The stamina and enthusiasm DJ Squizzy Taylor displays behind the turntables during his live DJ performances is translated perfectly through the airwaves at KS1075. 

A graduate of Langston University in Oklahoma, DJ Squizzy Taylor quickly became one of the top DJs in Denver through his work with artists like Trev Rich and AP and the expansion of the Squizzy Taylor brand. He’s played music in pretty much every major city, Miami, New York, LA, Houston, Lagos and more, executive produced and composed two albums and toured with Daniel Skyy.

He started with KS1075 close to three years ago as a mix show DJ on the weekends before taking on more content and developing his style and talent as a personality. Now you can hear Squizzy Taylor for the 12 o’clock Boombox show alongside Rosa on Fridays and end your week on “Sundays with Squizzy” from 7-10pm.